The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Evolution

This image represents the culmination of a thought exercise conceptualized by paleontologist Dr. Dale Russell,  and is known as Troodon Sapiens, a dinasauroid.  Dr. Russell is the curator of vertebrate fossils at the National Museum of Canada in Ottawa. He came up with this concept of dinosauroid evolution into a hominid species based upon the condition of continuing evolution past the point at which the Chicxulub meteor exterminated the dinosaur population, 65 million years ago. The Theropods (bipedal predators) that existed at that time might have conceivably evolved into intelligent species, according to his theory. The Theropod family includes Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors and Troodontids, any of which could have and might have evolved if conditions had not turned hostile for that population of entities upon this planet.

But what if such an evolution did in fact take place? What if it wasn’t the Troodontids, but instead, the Velociraptors who evolved? Or the Tyrannosauroids? According to many sources consistent across cultures and time-lines, an intelligent dinosauroid species did indeed exist upon Earth concurrent with the larger and more well-known species of dinosaurs. Many ancient civilizations and prehistoric cultures possess extensive and detailed mythologies pertaining to dinosauroid or reptilian races that survived the destruction brought about by the Chicxulub meteor who then interacted with early humanity. In some cases these serpentine peoples were the Bringers of Civilization, in others, they were the tempters of humans, leading them from the path of righteousness into that of evil. But even in the context of these negative interpretations of that interaction, the reptilian race was still associated with knowledge and the dissemination of what was considered by some traditions to be forbidden information.

Occult literature dating back many thousands of years speaks of our relationship to these reptilian/serpentine entities and energies, attributing the genesis of early human civilization – as well as its continuing obeisance and subservience – wholly to their adoration and adulation. They seem to have, at one point, existed purely in the 3rd Density realm, gaining access to higher realities in the fullness of time. The nature of reptilian species being what it is, an important aspect of this evolution, which bears upon our current situation, lies in the imposition upon humanity of the “reptilian brain”, which is an artifact of genetic manipulation by our Saurian forebears. As the most ancient part of our brains, it is perched atop the spinal complex, consisting of the basal ganglia, the diencephalon and parts of the mid-brain.  The reptilian brain is responsible for many of humanity’s instincts, to include the desire and drive to possess territory and the crass material consumption of objects. Generally, it is responsible for many of humanity’s basest behavioral characteristics, to include ritualistic or obsessive behavior, conformity, re-enactments or brooding and adherence to tradition as well as segregative and deceptive patterns of interaction.

All of these behavior patterns are inherently self-serving, divisive and energetically densifying, as opposed to behavior such as open-mindedness, non-conformity, individualism and a lack of neuroticism, which are selfless and integrative, holistic and energetically enlightening. The phrases service-to-self (STS) and service-to-others (STO) as put forth by the PaleoChristian Shaman, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, serve to embody these disparate personality traits and energetic alignments quite well. As an aspect of an overall control system, as mentioned in the previous entry in this exploration, the reptilian brain serves the purpose of diluting the influence of the higher, spiritual aspects of consciousness, relegating humanity to lower-minded considerations having primarily to do with the dichotomous interpretation of and interaction with each other and the material environment.

The dinosauroid civilization that predates human civilization on this planet must have been, by its very nature, an STS-based civilization engaged in the full exploration, exploitation and consumption of their material surrounds. Given the cyclical nature of existence, the cosmos and our planetary interactions with other heavenly bodies, it is quite possible that this civilization was aware that they were about to be annihilated by a meteor and took precautionary measures which quite probably included a retreat below ground to subterranean cities and caverns prepared specifically for this purpose. As the above-ground environs became habitable once more and new forms of life flourished – giving rise to the mammalian species which then and thereafter predominated -these intelligent Saurians continued their remorseless technological march toward some impenetrable goal, hidden from the sun beneath the earth, perhaps emerging now and again in order to judge the state of the world and its nascent species.

The consistency of religious and mythological texts across the planet defies scientific logic when it comes to the documentation of the presence of some inner-earth civilization, inhabited by beings of advanced technological and astral capacities. All these systems of belief world-wide conform in their insistence that the heavens lie skyward, while the nether realms lie somewhere within the earth. As the hellish regions are associated with occult arts, the addition of the acquisition of forbidden knowledge to the equation reveals what might be a disturbing penchant toward internal consistency in the determination of the truth or falsehood of these matters.

