Endgame or False flag? Moabite positioning on the global chess board

As the world situation continues to destabilize, the Moabites continue to press the advantage to the detriment of the world’s people. it is mandatory to keep in mind that the position of the Moabite Centrix as evidenced by the current state of political and economic turmoil is directly related to events that occurred over half a century ago.

The current Moabite Centrix finds its ideological and sociological foundations firmly cemented by endeavors and institutions put in place during the solidification of their reign by various nefarious means that are at the core of modern Western and world civilization. Current efforts to begin WWIII are but the culmination of plans that have been in place for decades, centuries and millennia. Despite the many different names for the Powers that Be (PTB), to include the Illuminati and their many, many sub-groups and organizations (the Power Elite, Tri-lateral Commission, Bilderberger Group, Group of 300, Masons, Knights Hospitaller, Knights of Malta, Templars, etc.), the core and essential spiritual focus of the Moabites remains connected to origins misted by time and obscured purposefully by migrations and ethnic evolution over time and across space.

Past articles concerned with the current status of the Moabite Centrix and their depredations have concentrated upon the countries central to this endeavor, although the Moabites themselves are beyond nations and have no allegiance to flags or geography. While it is become more and more apparent to many that the status of the world today is one of command and control by an elite faction in a pyramidal ponzi scheme that concentrates power at the top, the current and most popular designations of those who wield the power are as psychopaths, divorced from any past actions of any groups or organizations that have existed historically. In the current and popular view, economic excess has created a privileged elite that collaborates with weak politicians the world across for the purpose of enriching themselves. In this view, there is no larger picture as such, and those who have engaged in this predatory behavior are, at best, individuals who have taken advantage of a broken system. There is no evidence anywhere in the mainstream media that points to the purposeful directing of human affairs towards a malevolent end that is anti-god and anti-life in nature.

Even in the alternative press,  the insistence of the conspiratorially bound upon utilizing the terminology that has been made available to them, to include the story of the Bavarian Illuminati and its many sub-organizations, their connections to the institutions of the Power Elite and the names of the powerful and their stories, names such as Rothschild, Rockefeller and others, make them implicit in the continuing deception of the masses. Failing to recognize and explain the reality that the control system as it is designed creates and supports all sides of any conflict, be it material, economic, political, social or cultural in nature. The Moabites control the Left and the Right, the Winners and the Losers, the Powerful and the Powerless.

Revolutions are financed behind the scenes by those whose official stance is pro-establishment. All aspects of human interaction that can be controlled, are, by those who seek to direct events to specific outcomes suitable for their purposes. In this instance, the Moabite purpose is multi-dimensional in nature and implicitly anti-God and anti-life as these stances are understood, no matter the ideological, religious or spiritual stance of those observing world events today. The potentiality of war in Southwest Asia, whether it begins in Syria, Iran or some other country, serves the purpose of jump-starting a larger conflict that will eventually include Russia and China aligned with Iran, with satellite countries to these world powers aligning as necessary behind them. Germany, the nation currently hosting the ideological and racial imperative of the Moabite Centrix, will come in on the side of Russia, at some point. The United States, Great Britain and their sundry allies will stand on the other side, but those who pull the purse-strings control the outcome and no matter which alliances come out on top, in the end, the goal of global depopulation to the tune of multiple billions, the destruction of global prosperity and the reduction of the remaining world population to the status of serfs, thinly populating what will amount to medieval fiefdoms under the control of the pawns and poodles of the Moabite Centrix, will be the end that justifies the means.

Underlying all is that vampiric lust for power and control that literally requires the shedding of the world’s blood on a massive scale as a ritual sacrifice for powers beyond the ken of mortal understanding. The suffering that currently engulfs many parts of the world is but a warm-up to the main event that is intended to result in a conflagration of psychic energy large enough to power rituals designed to consolidate power within the hands of multi-dimensional entities and their human lackeys for the conceivable and inconceivable future.

Understanding the inter-connectedness of the economic situation to the martial situation is becoming easier by the day as riots in Greece and stubborn resistance on the part of other peripheral members of the European Union begins to escape from the strictures of purposeful media blackout. Conspiratorial tales of vast amounts of hidden gold accompany the mass resignation of Banking Chieftains and stories of imminent arrests of major figures in the political and economic arenas. Unbelievable descriptions of new economic systems and of backroom dealings between the Power Elite and other empowered factions said to have the best interests of the world’s people at heart are bandied back and forth in impassioned sallies while tales of intergalactic and inter-dimensional intervention meet alternately with derision and hope in the alternative community. All of this, in the context of world populations still mainly in the dark and dependent upon the mainstream media for their news and opinions.

No one knows what to believe, what is true, what is really happening. And this is to the advantage of the Moabite Centrix. The central truth of their improbable existence and dominance must be interpreted within the context of modern history. Simply put and as stated in my previous articles pertaining to the Moabites, the Nazis never lost WWII. The Nazis are still here. All of the ideological fervor, the philosophical austerity, the all-encompassing control matrix and presupposed genetic superiority remain implicit and explicit indicators of their presence and continuing dominance in the political and economic spheres. Institutions designed to manage the global economy front the Nazi agenda. Multiple corporate entities reach octopus-like out into the world, grasping and controlling various industries and agendas all for the purpose of manifesting the Nazi World Order (NWO). Observing the machinations of the key nations – the US, Germany, Japan, GB, China, Russia – the behind-the-scenes puppet-mastering of international organizations and interpreting the world’s political and economic realities in the context of globally subverted sovereignty and the lack of any true independence on the part of any international actors provides emphasis to a true understanding of the real motivations and endgame positions of the above-mentioned powers in the current mix of circumstances.

Interpreting the events that top the headline news and connecting the dots is impossible without understanding the underlying impetus and historical precedence. Anti-God and anti-life, in this context, refer to the coalescence of material power in the hands of an elite minority and the actions necessary to accomplish that. Actions that span possibilities ranging from the ideological to the philosophical, from the technological to the mystical, from the historical to the futuristic, from the conspiratorial to the mainstream.

False flag entrapment designed to further deepen planned Moabite potentialities or Endgame machinations implemented to finalize the control matrix, it makes little difference. The plight of the majority remains dire as individuals and populations continue to be stuck behind the eight ball. Those who seek and hold power within the current system are complicit no matter the level of integration. Those who fight on either side conspire in its continuance, in the furtherance of its aims, in the continuing and deepening oppression and control of the world and its peoples. Ignorance breeds compliance. Knowledge frees. Non-compliance and the carrying out of alternative developmental paths based upon more egalitarian and naturalistic foundations remains imperative.

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