The American Republic is Dead

The American Republic is dead.

All ideas of democracy, a fragile experiment at best, have been laid to rest with 2 of the last 3 presidential elections – and the most recent one is kind of questionable too, considering what this dude has done during his time in office – with the pervasiveness of vote suppression and untraceable electronic ballots.

The trifecta of Government, Corporation and Richistan has made the adage, ‘any American can be president’, the idea that America is a land of ‘equal opportunity’, an impossible pipedream, even though it has been a laughable rhetorical joke for decades if not centuries anyway. What’s that? What did you say? Obama proves it? His election means that racism is over and the vision of America has finally been realized? Think again.

Not-So-Breaking news! The children of Black Americans who were middle-class in the late 1960s (hey, they’re talkin’ ’bout my geeeeeneration!) are not only not doing as well as their parents did, but they are actually falling to the lowest economic class! And guess what, the pundits have no idea why. Go figure. Let’s not even mention the fact that most black males my age are in jail or dead anyway. Let’s not mention that. The black problem is an incarceration problem. Well, let me amend that; it’s not a problem, really, since the Prison System was created in the late 1800s to collect black males freed from slavery and without jobs. Indigent, lazy Negras, as I’m sure they were designated at the time. And the prison system has done its job admirably ever since, containing, even now, a disproportionate share of apparently indigent and criminal-minded black males, young and old. To top things off, terrorism is, apparently, moving to the nation’s prisons as concern rises about Black Muslims in jail, and thier danger to society.

Black folks, we got a little 2, 3 year break in there as most of the attention was placed on the Sand Negras instead of your garden variety American Negras, but the onus is back on us once again. Surprise, surprise. Caught your breath? Did you enjoy the break while it lasted? I did! Ready to go? Good. Let’s move on.

Get this: do all of the public figures (particularly republican) who are now announcing their retirement or who are stepping down from government posts look just a little bit like rats jumping ship? They should, because they are. They are, because the fruit of their concerted effort at eviscerating the constitution and economy became very clear by the end of 2008 and has only continued to clarify as the results of generations of inequity and privilege have resulted in this, the so-called Free World, where kids out of college are lucky to be employed at Burger King let alone unemployed and apparently unemployable middle-agers like me!

How so, do you ask? Well, they don’t talk about the past few Presidents army of power-consolidating Executive Orders, the so-called Refugee Camps, newly passed legislation designed to allow for the indefinite detainment of American Citizens and the readiness of the national security apparatus for a possible declaration of Martial Law, given a serious enough emergency, be it natural or otherwise. So, instead, notice how, on the News, what used to be a discussion about the sub-prime lending market has now spread to the prime lending market and, get this, the credit market as well? When did they slip that little bit of news in there? This is a sloooooow-motion breakdown, y’all. It’s taken so long to fall it has seemed more like a gradual and boooring slide than a precipitous descent into disaster.  Remember the ending scenario of Fight Club, when the credit company computers were destroyed? We won’t have it that good, but perhaps some of us should look up the historical reality of Debtor’s Prisons. I’m not forecasting anything, I’m just saying. You know, in case you go on Jeopardy. Or win the lottery. Or something.

Has everybody been watching the dollar plunge? Another slow-motion drama? Like watching paint dry? Will there be an international dollar and a local dollar? Have you bee watching the pundits and talking heads frothing at the mouth as they herald every little market rally, as if these rallies had anything at all to do with the real economy and the real lives of real people, or as if they were doing anything to stave off the blood spurting from the American Economy? Covering the floor while the European and Asian Powers step gingerly back, so their shoes don’t get messy, controlling the freefall of the former world superpower, America? The former world reserve currency, the dollar? By siphoning off their own reserves slowly through purchases in every other part of the world except the United States, while keeping a wary eye on the sleeping giant, waiting for us, the Americans, to finally realize that our economy is in the gutter? Oh, wait. We realized that a couple of years ago, but has it really sunk in yet? And if it has, then why is everybody still so apathetic?? What is everybody waiting for??? Is everyone waiting for the day when everybody else panics and begins to make their run on the banks and the stock market, trying to withdraw worthless dollars and apply them in a worthless and inflation-rent economy that is also just waiting for the stampede to happen?

