Conspiratorial Desideratum: Holistic meanderings, disjointed threads and such

What an interesting time we live in, hm?

What interesting things are going on. Life consists of strings of occurence, synchronicity and reverie, all deftly manipulated by the Moirae, or the Fates of Greek mythology, the controllers of destiny who use threads interwoven by their magical hands, upon a magical loom to create the Tapestry of Life. Life being purposeful, mysterious and inherently fragile, like a tapestry, this mythos employs an apt personification in the description of life’s fateful course.

But for us, often concerned by matters of little import – at least to others – the strands of our experience are of greater concern than are those of more general human interest. Some of us are caught up in the vibrant social scenes of our choosing, be they musical, artistic, business-oriented or other, while others do seek to have a more holistic vision, and are all up in the political scene, Elephants vs. Donkeys, concerned about the state of the nation, the presidency and the world. We’ve all got stuff going on that leads us to dark places sometimes, and then the light shines in and we come up for air to enjoy friends and family, basking in the sunshine while knowing that the night is never too far away.

How many Homeland Security Camps are there? They’re also called Detainment Camps. How may these be used to house populations other than evacuees fleeing natural disasters? It seems to include a broad spectrum of individuals, to include American citizens deemed to be Enemy Combatants, according to CNN and recent decisions by a Federal Appeals Court. The United States Northern Command (2002)seeks to provide homeland security from enemies both domestic and foreign. According to their Mission Statement:

“USNORTHCOM’s civil support mission includes domestic disaster relief operations that occur during fires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Support also includes counter-drug operations and managing the consequences of a terrorist event employing a weapon of mass destruction. The command provides assistance to a Lead Agency when tasked by DoD. Per the Posse Comitatus Act, military forces can provide civil support, but cannot become directly involved in law enforcement.”

Per this statement, the Northern Command’s mission is open-ended and dependent upon responses shaped primarily upon currently-held standards in counter-terrorism, which includes rounding up of populations, suspected as well as confirmed terrorists. Have you railed against the government in a blog lately? Sent a friend an email talking about Illegal Government Surveillance? Guess what? It’s not just foreigners. In case you’re unaware, the government collects all cable and telephone internet communications and, supposedly, just listens to, or reads, the ones that are suspicious. But there is plenty of litigation going on around this issue, despite the Obama Adminstration’s attempts to remain above the law.

Chances are, if you are one who is interested in Truth, Justice and the Neo-American Way or even the traditional, American Way, you have been pegged at some level of the above-mentioned surveillance system. Or, if, by some chance, you are under the radar, there are other ways to catch your communications, most notibly, the now obsolete Carnivore system, which regularly read all of your mail up until 2003. Even government surveillance has been out-sourced. And yet, Carnivore was just a subset of a larger spying effort that continues to this day, known as Echelon. It is a global surveillance system – that has been depicted on movies such as Will Smith’s Enemy of the State and Denzel Washington’s Deja Vu – that is but one of many implemented by different governments as tools utilized by Federal and Corporate actors in the process of implementing observational procedures key to what has become generally identified, often derisively, as some overarching, conspiratorial, New World Order. And yet, this term, this quasi-global paradigm, has been officially sanctioned by individuals of no less importance than a former President of the United States (POTUS), George Herbert Walker Bush, who first used the phrase on September 11th, 1990 (nice date, huh?).

As a personal example of how these electronic tools might work, my writing this blog, right now, has definitely triggered electronic alerts in some software program, somewhere, that someone may read, to then add another sentence or paragraph to some “Rockeymoore” file, which must be an ongoing document of great hilarity and confusion to those perusing it. The codewords such as “Echelon“, “Carnivore” and “New World Order“, are accompanied by other words, like “Bomb“, “Assassinate” and “Terrorist“, which can be contextualized and interpreted at a level that sends a short-list of potential “Enemy Combatants” to someone, somewhere in a nameless, address-less building in some city, probably in Maryland. Well, I hope they enjoy the read! Life is too interesting a trip to travel through it all unawares.

Sometimes it seems as if the current economic system still retains vestiges of slavery and neo-slavery. Here are a couple of terms that we associate with another era altogether: share-cropping as an expression of peonage, whereby ex-slaves and poor whites were given a tract of land upon which to work that forced them into debt to the landowner, who continued to pile upon that debt yearly, causing the farmers and their families to fall further and further behind, deeper and deeper into debt. Its funny (or not so) to realize that things haven’t change much. Or, have only changed to the extent that more people besides Blacks and poor whites are being affected.

These days, most of us are so far behind on our bills that we pay homage to this system by paying the Realtors/Banks/Corporations/Ruling Class directly in order to decrease our debt load, which earns interest as we continually pile on more debt which we pay to other Creditors, just in the process of daily living. We work harder and harder just to fall further and further behind. In fact, the way things are going these days, it seems to me that anybody who doesn’t look around them and think that it seems like we are purposefully being squeezed into a bind is really not paying attention.

