Timeline Collapse, Choice and the Power of Intention

We do indeed live in auspicious times. Our chosen realities are changing around us as we change within. This is so for each of us, regardless of the direction of that change. No matter how hard we try to keep our heads buried in the sand, information gets in. For some, this is so irritable they work harder to anesthetize themselves to Truth with drugs and alcohol, sex and work. Pervasive fear at the core of them catalyzes and taking what they believe they need from life to protect them from the unknown becomes their default modus operandi. For others, the light comes on and they realize there is more to the world than what they have previously known. Their hearts open and sharing and helping others resonates, seems to be the only logical manner through which to deal with the changing world. Either way, a shift is occurring and the importance of that change is at both the individual and the collective level.

Our individuated sense of self is changing. The “I” of “me”. For those awakening due to the energetic bombardment of the planet and their changing emotional states and dna, they are beginning to realize that the universe without is also within. That the illusory separation between us is fading and the Truth is rising fast. Lies, untruths don’t last as long as they used to. It’s becoming easier to read other people’s body language. The eyes always tell the real story. More synchronicities are happening. The animals sometimes seem to be communicating with you. So do the plants. There are strange lights in the sky. Not planes, not satellites. Some people are starting to look at you wierdly. Friends whom you used to have so much in common with grow increasingly distant. You don’t want to do the things you used to, watch the same shows, go to the same bars or clubs. And yet, while all these changes are occurring within you, you are intimately aware of your connection to everyone else, even those who seem to be moving away from you.

At some point, you may come to realize that “I” is, truly, “We”. Your sense of compassion awakens and you might find yourself walking down the street crying for absolutely no reason. You may be day-dreaming more, or your night-time dreams are more vivid and stranger than they’ve ever been. You may chalk this down to an increase in distraction and lack of centered-ness as well as an overactive imagination. But what you do not realize, is that you are working with the multi-dimensional aspect of reality. That you are growing within. That your soul is reaching out to its greater aspects that exist beyond the ego, beyond the material world around us, that stretch out into the infinite and the eternal and encompass greater potentialities than our limited earthly experience could ever contain. That what your culture calls your imagination is actually much more important than you ever realized. In one sense, it is the accumulation and collapsing of timelines into one consciousness. That is the endeavor we are currently embarked upon.

There’s a movie Jet Li did called The One.  A martial arts movie, but relevant in that the movie was about alternate realities. Jet Li was a criminal in one reality who found out how to move between them. He traveled  to all these different timelines using technology killing copies of himself. As he did so he got stronger and stronger. He could jump really high and he was very strong. In the last timeline, his other self was a cop. The cop version of himself found out about his evil other self and his dastardly shenanigans and so, of course, the two eventually had to fight. You can guess which copy of himself One/Won.

The point is that we are actively engaged in the process of timeline collapse right here, right now. Desiring to minimize our capabilities, we tell ourselves that it is all just our imagination. Make-believe. But that is totally discounting our innate capabilities and misunderstanding what the imagination truly is. We must always remember that, in an infinite creation, everything is probable. that means that the things we think we are making up in our minds are potential and probable timelines in concurrent existence elsewhere. So when we think about ‘what if’s’ or engage in totally whimsical flights of fancy, or if we make choices that take us down one path rather than another, consciously collapsing those alternate realities into your current reality makes each of us The One. This process is occurring unconsciously for most of the world’s population and so it is causing a lot of individual confusion and will lead to insanity in some.

By collapsing these probabilities we become clear. We become more able to live in the Now, less distracted by thoughts that seemingly come from nowhere, arising out of whatever miasma of general worldliness that some must posit as their origin point. Instead of shifting in and out of different realities thousands if not millions of times a day, we become able to focus and ground ourselves in the immediacy of the Now, the Here and Now, which must occur if we are to individually survive the energetic nature of what is to come with our consciousnesses intact.

One of the main signs that you are grounding yourself in your present reality is that you daydream much less. Or rather, your daydreams become much more pointed and topical rather than just random wanderings through alternate timelines where you are imagining yourself rich, or with your perfect lover, or doing something other than what you are currently doing. As you center yourself, connecting your ego to your deeper consciousness, the ego stops filling your head with ruminations from other realities and stray psychic detritus it picks up from out of the ether around you. You gain the ability to control your thoughts and by so doing, control your words and actions. You begin to live a more purposeful and directed life.

Collapsing these timelines erases them from existence and you become more powerful in your current life because the energy you expended creating those timelines – which flow on, as life must do once initiated, regardless of your present level of attention – with your imagination is now focused upon the life you are living and the reality within which you endeavor. The dreams that you wished to come true stand a much greater chance of coming to fruition when you are applying your intention to your current situation, coalescing multiversal causality around whatever goal you wish to manifest. Key to this manifestation is the extent to which your emotions are employed in service to your vision and also that your vision is collective in nature, as the multiverse honors connectivity over isolationism in every instance. Following synchronicities that arise surrounding your intentions becomes paramount.

It is  at this point that it becomes clear that all of these disparate streams of endeavor work together as a seamless whole in order to present  you with the opportunity to live a conscious and creative life, wandering through the scenes of your choosing and picking which direction to move into next based upon its alignment with your intentions. A clear mind sans distracting thought is awakened to the moment and sees everything, is able to calculate probabilities and notice the most relevant events and signs, alerting you to your status and connection to creation in every instant. Balancing thought to minimizing the unnecessary ends worrying and regrets, mulling over situations needlessly and dwelling on negative events and people. The clarity of the moment exudes a joyousness that permeates your life and leaves you impervious to the things that bother other people, that make their lives miserable as they vacillate between emotional states, the past and future and the impositions of other energetic structures.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, then it is. For you. Not for everybody in the world. If you are not aware of the connection between the emotions and intent, and the methods by which to infuse your desires with the energy necessary to make them manifest in your life then that is a skillset you need to cultivate. If you read the previous and immediately think of mansions, fancy cars and lavish lifestyles then you have missed the entire point of this discussion. Once you have achieve a state of clarity in your mind then clarity in your life will follow without a doubt. That clarity is accompanied by the realization that you do not need half of the things that you think you do, or that society has pounded into your head that you need. The joy of that clarity comes with a sense of freedom, and freedom never comes with an increase in material things, only a decrease in them.

If everything we have spoken of here resonates with you please share it with those you care for. Time is of the essence and the energetic flow of potentiality continues to coalesce around miseducated intent. This is changing, slowly, but faster every day. With each new realization that life is designed to be lived and that fear is the mindkiller another soul takes another step in the direction of remembering who she is in the greater scheme of cosmic consciousness. Opening to the world, to the cosmos, is activating the stardust comprising our bodies, is re-energizing our quantum connection to all of life, to other people, the animals, the plants, the earth herself. Living in the flow of life is living in the moment, intending a life of beauty is intending peace and prosperity for others as well as yourself.

It’s not difficult. It’s all about letting go. Of the thoughts, of the worries, the regrets, the fear. Fear of who you have been is a burden to be cast off and joy in who you are is a present to be picked up and shared with all whom you love.

So pick it up. And let’s go!



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