The Cult of I: All that we were born to Be

It remains amazing how life applies force, through the medium of experience, in order to let us know when it is time to move on. Conversely, it remains amazing to recognize how we often work against this force in order to stay where we are at. Opportunities arise at seemingly coincidental stages that give us the option to move out in a new direction, to optimize our experiences by adding on to what we already know with new things, infinite possibilities. But the old, familiar beliefs beckon, whisper in our ear, urge us to remain planted, feet firmly on the ground, resisting all temptation to strike out into the unknown. Life is irresistable though, and each time we resist movement, we invite harder and more painful lessons into our life, until that force then forces us to embrace change.

When the ego meets the spirit, it often seems as if an irresistable force is going up against an immoveable object.  Nothing could be further from the truth. In the first instance, the ego is the spirit’s tool, designed to help navigate the currents and shoals of experience. The ego’s job was originally designed to man the helm of our conscious journey through the world, following the directives of our spiritual imperatives, handling the gross material details of our body’s movement through the four-dimensional world of space and time while the spirit maintained the more subtle and intricate aspects of the quantum mathematical formulations that regulate our unconscious bodily functions. In the second instance, there is no real separation between the ego and the spirit, and any distinction between the two is illusory. The ego is a personality construct formed in response to the dimensional manifestation of consciousness upon the material plane. Within a hierarchical structure of duties, the ego is to our spirit as an operating system might be to a hard drive; created to order, interpret and present Reality as an operating system orders, interprets and presents binary code. In the third instance, any illusion created by the appearance of separation is an affectation. A choice we make, to interpret only what the ego interprets as the totality of reality. To ignore the evidence of our senses beyond the five and live limited perceptively by the constraints of our bodily organs and the material world.

When social and personal imperatives elevate the importance of material success, personal strength as exemplified by well-developed egocentric personality constructs become the norm, sublimating the inner, spiritual core that undergirds the ego, bolsters it, informs it at its foundation. Success as defined by worldly pursuits minimizes empathy, compassion and the importance of the collective over the individual. The Cult of I proliferates and the spirit is sublimated beneath the chorus of experiences that chatter incessantly, drowning out the quiet voice that originates in our center. Past and future take on real and threatening aspects that obscure the moment. As we regret and worry, the petty events of our days and nights, our interactions with others, all lead us into the cause and effect creation of karmic debt that then limits the cast of possible future situations, while simultaneously hardening the imprint of past situations and their related choices. We are then pushed remorselessly into temporally impenetrable future choices and situations that, once we make them, also seem as inevitable as the originating choices and situations themselves.

The ego revels in its position as Chief Interpreter of Events. The improbable battle between our deeper Self and the ego is waged incessently at the almost subliminal level of consciousness. Sometimes we can hear it and feel it as an argument between the chatter of our egoic mind as it struggles against a feeling, or a quiet knowing deep within that tells us when we’re about to make the wrong decision, go down a more difficult path, choose the harder way through an experience. The voice of our egos seems to argue with something else – voiceless yet as present and real as thought itself – that we never take the time to identify, yet recognize as our Selves, conscious and knowing beyond all intelligence and reason. All too often, the ego wins and we ignore that deep knowing in favor of rationalizations, of intellectual bombast and flawed logical arguments that leads us unerringly in pursuit of our desires and material gain, often to our own detriment. We look back and shake our heads at our ignorance, wondering why we didn’t listen to ourselves in the first place, knowing full-well that, given similiar circumstances, in all likelihood, we would make the same decision again and, as a result, the same mistake. The problem is not our reasoning, our intellect or our decision-making ability, it is our dependence upon a mental faculty that has been overtaxed way beyond its ability to cope with the intricate, multi-dimensional folds of a quantum, holographic Reality.

It really is that simple. All knowledge is internal not external, and we know the answer to all of our questions before we even ask them. Once we realize a few things about ourselves, consciousness and the world around us, we realize that things we’ve always believed to be true about life just aren’t, and that there is more to existence than the pursuit of material satisfaction, happiness or riches. Perfecting clarity, or removing the multiplicity of experientially-biased lenses that we and society have created in order to limit our perception, becomes the only goal worth achieving, at this point. And this means going above and beyond, shifting our efforts from external pursuits to internal. Undergoing a life-review in extensive and personal detail, finding out where our most deeply held beliefs were born, where our most secret disfunctions live, where our most intimate desires are whispering for us to go. Clearing a lifetime of mental and emotional detritus, all of which are spattered viscous and gross, like bugs on the windshield of perception, causing Self to squint and crane in the attempt to see past the mess and interpret incoming stimuli accurately and in the service of our best karmic and dharmic interests.  Life deserves our best effort, and we can only give it if we obtain Knowledge of Self first, and then use that to better the lot of those around us, in service of the Divine that we finally realize is manifest in every single aspect of Creation, from the most humble beggar to the most arrogant Moabite.

