The Gathering of the Rainbow Tribe: New Age delusions and rude Awakenings

There are certain realities that must be addressed in order for the world to move forward as One. These realities have been created by the super-conscious agreement of large soul-groups comprised of smaller collectivities and individuals inhabiting this planet, engaged in a mutually beneficial karmic drama drawn out over many hundreds and thousands of years. The origins of this passion play are lost in mists of time, subject to multitudinous explications and storied retellings, but the ramifications of it remain with us.

The world we live in is an end result of the diffusion of the world’s people from one location upon the planet to many, according to both scientists and mythologists. According to American Indian lore, each group was given a charge relating to the 4 directions and other esoteric correspondences. Succinctly, the yellow race was sent East and given charge of wind and so became knowledgeable about all things having to do with the body, breath and energy. The red race went West and was given charge of earth and became knowledgeable about the planet, its animals and all things growing therein. The black race sojourned South and was given charge of water, its emotional, psychic and physical properties and the white race migrated to the North, there to learn all there was to know about fire, its properties, manifestations and usages.

As the planet’s population grew, each group achieved its core aim, existing apart for millennia to consolidate and manifest these understandings in preparation for the time when they would again come together. It took an extraordinarily synchronistic coalescence of technological innovations – contributed over time by all of the races of humanity – to create the conditions necessary for this Great Return to be effected. Ostensibly, it was the “discovery” of the Americas by the Europeans and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade that created the multiracial civilization which has now reached its apex upon the Western lands of this planetary body. But it took the nautical innovations of the Chinese (rudders, masts, etc.), chemical innovations by the Africans (gun-powder, steel) and the land already inhabited, cultivated and explored by the American (South and North) Indians for these Times to become fully manifest.

Another prophecy shared not only by American Indians but by people across the world, pertains to the birth of the Rainbow Tribe. Of course there are different terms for this new people upon the face of the earth, different ways of describing their coalescence, but the prophecies are similar in noting that they will gather in the Western lands, they will be comprised of people made up of the four races and they will come together to consolidate the total knowledge of humanity as one, bring back together that which was split asunder during earlier Ages of the planet.

There are many in the current New Age movement who believe that their group is the manifestation of this prophecy. However, despite their belief, in order for the prophecy to become manifest, all of the conditions of the prophecy must be fulfilled. These conditions include the following primary aspects:

1. The Gathering must occur in the West.

2. The Gathering must be comprised of all of the primary racial groups on the planet.

3. The Gathering must be based upon knowledge that leads to a new way of life based upon unity consciousness and planetary sustainability.

For these conditions to be fulfilled, it is necessary for those who aspire to or consider themselves to be a part of the Rainbow Tribe to recognize at which stage of this process of gathering they currently represent. The material conditions shared in common as expressed by multiple traditions (American Indian, Esoteric European, Egyptian/Metu Neter, Greek/Hermetic, etc.) are relatively straightforward, but the spiritual conditions are a bit less so.

It is easy enough for individuals to gather together in a group, to look around and see people who look like them and think like them and, ostensibly, speak of unity consciousness. These people may also speak of shared knowledge, the divine feminine and indigenous wisdom. They may also seem to act in a manner that embraces a sustainable future and decries a continuation of the current death-culture. But words are easy. It is when actions are called for that the determination must be made as to whether Truth is present or not. The type of truth that is often most subjective and relevant in this land of contradiction has to do with that which has kept the People divided for so long. The political, economic and social echos of prejudice, xenophobia and institutional racism.

No one in this movement called the New Age ever wants to talk about it. It is the elephant in the room, the uncomfortable truth that remains relevant and stymies all calls for unity and reconciliation. Whenever such a discussion is begun, it is often the case that those who feel as if guilt is being as signed to them personally react in a negative and toxic manner and the supposed goodwill implicit in spiritual gatherings is immediately nullified. The victim-consciousness template that actively challenges the oppressor modality shares culpability in the continuation of the drama, with the inability to come to any real resolution between the two sides due to the sheer emotionality and primarily subconscious nature of the problem, the raison d’etre comprising the entirety of this karmic structure’s dark yet evolutionary purpose.

