Understanding Cosmic Geography: Beyond New Age mythology

The scientists try really hard to make this difficult for some reason. It’s not really apparent to me why this might be so unless there is something dangerous about understanding some very basic truths about Creation. I recently watched a video of a popular NASA astronomer who was intent upon debunking “2012 Doomsday Scenarios”. In the process of doing that and attempting to calm fears of the world ending on December 21, 2012, he stated uncategorically that the Earth, viewed from the sun, aligns with the galactic equator twice a year. By making this statement he was telling a fundamental truth. But a truth that is relative and that holds an arguably ancillary relation to the greater cosmic cycles heralded by many systems of knowledge both ancient and new.

The Earth is currently tilted at an approximately 23.5 degree angle on its axis. This means that the Earth’s equator is at an angle to an imaginary line emanating from the sun’s center and passing through the center of it and other planets in the solar system. This imaginary line is called the Plane of the Ecliptic. As the Earth travels around the sun during the course of the year at a speed of 18.4 miles per second, this tilt is actually the reason why we have varying seasons as the Arctic and Antarctic circles are exposed to direct sunlight at oppositional times of year. In the Northern Hemisphere, when the summer solstice arrives on June 20th, the Arctic Circle is bathed in sunlight and that region of the planet experiences a 24 hour day, while, in the Southern Hemisphere on the same day, the Antarctic Circle experiences a 24 hour night. It is during the winter and summer solstices during this particular span of years that the Earth is generally aligned with the Galactic Equator. Since we passed through the Galactic Equator – which is a few hundred light years in thickness – 2 million years ago, Sol-System is currently 50+ light years above it and well into a potential danger zone.

Precession of the EquinoxesThe 23.5 degree “lean” of the Earth, known as the Axial Tilt, results in the apparent but semi-illusory astronomical phenomenon known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, or, the Great Year.  This cycle is an approximately 25,772 year cycle where the stars in the sky seem to apparently move backwards in relation to a position on Earth if seen over the course of this cycle. The Earth precesses, exhibiting a slow, conical movement that causes the stars overhead to circle in a lengthy cycle. For example, the Northern pole star, Polaris, is almost directly over the North Pole (it will be directly over the Pole at about 2100) only for a relatively short while. In time, other stars will be the pole star until such a time in the cycle when Polaris is once again directly over the Pole, indicating the completion of the cycle.  5000 years ago, the star Thuban, in the constellation of Draco was the Pole Star and was designated by the Egyptians as such. In 6,000 years, the Pole Star will be Alderamin in the Cepheus Constellation and in 12,000, it will be near the star Vega, in the Lyra constellation. It has been calculated that the solstice point (the exact center of the sun as viewed from earth) will align with the Galactic Equator circa 2012, which can only occur once in the entire precessional cycle. The exactitude of this particular solstice – as opposed to other, off-centered solstices – is its importance.

In relation to the position of the Sun, Earth and its cohort of planets comprising the solar system orbit at an approximately 90 degree angle to the Galactic Equator, or the Galactic Plane. The Sun, Sol, is orbiting around a central position that theorists posit contains what might be either a singularity known as a Black Hole or an alternating Black Hole/White Hole complex existing in a configuration measured by what is known as the Kruskal-Szekeres Spacetime Coordinate System that then coalesces into a  Schwartzchild Wormhole connecting two universes. The complex interrelationship of these two types of dense energetic agglomerations results in oppositional yin and yang-like actions, with Black Holes drawing in energy and White Holes  ejecting energy.  According to the model, the two types of energy processing singularities may alternate in space and time in a spiraling, cyclical fashion that results in both Creation and Destruction phases.

It takes Sol-System approximately 226 million years, moving at a rate of 135 miles per second, to orbit this mysterious central region of the Milky Way galaxy. This time period is known as the Cosmic or Galactic Year and is measured through observations made by the Hubble Telescope fixated upon Sagittarius A, an astronomical radio source which lies upon the border of the Sagittarius and Scorpius constellations very near the center of the galaxy.  Since the center of the Milky Way Galaxy has not yet been directly observed – while the idea of at least a singular Black Hole existing at the center of many galaxies is considered a scientific fact –  the approximation of the composition of the Galaxy’s central region remains subject to relational measurements, hence the designation of Sagittarius A as galactic center by the scientific establishment.

The planets are of course orbiting the sun throughout this period and do so at an approximately 90 degree angle to the Galactic Equator or Plane as mentioned previously. A significant aspect of the solar system’s circumnavigation of the galaxy is the fact that the Sun’s ecliptic plane is always oriented toward the Galactic Center which may indicated an established energetic relationship. This possibility adds credence to the insistence upon the alignment of the Earth with the Sun and the Galactic Equator in December of 2012 as being of resonant import. Positions A, B and C in the image to the right reflect the position of the December Solstice sun 3000 years ago, 1,500 years ago and this year, indicating its location in relation to the Milky Way galaxy. Besides moving towards and away (tidal motion) from the Galactic Center, Sol-System also moves up and down in relation to the Galactic Plane. It takes 64 million years to complete one of these perpendicular oscillations, meaning that Sol-System is above the Galactic Plane for 64 million years and below the Galactic Plane for 64 million years.  Also according to the article linked above regarding the potential danger zone above the Galactic Plane, this wave-like motion results in greater and lesser protection from cosmic radiation, exemplified by the Earth’s bio-diversity cycle – measured as the time between mass extinctions – which, at 62 million years in duration, almost exactly corresponds to the planet’s movement above and below the Galaxy’s equator.

