Rings of Reality III: Self and body

Core Self’s physical manifestation is the body, the soul’s multidimensional representative. The Multimedia Effect acts upon the familial, social and worldly Self, which serve as repositories of memory, coalescing and innundating core Self in a never-ceasing stream of impressions. These impressions are ordered by importance, gauged against the subjectivity of experience and natal tendencies, then presented to the Ego for interpretation. The innate passivity, stability and unchanging nature of the core Self itself allows for its cooptation by the aggressive and probing nature of the Ego. Ego, then becomes the ‘man behind the curtain’, interpreting impressions and presenting courses of action for the body to follow, while the core Self observes dispassionately, relegated to the domain of dreams and emergency situations, where the Ego’s special gifts are revealed as inadequately prepared and designed, its inability to determine the correct course of action, revealed.

Ego’s hijacking of initative puts it firmly in the driver’s seat. The individual’s mistaken assumption that the Ego is the Self is the default understanding, while the true status of the Ego, as the tool of the Self (servant rather than Master), is seen by those versed in such things as a throwback to the mythopoeic era of humanity’s evolution – when the Gods spoke directly to Men – a denial of the code of individuality and a betrayal of the modernist experiment. The body, as the outer representation of the inner reality, then, becomes the repository and showcase of philosophies, ideologies and belief systems that have very specific beginnings, the observation of which remains a mostly unconscious process.

The onset of the Information Age and the availability of a preponderance of information has opened the floodgates of cultural immersion to a small percentage of the world’s population. Conversely, the world’s population is represented, in microcosm, in the developed nations of the world, their cultures studied, philosophies appropriated by anthropologists, sociologists and pyschologists, broken down to their core components and reassembled as intellectual property, the lived Truth of their meaning diffused beneath the weight of an Ivory Tower built upon the bones of millenia.

Cultural appropriation, even, remains subject to considerations of a far more base nature. The body, as the biological craft of souls traversing time and space, represents particular experiences, interpreted through the subjective lense of individual perception. The core Self, while remaining inviolate, remains relatively motionless compared to the constant movement and shifting of the familial, social and worldly Selves in response to the information overload of bodily experience. Thusly, it is the core Self that directly experiences a connection to Mystery – to Divinity – while the Ego continues to direct the functions of the outer Selves in dealing with the stuff of life.

The Multimedia Effect innundates the Selves at every level, leaving the body and mind in a constant state of information overload, or Cognitive Dissonance. The mind’s ability to process information in a coherent and rational manner lags far behind the amount of information that is constantly incoming. The tendency of individuals to accept or reject new ideas then becomes dependent upon experience. The order of importance of that experience corresponds to the Rings of Reality, with familial (immediate and extended, etc.), then societal (friends, groups, school, cohort, nation, etc.), then worldly (racial, economic, religious, etc.) weights determining the value applied to the new information and whether it will be accepted as valid and relevant, or not.

It is at this point that it becomes apparent that the Rings of Reality interact in a fluid and dynamic manner – a wave-like, cyclic motion – with each layer of importance flowing into the next and back again, sometimes returning or skipping layers dependent upon order of importance and weight applied, all the while obeying the faulty logic of the Ego, which is itself subject to the information it is attempting to order and interpret. There is no better example of this than the illogic and irrationality of Xenophobia, or the ebbs and flows of the Stock Market. The sacrifice of Nationalism and fervor of Religion complete a fundamental set of multimedia shows that have served to form and hone Self at the familial, social and worldly levels for millenia.

The pervasive expressions of racism, sexism, nationalism, and religiosity and their tenacious ability to retain viability despite all attempts to root out their segregative and destructive propensities and to, in fact, entrench themselves within the very institutions of society, speaks to some underlying factor(s) that remains problematic and subject to the methods of command and control that keep populations divided and focused upon minutia while the world continues to move toward global catastrophe.

In order to move deeper into the subjectivity of perception versus the perceived objectivity of experience, it will be necessary to explore the modes of perception as they pertain to the body and the ability of racial, political, religious and economic divisiveness to transcend logic and achieve a special consideration on its own merits. In preparation for that discussion, I tender the following model and flow chart, based upon the discussion to this point.

The Ring Series

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Rings of Reality 2: The hijacking of consciousness

Rings of Reality 3: Self and body

Rings of Reality 4: Self, society and world

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