It is precisely because of this almost subliminal and visceral response that discussions of race elicit that it is important to call it to the forefront of the discussion, in order to draw forth the collective demons that it awakens. In this manner, it is possible to take on the segregative facilities of the Control System and actively and energetically combat the prevailing compartmentalization that relies upon divide and conquer methodologies to keep humanity in a state of low energetic flux and limited potential transformational capacity. While there is often some token representation of diversity amongst the different ideological components comprising New Age movement, a yellow, red or black face if not in the room then at least in the organization, the continued relevance of cultural racial discrimination is the karmic time bomb that threatens the very foundations of any spiritual movement that considers itself truly concerned with unity consciousness.

The uncomfortable truth is that, while individual racism has certainly subsided in the last 40 plus years since the post WWII freedom movements and the end of legal segregation in the United States, many individuals still harbor conscious and unconscious prejudices or stereotypes against those of other racial groups. Not only that, but institutional racism – the structural codification of segregative behaviors, i.e. public and private sector discrimination – remains implicit in all of the continuing inherent discriminatory practices in job hiring, the criminal justice system, housing and recreation. As individuals engage in these areas of people activity without a conscious awareness of the prevalence of institutionalized racism, they are actively promoting and endorsing it by their very participation in these modes of societal production. By the neighborhoods we live in, by the stores we shop in, by the social organizations we belong to, we advertise to the world what we believe and who we are, whether we realize it or not.

A more apt and spiritually relevant description of the different typologies of humanity seems more accurately divided between those who possess the capacity to experience empathy and those who do not, but the more visually deterministic difference is, of course, skin color. I use the term race advisedly and converse to the scientific pronouncement that there is no such thing as race, only ethnicity, since we are all one human race. Perhaps that is so on the purely scientific level, but colloquially, the term remains widely employed and relevant.  Subsequently, the continued existence of the Global White Supremacy System is not only still a relevant factor in the explanation of social and economic disparaties the world across, it explains the essential contradiction of a New Age movement that possesses, highlights and continues to harbor many xenophobic and supremacy-oriented ideologies that have their origin in segregative and racist philosophies from earlier and more discriminant eras.

These racist philosophies have morphed in the New Age to take on more universal aspects, as streams of supposedly ancestral genetic superiority are said to have originated upon other planets and within distant star systems. These belief systems are typified by the glaring omission of representatives of all of the races of humanity throughout the rest of the cosmos, but also state that genetics are the currency of the galaxy – an obvious and glaringly xenophobic paradox – thereby subliminally justifying similar threads of ideological dominance and suppression here upon the earth. By so doing, they tend toward the justification of all of the ills of discrimination, segregation, enslavement and superiority complexes that have bedeviled humanity for so many millennia, indicating that these things exist beyond the earth and so they must be, if not positive realities, then at least they are pervasive wherever 3rd Density consciousness exists. Whether or not these realities exist is not the point. The point of our current existences here upon the earth is spiritual evolution, the importance of which should necessitate our elevation beyond all discriminatory practices and systems of knowledge, no matter who else in the galaxy or universe practices them for whatever reason.

Because of this reality, spirituality as expressed during this current era is divided, even in the “melting pot”-like Western countries. Reds have their prophetic traditions, ceremonies and earth-centered systems of sorcery and magical practices, while Blacks have cobbled together a disparate collection of ideologies and beliefs centered upon ideals of melanated spiritual ascendancy grounded by their emotional and empathic inter-connectedness. Yellows have long traditions of esoteric beliefs pertaining to energy and physical movement existing within multiple energetic dimensionalities and Whites have incorporated many of these traditions into pre-existing indigenous European belief systems, resulting in a New Age tradition comprised of combinations of all of the above, made unique to them by the infusion of what seems to be an unconscious trend towards continued racial separation and a new and supposedly inclusive form of ethnocentric supremacy.

