The Emotional Energetic Payout: The psychic vampire in you

It’s hard to admit it when you’re caught consuming someone’s energy. It’s like someone’s caught you with your pants down. Or with unmentionables hanging out of your nose. Everybody’s supposed to move on. Nobody’s supposed to know what is going on, let alone talk about it or accuse you of doing it.

Emotional vampirism. I’ve discussed this issue numerous times before in the context of energy and inter-dimensional relations between different forms of consciousness. The give and take is mostly consensual. You and I might agree to engage in relationship which includes a certain level of energetic give and take. We allow for and give permission to each other to give each other energy. We also allow for and give permission to each other to take energy.

Sharing, caring, laughing, agreeing, listening, giving. This is positive output and we feed each other by giving it. Yelling, arguing, fighting, disagreeing, backbiting, withholding love. This is negative output and we consume each other by engaging in it.

We impose our energetic structures on others. Those closest to us and even strangers. Some people’s energy biomes are so strong they weaken you as soon as you come into contact with them. They seem to overwhelm you and you get the sense of overbearing presence. Other people’s energy biomes are strong in a different way. They seem to suck your energy from you. As if by just looking at you or speaking to you they are consuming your vital essence.

Words are power. I’ve spoken on this numerous times before also. Vibrations, resonance, actual creative force, they are often the means by which energy transfer occurs. As words impact us, entering our ears, their vibratory level, whether high or low, either resonates with us or it doesn’t. Words either give energy or take energy by their construction, by the grammar, the particular words used and the chemical output that fuels them.

Words spoken in anger have a certain resonation, words spoken with love have a certain resonation. One takes energy, the other gives. We have been trained since childhood in how to use words to give and take energy. We have learned to get our energetic sustenance not only from the food we eat but from each other.

As we age, our bodies become less able to glean energy from the food we eat and the nutrients we ingest as the cells of our bodies become used to receiving energy from the emotional patterns that we engage in over a lifetime. It is said that by the age of 35 our personality matrix is pretty much set and it is difficult to change the structure of your neural network and the synaptic lines that connect it. Our emotional habits are also set and we are often addicted to very specific forms of expression that reflect those chemical outputs and the behaviors that support them.

Some of us are addicted to anger. Some of us to sadness. Others to depression, still others to self-pity. Some are even addicted to happiness. All of these addictions are chemical addictions as the emotions that we feel are neuro-peptides released from the hypothalamus suffusing the cells of our body. As we age and our cells die and renew themselves, when they split, new cells are created to support the type of chemicals our bodies are used to making. If we are making anger neuro-peptides then our cells are geared toward accepting those to the detriment of other types of sustenance. This narrowed capacity to accept energy from other sources has obvious consequences.

This is how our body eats. So if, by the age of 35, we are generally consuming the energy gleaned from emotions more-so than actual nutritional sustenance, it is no wonder the aging process results in the death of the cells as they become less able to renew themselves because of their inability to obtain nutrition from natural sources. It is important to realize that we are not just consuming our own emotions, being fed by our own neuro-peptides cascades, but we are also consuming the emotions that we give rise to in others.

The bio-energetic field that surrounds us connects us to all of creation. We are connected to each other. Some call the structure the aura. I call it the biome, as it is supposed to be a self-sustaining habitat for the soul but seldom is for most people. By interacting with words, but also with the pure energy of intent, we are able to impose upon others fields and drain them of vital life force. The familiar game: the inteplay of subtle energy and thought, the engagement of two or more consciousnesses in the misuse of Logos – pure, creative energy – and the Divine Word, the verbal exchange of chemically-enhanced phrases designed to elicit an emotive response, the neurological cascade of chemicals, the emotional powering-up and the resultant induced and endorphin-enhanced high is the essence of vampirism. We strengthen our own biomes temporarily in this manner but, as with all addictions, the fix is soon used up and the search is on for another hit of that good stuff.

It’s very hard to stop. You really have to start paying attention to yourself and what you think and do. Most of us are asleep. By that I mean we spend most of our waking hours walking around thinking about the past and regretting or thinking about the future and worrying. If we’re not doing that we’re vegetating by watching tv or listening to music or surfing the net. Or, we’re talking to others on the phone, socializing at home or out with friends. We never really spend the time necessary to go beneath the story we tell ourselves about ourselves to find out who we really and truly are.

All of these actions are done on autopilot. Our ego, the personality complex, engages in these actions while the real you sleeps beneath. The chatter of sub-vocalization is ceaseless and we think we are aware when we really are not. We have no self-consciousness in this state, which is the reason why most of us cannot remember much about our pasts other than the big stuff. Because we weren’t really awake, in the true sense of the word, when we were going through our experiences.

If you look back at your memories, you will quickly determine that all of them are memories of when you were in the Now moment, when some event occurred that caused you to be totally present, totally awake, totally aware of what was going on. These moments are characterized by a visceral experiential perception that sharpens everything, hearing, seeing, smelling. You feel alive and totally connected to what is going on.

It takes cultivating this awareness, this ability to live in the Now, to be able to take control of your thoughts and by so doing, take control of your emotions and your life. We don’t have to consume each other. It’s really not necessary. We can access infinite energy within. Or, by going out in nature. Or, by engaging in mutually beneficial energy exchange with people who are also living a conscious life.

To defeat the pattern of energy-vampirism it is necessary to know thyself as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks put it. By learning about who you are and what you are capable of you automatically learn about other people and what they are capable of. By shutting off the inner dialogue and cultivating stillness of mind the real you that is beneath the thoughts, the center of awareness, the presence that watches, becomes visible.

Your ego becomes the tool it was designed to be when you are able to allow the real you to take control of your life. When your life is run by the Self beneath the egoistic consciousness you begin to live in tune with your highest potential. One result is that you stop engaging others in energy games because you can see them for what they are and also the futility of the inner conflict turned outwards that the way they live their lives – a mirror of the way you used to live yours – represents.

Since most spiritual paths try to make people act in a civilized manner it doesn’t really matter which one you follow just as long as you concentrate upon the inner goals of personal change, evolution and enlightenment instead of the ritual and the belief systems, which are designed to distract you from the real goal which is self-knowledge. This is not the fault of the Avatars the religions were based on but of the men who built the institutions that followed. Jesus said that we have to have the innocence of children to truly be like him. Buddha said that a state of deep peace experienced as a child led to his realization that meditation was the path to enlightenment. The point seems to be the same; that personal experience and implementation is key.

It’s like language. Certain combinations of words, vibratory resonances, create mental and physical states of BEing within which we either abide or not. Finding those particular combinations is possible no matter the tradition. The recognition of energetic patterns within us leads to the recognition of them without.

The purification of our individuated consciousnesses gives us the capacity to see the world around us in a clearer fashion. We can cast off the blinders of slumber and awaken to the brilliance of life lived consciously.



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