The Bio-energetic Reality: What you need to know

The world is changing around us. But we are changing with it. How we are changing depends upon us. The amount to which we dedicate our efforts to shifting our conscious perception of the world determines the quality of our mental and spiritual clarity. This clarity is the lens by which the events that are occurring at the global scale as well as those occurring at the personal scale must be interpreted and internalized.

Understanding the bio-energetic reality within which we operate on a daily basis is a necessary part of knowing the time. It must first be internalized and known at a cellular level that we are all connected. That quantum entanglement is real and that all quanta, sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules and cells comprising our bodies, all bodies, everywhere, are connected. This is scientific fact.

As our bodies are comprised of the very stuff of this planet, we are a composition of elements that reflect that of our parent-body, Gaia. We are each energetically connected with the Earth which is, in turn, intimately connected to nearby planets and our sun. Our Solar System is energetically connected to nearby solar systems and the greater Milky Way Galaxy of which we are a part, which is connected to its parent-Galaxy, Andromeda.

The human body is a micro-scale mirror of the macro-scale reality that we exist within. Humanity can be considered to be independent organisms inhabiting Gaia much as viruses and bacteria can be considered independent organisms inhabiting our bodies. The revolution of Gaia around the sun can be compared to an electron orbiting a nucleus within an atom. The rotation of our solar system and others around the galactic core can be compared to the movement of atoms within molecules and cells and those within bodies.

That which determines the movement of all things is energetic in nature. The integral relationship of the cosmos is resonance. Resonance is vibration. Everything is in motion. Everything that we can perceive is an effect of motion. Solidity, or matter, itself represents varying rates of vibration. Those things that seem physical and present are merely slowly vibrating materials. That which vibrates at a higher rate appears materially as being ephemeral in nature. Regardless, all is an expression of energy.

We live and interact within an electromagnetic sea of energetic impressions and we each possess, surrounding our body, a very specialized and form-specific biome of a certain shape and size. There are many traditions that explain the different layers and parts of this omni-dimensional vital body but it can simply be denoted as being both orb-like and geometric, having linear and non-linear components.

This field is interactive and contributes to our sense of the world at a conscious and unconscious level. The higher the clarity of perception of the individual the more in tune she is with her field and the information that it is constantly processing.

It is possible to work with this field and many do so through numerous means. Acupuncture, Reiki, pendulums and dowsing are some methods that may be relatively familiar. There are also many individuals who work with energy intuitively, performing healing and clearing functions upon the energetic body for themselves and those they work with.

Energy is an expression of consciousness. All energetic forms possess a type of consciousness. From crystals, to water, to animals and plants, to people. There are also forms of sentience that exist apart from the material reality that we inhabit. Different cultures have interacted with these alien perceptive fields in different ways over time. They have been called different things. Ghosts, Ancestors, Demons, Angels, Fae, etc. There are many references currently in all spiritual and religious traditions that discuss these entities and their interactions with humanity.

Because there are so many different types of sentience and because humanity has been interacting with these forms of intelligence since our inception as a species we have varying qualities of relationship with them. Some are beneficial to human development while others are not. Some are highly interactive while others are not. Some display higher rates of vibration and others do not.

They exist materially above the human visual spectrum in the ultra-violet and beyond and below the human visual spectrum in the infra-red and beyond. Individuals across time and tradition have been able to access expanded human abilities in order to be able to sense these energetic bio-forms. Because these entities have interacted with humanity since our birth as a species, there is often a certain proprietary air or sense of possession that can be detected in the patterning of inter-species cooperation we have had with them over time and across space. This sense of energetic entitlement can come from the extra-dimensionals or the human(s) involved in the interaction, depending upon the context. But, most often, the sense of superiority generally emanates from the party possessing the greater capacities of discernment and influence over the ambient energetic balance comprising the interactive instance or continuum.

The current state of interaction between humanity and these higher and lower forms of sentience reflects the times.  Increased ambient energetics have resulted in a corresponding increase in interactions which has led to a heightened awareness of these entities within the human mass consciousness. As planetary, solar systemic and galactic movements culminate in an alignment of energetic potentialities commonly understood as the 2012 Transition Period more and more individuals are becoming aware of the nature of these interactions as well as the entrapment modalities these entities have implanted into lower 3D reality from higher and lower dimensional levels of resonance.

As the compromised state of humanity rises closer and closer to mainstream consciousness human awareness collectively vibrates at a higher rate. Individuals register this higher vibration through bodily sensations such as pain, fatigue, strange aches and heightened or lowered senses of perception. How we each experience these energetic shifts is dependent upon the clarity of our individual awareness. The extent to which we have cleared the mental and egocentric detritus that we gather during the course of our lifetimes and that obscures the innate clarity of the Self, that intermediary lens through which our higher Self interacts with the 3D material environment, determines how clearly we see the one reality extant beneath our individuated and egocentric perceptions.

We are also subject to attachments, inserts and implants that serve to limit our inherent spiritual potentiality. Some of these foreign installations occur by chance encounter while others are purposeful. Directed efforts within the context of a religion, spiritual tradition or energy-working modality can remove many of these impediments once their presence is detected.

Attachments are generally spiritual in nature and happen when, in the course of daily living, higher or lower resonant entities are attracted to our energetic bodies for whatever reason. They attach themselves to us and accompany us through our lives, insinuating themselves into our waking and dreaming consciousness at the level of sub-vocalization and emotionality, sometimes – depending upon their nature – siphoning our energetic resources and subtly influencing our paths for their own sustenance and fulfillment.

Inserts are more diabolical in nature as they are reflective of the oppressive energetic and vampiric matrix of control that currently suffuses the planetary mantle, crust, lower and higher atmosphere at different vibratory levels. Inserts also exist within our astral energetic bodies. They are conscious programs that affect our physical, mental and emotional states. These foreign installations are situated often for the dual purpose of controlling spiritual development and siphoning chi, prana or kundalini-type energy. They can be placed at different loci within astral or multi-dimensional template layers depending upon the character of potential or outcome that entities wish to compromise, block or harvest.

Implants are actual, physical devices that are placed at different locations in the body. When removed and examined by specialists they are often determined to be of a very high technological character. These devices are often inserted by what are generally considered to be extra-terrestrial beings, but are actually inter-dimensional and often non-physical entities who take on physical characteristics in order to interact in 3D space. Implants, like inserts, also serve to control an individual’s spiritual development and capabilities as well as regulate their personal energetic environs for purposes that serve the needs of the non-physical entities controlling the implant. These needs are often concerned – as with inserts – with the compromising, blocking or harvesting of certain potential outcomes or vitality.

It is important to understand and internalize the reality that humanity is in essence an expression of Divinity manifest within materiality in order to experience. Through experience, evolution. The Falls of Eternity express the mechanics of that expression while our individuated lives reveal the purpose. As manifest shards of the infinite and eternal unity we understand as the Divine, intention and will are paramount.

What this means energetically is that we are the ultimate decisions-makers in any perception of reality that we participate in. In other words, nothing can be done to us without our express permission. Understanding that there are levels of knowing within this statement is realizing what the Self is, recognizing the impact of karma, of reincarnation, of pre-life agreements, of the Higher Self and the Avataric self, of taking control of your life and determining a plan that reflects your desire for a free-will existence beyond the layers of the control matrix.

Choosing true freedom and spiritual sovereignty is no small or easy task. Choosing to take control of your destiny by seeking enlightenment and life beyond boundaries is choosing the pathless path, written in the sky and stars.

But that is a conversation for another day.



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