Can you hear the war drums beating? Once again? The War on Terror is over and now it is the War on … who, this time? Oh yeah, see Iran rising on the horizon as the Evil? No longer part of an axis, just the Evil? Can you count the number of Mercenaries of Blackwater – now called Academi, as if that’s more prestigious – Vinnel, Brown and Root or Sandline LTD? Have you noticed that there were more of them in Iraq than there were American troops?  Where did they all go when most of the troops got pulled out of Iraq? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Libya? Hmmmm … And oh, did you notice that the American army supplies green cards and citizenship to more and more non-Americans who sign up for the military? And that their offers are being taken up by an increasing number of foreigners? Wonder where all those troops are right now? Might they be needed in America soon?

Whenever the economy goes bad, guess what the best way to distract the population is. Besides carnivals and bloodsport in the arenas, that is. Oh yes, bloodsport in the arenas and carnivals, both being broadcast live on Reality TV, designed to sate a public already saturated by gratuitious violence and pornography. Who can tell what is real from what is fake, when the special effects are as good as they are these days, anyway?

Let’s see, what am I forgetting. Oh yes, the American Republic is dead.

Did you guys hear the news? Old news, now. But Obama is 10th cousin to Cheney, and 9th cousin to Bush 42. Keep it all in the family, right? Does it look more and more like the democratic and republican parties are two sides of the same coin? That, at heart, they both have the same goal: to keep the system inviolate, destroying anything or anybody who might actually make some sort of formative change to the system, and to simultaneously enrich themselves while nominally serving their constituencies, who are finding it harder and harder, by the way, to actually make these so-called pulbic servants live up to their campaign promises and responsibilities to their states and populations. How can a representative democracy thrive if the people are not represented? If only the corporate interests are met? If only death is dealt to its citizens, if only bad food, bad products, bad water, bad air are cultivated rather than remedied, sold rather than banned, advertised rather than decried?

And don’t forget the North American Alliance, a borderless super-nation consisting of the United States, Canada, and Mexico and the precursor to the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and the dawn of the Amero currency. The National ID card? Biometrics? Helloooo! Anybody out there connecting the dots? Oh, all those terms are old, now. The US and Canada have made a number of agreements recently that tighten security and economic cooperation, effectively creating a super-state in North America. And Mexico? Wellll, that whole border issue is a non-starter for the Good Old Boys with their guns and confederate flags, but, come to think of it, it’s not really necessary to enter into a formal consolidation with Mexico yet. With the border continuing to be as porous as it is, the labor issues remain endemic. Only the stupid states like Alabama and Arizona that run their Latino populations out of the state with their draconian laws are missing out. Everywhere else, it’s still aaaalll good.

Did I already mention that the United States has been conquered? Oh, I think I did. Did I deign to mention, who? What foreign power has conspired in some way to defeat the greatest power on the face of the planet? Well, what do you think? I wonder who the greatest Debtor country is, who holds the morgage on the United States of America? Well, that’s an easy one: China. Where is the majority of the world’s wealth concentrated today, right this moment? Another easy one: East Asia. Does that mean that it is the East that has conquered America? You tell me! Is money everything? And, are there any other candidates for the position of World Leader? Hm. Well, where is the traditional stronghold of wealth and culture? Europe, right? Where is the world’s strongest economy at the moment? Europe again. Particularly, Germany. Where is the wealth of America’s top 1% concentrated these days, in America or…you guessed it, Europe! Germany. Where do you think America’s wealthy will flee too if things get tough here in the United States? China? Or …

Well, I think perhaps I’ve gone just a bit too far. The United States is the strongest country on Earth. Do you know how I know? I used to ask the students in my World Geography class and they would tell me so. Actually, I asked them a series of questions that went something like this:

Is the American Republic dead?

Which country has the strongest military?

Which country has the strongest economy?

Which country is the world’s superpower?

Ok ok, I didn’t really ask them the first question. Got’cha, didn’t I?

Their responses were always quite strong with the military question, got a bit weaker with the economy, with a few dissenting voices, and was positively mumbling by the super power query. I taught them well that the World Order was changing, but what I did not teach them was that the World Order has already changed.

Everybody in the world knows it, except for the dumb, non-reading Americans. Oh yeh, that’s something I forgot. Apparently, American’s don’t read anymore. Yep, surveys say so. But that’s just indicative of…



  1. Ah well, empires rise and fall. Perhaps it can lead to a redefinition of “wealth”, as in all the important things that are not money. I liked reading your energetic article, and had not heard the term Richistan before.

    1. Hey Mikey, think I read the term somewhere a few years ago, reminded me of that old comic ‘richie rich’, which, in turn, reminded me of our lifelong indoctrination which of course helped fuel this rant. Thanks for dropping by, good to meet you and yes, empires do rise and fall. But I think they get better over time, as well. We can only hope.

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