In this context, indigenous knowledge becomes an owned commodity, available for procurement and appropriation, the ceremonies of Reds, Blacks and Yellows become common spiritual property for all – i.e. the New Age movement – to change, modify and employ, regardless of the inherent dangers of practicing foreign systems with a limited understanding of the cultural and historical context and methodological particulars. The spiritual traditions of the Ages, perfected as practiced over many millennia of experimentation within the geographic crucibles inhabited by each of the different racial groups, become the fodder for instant egoistic gratification masked as potential spiritual ascendancy. This is of course a relic of the commodity-based and consumption-oriented nature of Western society and, therefore, contains as a key aspect of its expression an often unconscious desire to materially consume, even in the context of spirituality, in order to fill the gaping emotional and spiritual void that currently exists within so many yearning for something more.

The purifying quality of fire has been the purview of the Whites and is the driving mechanism behind the current technological and social revolution that has overtaken the world in these times of multiversal change. This evolution of communicative processes has led to a world-wide discourse resulting in the further clarification and condensation of belief into the clarity of purified knowledge sieved through the crucible of collective experience. Fire cleanses and burns away the dross, transforming the essence of materials in preparation for the Rebirth. The ability of fire to clear away the underbrush of ancient and unnecessary belief systems to make way for the relevant and the new, to bridge the gap between what was and what will be is the manifestation of the Northern imperative, as the other directions contribute their unique essences to the collaboration of the People in the reawakening of our collective self and the recognition of one race, one greater soul group comprised of four smaller groups, each unique, each absolutely necessary for the collective awakening of All.

These times could not have come into being without each of the four directions, without each of the four races. But now, it is the task of each individual of conscience to become overtly aware of the remaining aspects of separation-consciousness that seek to continue the trends of division. It is time for us to actively make the effort to bridge the gaps not only between different racial groups but between different aspects of ourselves and between our conscious and unconscious awareness. We must become awakened to who we are, or, as the Ancients prescribed so vociferously, man, woman, Know Thyself.  We must seek out those aspects of ourselves where we unconsciously comply with segregative institutional norms, where we take on aspects of victim consciousness, where we agree with oppressor or oppressed viewpoints, where we partake in inherently separative activities.

The hatreds of the past must be transcended in order for the prophecies to be fulfilled. Those who do not manifest the fullness of Unity Consciousness, those who do not deal with their own learned behaviors of separation, are not those who will participate in the manifestation of the Rainbow Tribe. The evolution of consciousness is just that and requires a death of the Self in order to truly become a part of one’s lived reality. This death of the Self means that all learned behaviors, all stereotypical thought processes, all segregative desires must be exorcised from one’s consciousness and recognized for what they are; fear and separation-based adaptations to conditions that represented the Old World and that are inimical to participation in the creation of the New World. The Rainbow Tribe will be comprised of individuals from all races, equally, not just one, with a few representatives of the others.

People must choose to come together despite their differences in service to humanity as a whole. This is possible, despite the weight of history which separates us. As we come together as one tribe in order to manifest planetary knowledge individually we will find that the light information collected and codified over millennia is accessible to us all for the purpose of contiguous spiritual enlightenment and evolution. The Afrocentric Kemetian must find common cause with the Celtic Druid, the Qi Gong Practitioner must find resonance with the Navajo Shaman. It is not too difficult: it only requires the release of the old, familiar baggage, which first requires the admittance of culpability and the ownership of said baggage. When you are able to look around yourself and see yourself as one component yet integral aspect of the whole, equal with all of those surrounding you, then you are existing within the conditions necessary for the manifestation of that reality that the prophecies herald as the quintessential sign of the times. Then and only then, will the Rainbow Tribe exist as a microcosmic resonance to our macrocosmic vibratory existence as an integral expression of Unity Consciousness and Oneness manifest within the Realms of Duality.



  1. I wish all who come in contact this great work will realize its true essence to our collective beingness!

    Thanks Doc. May your energies remain optimum as you illuminate our lives with Sacred Vibrations…!

    1. Bless, Sir and thank you for your kind words. Thus far, it seems, the pronouncements made in the article about the difficulty of talking about this particular issue have born out. We’ll see if it continues in that vein.

