The Chrono-Dyno Revelation – Background

We often wonder about the days of our lives and how and why things happen in the ways that they do.  As we live and go about our business, life, love, happiness and sadness, drama and peace all seem to come and go, ephemeral, ever-changing, shifting, the ground beneath our feet is never stable. If we live a thoughtful life, engage in the practice of recapitulation, going back over the days of our lives in the attempt to find the “grand themes”, the “story-line” of our existence, we find that our lifetimes do indeed take on mythological qualities. The events and happenings of our trials and tribulations, travails and temporal themes take on a greater significance in both positive and negative aspects.

There are certain events in our lives that occur that we recognize afterwards as “crossroads events”. Moments and times that it is possible to look back at and recognize a shift in direction. These events stand out because if they had not happened the way that they did, our lives would have turned out totally different. And often, when we look back at those events and moments, we find that, in almost every case, those incidences were caused by a decision that we made based upon some emotionally-charged event. Emotions are important aspects of our life expression – as well as being imminently controllable by others who possess the wherewithal, intention and ability to do so – which gives rise to the question, are we in control of ourselves? Emotions power our actions, propelling us along the path of our Destinies, taking us to some destination beyond our current capacity to portend.

In the realm of the extra-sensory, or the psychic, it is recognized that emotions are energy. In the realm of biology, they are the effect of neuropeptides released by the hypothalamus which then bind to cells, changing their nature, resulting in a bodily-sensation corresponding to the particular type of peptide and emotional state. Energy released, like other forms of energy, can be visible. Just as heat energy is visible by utilizing the infra-red spectrum of light, emotions can be visualized upon the astral plane, as colored splotches and disturbances within our auric fields, which spike as we experience particular emotions. The length of the spike depends upon the intensity of the state: anger, sadness, jealousy, happiness, all have very particular energetic forms and vibratory levels, as energy is synonymous with vibration, or resonance.

It is common knowledge among those who purpose paths of knowledge outside of the mainstream – and who have thrown off the straight-jacket of the strictly materialist scientific paradigm – that there are multiple levels, or layers, of reality, each corresponding to a shift in consciousness. There are also multiple levels, or layers, of experience, each corresponding to a shift in material potentiality. These levels, or layers, are usually called Densities and Dimensions. Densities correspond to consciousness levels, Dimensions correspond to experiential levels. The realm of gross, material incarnation is alternately 3rd Density consciousness and a combination of 3rd and 4th Dimensional material experience. Just as there is native form of materialization which exists at every level of dimensional experience, there is a native consciousness as well. Our human bodies are the manifestation of a higher consciousness that has fallen and taken on the form best suited for mastery of the physical realm of existence.

Rather than evolving, then, humanity – as experienced by each of us during our relatively short sojourns around Sol within these bodies made of star-dust and the etheric stuff of our higher Selves – has devolved, from a higher state of consciousness and finer, more subtle, higher-vibrating and invisible materialization to a lower, slower-vibrating form that must eat, drink, experience limited sensory input and duller mental acuity. To recognize the accuracy of this statement is to acknowledge, fully and without qualification, that if we exist within a continuum of infinite energetic expression, with higher and lower levels of consciousness possible, then it must also follow that there are other consciousnesses within this continuum as well. Consciousnesses that express the full gamut of potentiality, given the infinite and eternal nature of Creation and That Which Lies Beyond.

Given the quantum conditions of Creation, within which all that has been simultaneously co-created remains continuously connected, Oneness is the state of existence that binds all material manifestation together, as all sub-atomic, atomic, molecular and cellular structures have a common origin, share a common environment (bodies, solar systems, universes, multiverses) and a common consciousness which connects each to the Origin of All Consciousness, again, synonymous with That Which Lies Beyond all material manifestation. With that caveat in place, we can proceed with describing some pertinent aspects of the differentiation of consciousness within the disparate levels of materialization, from the higher and more subtle realms of existence, to the lower and grosser levels, those upon which we reside.

Different traditions and systems of belief describe the levels of consciousness and experience. Depending upon your own preferences, you can pick and choose between them. Beyond the potentiality of alien lifeforms existing upon the same level of physicality and consciousness as we, here in 3rd Density, in this solar system, others, different galaxies and universes, is the reality of higher forms of consciousness. For our purposes, all that matters is the common understanding that there are indeed other forms of existence and Beings that inhabit these spaces and places, beyond the general ability of our dull senses to discern. Some say there are 7 to 10 dimensions and densities, others say 12 or more; again, the strict accounting of such is beyond the scope of our current purpose. It is also commonly understood that those Beings that have been called gods and goddesses, demons and angels, the assorted elementals and spirits of the various etheric planes, exist within the astral realm, or the level of 4th Density consciousness, which elevates them physically above our 3rd and 4th dimensional perceptions and spiritually beyond our 3rd Density consciousnesses. And from this 4th Density vantage point, there are corresponding dimensional aspects of space and time that comply with laws beyond those we are familiar with down here in 3rd Density.

There are also numerous different races of beings that exist here within 3rd Density consciousness. There is a strong possibility that the planet we inhabit, Earth, has been and is home to a number of different races, all of which – according to the tales – were here previous to human habitation of this world. Once more, there are many traditions, many tales, many belief systems that speak of these peoples and their interactions with humanity, for those who wish to explore them in depth, they are only a search engine away. The forms that we can generalize based upon their commonality within mythology and current UFO lore are the extraterrestrial Human civilizations, the Grey civilizations, the Reptilian civilizations, the Feline civilizations and the Avian civilizations. These are only some of the alien types that have been enumerated, there are many more, but these are the ones that are mentioned most in connection with humanity and this planet.

