Rings of Reality I: Introduction

This is the first in a series of musings regarding the world we find ourselves in today. I have been reticent in recent years to speak much about the particulars of the world as it is today, the political, cultural, racial and social aspects of our shared ’reality’, instead concentrating upon the individual, upon love, spirit and soul as an expression of my creative vision.

The title of this series, Rings of Reality, refers to a simple, concentric perspective, stemming from a geographic, spatial view. Instead of refering to geographic space, i.e. cartesian space, I will be using the term to refer to abstract, conceptual space, in my particular conception, that juncture created by the coalescence of experience with the ideal, or the external world and our internal perspective. Each ring stands for successive levels of perception and interaction, the innermost ring being the core Self, inviolate, consisting of the natural state of Being, inclusive of all interrelationship from birth till death. The second ring stands for the first and primary relationship, the second for the next succedent level of interrelation, and so on. This format will be familiar to any who have studied psychology or geography or any host of disciplines that create models based upon some aspect of reality. These categories are general in nature and, in each segment of the series, a different feature will be added to the model as it evolves from a simple concentric form to a more multi-dimensional form, becoming more reflective of the true intricacy of life and the worlds we co-create.

There are spaces online where I have spoken upon certain aspects of our culture, to include the education system, institutionalized racism and other pertinent issues, but there are many voices out there speaking on these issues and I feel my own particular talents lie upon a more abstract plane of consideration.

But there is a nexus, a foci wherein lies a conjunction of forces, of perceptions that coalesce around negative ideals that affect a great many people in manners that we are barely aware of and this force is so pervasive, so all-encompassing that we barely recognize its existence as a molder of opinion, an instigator of positivity and negativity, and a repository of education and mis-education alike. Of course I’m talking about the media. Not just the mainstream media, but the alternative media as well, to include all forms of the written and spoken word expressed across all forms of communication to include television, radio, newspaper, magazines, circulars, the internet, emails, and any and all forms of alternate communication that you can think of.

In this series, I will be using the term ’media’ as a stand in for ’communication’, and so it will also act as a surrogate for perception as well. At heart, I intend to explore perception, the forms by which we communicate and some of the inherent qualities of those forms as they interact, gestate and diffuse from focus points out, into the world and into our shared consciousnesses, resulting in the manifestation of that which we call reality. Perspective being primary, it is incumbent upon each of us to realize that our view of the world, even if shared by others, is singular and based upon our peculiar experience of the world and reality – as opposed to Reality – is a fluid and dynamic perceptive field subject to subjectivity, as it were.

In fact, reality is different for you and I, to the extent that if we both witnessed the same accident on the street in front of us, we would both describe it differently, as the old example goes. A story told to one person, once it gets 5 or 10 people down the gossip line, is barely recognizeable as the same tale. The car accident, the gossip, both act as recognizable examples of what we all know to be true. People concentrate upon different aspects of any interaction. People apply meaning according to their own definitions of what is meaningful and important, and what is not.

This apparent subjectivity is, without question, applicable to us all. No scientific objectivity or emotional repression supercedes the visceral nature of firsthand experience. All perception must be filtered through the lense of the  individuated and unadulterated psyche formed by remorseless process through time and across space, singular and born of collective evolutionary imperatives that continue to defy rational explanation.

The series will meander firstly through ideas of perception and life, early learning and institutional indoctrination. Group processes and formal media, from the written word to television and movies, all the while retaining the emphasis upon the individual’s spiritual path and how it is affected by both internal and external processes.

I will include, of course, personal examples as my blogs often do, but I will also include many current examples of ’popular’ media in order to hone points even further. Some of ’my’ perceptions will be uncomfortable to some. But they will all be based upon my own experiences, and, while they may indeed by controversial, there will be those of you out there who will recognize them in your own experiences. I hope this process bears strong fruit in the succedent discussions, and if any toes are stepped on, well, y’all know me. Spirit first, and many realities are uncomfortable, especially these days.

The Ring Series

Rings of Reality 1: Introduction

Rings of Reality 2: The hijacking of consciousness

Rings of Reality 3: Self and body

Rings of Reality 4: Self, society and world

Rings of Reality 5: Self and race



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