  2. Morning to you. Seems to me you’ve done a lot of thinking on the issue and come up with a lot of pieces of answers, which to me seems about the best any of us can do. It’s interesting, the genetic or racial approach you’ve taken to examining what amounts to human spirituality. I’ve never considered it in that light previously and maybe you’re onto something there. But it seems to me it removes the individual human trail of experience from the picture and attempts to confine it into fenced right-of-ways bounded by genetics and cultural issues. I can’t bring myself to buy into that side of things.

    The individual human mind is determined to see itself and the vehicle it inhabits as in possession of intelligence, wisdom, morality, ‘rightness of certainties’, superior understanding compared to those in intellectual and philosophical opposition. It adopts grand labels for the abstractions of superiority. Common sense. Spirituality. Liberal. Conservative. ‘The People’ [as almost every aboriginal tribe on the American continents labelled itself in its own language].

    Those unconscious, default fences built within each of our minds before we know much of anything else seem to me to be the major furniture we each arrange in our dwellings of the mind, and those provide the distractions sufficient to keep us inside the walls and away from the windows.

    My gut feel is that the great majority of humanity is incapable of looking past the furniture at this stage of human development. Each of us is confined within the boundaries created by the furniture, not the walls, not the glass of the windows.

    There’s a lot more I’d say about this, because the thoughts keep coming as I write, but I have chickens to feed, cats to scratch behind the ears, maybe axes to grind I don’t know about yet.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Greetings, nice to meet you. This article was written from the premise taken by the spiritual philosophy of different groups of American Indian peoples, which display quite a bit of symmetry no matter where they are on the continent pertaining to the 4 directions, 4 races and the dispensation of qualities or elements. As I stated at the end of the write, for those humans capable of higher spiritual aspiration and capacity, all things are probable. Individual aspiration reveals all to the true seeker who is capable of synthesis. All these characteristics describe are areas of endeavor that really just describe some of the more general characteristics of each group. I use “the People” here as a description of us all.

      These characteristics and descriptions are not stereotypical and they are not prejudiced. I think that is part of the trap of falling into “politically correct” thinking, in that, sometimes, it is possible to generally characterize, as long as you leave individual willpower, volition and capacity open to the possibilities of each human soul to fall on different sides of the bell curve. In addition, it is possible to do so when you clearly differentiate between what seem to be inherent qualities and those that are societally determined. The bes example of this is, of course, the book “the Bell Curve”, which came out back in the 90s, speaking about race and intelligence, substituting genetics for environment, which is an easy and obvious thing to do when you have ulterior motives.

      The prophecy of the Rainbow Tribe is one that many have seized upon in recent years, one which I witness to be mis-applied and mis-used to a great extent, considering the importance of the prophecy and its fulfillment as a true “sign of the times”.

  3. Chickens fed, cats scratched behind the ears, axes all sharp in preparation for an attack by old Sol insistently invading my eastern sky. But while I was doing all that I was reflecting on the comments you’re getting on what had to be a considerable effort thinking it through and expressing it. Must be a bit frustrating, I figures.

    If you live long you’ll have a lot of decades to reinforce whatever growth you can glean out of that frustration, which is actually isolation in disguise.

    Here’s hoping you enjoy the voyage and whatever port the storms blow your ship into give you what you don’t-know-yet you’re looking for.

    1. Enjoy your day. 🙂 I appreciate your comments, I posted this up to discuss it as it is very important, I believe. I’ve been quite impressed by one particular tribe, the Hopi, and their series of prophecies which inlcude those involving the Rainbow Tribe. They’ve come true to a very large extent and I expect they will continue to. I hope to live long enough to gain more understanding, my 40+ years thus far has been quite illuminating to say the least. And thank you for the well-wishes, I return them in kind and spirit!

      PS, I just spent a lot of years over there in San Marcos at Texas State working on a PhD in the geography department. Didn’t finish it, but San Antonio is home and the Hill Country is where I want to end up one of these days, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  4. Thanks for the reply. Interesting folks, the Hopi, as well as their cousins, the Zuni. Fantastic artisans. Seductive to those inclined to be seduced. How could they not be more enlightened, how could their ancestors not be more prone to accurate prophesy surrounded by all that, than me and mine?