Sol-System and the Earth have passed above the Galactic Plane which has resulted in an increase in cosmic energy bombarding the planet as well as an increased risk of comet strikes.  The Sun and other sources of radiation can drastically affect the climate of Earth as well as seismic and volcanic activity. This measured increase of incoming energy may result in a decrease in bio-diversity and a potential mass extinction that may be more related to the movement of the solar system rather than any anthropogenic causes, as may also be the case with global warming as a solar-systemic rather than a purely planetary phenomenon.

There currently exists much contention around these topics  and, seemingly, much disinformation. The connection between emotions and energy is well established in the scientific literature. If more energy enters Earth-System it only stands to reason that people across the world will undergo certain types of collective emotional experiences as a result. While the energetic aspect and implications of increased bombardment of the planet by cosmic radiation is understood by scientists to result in genetic changes that have been proven to lead to a higher mortality rate, there is little overt discussion of these topics in the mainstream nor is there any indication that such is forthcoming.

It also seems to be the case that the disinformation campaign has permeated current-day spiritual movements as well. Confused and non-scientific proclamations regarding “photon belts” and “central suns” unnecessarily distort perceptions and take advantage of the unwary. The purported photon belt has been posited to surround the solar system or to be a fixed region of space the Earth is entering, while the star Alcyone is purported to be the galaxy’s “central sun”. The photon belt theories are based upon the “super-wave” concept as developed by Dr. Paul LaViolette describing cosmic ray volleys emanating from the central region of our galaxy. These rays result in measurable impacts upon climate and lifeforms. The Pleiades constellation and Alcyone are in the opposite direction (as measured from Sol-System and Earth’s perspective) from the galactic core and Sol-System cannot orbit a star further distant from the galactic core than itself.

While the Photon Belt idea does hold some credence in that it is based upon a very real and measurable energetic phenomenon, the state of nigh-religious fervor distracting the gullible from the true nature of things remains problematic. The brilliant luminosity and massive physicality of Sagittarius A actually serves to reinforce it’s status as candidate for some “central sun” ideal as does its location, while Alcyone and the Pleiades serve only as distractions, literally guiding people’s gaze in the opposite direction from Truth.

Perhaps this state of affairs serves the Establishment in keeping the public relatively unaware of the nature of our world, solar-system, galaxy and universe.  As long as people are kept ignorant of the cyclical nature of reality and the proven challenges that arrive like clockwork to overtake and devastate the Earth there will be no uncomfortable questions or mass hysteria. Perhaps it is the state of uncertainty itself which forces governments and science into perhaps unwitting conspiratorial collusion as the paucity of direct evidence and sure knowledge make predictive declarations politically dangerous for individuals and institutions.

Whatever the case may be, there are some things that are most certainly known and that have a direct bearing upon our world and state of collective consciousness. Being aware of the cyclical nature of reality is fundamental to a general knowledge of how the world works and is a necessary part of any basic education. Taking an holistic view of disparate phenomenon – as done in this article – brings to light some very interesting potentialities for the near and distant future. There are indeed challenges to collective and individual physical, mental and spiritual stability now and to come, to be sure. But the world will not end on December the 21, 2012 despite deliberate and derogatory generalizations characterizing non-mainstream spiritualists by mainstream paradigmatic hitmen.

It has become quite evident that ancient civilizations had access to planetary, solar systemic and galactic knowledge that far exceeds our current grasp of reality. The oft misinterpreted depictions of the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans and other peoples have resulted in the free and uninformed cultural appropriation of systems of measurement and thought foreign to minds of today. The extent to which sound affects the physical world and language mirrors thought and affects the genetic makeup of individuals is a sobering reality-check upon our modern ability to fully understand the seemingly multidimensional nature of polytonal (Eastern, Southern) as opposed to monotonal (Western) languages. However these ancient peoples came by their knowledge of the universe, their insistence upon the cyclical nature of reality and the repeated destruction of civilizations due to cosmic energetic shifts is a consistent theme the world across.

The culminations of planetary, solar systemic and galactic cycles present opportunities for energetic shifts to peak and then dissipate over time as our solar system and world enter, traverse and then pass new regions of space.  How we respond to these energetic changes biologically, mentally and spiritually is, to a large extent, both an individual and a collective endeavor. We must, as a species, become comfortable with the fact that our world must change and that it is beyond our collective ability as a technological species to determine the nature of that change. How we individually relate to the Times and to the coming world can represent deliberate and informed point loci of viral effectiveness within an information-driven network as our knowledge becomes shared with our social groupings and then radiates outwards in a web of ever-increasing awareness.

There will come a point when it becomes impossible to hide the truth of what is occurring. Concentrating personal attention and focus by seeking truth in an unwavering fashion will in turn hone individual purpose and intention, consolidating psychological and spiritual systems around key aspects of reality pertaining to personal evolution. Knowing the Truth, therefore, is being the Truth. The Truth that must soon pervade the consciousness-oriented meme of our post-modern and pre-apocalyptic collective.



    1. Thank you, Gera! Your concern for the state of my soul is deeply appreciated. Many blessings to you, may your belief system give you the peace that you deserve. Bless.

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