The force of life is the lifeforce. That which gives us breath, the animating force of the Creative Principle itself, the Creatrix, preceding conceptualization (omniscience), dichotomization (omnipotence) and manifestation (omnipresence) by any other name (or Divine Moniker). Serpent Power energy, Chi, Ki, Qi, Kundalini, Prana, however it is described, suffuses Creation, the life force and life consciousness that animates every aspect of material incarnation. We are all connected in this web of subtle energy at the level of thought, directed action, auric blooms and beyond, our sometimes inconsequential interactions and true st intentions more far-reaching than we could ever imagine, given the intricate weaving of meaning and destiny that originates in hidden histories far past the wildest postulations of our most febrile imaginative jaunts. But such is the life we’ve all chosen to live, as your presence here indicates our pre-life decision to interact and share experience during this Cycle of Incarnation and who knows how many others. Let go of the limiting beliefs and manifest the power of oceanic divinity through the droplets of consciousness we have chosen to become, this time around. Failure is not possible and fear is only a choice we make when we forget that we are greater than we seem to be, as boundless and powerful as the stars that shine above and the rocks that quake beneath our feet. G-d is Change, and embracing that fact releases us to wonder, and the joy of Becoming all that we were born to Be.



  1. Another inspiring post, thank you!
    You approach the ego and subconscious in such a union as to give birth to the realization of a third layer – our superconscious connection, which evolves us to a point where our Whole is greater than the sum of our supposed parts. The spectrum of “all that is” – the oneness…. Indeed, there is no separation.

  2. Greetings and salutations, Rahkyt! My friend Joy is publishing a zine on the theme of “change” and I would really love to introduce your words to my larger circle of friend. Do you have any suggestions? The theme is fairly open to interpretation. She’ll accept poetry, zen koans, prose, anything!.

    “You are invited to share your personal experiences and current thoughts on Newness, Transition and Change.

    This can mean an infinite amount of things.

    It is entirely your interpretation

    Feel free to think:
    Micro or macro
    Spiritual or physical or…..?
    Informative or rhetorical
    Personal experience or Social observations
    Analytic or unsystematic
    Practical or theological

    1. Hi there, Michael. Thank you for the invitation. I am entirely open to such things. Have you visited the link on my menu above for “Sacred Words and Rhymes”? That blog is where I keep my poetry and prose.

  3. Hm, what do you think about publishing your 2012 and beyond article? I think it fits the theme, do you agree? = ] ❤

      1. I do! Of coarse, I’m not the expert on your writing, you are. I just think that it would help people to demystify the 2012 phenomenon, which is equal parts beginning and end…not just “end” as the hype would have us believe. If you have any other suggestions on the theme of “transformation”, by all means, send them my way! I’d love to dig further into your writing. Currently perusing your rhyme-section. Very keen stuff! Here’s something I wrote, sorry I don’t have a blog! It’s rather long..

        this was supposed to be the last great push
        in the birth of this, our new earth

        and the soil betwixt our toes
        it couldn’t inform us of anything

        except it’s own existence

        and somehow, it was enough

        even when we insisted
        “soil, hear me, brother”
        “i’ve forgotten what it was to lead a simple life”

        “free from hierarchies”
        “and the controls of those above”

        and when the question was finally posed:
        what does it mean to exist, my brother

        and wherever did it come from,
        that phrase “to be”?

        and the soil, it heard
        and the soil, it understood

        but it’s only reply was

        to be, itself


        and somehow, it was enough

        this was supposed to be the last great quake
        before the land was rendered fit

        for the new age which was taking shape
        and the man who was to make it his


        but nothing can be owned
        and nothing can be saved

        when the supposed motionless are
        actually flowing away

        rivers of times
        tributaries of reasons

        why we never thought to question the idea
        that is quintessential

        nothing is real
        everything is fake

        the divine is king
        and we live for it’s sake

        join in knowing this

        a being is it’s own purpose

        a being is it’s own doing

        a being has it’s duty,

        and it’s own reasons to be nervous

        ‘to be’ is the reason
        and the reason is ‘to be’

        we exist simply because
        we continue to desire it thus

        without desire, there is no creation
        without creation, there is no desire

        everything is endless
        and endless is everything

        watch the rust of everyday living accumulating

        it’s a sign that we are fading away

        that we are waxing, even as we wane

        and that others like us

        are here to take our place

      1. How are you liking Canada? I myself am interested in moving to another country, South America preferably. My dream is an ethnic esoteric eco village in South America with great thinkers such as yourself. Of course with the right people together, with the right knowledge, I could see us collectively ascending.

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