An Ant’s Life: Humanity on the cusp … again

Today when my partner, my son and I went out for a run I was pushing the stroller over a cobblestone path. I often look down where I’m pushing it to make sure that I’m not running over any insects. To be sure, I don’t do this all of the time, but today, I looked down for an instant to find an ant rushing across our path and then freezing, right in front of the wheel of the stroller. Before I could stop the stroller we were already over the ant and it was dead.

What if we, humans, were like ants? Going about our business, living in and enjoying our civilizations. We’ve got our leaders, our friends, kin groups and jobs. Engaging in the dramas of our individual lives, participating in our societies, dealing with the environment. Then one day, as we are doing our thing, we look up, see something outside of our normative experience and we freeze.

When dealing with entities outside of our normal experience, humans do indeed tend to freeze. Ants, dogs, cows, horses, fine. These, we can handle with varying but generally mundane responses. But with krytpozoological specimens, non-human aliens and ultra-dimensionals, we tend to lock up. And this is, of course, the way it should be, for most people.

In cultures where such interactions have occurred over many thousands of years there is quite a bit of healthy respect and not a little bit of fear. There are Shamans and rituals steeped with libations and offerings, even bodies offered up for these entities to possess for a little while in order to enjoy physicality and pass on wisdom and prophecies. The general populations of these civilizations know that human understanding is limited when compared to that of these entities beyond the scope of everyday human activity and they treat them accordingly. If there is the sense of a trespass made by humans against them, then forgiveness and amends are sought in hopes of appeasing the ultra-dimensionals. For that ant whose path so unfortunately crossed ours earlier today, it was simply its time to go.

There are a lot of people claiming to be in contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations and higher dimensional entities these days. They pass on many messages but the gist of them are that the Earth is in the midst of a fundamental shift and alien-human contact, rather than decreasing, will increase in the coming months and years. There are a multitude of variations of those proclamations, from catastrophic earth changes to spiritual ascension for the entire human family. Accompanying this increase in multi-dimensional communication is the push-back from alarmed groups of humans who either disbelieve those carrying these messages or warn against being taken in by what may be hostile non-terrestrial and higher-dimensional civilizations.

Consider, again, the ant. The ant has very little idea about human civilization. When thinking about the difference in perception between humans and animals, it is quite probable that ants don’t perceive time or space in a manner similar to humans. While we can observe them and apply meaning to their actions and ways of living in the world, it is questionable whether they can do the same to ours. There is an order of understanding, or a dimensional difference in consciousness, that acts as a barrier to that understanding.

A consideration to seriously take into account is a human attempt at understanding the next higher physical dimension from ours. Dimensions 1 – 3 go from a point to our 3rd dimensional reality. The 4th dimension is the realm of the the Tesseract, an object that can be represented in 3 dimensions by the 4-dimensional hypercube, a physical structure that looks to us like a square within a square. For our purposes, it represents the intricacy of the 4th dimension when compared to the 3rd, the realm of our perceptions. Entities who inhabit this dimension would have a much greater ability to perceive than those who inhabit lower dimensions, as there is so much more complexity where they’re from than there is here. So, much as we look at an ant crossing our path and think, “oh, what a simple creature, I’d better be careful not to hurt it”, these ultra-dimensional entities may look at us as we cross their paths and think much the same.

Attempting to understand the perspective from higher dimensions is perceptually difficult as long as our capabilities are limited by linear thinking. Looking at how the world would be perceived by someone living a 2-dimensional version of our lives, helps.

As we move into the last half of 2012 and into the timeline beyond this fateful year, it is incumbent upon us each to examine ourselves for traces of linear as opposed to multidimensional thinking. There are many examples of linear thinking in our lives. Believing that people can’t changing is one. Limiting other people’s potentialities.

Believing that we have all of the answers is another. Perceiving reality as uni-dimensional rather than multi-dimensional. Within each of our minds there are limits that we place upon our own capacities to open up further and perceive more aspects of reality than we ever have before. It is possible, even at the human level, to perceive things beyond the uni-dimensional. We can open ourselves to be more encompassing of the multi-dimensional if we take the time and make the effort to do so. The only thing stopping us from doing so is ourselves.

The main reason why we don’t is because we are afraid. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of finding out that the world really is not as stable or as safe as we might currently be fooling ourselves into half-believing. Especially in these days and times of failing currencies, high unemployment and world-changes that stretch the limits of our understanding. There is so much going on at so many levels in our lives and beyond that when that large shadow of the unknown falls over us and we look up to see something strange, we … freeze. Just like that ant.

Times they are’a changin’, as some bard once sang. Even though cultures around the world are familiar with the existence of aliens and ultradimensionals, Western civilization is on the cusp of their reintroduction. One of the disadvantages of ruling the world for a while is the hubris that inevitably accompanies the mass transition to larger frameworks of reality.  The West has had a couple of hundred years to bask in the limelight of the scientific method and advances that have brought the world back to the space age. And now that we are on the verge of catapulting ourselves back into the void – both inner and outer – it should come as no surprise to find out that it is inhabited.

But even more importantly than that, is that what lies beyond our sight – both inner and outer – has been with us all along. Human panspermic origins, ancient astronauts, repeated catastrophic extinctions and the remnants of high technological societies, all within the context of astronomical and solar systemic cycles that repeat endlessly, heralding changing energetic circumstances upon and around Sol-System. It is just humanity’s time again, to widen our minds, to leave behind the childish perspective of uni-dimensional thinking and broaden our perspective to encompass greater truths. No matter how the details work out or when, it is inevitable that this shift in perspective occurs. If humanity is to manifest its full potential all of the social ills that we cherish so dearly here on planet Earth will have to be given up in favor of participation in the larger community of souls at the galactic and universal level.

I imagine myself going back in time to this morning and stopping just in time to save that ant’s life. Bending down and picking it up with a finger and bringing it close to my head and attempting to stare directly into its compound eyes and communicate with it, perhaps just saying:

“Hello, sorry about that. Next time you should look up before you cross the path.”

And, in some form of insect language transmitted by touch and smell, I might be given to understand the ant’s reply, which might be something to the effect of:

“Thank you God, for sparing my life.”

But I can’t go back in time and the ant is dead. I hope that we each fare a bit better when we have our own personal encounters with higher forms of consciousness.



  1. “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest” (Proverbs 6:6-8).

    Great stuff, yet again, Brother!

    You are unquestionably one of the best writers blogging today!

    Thank You!

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