But, the question might be posed, why would an intelligent species of Dinosauroids, existing underground and interacting with humanity for thousands upon thousands of years, want to control us? And how could it have been possible for them to remain a secret for all of these centuries and millennia? The answer lies in the contemplation of the inherent perils implicit in the development of an advanced reptilian brain, material technological prowess and a corresponding dearth of STO spiritual development. This uneven form of evolutionary progression must have, eventually, led to a cul-de-sac of supreme material and technological accomplishment on the part of these Saurians – which allowed them to easily evade the sensate capabilities of a non-technological humanity – with a corresponding lack of etheric development past the discovery and subsequent manipulation of the next highest realm, the Astral, and 4th Density consciousness.

4th Density and the Astral realm are loosely equivalent descriptives for the same region of time/space consciousness, which is materially manifest at a higher vibrational rate, subject to laws of behavior that differ from those existing here within 3rd Density reality. It is an in-between realm, existing someplace between the full materialization of matter and the wispy dispersal of spirit. Entities of both the STS and STO orientations do graduate to 4th Density. Since there is an inadequate referential correspondence between the 4th Dimension as it is currently defined by academic physics and the actuality of the 4th Dimension as a spatially referenced dimensional congruence, in this context the term represents the ability to see what is within as well as what is without. See the research of Nassim Haramein for further potential details regarding alternate understandings of the dimensional model.

To be firmly understood at this point, there is a level of physical manifestation and existence at 4th Density. 4t Density can be conceptualized as being “out of phase” with 3rd Density/3rd and 4th Dimensional reality, and yet existing as a simultaneous material Creation where Beings have the additional capacity to engage in thought transference. Upon discovering and accessing this extra-dimensional reality, the Dinosauroids proceeded to install technologies upon it, graduating spiritually to the point of residing within it, then existing with the capacity to manifest a bi-density potentiality, gaining the ability to return of their own voilition or be called back to 3rd Density, albeit at a high energetic maintenance cost for their material forms, which became adapted to 4th Density. An example of this would be the occult lore regarding magical invocations, whereby entities existing within the realms of the Astral are bound to material form through the machinations of Occultists seeking knowledge and power.  Those entities they invoke often must be expressed through human form (trance possession) or can only manifest visually in a semi-material form.

Advanced material technological progression is inimical to advanced spiritual progression. Technology developed as a substitution for human capabilities results in an atrophication of said capabilities and subsequent potentialities. As a common example, when a man no longer has to use his mind to count, instead employing a calculator or computer, then he no longer tries, resulting in the limitation of that ability. Consider this at the level of mental abilities such as telekinesis or apportation, astral projection or clairvoyance, precognition or transvection. When you create technologies that supplant these natural abilities, dependence follows, which is the trap the Chrono-Dyno Civilization has fallen prey to.

I have designated these dinosauroid reptilians as the Chrono-Dyno Civilization for perhaps obvious reasons. There are other reptilian species which exist, which are, in all probability, related to the CDs. There are those entities that originate in Alpha-Draconis, and also those connected to the Grey civilizations, which are also humans from parallel realities – also heavily hybridized with current Earth human populations – who have fallen prey to the same technological dead-end conundrum as the CDs. It is my contention that those Dinosauroids which currently plague and control humanity most directly are our co-inhabitants of the Earth, the direct descendants of the behemothian Saurians that once ruled this planet and perhaps still do in a smaller, colder-blooded and consciously modified form.

The question now becomes, what exactly do they want and how are they affecting us on a daily basis? What do these entities have to do with the current shift in information and resonance that is currently sweeping not only the planet, but the entire solar system and local region of the Milky Way galaxy? As stated previously, we do not exist in a vacuum. What is occurring here upon the Earth is the purview of the entire galaxy and beyond. We are not alone, there are Beings that commiserate with our situation here upon the Earth, but who are helpless to intervene based upon their own spiritual evolutionary state and resonance to higher principles of STO as well as the immutable dictates of Free Will and Intention.

We must understand that, in the end, we control our own destiny. The decision must be made, individually and collectively, to throw off the yoke of our extra-dimensional overlords and their human pawns and poodles. We must recognize that this is indeed what is currently occurring, as evidenced by the world-wide movements toward freedom. But this phase is also dangerous. The barrier of disbelief and ignorance must be transcended. This series seeks to assist in that process.

End Part 2

The Chrono-Dyno Series

1. The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Background

2. The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Evolution

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