The Choice: That which lies beyond Good and Evil

We live in Divine Times. Some of us will choose to be instruments of Fate by taking a side in the material battles against Good and Evil. Others will choose to look beyond those battles and seek a higher intersection with the Cosmos. Each path as determined by the Seeker is perfect. There are no mistakes. The choices we make are aligned with our greater soul purpose and all that we do serves our spiritual evolution.

According to ancient and modern prophecies, the times that we live in mark a great shift in the planet. Various traditions speak of it in different ways ranging from a time of destruction to a time of enlightenment. The world as we experience it daily seems to reflect these prophetic visions. With wars and rumors of wars abounding, economic turmoil and personal instability becoming the rule rather than the exception many are seeking alternative understandings of the world in order to grasp the totality of what is going on.

There are many speaking with little of practical use to say. Fancy pronouncements about extraterrestrials and secret cabals do little to affect the lives of those who are having trouble putting food on the table every day or paying the rent. Today, as always, it is the personal transformation of the Self that possesses the greatest capability of affecting change at a greater level. The individual connection to Self is the gateway to a higher connection to the Divine which reflects the times. The prophetic fulfillment of the ancient promise that the presence of the Divine upon the Earth would return.

Everything else is secondary. The wars, the economic turmoil, the personal dramas. The true battle is within. In the course of fighting this battle, some will choose to externalize their fear and anger in the form of violence. These individuals may join either side, good, or evil, in order to express this fear and its byproducts of anger expressed as revenge or self-righteousness. Neither path, in the greater scheme of things, has a moral value. Beyond the relative judgement of material incarnation and the dichotomous nature of reality death is what happens to us all and only the energetic laws of motion determine the karmic recompense. Each path leads the participant in a certain direction, but both directions wend eventually back to the same origin, that which is beyond Creation and is Nameless, the Source of All Things.

The higher intersection with the Cosmos is the path between the two extremes of good and evil. For those who take on the mantle of Unity Consciousness a way exists to pass through the battlefield without becoming embroiled in the conflict. Obtaining the material equilibrium necessary to fully express this path is to achieve Enlightenment, the control of the mind and emotions and the cultivation of inner stillness, by which outer clarity is strengthened and the futility of extraneous energetic expenditure is internalized to be made manifest in all that is then contemplated, said and done. Life can then be lived by following the pathless path, written in the sky, without falling to either side, good or evil, along the way. Making this choice is not cowardice. To the contrary, it is an expression of extraordinary strength. The strength to surpass the limitations of emotion-fraught decision-making and life lived in the breach.

Similarly for those on both sides of the equation, emotions are the primary driver of intent. Rather than being the servant of the spirit they were designed to be, for far too many, emotions have become the Master. For those on the side of good, the emotion called love is the prime mover. For those on the side of evil, it is the emotion known as hate. In the real 3D world, the feeling that most call love is not the same as that higher, omniversal love that is an expression of the magnetic attractive force that is the fundamental expression of Creation. Similarly, the feeling that most call hate is not the opposite of that fundamental force as that higher love is all-encompassing. Love and hate as lived realities are both expressions of energetic movement, of resonance, of emotional attraction and addiction and a limited expression that fuels the chemical discourse of cells and the self-righteous exposition of force in limited and worldly conflicts, both mental and physical.

In this understanding, the old saying that there`s a thin line between love and hate holds true. Both are expressions of fear. For those on the side of love, it is fear of the personal perception of being alone and the self-righteous desire to protect those we have chosen to be connected to emotionally. For those on the side of hate, it is the acceptance of that fear of separateness and its transformation into retaliation against the world in the form of anger and revenge. The fear shared by both extremes is at heart a fear of Unity Consciousness. A fear of the reality that both extremes knows is true. That none of us is ever alone. That the personal shells within which we conduct our lives are mere masks insufficient to the task of truly insulating us from the reality of our connectedness.

All is as it should be. This is why the world is split in half. Why material creation is dichotomous. Why there is good, why there is evil. So that we can have a choice and through that choice come to the realization of our innate and divine nature. So that we can realize that we are One. For those who choose to express their separateness through good and evil that is fine. That is their choice. Further on down the line in future incarnations, they will inevitably grow tired of the drama and choose a different path. The higher path of omniversal love and unity consciousness. The path that leads beyond the conflict and a return to the Source.



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