Rings of Reality IV: Self, society and world

Waves of perception, Cognitive Dissonance and subjective interpretation characterize the body’s movement through time and space, interacting in multiple dimensions with other bodies, other Souls, conceptions of reality. The inability to discern every level of the Multimedia Effect (ME) engages the Rings of Reality in a cyclic and continuous series of reactions, sub-atomic nuclear implosions of intent and purpose, guiding Souls through layers of understanding and interaction. These reactions are funneled through Ego’s segregative sieve, resulting in subjective interpretations based upon an individual’s familial, social and worldly experiences, each ring of perception affecting all others, finally resulting in the physical manifestation of a decision-making process that incorporates all aspects of creation; presence, knowing and action.

The body, as the physical manifestation of the Soul, acts as a definitive tablula rasa for the perceptions of others, appearance being the initial engagement of souls colliding in fulfillment of destiny and the synchronic movement of desire and intention. Auric entanglements notwithstanding, incarnation encompasses pre-birth choices made regarding the dharmic and karmic paths, every, single aspect of one’s life chosen, from birth-parents to mode of death.  Beyond religiosity, underlying similiarities point the way toward one, all-encompassing Reality to which the core Self is integrally tied (Re-ligion: to re-link, Yoga: to yoke), a connection which is obscured by the noisy chatter of the outer Selves, bombarded as they are with input from the material world of the perceptions and the inner worlds of subjective interpretation.

Experience being the goal, every single aspect of incarnation holds meaning. From height to weight, from the size of one’s feet to the color of one’s skin, from visible disabilities to illnesses experienced across the span of a lifetime, there are no accidental occurences within the grand tapesty that is Manifest Creation. Exposure to the Multimedia Effect (ME) being a condition of Incarnation at varying levels of immersion – based upon one’s chosen sex, ethnicity, race, nation and culture – individuals are bombarded by focused batteries of information that define place and status within the hierarchical functions of family, society and world. Acceptance or non-acceptance of these limiting assignations is dependent upon the level of bombardment, as well as the individual’s capacity for action determined by strength of will and multiple experiential factors determined before birth.

Being limited, contextually, by family and society, by world and Self, then, can be seen to be functions of choice at some level, and of Destiny at others. A cogent example of this is the current status of ethnic and racial groups within the economic, religious, national and racial web of Globalism, defined, simply, as the encompassing cultural impetus of Western world domination. The core Self’s apparent subjugation to the Ego and the outer Selves is an illusion shattered by situations that force Self to the fore, negating the power of Ego’s ability to engage the Self in Past/Future banalities that result in either worry and dwelling (past), or suspicion and apprehension (future).

The formation of reality as experienced within the native cultural complex necessitates a certain amount of association and identification; language, daily interactions, maintaining a job, relationships and caring for one’s Self and family being paramount concerns. Within the Globalist Framework, this includes the remorseless subjugation of Self to the deprivations of the Multimedia Effect (ME). Continuing with the example mentioned above, the overriding cultural impetus of Globalism and its succedent expression through the myriad of prismatic ME modalities expresses itself as a complex of societal mores and institutions concerned with the continuation and further consolidation of its own power and stability.

Therefore, the body becomes the repository of belief systems, ideologies and philosophies, its relevance determined by its proximity to  an ideal that corresponds to the continuously reinforced parameters of the dominant ME modalities. Emanating from the cultural and historical core of Western European Civilization, the 4-tiered modalities of religion, economics, nationalism and race as components of a Globalist Agenda must be understood within the context of their evolution. The Age of Discovery and Exploration, the Colonial Era and Post-Colonial Era all paved the way for the rise of Globalism, encompassing a time-frame of 500 odd years.

Being based upon very specific cultural and racial imperatives, its current manifestation reflects the earliest formation of collective European intent; the drive toward conquest and the accumulation of wealth and property being high among these. Globalism, as a paradigm, incorporates aspects of all previous incarnations of European cultural appropriation and imbues the modalities of the Multimedia Effect with a consistency and insidiousness that strikes directly to the heart of all cultural complexes that find themselves subsumed by its remorseless privations. Interacting with the individual at every level of Self, from family to society to world, the sensual bombardment is complete.

Steeped within this stewing miasma of institutional and societal imperatives, the individual is of little concern, being only a cog in the vast machinery of something perceived to be greater and subject to indoctrination at every turn. From the very language used – exact in its intonations, accents and meanings – to schooling and choice of clothing, compliance with the dominant paradigm assures not only one’s place within that paradigm but strengthens it, the individual’s psychic and physical energies then being applied toward its continuation and further materialization.

At this point, it should be clear that much of what is considered to be individual initiative is, in fact, culturally predetermined. The navigational pathways of societal movement require a successful and encompassing indoctrination that brooks little deviation from the center. The closer an individual complies, the better he or she learns, from the earliest ages onward, the rules of family, society and world, the greater his or her success in that family, society and world. The sub-cultures which coexist, uneasily, within the greater structure of Globalism do so as auxillary components of that system, which exhibits a strong tendency toward cultural appropriation and assimilation. Those assimilated cultures coexist uneasily in a constant give and take with the greater society, as these forces of assimilation and indoctrination coexist uneasily within the individual psyche.

The core Self, then, navigates a lifetime primarily in Watcher-mode as the Ego-masked-as-Self conducts the business of daily living, calling upon the deeper wells of intuition and intention only in emergency situations. Being adequate to the task, the familial, social and worldly Selves come to a gentlemen’s agreement of sorts, interacting with Ego as medium, divining the perceptive tropes for each occasion, swinging back and forth between emotional extremes as its faulty judgement falls short of the perfection required to accurately perceive the multidimensional delineations of fate and predestination.

Within the greater society, then, the Multimedia Effect (ME) acts as watchdog, reinforces necessary stereotyping, bolsters in-group standing (inclusion) and out-group stigmata (exclusion), encapsulates the mores and mainstays of the 4-tiered modalities of the Rings of Reality and focuses the intention of individuals, groups and nations upon the singular goal of dominance and cultural continuance, as, within the individual, the Ego’s main goal is its own continued dominance of the body and continuance of its own command and control complex. The organic nature of these psychic entities, both within and without, should not escape even the casual reader.Consciousness coalesces around intention, forming astral bodies that display intelligence and purpose at every level of aggregation.

Individual initiative is subject to these forces to greater and lesser extents, depending upon a person’s level of indoctrination and self-awareness. The capacity for an individual to transcend the Multimedia Effect (ME) is dependeint upon the ability to go within and accurately perceive the dimensions of one’s own cooptation. To cast off the psychic effects of a duplicitious Ego that is also, individually self-aware, and capable of diffusing core Self’s intentions with Past/Future diversions.  After a certain point,  ME modalities become self-fulfilling prophecies and stereotypes automatically repeat across generations, individual initiative complying with the predetermined formulae  of a cultural complex beyond the capacity of some to even conceive of, let alone escape from.

The state of Awakening that this realization leads can be a lonely one, commiserate with the individual’s dedication to remaining self-aware within the continuous cultural immersion of the Globalist Framework. One cannot trust family, society or the world to support or even comprehend the quietly desperate and frenzied slashing and suturing required to cut this alien consciousness from one’s core Self, relegating ego, once again, to a supporting rather than primary role in the Soul and body’s journey through Time and Space. Delving into those Inner Spaces, determining the extent of one’s cooptation and applying the necessary remedies in the healing process is a constant struggle. A search for stability between extremes, the perceived parameters of the Middle Path.

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