Rings of Reality II: The hijacking of Consciousness

Deep breaths, 
heart slowing 
mind calming.

Being that consciousness demands expression, movement, the first impression should be one of Beginnings. Omnipresence, Omniscience,Omnipotence. This Trinity of Creation is spoken past language in the distant shadows of earliest time and finds echoes within every culture’s mythology. As above so below and, within the individuated consciousness, exists a microdimensional copy of macrodimensional laws. Each of us is, to varying degrees, aware of our own omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent potential, expressed in laymen’s language, our capacity for being present, knowledgeable and able to manifest our own destinies. Sometimes this is called Free Will.

In fact, this trinity of creation is the impetus for all physical manifestation upon the material plane, as, in the Beginning, it  represents the order and scale of Creation itself, as Divinity manifest awareness and the multidimensional span of time and space came to represent a particular stage of omniversal awareness. Again, within the individual – as expressed through time and across space –  our  personal  Acts of Creation occur from the point of conscious consideration to the point of manifestation through thought and action, each leading inexorably to the next stage, until we reach the point where that which we had originally concieved lies before us as aMaterial Incarnation of Will.

Steady state

The chimera of Self-containment is one of the primary inhibitions toward evolutionary growth and expanded perception, the media of lifetimes being overwhelming to the individual psyche. From birth through childhood, the previously inviolate and assumed tabula rasa of infancy is impressed by a myriad of forces, natural, familial and social. While each imprinted fetus carries electromagnetic impressions of solar patterns through life (the zodiacal procession) the capacity for Free Willbreaks the code of nature and gifts humanity with the ability to transcend the natural programming of genetics and environment in order to achieve something beyond the darwinistic survival of the fittest and the crass nature of animalistic  urgings.

This being the central core, the foundation of these afore-mentionedRings of Reality, the assumed character of individuated beginnings – tabula rasa, nature versus nurture argument of the psychologists – requires a nuanced understanding of metaphysical and natural laws that ultimately lies beyond the capacity of science or intellect to fully grasp without the employment of intuition and a focused examination of the inner worlds of information beyond logic and rigidity.

Breath cycling
colorful shadows 
beyond sight. 

Awakening to this self-imposed Dream of Unreality can be accomplished through the focusing of perception within. For many this occurs by accident, by trauma or enforced solitude be it through natural, social or environmental pressures (social isolation,emotional pain and suffering, illness or accidents).  The Self as defined, then, collects external materials as melanin collects light, consolidates and hones impressions, applies meaning and emotional weight and distributes interpretations conservatively based upon multiple levels of experience. Logic and rationality employed by the Ego as forms of intelligence serve to order these impressions by importance, highlighting those perceptions which hold more meaning based upon the collection of memories and the ingrained social code that inevitably gathers around the core Self through time.

Meaning then becomes a matter of subjectivity, as all stimuli entering into consciousness is filtered through these levels of interpretation, in many cases bypassing intuitive knowing, hijacked by the Ego and forced through the sieve of intellect and its hierarchical rationing function. By the end of early childhood, the core Self has merged with the familial, social and worldly Self as a result of experience gained, processed and interpreted through interactions within the conjunction of natural and anthropogenic environments. The interaction of scale expands perception while simultaneously limiting understanding as the intellect struggles to interpret the infinite array of stimuli presented during the course of a lifetime, bound by the contextual constraints of Egoic subjectivity.

The surreal and illusory structure of the actual, physical surrounds that exemplifies Western cultural evolution has encapsulated the developing psyche and molded personality into a straightjacket of predestined interpretations and responses that can be further honed by Skinner-like boxes of instruction and indoctrination through the mind and creativity-numbing effects of the early schooling process. As we age, what I call the Multimedia Effect, as explained in the next paragraph, achieves an almost subliminal status, the cooptation of our Self an automatic function of continued cultural immersion. And yet, Free Will remains our salvation.

The core Self, as defined through the formation of Ego, has been hijacked by an imposter of consciousness masking as the Totality of Selfand the strained screams of Intuition and the Inner-Child lie imprisoned in the dark corners of the mind, subjected to the continuous pressure of a social system designed to murder individual initiative and spontaneity. The impressions of society are further focused by multiple forms of media designed to incubate the baser emotions and deaden the desire to express a higher form of thought and living. The effects of these media become, then, predictable, and further measures can be taken in order to consolidate the gains of intentional spiritual starvation as the individual traverses space through time, maturing in the ways of the world as expressed through acculturation. The Multimedia Effect, then, is indeed the evolution of a worldly imperative deliberately created in order to effectuate subliminal mind control over populations. As a result, due to increasingly sophisticated technological innovations and the widespread prevalence of electronic and print media, we are the partially-unconscious assistants in our own mental and spiritual cooptation.

Explosive release.

In review, then, the core Self is hijacked by Ego to reflect the time-space continuum of individuated incarnation. Ego is then hijacked by Society in a process of confinement and indoctrination. Society, through the mediums of family, friends and the greater culture, then acts to process indivduated consciousness, fulfilling the needs of its own co-creation and continuation by the molding of cogs to fit its own remorseless machinery. Much like the formation of Corporations, also called Entities, the collective imbument of consciousness into these greater formations results in nascent intelligence at a super-human level, as group dynamics reflect the organic nature of thought at ever-increasing agglomerations of consciousness.

These Entities, social structures, cultures, then take on a life of their own, obeying only the laws of continued survival. The characteristics of the majority of members become the characteristics of gangs, of groups, of schools, of towns, of cities, of states, of nations. Characteristics that live on past the limited time of their founders. Characteristics that demand repetition, rebirth and an invocation of the natural evolutionary processes inherent in consciousness itself. And so, inevitably, if the character of those individuals and groups contributing to the overall zeitgeist of an super-human Entity is of a low or ambivalent moral and/or spiritual nature, this character persists by default, inevitably transforming its component membership by a process of synthesis, osmosis and purposeful moral/spiritual deterioration and decay by inclusion.

It is at this point that the meaning of certain types of media becomes apparent, and previously isolated understandings of cultural phenomena take on greater importance as their place within the overall scheme of things is revealed. Nothing exists in a vacuum. The conscious consideration of events and manifestations seemingly non-related in nature requires a deeper examination of causative factors. Seeking the inevitable signs left by the fluttering impressions of the Butterfly Effectthen becomes paramount, and the incumbent responsibility of all dedicated to the Revelation of Truth.

Emotional undercurrents
underpinnings revealed
toward gnosis.

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