It seems as if the American Middle Class has been murdered. What’s left is the remnants of the Lower Upper Class, masked as the current Middle Class, while those who had been Middle Class are now Upper Lower Class. This is perhaps a function of the aforementioned system of national peonage, as we see gas prices rising, food prices exploding and home values continue to plummet. The so-called credit crunch is indicative of a loss of confidence by both Investors and Consumers in the health of the Market and the Economy as a whole. Since we, here in America and most Western countries, are a Consumer Economy, there is very little of real, material value that we make, or export to other countries. That means that we import both necessities and luxury items in order to fulfill consumer demand. And, since our input exceeds our output, it has lead to our becoming what is called a Debtor Nation, borrowing money from countries like China and Japan, who hold most American debt, along with other countries, represented by Sovereign-Wealth Funds, that skip around the USA and the world buying up commodity and energy sources, as the movement to privatize government continues unabated. From the privatization of national security, Intelligence and the military, to the privaitization of highways and food stamps, the list goes on and on.

The movement from Roosevelt’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society has been underway, in earnest, ever since Gingrich’s Republican Revolution and Clinton’s North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)began to dismantle the pseudo-populist construction of the programs most closely associated with political liberalism, the active, material manifestation of social paradigms primarily concerned with social justice. The America that we inhabit today, while remaining a place of opportunity, is an amazing example of how a country can turn from Democracy to Fascism, while the citizens stand by. And, for those still thinking about “conspiracy theories” and chuckling to yourselves, these days, the New World Order is more discretely known as Globalism, which is the overarching paradigm that houses the controversial aspects of Globalization, making the world a smaller and more interconnected place. The feared and now seemingly defunct North American Union (NAU) and the seemingly defunct NAFTA Superhighway are just two aspects of this that may still affect us here in America (under other names, of course) most directly, alongside the continuous job outsourcing and concerns over illegal immigration that continues to threaten the economic and personal security of countless Americans, to a greater or lesser extent.

There are many benefits to this nation-less, globalizing concept that both the disenfranchised and the internationally-oriented rally around, while there are other aspects that are of concerned to all: the increasing enfranchisement of those previously considered among the out-groups, the standardization of economic conditions across borders and the tearing down of artificial barriers to migration and economic opportunities are just some of them. And for others, the dissolution of a national culture, the loss of jobs, the lowering of educational standards, the increasing presence of foreigners, are of more import. Regardless of these factors, the key concern should continue to be centered around the consolidation of power in few hands and the inequalities caused by the unequal distribution of wealth and access to health care and economic opportunity to the greatest number of people possible. The extent to which government realizes these ideals, is the extent to which collective concerns combine to realize the deepest held tenents of the American Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness should be part and parcel of the creation of a more perfect Union, as well as provide for the general welfare of We, the People, should it not?

The ways by which freedoms are coopted are amazingly devious and undeniably machiavellian, although, once you catch a hold of a thread and follow it to its logical conclusion, the rest unravels and becomes clear to see. But the sad fact is that most people do not want to know the truth about their state and will physically fight you in order to remain ignorant, which is a sobering indication of the degree of mental slavery that we’ve inculcated as a population, just to get through the days, anesthetized by reality tv, prescription or illegal drugs, sex and video games.

These are just a few of the threads that underly the course our lives, that run tangent to our own personal dramas, as we try to make it through the days, dealing with our emotional and material issues, ourselves, our loved ones and those whom we meet and interact with, during the course of our lifetimes. The importance of being aware cannot be understated. Louis Pasteur stated that “Chance favors the prepared mind.” If we have some idea of what is going on around us, then we are not surprised when we see it manifest in our own lives. There is a thin line between paranoia and watchfulness, and, as another old saying states, “Just because you’re paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.”

Welcome, to the “Desert of the Real“, as Morpheus told Neo, in the movie, the Matrix. And while we don’t necessarily need to stock up on water or food at the moment, it doesn’t hurt us to know that, somewhere in the world – in fact, in most of the world – ordinary people, just like you and me, are.
$10.00 a gallon gas prices may be just around the corner. And if that happens, we will all have to take the Boy Scout motto to heart, and be prepared. The tapestry that the Moirae continue to weave is far from completed.



  1. “Chance favors the prepared mind.” There is such resistance within my ego but I keep trying. I’m rarely alone because the “kids” are unemployed right now. Have you used numerology and crystals to get in tune to favorable vibrations? Since there is no garden at my place, numbers and stones have been a remarkable way to sense what is around me. No strange experiences, just aha moments. There is a pull to create what the world needs. The universe is speaking, isn’t it? Do you think the meek shall inherit the Earth after all?

    1. Yes, both numerology and crystals are useful, particularly if utilized in the context of living in the Now. Noticing and living the synchronicities, letting go of the past and regret, letting go of the future and worry. That is the only way to make a spiritual life work. The only way that you can get beyond our ‘faux-concerns’. All other attempts will fail and strange experiences and aha moments will become the norm once you’ve dedicated yourself to that Path. By meek, the quote refers to those who recognize our place in the scheme of things and act accordingly … One people, one world, one cosmos. Bless …

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