Paradigm Shift: The coming Age and the collapse of the Patriarchy

The patriarchy is dead. What we are witnessing in the world right now are the last throes of an ideology that institutionalized inequality and a system of supremacy based upon hierarchal modalities rather than holism, that codified prejudice and hatred and dismissed love and acceptance, that created unequal societies and a world of war and hid evidence of equality-based societies and a world of peace. This is the world of our lifetimes, the world that we chose to be born into, the world that we came here upon the earth, at this particular time, to change.

The evidence of the Ages suggests that the world goes through cycles, processions of equinoxes, solar and lunar cycles, cycles of the planet as it moves around its central star,  life and death cycles, natural circadian cycles, personal psychological and spiritual cycles.  The evidence also suggests that these cycles are all interconnected in some grand, galactic dance of intention and destiny, of what is written and what is done of free will. The interaction between the two is one of the least understood aspects of our quantum interconnectivity as evidenced by the mass ignorance and disdain heaped upon esoteric and scientific traditions like Astrology, Numerology and Sacred Geometry that are, at best, poorly understood and, at worse, deliberately distorted.

The interplay of religion and spiritual as represented by the conflict between the monotheistic religions and the so-called pagan or animistic religions of indigenous peoples and the ancestors of those who came to make up the bulk of those calling themselves Christian or Muslim these days can be seen as a war between paradigms of reality that conflict in their basic assumptions about what the world is, and what humanity is in relation to that world. On the one hand, the monotheistic religions and the societies that practice them are compartmentalized and pyramidal in structure and hold a strict view of the laws of human relations, where the power center lies, what is good and what is evil and how society is to be governed by man in lieu of God’s direct representation of Himself upon the earth. The Patriarchy suppresses women’s wisdom as much as possible and proselytizes the divine aspects of manhood, anthropomorphizing Divinity as Him, He, exorcising the feminine from all aspects of Creation outside of some recognition of the importance of a mother to her child. This is, perhaps, a gross oversimplification, but for our purposes it will suffice.

Indigenous or Ancestral spiritual traditions and the societies that practice or practiced them are, on the other hand are holistic and cyclical in nature, honoring the divine feminine in their practices and in their mythologies, often attributing the creation aspect of reality to feminine rather than masculine properties and possessing of very detailed and complicated renditions of the roles of males and females in relation to the honoring of these greater aspects of reality as well as contributing directly to the sustainability of interpersonal relationships between male and female within their societies. It is amazing to look at indigenous societies that have not been affected by the modernization that has come to be associated with the monotheistic cultures of the world, their relations to the natural world and to each other. From the outside, it seems strange, magical and naive, but, upon closer inspection, reveals the true depth of the connection existing between the members of these cultures and their understanding of the natural world. As these societies have become dominated by the patriarchal and monotheistic systems of outside powers and taken on political and economic aspects of these powers, the resulting friction, internecine warfare and imposition of inequalities bears witness to the corruption of the natural order the system represents when taken to the extreme, as is the case in all instances, at the end of this current Age.

The lack of sustainability of modern culture and the patriarchy is apparent in every direction you might choose to look. But have you chosen to look recently? To pay attention to this particular aspect of our shared reality? Do you see how insidious it is, how you don’t even usually think about it? Do you recognize the ways the patriarchal viewpoints hide in plain view? Do you see it in your family structure? In the way that your job works? In the continuing disintegration of sustainable family relations, of government to the individual, or views of paternalism toward other groups of people and nature itself? If it is not apparent to you in your personal relationships, or in what you see on the television daily as government attempts to function while the world changes around it, then just look at the result of what the dominance of this patriarchal culture has wrought upon the face of the earth. The dying oceans, the dying land, the dying animals, the dying people. Nuclear holocausts, chemical air, waste-filled water, distraction-oriented entertainments.  Our minds are filled with the detritus of a material and consumer-based culture that consumes and consumes and consumes and pays barely the smallest amount of lip-service to reciprocity or to honoring or respecting the planet upon which we all must live.

The dearth of intergenerational equity speaks to the inability of our cultures to perceive life past the limited viewpoint of the subject and time-based boundaries of the world as we see it right now, of life as we conceive of it and interpret it right now. But there is more to it than right now in the holistic sense, although a recognition that all life is, is a recurrent series of right nows, occurring endlessly following, a serial rendition of the moment, ever repeating, and that the future and past are conscious illusions we create in order to exist within material culture, ego-based and limited as we are. The right of the future to exist and to inherit a planet upon which life is sustainable is a viewpoint based upon faith in human ability to limit our destruction of the biosphere in deference to posterity. But is that something that is really upon the minds of people these days? 

I hear too many people saying they don’t want children and don’t understand why people would bring children into the world these days. Then they go about listing a litany of reasons why they won’t bring children into the world, usually to include all of the wars, all of the poisons, the way people treat each other, overpopulation and the limits of the biosphere to sustain a certain amount of people. Most of these arguments are specious and selfish and have little basis in reality, as most of these complaints are really a cover for the fact that these individuals want to enjoy a life without a responsibility to life which is implied in bringing life into this world yourself. It is easy to consider yourself apart from the world and decry the state of the world when you have no stake in making it better. And if you have no personal posterity, no children, then you have no stake in a future where you are not present. So, what if it is the end of the world? What do you care, since you’re not going to be here anyway?

This is the mentality that contributes to the zeitgeist, the collective envisioning of what life is, where we are as a species and where we are headed as we circle the sun on this small but significant planet and as our solar system travels through the galaxy on its rendezvous with destiny, repeating cycles too old to name, for reasons to inscrutable for our limited minds to understand. We are living during the time of a great Paradigm Shift, a time when the old ways no longer work and the new ways are not yet clearly delineated. A time of great danger, of great challenges, of great possibilities. There are more examples of the patriarchy’s dominance, of its imperative to suppress information rather than reveal it, to limit people’s prospects rather than increase them, to seek dissolution through destruction, rather than growth through cultivation. But I expect I’ve said enough to get you thinking about things a little bit more as the world continues to change around us and we move closer to the Age of Aquarius, which is the real New Age of Peace arriving, as the Age of Pisces and warfare ends.  Ages generally end with a bang, not a whimper, and we are living, experiencing that bang right now, as we speak. The patriarchy will not go down without a fight. How could it? It is what the patriarchy is all about.


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