    Maybe you’re right and maybe what the Hopi mainly living off the rez, many of whom have a few drops of tribal blood running in their veins, some of whom might have ancestors with tribal census numbers, [I’ll never be the one to say they don’t, didn’t] now represent as Hopi prophesy. On tribal lands isolated enough to have partially retained remnants of tradition, understanding of what once was, tribes where parts of the language has survived, some of that particular type of wisdom still exists. But you’ll notice the youngsters are turning their caps backward or sideways and even the most remote corners of the rez, the most sacred rites of clans are being compromised by a different type of loyalty brought in as family members return from penal institutions with newly acquired gang loyalties and values.

    However, likely you’re correct in all you assert. I don’t know enough about the world to say otherwise.

    1. LOL You make very pertinent points. As an interesting corroboration, I used to do Sweat lodges down there in Austin for some years. My teacher was of Apache blood, full. He had the same understanding of direction, the qualities associated with each direction and of racial groups. Now as someone who has spent some time in academia and knows a bit about the scientific method, I recall it to be all about repetition and diffusion, if the same thing happens the same way in a different place chances are there’s something to it.

      Speak to the truth, I concur, the times are witnessing a coalescence of cultural artifiacts as general American youth culture stamps out individualized sub-cultures not only in the States but across the world … there’s a place of tribal significance for the Hopi called Prophecy Rock, and it is there that these prophecies are written. Also, the Elders in most tribes are specifically trained in such things. Often there is a secret wisdom and still, traditions that have been passed down orally for centuries, that, for some tribe at least, has remained relatively inviolate. I guess the only answer to any of this is actual manifestation. In other words, we will see!

  5. I am writing to say that overall, your article was very informative. Of all those I have read on this “New Age” thing, I think it says a lot, because I have often wondered about the separation into respective corners or the exclusivity of many of them. But I would like to stretch this topic a bit further. Being trained in the Spiritual Traditional System of an African Nation, I find it interesting that the idea you put forth about inclusion does not include African Spirituality.
    Too often there is little mentioned and maybe that is because there is little known. But African traditional spirituality in an overall perspective along with the African people includes many of the other belief systems. Being strongly nature based and keenly aware of expression of Divine Life in all things, animate and inanimate. Additionally, they also have cultures with great mastery of fire, water, air and the earth energies.
    Maybe in some instances, people use Egypt as the so-called genesis of African Spirituality, or maybe it’s just plain ignorance, but there are so many people who do not even see Egypt as a part of Africa nor do they relate to the traditions. There are some spiritual systems that may trace their origins back to Egypt but even in that vain it limits the impact and breath of the indigenous African Spiritual Traditions.
    In mentioning the so-called races of humanity, and then limit the Blacks to emotional water energy sounds a bit racist to me. Perhaps, that was not the intent and perhaps I am a bit sensitive.. but if you do not consider or include the other aspects of African traditional cultures, your are in a sense misleading those who read this who may not have another reference.
    I would suggest to you that there may be a predominance according to the lessons learned and capabilities acquired by the perspective so-called races, but I would further it by saying that even in this the predominence of one aspect of expression may be in one racial memory or cultural make-up but that humanity has shown its ability to manipulate and manage their environment across the entire spectrum of earth, wind, air, water and fire. In fact, gunpowder was first created in China.
    I think your attempt to get folks to “all get along” is admirable. I think that the time and research you did to come to your conclusions is commendable. I shy away from your theory that the West is where it can all culminate into one big happy Rainbow family. Not to be curt, but simply because it is the West, and its destructive ways that has attempted to annihilate every member of the human family, including its own primarily European descendants.
    A prophet with a keen sense of this cognitive dissonance and its destructive ways may want to bring all people together under one banner, “Rainbow Coalition”, if you will, but I must say in reality, racism has not at all diminished over the past 40 years but has escalated, taken on many forms, and in some instances has destroyed communities, nations and in its trek the planet.
    We must not be naive in this to think that folks can come together here in the West, as it were, without truth, knowledge, sincerity, and cognition of what the real problems are.
    Being inclusive means to include all in a representative way. Here I agree with you, that it is not seen in the New Age Movement, “Love & Light” scenario because it is not inclusive, at all, and in fact, has taken the Blonde Hair, Blue eyed Arian image of Jesus, and placed it in a superior position over all.
    The discussion about new age-isms can be quite long and burdensome, but it needs to be discussed and put in its proper perspective. We are all part of Creation. In a garden no two flowers are alike. But they all contribute to its beauty without having to become another flower to do so. The blending of the color frequencies enhance the beauty of the garden, but each flower has its own uniqueness. That being said, I do not believe the Rainbow Family means a blending, but as you put it, an equal acceptance of each other and the contribution that the other brings.
    Thanks for reading this.
    Peace & Blessings, Nana Baakan