Many of these civilizations are posited to have visited and even lived on Earth at different points of the planet’s history, contributing not only to the evolution of consciousness here but also to the evolution of the physical form of humanity as we currently exist. According to the extra-terrestrial lore, modern-day humanity contains genes in different amounts from all of these groups of progenitors, and the evolution of human societies has taken on the form and expressions of these non-human civilizations to different degrees just as we as individuals and groups have taken on their mental and spiritual characteristics.

The question then becomes, to what degree do these civilizations continue to interact with humanity? The answers given by the different story-lines vary between no interaction at all to a comprehensive and invasive control system. Given the general direction of human development in its historical aspects taken alongside the heretofore hidden, or occult lore regarding our mental and spiritual development, I tend to fall closer to the latter viewpoint than the former.

Our individual life experiences are not only our own. We do not exist, individually or collectively, as disparate entities, eking out a living upon a small, insignificant planet in the backwaters of the galaxy in an unknown solar system in a meaningless universe. The events of our life are not coincidental, nor are they without purpose. We are not tiny, disconnected specks of matter within a vast and impartial creation, working on some model of clockwork fealty to mechanistic and inscrutable laws subject to human imposition and hubris.

And yet, the converse of all of the above can be considered true if we decide it to be so on an individual or collective basis. The conundrum posed by this seeming paradox can be solved only by the existence of Free Will within a Creation that complies with the belief system of he or she who perceives.  Within the worlds of experience we each create, what we believe becomes our reality to the extent that belief systems correspond to or diverge from certain memes collectively agreed upon by a cultural milieu. The power of an individual to create her or his own experiential universe, subject to their own willpower and visualization capabilities is, of course, relatively small in comparison to the capacity of a group of people to do so, unless that individual embarks upon a course of study and practice that increase those abilities. The importance of this facet of our shared reality and our inherent capabilities cannot be understated and shall be returned to at a later point.

We will end this background discussion where we began, with the question, why do things happen in our lives the way that they do? What is destiny and what is the significance of our lives? To understand that, it is necessary first to understand what planet we are on and who believes they own it. A belief is not certain knowledge and yet, often, we proceed upon our beliefs as if they were immutable. Beliefs are easily shattered once irreconcilable evidence to the contrary emerges. Within the context of the times we currently live in, information dissemination is occurring at a rate faster than at any time in recorded human history it is, in fact, illuminating prehistory to the extent that our ancestral genetic heritage is being revealed as simultaneously earthly and extra-terrestrial in nature.

As the distant past becomes relevant to the present, we realize that there has been a control system set in place to limit the capabilities of humanity to realize their own highest potential and abilities. It also becomes clear that the war for our consciousnesses that has been going on since time immemorial continues, and that its battles and campaigns are now rising to the surface of our collective consciousness, approaching the consensus of common knowledge. It is in our television shows, our movies, our dreams, fantasies and visions. Transhumanism combines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which merges with nano-technology and extra-terrestrial intelligence and civilizations. Gods have become petty and vengeful aliens as the potential of human spiritual evolution becomes transcendent. It is in this context that we seek to elucidate the nature of the control system at a level beyond yet intricately intertwined with our daily world of experiential consciousness. This level is the level explicated upon in too many movies and stories to name, but including, “They Live, “The Matrix Trilogy”, “Land of the Lost”, “Dark City”, “Inception”, “Clash of the Titans”, “X-Files”, “Queen of the Damned”, “Stargate”, “V”, “Legion”, “Constantine”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “Millennium”, “The Ninth Gate”, “Fallen”, “Knowing”, “Powder”, “Hancock”, “Flash Gordon”, “The Time Machine”, and many, many more.

Meet the Chrono-Dyno Civilization. They are the descendants of the Dinosaurs. They think they own the earth. We are their cattle. They know our thoughts. They know our past and our future, as intimately – if not more so – as we do. Not only do they know us, but they actively seek to affect our paths to their own Ends. Say hello, they are in our minds right now, determining our future, changing our past to affect our Now. But Free Will and Intention are our weapons. We have no boundaries. And we will not be controlled by their limitations.

End Part I

The Chrono-Dyno Series

1. The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Background

2. The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Evolution

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  2. Enigma. Seems near impossible for a human being to step outside the body, experience the euphoria, travel those countless roads into realities so removed from any facet of anything our vehicles have the instruments to provide definition for, without attempting to map it all out afterward, confine it to a doctrine, establish boundaries of words to allow us back into the superiority the trips briefly converted to humility and awe.

    Big place, this universe we occupy. Big place.

    1. LOL Yes it is, thank goodness, and I’m quite sure, quite beyond our embodied capacity to fully conceptualize or understand, particularly when it comes to higher density states of consciousness and existence. But we must try … as that is all we can do. Experience trumps supposition. In this series of articles, I’ve taken many, many different and very particular conceptions of what this Cosmos we reside in consists of at a very basic level and who and what these entities are, and tried to find the common themes. I am open to new ideas and corrections of course, my research is incomplete and my night-time astral traveling is about as subjective as it gets. 🙂

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