Provisional Prejudices and the Brain: Peace and the manifestation of BEing

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. ~ Matthew 7:5

This understanding is basic amongst most spiritual paths, that our individual work is paramount. Often, when we engage in combative or argumentative stances, it is not the argument persay that is at issue. It is not some abstract ideal of right or wrong which motivates our pursuit of an abstract ideal. It is really our personal communicative skillsets and our mindsets that are at issue.

There are many consciousness levels, from very confrontational and combative to placid and accepting. We engage others of different mindsets constantly. In the office, in the classroom, on the streets, in the clubs and bars, churches, social gatherings, wherever humans get together to interact, we are co-creating the moment, interacting at the level of neurons and synapases, engaging the creative resonant field that surrounds us in a constant and ever-shifting interplay of perception, a dance of sometimes oppositional alignments, or mutually agreeable associations. This is the very stuff of life, that which we come here to engage in, a microcosmic representation of macrocosmic truths. The undulation of yin and yang around the median reality which binds them both in eternal harmonic resonance.

Provisional prejudices are our subjective stances defined, we are who we think we are and our limitations are exactly what we believe them to be, belief being key to ego formation. To a large extent, much of this process is biological, a part of our brain’s wiring. Our neurons fire together through synapses, connecting interrelated bits of data in streams and pools of light and we become hardwired into our beliefs. Changing that hardwiring becomes difficult, because our brains tend to follow the paths of least resistance, and synapses, once formed, are therefore wired together and will fire together thereafter unless new connections are made.

Emotions are the energy that determine the way that our brains wire. They are the power through which we accomplish most things. We often don’t think of it this way, but by applying emotional impetus to any endeavor, we imbue that intention with the fuel necessary to bring it to fruition. The mechanics are simple: within the brain’s cortex and at the cellular level, communication occurs as information passes through a cell’s dendritic network into axons or synapses to other cells networks, which releases neuro-transmitters. Mystery remains as to the precise workings of the brain and its component parts, but some things are certain. Our¬†intentions lead to thoughts which either gives rise to an emotion or they don’t. If the thoughts gives rise to emotions, this process then engages the hypothalamus, which sends neuro-peptides cascading down through our bodies, finding their way into our cells, changing thier structure to embody that emotion, whether it be anger, sadness, happiness or whatever.

Whether the thought has any relation to any greater truth or not makes no difference. It is a thoughtform only and our body reacts in the manner to which we have trained it. When engaging in debate, or an argument where we think that we are correct, we are, in effect, standing up for what we believe, irregardless of any relationship those beliefs might have with greater or lesser truths. To lose an argument is to challenge the validity of the belief, which might lead to a change of mind about that belief. Our reptilian brain, being our connection to our most basic survival instincts, views change as dangerous, and so change automatically gives rise to fear, which can result in an anger response and other emotions.

These emotions pervade our bodies through the mechanisms described above, then fueling our interactions when discussing the ephemeral ‘realities’ that we mistake for material ‘realities’ that we call belief and “small t” truth. Life being relational, our subjective perceptions are our only lens through which to interpret events. When we share those perceptions with others, we form common understandings and we engage in reinforcing these understandings at every level of our interaction, from our own personal understanding to our familial understanding, to our social group understanding to our community understanding, all the way up to societal and human understanding in general.

These understandings lead to behavioral expectations and norms, which then become further encouragement to hard-wire ourselves even deeper into the collective subjective perspective, which results in predictable patterning of thought and behavior, becoming our own personal take upon the world, reflecting our belonging to whatever social grouping that we have spent our lifetimes indoctrinating ourselves into.

It becomes very difficult to reprogram our minds. We have wired our brains into certain thought processes and belief systems and, unless we’ve also cultivated the capacity to incorporate new ideas into our ‘belief systems’, thereby leaving a back-door in our brains that gives us a way out somewhere this side of trauma to change, we become stuck, and the old adage about old dogs and new tricks becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. To change our behavior, we have to learn how to change our minds and that can take a while, as we are not generally taught how to learn here in the West very well in our families, school systems and communities, and so our brains become bogged down quite early with misconceptions about our true capacities as well as the nature of reality and the subjectivity of our perceptions.

My personal experience as an educator has shown me the need for a more holistic and synthetic modality of learning. I’ve seen firsthand the depravations of the traditional learning methods and the state of young adults – and older – when challenged with information outside of the traditional struture. It is programming, to be sure. My memories of those students in whose eyes I got to witness the birth of a brighter light once they realized that the world was more wonderful than they’d been taught are well worth the potential censure that could accompany an unwillingness to continue in the indoctrination process.

To seek a clear mind, the ability to process thought without dependence upon past formulation and open access to the resonant field of awareness, a form of mental training must be embarked upon. Practicing stillness through meditation, the silencing of the mental chatter, can result in the clearing of synaptic formations that have ossified with use, trapping mental processes into patterns of thought that restrict rather than release.

A mind in perfect stillness, one that has reached a point where it is no longer concerned by past and future, that has learned to exist in the Now, that has overcome their emotional triggers, must, according to the science that I described above, looks like the stars in the heavens above.

Such a mind must consist of neurons firing, as bright in the mind as the stars in the night sky. Brilliant points of light co-existing within the physical framework of the brain – yet independent of physicality as expressions of pure consciousness; concepts, ideas, avatars – each interacting with the other based upon immediate input rather than pre-determined or ingrained pathways of relational agreement. This must speed up the thought process to approximate a multi-dimensional consciousness and awareness, as there are no physical limitations as are imposed upon the brain by the firing of neurons and the subsequent creation of synapses. Instead, synapses must form and dissolve immediately – upon conclusion of the thought process, words or actions – leaving the Neurons in a continuous state of constant readiness – pinpricks of conscious light within a field of eternal darkness, shining brightly – to be queried by life, by each moment, by experience, fresh and able to respond in unique and holistic manners to whatever life brings.

The connection of this super-structure to the resonant field of quantum entanglement, of conscious awareness that connects us and within we all exist would then be immediately accessible and we would truly become One, united. All sidhis must be available in this state, as it must be the evolution of the physical station (body) in preparation to live that state called enlightenment or to exist able to access that non-physical location called nirvana. In another parlance, the form of multi-dimensional awareness necessary to be able to co-exist at the galatic scale with entities and civilizations whose technologies and cultures have already reached this state of evolution.

Another example of “as above, so below”. Our minds can be a mirror-reflection of the heavens above, once cleared of the emotional, social and cultural detritus that limits our thoughts and our potentialities. It is possible. It is up to each of us to transcend the limitations of our conditioning to approximate the infinte and eternal. To become true reflections, in our minds and lives, of those multitudes of stars above, able to access all of Creation as we dance our individuated dances of life, in full resonance to all life, all consciousness, everywhere.


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