    1. Hello there, Nana. I am divined in Asuo Gyebe and Yemaya in the tradition of Ifa, I have extensive knowledge of African spiritual practices, but thank you for highlighting your belief system. This article was written from the perspective of the Hopi Prophecy regarding the 4 directions and corresponding colors. Each direction and each color is given an element. Not only did I not highlight African spirituality, I did not highlight any spirituality other than the “New Age” movement, as that was my focus. That and its cooptation of the term “Rainbow Tribe”. This was not about African spirituality in particular, it was about all spirituality as it pertains to the Hopi prophecy, inclusive although not specific in this article, I find it is quite long enough as it is. As I posted in the article, there is no limitation to anyone of any racial group learning any type of knowledge. From my understanding, what is written is only a general statement of how the elements were dispersed amongst the worlds people in order to attain mastery as soul groups, not individuals so that, once all of the people came back together again in the lands of the West, as prophecied not only by the Hopis but by Egyptians and many others as well, the knowledge would be available for the elevation of ALL peoples, not just one racial group. All things happen for a reason, there are no accidents or mistakes in life or in the destiny of humanity. Again, thank you for your contribution to this thread.

  6. Greetings again,
    I have left you a link to my blog, so you can gain a little more knowledge about some African Spiritual Traditions. My information is limited as Africa is a vast continent with many cultures. However, I can speak with some authority on the ones that I am familiar with. This is an exercise in enlightenment, for any one who wishes to be enlightened. This is a sharing and a giving and receiving. I hope you are interested enough to check it out.
    Nana Baakan

    1. Thank you for your kindness, I hope any who wish to learn more do indeed visit your blog to find out. Perhaps I will write future posts regarding aspects of African spirituality, as I have in the past. I have already visited and commented on your blog either yesterday or the day before, but I’m sure I will return. Bless.

  7. There Comes A POINT Along The Path of Awareness that we ALL transcend the Trivial “box” of Identity that is limited to something as Chaining as “Ethnic-History”….in The Beginending we are but ONE PEOPLE No More Superior Than Other Animals or Plants upon which we Revere for our Survival….The Essence of SURVIVAL Knows No Racial-Barriers…..for we ALL Swim in The WATERS OF LIFE….He who TOSSES Me The Life-Boat….with HIM do I merge Origins….With Him Do I Touch FEATHERS….And May We Kiss Many Colors of Feathers…. Along Our Neverending Journey….

  8. So It shall be, If it is to be. A new myth is to be created for humankind that bridges the gap between “All of This/Was/Is/Will ever be” viewed through the eyes of the familiarized-modern-culturally-relative-symbols and archetypes of our time, thus to be received in full by all who experience it. The question is not how, but when?

    Thank you for your great iterations on such things, as i feel a common resonance and thirst for this information on quest to apply such knowledge actively in my days. Any thoughts on an angle, or window of insight for the seeds of developing the new myth from your perspective, or any others out there would be much loved.

    Peace. Thanks.

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for your comment. Feel free to peruse my blog. I would be happy to engage in dialogue on any of the topics discusses herein. Bless.

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