Moabite Moves: Setbacks, retrenchment and false-flag realities

The Sanhedrin
The Sanhedrin

Recent events in the world reveal the time to those who are paying attention. Interpreting current events in light of the existence and dominance of the Moabite Centrix remains a pertinent perspective aligned to the manifestation of prophetic threads of humanity within mainstream paradigmatic modes of observation and interpretation.

Remember the core Moabite desecration, beyond the incestual beginnings of the ethnic line through Lot and his eldest daughter, there was also the infiltration of the line of David by his descendent Ruth, a forbidden Moabitess, which resulted in the sullying of that line and infiltration of Israel by the princess of a foreign power intent upon that nation’s destruction, leading to the host of evils which have befallen the tribes of Israel since. Taken alongside the punishment bestowed upon Israel due to the heresy occasioned by the Trial of Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus – who was betrayed by his student, Rabbi Akiva – where the direct intervention by words and deeds of G-d were trumped by the Sanhedrin and the rule of man over Divinity – ruled by Rabbi Gamliel – the rise and continued dominance of the Moabites follows biblical prophecy and dark days lie ahead for this planet, even to the extent that extra-terrestrial intervention becomes necessary as the forces allied against the Moabite centrix fall prey to their machinations.

The Moabite Centrix has taken a hit in recent months, but they are masters of retrenchment and covert attack and are far from out. The catastrophic events in Japan have left the eastern region of the world vulnerable to China’s advances, as Japan has turned inward to lick its wounds. Potentially, China has made a deal with the Moabites regarding control of the East in Japan’s stead, which would mean that their probable alliance with Iran in active opposition to the Moabite Centrix has been declared, if not null and void, then secondary to a relatively bloodless assumption of power in the East. Where this leaves Korea is questionable, but the steady challenge offered by the North of that country in recent weeks has been noticeably tempered after its extremities of belligerence earlier this year.

Kim Jong Il and Huo Jintao
Kim Jong Il and Huo Jintao

The potential stroke that debilitated Kim Jong Il was perhaps a warning that he could be reached regardless of China’s protection. Signs of thawing in the relationship between North and South Korea have been accompanied by maintenance oriented moves by China, who seems content to let the status quo ride currently as the Western world undergoes the throes of financial instability once again. The recent, disturbing events in China leading to the impression that they have made a deal with the Moabites follows a period of quietude for China’s leader, Hu Jintao, leading to questions being raised as to his health and welfare as well.His importance in China resisting the Moabite influence has been key to the delicate balance which has staved off the endgame plans of the Power Elite.

VP Biden is currently on the way to China in order to visit, presumably to reassure the Chinese regarding the nation’s stability after the recent downgrade of the United States by the rating agency, Standard & Poor’s. Meanwhile, Germany, Moabite Central West, has taken their belligerence down a number of notches after the e-coli biological attack, originating from unnamed sources – but potentially and most probably Colonel Ghadafi in Libya – apparently reminded the so-called enlightened elite that they were not invulnerable despite their overwhelming desire to appear so. Germany continues to press forward under Moabite direction, not only choosing to forgo the pursuit of nuclear power in the future, but also contemplating the return of the deutschemark as their economy achieves the aims of over a century of German/Aryan/Nazi/Moabite Supremacists by finally and completely winning the economic war against the United States and the rest of Europe.

Obama speechifying
Obama speechifying

The nominal leadership of the United States has proven its disloyalty to its constituents by supporting political strategies which further eviscerate the country economically. Obama and the advisory interests that continue to guide his decision-making process collaborate in the final stages of the US economic meltdown while, on the Continent, the euro faces a similar fate. The conditions necessary to bring about the much ballyhooed economic Armageddon that has been forcasted for so long seem finally to have coalesced in a negative spiral of simultaneity. With no bailouts possible during this round of economic failures, the outcome for the developed nations is poor.

Wars and rumors of war continue to threaten as the campaign in Libya heralds the perception of NATO as a paper tiger, rather than a viable peacekeeping force as the true nature of this body is revealed to the world. The American war in Afghanistan continues to claim the lives even as that country’s presence as a protagonist wanes. China woes Pakistan, who continues to sulk over the perceived slight to their national sovereignty occasioned by the murder of Osama bin Laden by and American Seal team, many of whom were also, apparently, murdered recently in a “Taliban” attack upon a US helicopter. The nature of the Moabite-influenced military-industrial complex makes all official stories suspect. The constant collaboration of the news media squares the impact of false-flag operations designed to simultaneously shock and dull the senses of an already overwhelmed public.

All of these conditions, of course, have been purposefully inculcated and lengthened in order to draw out the pain and agony of the human family. The pitfalls of globalization can be clearly seen as the cries of children and the poor in countries hard hit by drought and famine occasion the gathering of charities, volunteers and donations in a world overflowing with abundance in every facet, be it money, food, water or any of the basic stuffs of life. The interconnected web of economics looked good in theory but hid the potential problems that are now all too evident when goods, services and aid do not flow smoothly from country to country, for whatever stated reason. The fatal outcome is, of course, the planned outcome as an aspect of population reduction by whatever means necessary. The predatorial nature of the Moabite Centrix is on full display as the world continues to tremble beneath the heavy blows of weather gone wild, volcanoes and earthquakes, mass animal deaths and other deprivations.

Harmonic Convergence
Harmonic Convergence

And yet, despite all of this negativity, the violent crime rate in countries like the United States continues to drop.  This, even in light of the extreme nature of the economic privation afflicting so many individuals and families currently. Although many might attribute this somnabulance of the population to the ever more potent control methodologies put in place to actively subdue individuals remotely, others might attribute it to some form of world-wide conscious awakening, resulting in the empowerment of the people and a collective knowledge that the plots, plans and ploys of the Global Elite will eventually come to naught, despite their seeming preeminence across the arc of modern human history.

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  1. Read the book of Ruth, Ruth accepted Naomi’s God as her God through faith and God honored her faith. Boaz became the Kinsman redeemer of Naomi’s line which officially makes Ruth not an infiltrator, but an elect Jew and important to the line of David and lineage of Mary.

    1. I’ve read the book of Ruth, thanks. Unfortunately your perspective is the corrupted perspective that has been taught for centuries. Ruth was a Moabitess, God does not make pronouncements and then change them. If you can show me the place in the bible where God says the Moabites are no longer forbidden to enter the tribes of Israel I will be very interested to see it. Boaz was quite possibly murdered by Ruth. She was not of the tribe of Judah or any of the tribes of the Hebrews. Just as an example, just because Jesus came and introduced “grace” as a way that Christians could supercede the 10 commandments through prayer, repentance and forgiveness, it doesn’t mean that the 10 commandments are no longer valid. You should read the first article in this series and then proceed from there. It typically is not advisable to start a series nearer the end than the beginning. But thank you for visiting, reading and commenting. I wish you well.

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