Moving beyond Limitation: The integration of darkness and light

Samadhi is described in Buddhist tradition as the awareness of Self transcending thought, and refers to the state of perfect stillness reached by the meditation practitioner through which deep insights into reality can be obtained. Samadhi exists beyond duality, beyond the confluence of the material world and the dichotomous presentation of light and dark by which we interpret the vagaries of experiential living contextually.

It is believed by some that the state of Samadhi is an end in and of itself. An experience of Oneness, of Unity, beyond which there can be nothing further. In addition, that the goal of meditation is to reach this perceptive modality and to abide there in perpetuity, beyond the necessity of interacting with the material world in any fashion other than procuring food and drink to sustain the basic functionality of the body for the purpose of continuing engagement with the higher states of transcendent BEing.

While the state of Samadhi is a necessary step in the training of the mind and reclamation of the body’s natural ability to engage disparate capacities of the spirit to enter and explore alternate realms of existence, the total denial of the body and material existence in favor of a dependent and illusory preoccupation with transcendent meditative states belies the very purpose of existence as set forth by the Buddha himself regarding the 4 Noble Truths – the Middle Path – and the 8-fold  Path.

The fundamental contradiction of following a spiritual path while living a material life is well known in all traditions and walks of life. The high aspirations of spirituality set forth prescriptions and commandments regarding the qualities expressed by those who exemplify the highest vision of the religious system, Buddha and Jesus are two clear and popular examples.

And yet, what is not formally recognized and accounted for in these traditions is the necessity of the human entity to encompass all forms of material existence and to experience all desires native to her or his incarnate character in order to bypass and transcend them, thereby moving up into a higher state of consciousness and vibratory BEing-ness. Until an individual has fully experienced something to their total satisfaction they will continue to seek it. A man will continue to watch porn until he’s had enough, an addict will continue to do drugs until she’s had enough, emotional addictions will continue to obscure clear discernment and thought processes until the individual has had enough. It is only at this point that it is possible for anyone to put aside a behavior in order to embrace a higher form of existence. An ethical nature cannot be faked. It must originate from within the individual which will result in its manifestation in his or her words and deeds.

Underlying the formal philosophical traditions and religious systems that currently enjoy primacy across the world lies a pervasive energetic reality that lends expressive potentiality to these systems and forms the very basis of their potency and re-connective capacity to that greater or deeper experience of reality upon which all of our individuated and subjective perceptions depend.  This sub-stratum is infinitely malleable and suggestive, sensitive to thoughts, feelings, impressions, resonant to intention and will and the very stuff of creation employed by each of us in our moment by moment experience of this super-reality through the lens of our subjective interpretations.

This energetic reality is accessible by individuals through different modalities. In the formal religions, the Word, Logos, as the manifestation of original causation, acts as the tool by which sound resonation as energetic inflection and directive motive force shapes potentiality into prescribed formulations commiserate with the spiritual system in question. Christians and Muslims intone certain prayers, Buddhists do the same. Individuals repeat affirmations or mantras, subtly affecting their reality in the context of the greater shared reality imposed upon them by their chosen paradigm through which the greater reality is codified and manifest.

In these formal religious systems, individual initiative is not generally prescribed for the majority of practitioners past prayer, supplication or exhortation of the Divine. The wisdom traditions of these systems, on the other hand, allow for a greater experiential understanding of the super-reality. For Christians it is Gnosticism, for Muslims, Sufisim. For Judaism it is Cabala. Other formal religious systems have their higher priestly sects and secret traditions available only to initiates and acolytes who take and maintain extreme vows of secrecy and fealty.  Any cursory examination reveals the underlying tenets these mystery systems share in common which approximate the greater energetic reality, prescribing methods commiserate with that specific religion’s culturally and societally interpretive energetic functionality.

Basic laws of energy and motion apply at the level of individuals and groups. Karma expresses a conservative interpretation of interactivity between people and their environment, the laws of motion apply to intent and will as expressed through action, reaction, the resultant consequences and ramifications. Whether individuals navigate life and its experiences by way of a religious tradition or of their own volition each thought and action contributes to this overall energetic interrelationship reverberating into both past and future through the medium of the eternal Now.

This realization, once internalized, reveals the absolute dependency of both extremes of the di-polar material and manifest reality. Good must be opposed by evil, light must precede dark. An action must result in a reaction, every initiative has a consequence, all energetic releases rebound, no matter their orientation. The actual mechanics of this systemic default defy common understanding as every good deed results in a bad one, every positive thought gives rise to a negative.

Understanding the state of the balance as represented by yin and yang where each aspect rises and falls accordingly necessitates a spatial and temporal viewpoint outside of manifest reality, looking back in. A good deed done 100 years ago may result in a negative occurrence 200 years from now. An evil done a year from now may result in a good that happened a thousand years ago. Outside of time, the balance is maintained beyond the ken of mortal understanding and incarnation-bound interpretations dependent upon time-strictures understood by the logical and limited mind.

Life is for the living. To spend it seeking skillful usage of certain sets of tools and then to not use those tools in the process of life is to put off their use till a later point. Lifetimes spent meditating in Yogic retreats in the Himalayas result in the re-birth of a Yogin as a skate-punk in Los Angeles, enlightened from a young age despite all logical protestations to the contrary. The current resistance of many to the indoctrinations of the formal religious systems reflect this understanding of reality as souls that have incarnated on this planet time and time again return now rejecting the doctrines of their previous lifetimes in favor of a more individuated experience of spirituality and life.

Young Rimpoches are overturning centuries-old Buddhist prescriptions, Christians and Muslims are increasingly seeking more integrative and tolerant expressions of their spiritual viewpoints in a world of ever-increasing diversity and conflict. The western New Age movement flowers with potentiality as individuals seek new ways to show reverence to the Divine, while, permeating it all, oppositional forces continue to divide and confuse, to insidiously cultivate fear and distrust, to subtle pervert or overtly lie in order to distract as many as possible from the life-giving Light and into the death-dealing Dark.

The understanding that this is the natural and normal state of BEing must be internalized. Acceptance of the world as it is must precede any real understanding of it, just as acceptance of the self, the ego-based personality construct, is necessary before any real understanding of the Self as a higher form of consciousness can proceed. Accepting the necessity of navigating the fields of light and rejecting all doctrines which attempt to gainsay individual will and initiative frees consciousness from the constraints of limitation and opens up the vistas of possibility to reveal an endless array of realities awaiting full manifestation.

Accepting full responsibility for individual spiritual evolution is a fearsome act of courage. Moving from a position of seeking a savior outside of one’s self to becoming one’s own savior is a liberating exultation of consciousness and oneness of BEing with all of Creation and beyond. God Without and Within as expressive of the truism, As Above, So Below, is the realization of Jesus’ exhortation to his disciples:

Psalm 82:6 – I said, “You are Gods, sons of the most high, all of you …”

John 10:34 – Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said you are Gods?’

Life is awesome. Each moment, magical, another tick off of an ephemeral clock counting down towards death. The terror of each breath taken in that context can only be allayed by a minimalization of conscious reverie, an unconscious acceptance of the illusion of immortality and a fixation upon anything that does not remind us that death awaits us all. By taking control of consciousness, exploring what lies beyond the material senses, it is possible to go beyond belief and knowing and actually experiencing the eternal and infinite nature of the soul. Fear dissipates instantly when consciousness is inundated within some aspect of the super-reality.

Accept the challenge of life and seek answers for yourself rather than waiting till Sunday or some other spiritual crutch to be told. Life is too short to waste another minute.



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