The Greatest Secret: Collective trauma and civilization

There is still a Great Secret out there. One that is not really a secret. But, at the same time, it is.

Extended Revelation for the Psychic Weaklings ...

It is so secretive it is hidden in plain sight. It is such a big secret that you can visit public buildings in many major cities of the world and see evidence of it. It is such a big secret that many people have heard about it at some point in their life. It is such a big secret that you can find it on the Internet if you know what to look for. It is such a big secret that there have been wars fought and atrocities performed to keep it hidden. It is such a big secret that it is the subject of one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of humanity.  It is such a big secret that it threatens the very foundations of Western civilization.

Great secrets are kept because their overturning would set the world as we know it afire. Those who participate in the keeping of these secrets understand fully that it is impossible to hide truths. The attempt to conceal a truth only works for a while. But after a truth becomes readily available to those who seek it, instead of trying to conceal it again, all attempts are made to discount it, distort it and deny it.

Great secrets must be kept because their revelation throws everything else into question. Once a great secret’s truth is accepted, the individual and group is then forced to confront the fundamental assumptions that underlie their perception of truth and reality as they know it. The greatest secrets threaten the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of a society and, once revealed, point the way to a larger conception of reality and a broader understanding of what the world really is and what their place is in it.

But this is exactly why great secrets are kept. For the purpose of control.

In the current times, it is impossible to keep any secret whatsoever, let alone a great secret. Everything that has ever been done in the dark is now being seen in the light. All of the minor secrets subordinate to the greatest secret are being revealed. As a result, Western society is coming closer and closer to being forced to accept the greatest secret as pure, unadulterated truth.

The Elite Controllers of this WorldThe ramifications of this acceptance hold grave consequences for the plans of the currently in-fighting Elite factions and their minions; those who have invested in the suppression of the Great Secret. The investiture of belief and support into paradigm-changing secrets is tantamount to giving your life to the secret. Therefore, once the secret is revealed, the life based upon it dissipates, leaving the individual so invested bereft, left drifting upon an ideological, philosophical and spiritual raft rapidly breaking apart beneath them.

Movies point to the Great Secret. Television shows of all types. Books do also. Religion, spirituality, the manifestations of culture and society all are signposts pointing the way to the revelation of the Great Secret. Language itself reveals the Great Secret. The mechanics of dreaming and astral travel. The Great Secret is the key to unlocking the gateway to the soul.

Once a Seeker has caught the scent of the Great Secret their pursuit of it will lead them down the rabbit hole and even beyond, as the rabbit hole must eventually end and the Great Secret is boundless. Speaking about the Great Secret to family and friends will often elicit either amusement or shock, depending upon their state of consciousness. But because the Great Secret is nearing the surface of mass, popular awareness, every whispered question, every triumphant discovery of a heretofore unknown fact, every answer found that brings up multiple new questions affects the awakening process of the collective.

Once the Great Secret becomes widely known and irrefutable by any dastardly machinations of an embattled Elite or disempowered NWO technicians society as we know it will crumble and a new form of society and interpersonal interaction will take its place. This new form of society will be more egalitarian, based upon Divine and Natural Law, not the corrupted and pyramidal form of law currently institutionalized by the Roman Cult.

Collective trauma will be one effect of the revelation of the Great Secret. It is unavoidable. Some will be unable to accept the truth. These individuals and groups will deny it and potentially engage in violence in order to repress it. For others it will be too much and they will commit suicide. Truth dispels lies and some will not be able to live with their life-long complicity. That truth, once known irrefutably is like water in its purifying and cleansing aspect, remorselessly dissipating any weak or false constructs until all that is left is the pure essence of a thing.

A Shrine of the Madonna and ChildThe revelation of the Great Secret will destroy the institutional edifice of formal religion. It will destroy the institutional bedrock of the political, legal and economic systems. It will even draw the wind from the sails of those who consider themselves on an alternate path, especially those who have not challenged and overcome their most basic assumptions about reality.

These individuals, in particular, will be among the hardest hit mentally, emotionally and spiritually as they are forced to reevaluate their version of reality thereby coming to the unavoidable conclusion that they were really invested in the system the entire time they thought they were not. Being so compromised their karmic responsibility is the same at those they previously decried as being asleep, or sheeple, when they, also, have been locked consciously in vested ignorance.

The Great Secret is simple. All Truth is. The Great Secret is all-encompassing. It is the pass-code that unlocks every other secret that has been kept to maintain the control system for hundreds and even thousands of years. The absolute revelation of the Great Secret will even blow away those who consider themselves open-minded. Even now, every single person in the world, no matter their position in life, their wealth, their possession of power of any sort, is enslaved by a system of belief and corruption absolutely dependent upon the mass acceptance of the illusory reality.

Even those who have already been exposed to the Great Secret only really understand it intellectually. They believe it. They think they know it. They hope it is true. But there has been no unassailable evidence produced as of yet. No smoking gun. And once its truth is unquestionable, even their sense of reality and truth will morph and transform.

Until such time as public revelation of the Great Secret occurs, it remains contentious. If I wrote it here, now, you, the reader and your logical mind still has the space – and is heavily programmed – to deny its validity. You have been trained to reject it automatically from the time you first began to explore your world.

I will end by telling you that you are exposed to the Great Secret daily. Every one of you. If not in your home then out on the streets. You see it on the internet or in the movies; you can watch it on television or hear it on the radio or your ipod. You learn about it from grade school to college. You see it at the heights of social acclaim and at its dregs. You may feel pity when you see it. You may feel anger or hate. Or you may love it without really knowing why. You may distrust it and look away from it or you may embrace it and attempt to move closer to it.

The Great Secret is inside of us and it is out in the cosmos. You can look both outwards and inwards and find the Great Secret looking right back at you, singing to you, laughing with you and crying with you. It engages your deepest fantasies and embodies your most private fears. The Blackness within your mind reveals the Light.

You know the Greatest Secret.


You do.

Melanin Molecules



  1. I’m hiding in plain sight
    It seems safer in the light
    than running in the dark
    from the unseen fears of yesteryears
    i’m hiding in plain sight
    putting up a lot of fight
    so you won’t see the mark
    left by the may tears of yesteryears
    I’m hiding in plain sight
    trying to leave behind my fright
    caused by the bite and bark
    of the social jeers of yesteryears
    i’m hiding in plain sight
    you see me in the light
    because I fear the dark
    left behind by the peers of yesteryears

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