The Paradox of Being

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. This paradox confronts us daily and is so pervasive as to be nigh invisible. This paradox underlies our every thought and action, our every dream and desire, our every regret and trauma. How to live in the world, and not be of the world? How to love those close to you, and love everyone else as well? How to live your truth, and also live Truth? How to be yourself, and yet be greater than yourself?

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. These are questions that haunt us each beyond our awareness of the haunting. They are so deeply ingrained within the human condition that unless you make the conscious effort to bring them to the fore, you will lead a life characterized by vague discontent and a certain knowledge that somehow you are not living to the fullness of your capacity, that there is something missing, something vastly important and something that could answer all o the great questions that we as humans ask at every level of our being, at every stageof our conscious and unconscious development.

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. This paradox causes the sun to rise, the birds to sing, the clouds to float across the skies. This paradox leads to world wars and famine, to incest and abuse, to murder and perversion most foul. This paradox leads us to ask how could God be so cruel, leads us to cry out to the heavens in anger, despair and pain, railing against remorseless destiny and the depravations of humanity, the depths of evil and the vagaries of life’s twists and turns. And yet beauty and love shine through, peace and the soul’s fulfilment birth epiphanies of indescribable delight, transcending light and elevating souls beyond material conditions and into the eternal, pulsating essence of the Now.

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. This paradox calls for me to love you by setting you free, rather than holding on tightly.This paradox calls for you to understand his pain while letting go of the pain she caused you. This paradox calls for laughter in the midst of tears, for love in the presence of hate, for giving in the presence of loss, for rising in the presence of a fall. The dimensions of this paradox are so confusing, so oppositional to all that we hold to be personally and culturally true, that the vast majority of people in our western cultures deny it’s effect upon their lives, deny it’s validity in the human experience even, prefering to approach it’s world and multiverse-spanning implications from the safety of illusional objectivity, describing dichotomies of opposition, philosophies of evolution and natural selection, scientific pronouncements of quantum realities that describe what the scientists of the soul have known every since humanity was birthed and throughout our expansion out into the rest of the world.

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. Succinctly spoken then, this paradox is the crux of our purpose, the manifestion of our destinies, the  joining of opposites in the creation of a whole, best expressed visually by the yin yang symbol of male and female, light and dark, each containing the essence of the other, eternally and diametrically opposed, and yet, together, containing the whole of existence, possessing completeness, being totality in eternal syncopation, a dance of twin souls, essences combine inextricably, transcending dichotomy, bordering upon and encompassing the infinite, containing All, being All, spanning, All.

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. We live the paradox every day. Should we follow our hearts, or our minds, when they disagree? Should we be true to our immediate families, or to the human family, when we have important decisions to make? Are our own concerns more important than the concerns of those who are not intimately connected to us in a personal manner. Do we hold responsibility to the world outside of our immediate environs, our cultures or our countries? Are we related only to those who look like us, or do we have family in the farthest parts of the world?

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. These questions can only be answered within. In fact, the answer comes with the asking, we have only to listen. To act upon the inevitable answer is to immediately expand one’s horizons, to take on a greater vision of Self and destiny that, of necessity, broaden’s one’s understanding of life and makes the paltry details of material existence seem much less absorbing and negatively effective. Becoming a Citizen of the World is a choice that confronts the paradox of living, the paradox of human existence. The choices we have are infinite. All paradoxes are reconciled by illumination, the light banishes all darkness.

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. We are the parodox. We manifest eternity with every thought. Our very existence as material beings within a greater, immaterial void of Becoming exemplifies love made present and real, awareness born of prescience, infinite divinity expressed, parambulations of God’s whimsy seeking salvation in the myriad experiences of life, living every, single possible permutation in order to fulfill the promise of Creation as the expression of the All.

There is a great paradox that lies at the center of Being. Going within silences all voices and allows us to hear the song of our souls. Going without allows us to hear the chorus of our brother and sister souls, singing in counterpoint harmony with our own. Centering your consciousness, simultaneously being both within and without is living in the world, without being of the world. The paradox of dichotomous existence is solved by transcending feelings, intellect and thought processes by integrating body, mind, spirit and soul, holistically expressing the full gamut of human capability in the pursuit of our individual and collective destinies. The paradox that lies at the center of Being is, therefore, life itself.

The solving of this paradox, then, can only be the process of living, in all of its glorious complexity.


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