A World in Flux: The revolution of global consciousness

Everybody is sick of the government. No matter where in the world you go. Nobody trusts their government or the words that come out of its servants mouths. The governments are not responsive to the needs of their constituents in the best of cases. In the worst of cases, they are killing their citizens in the streets.

Governments and corporations are indistinguishable from each other these days. Even past the reality that all governments are in fact corporations, the military-industrial complex has gone global and there is no separation between wars, stores and states. The imperatives of naked power and greed are so pervasive, the excesses of the corporatocracy so bold as to be almost unbelievable. Rumblings of revolutionary discontent permeate the international and collective consciousness of the young and old alike.  What used to be conspiracy theory is lived reality. Natural disasters deepen unnatural ones and people dig down deep either to ignore the realities surrounding them and immerse themselves in their daily lives or to find some answer to the riddles posed as life experience, seeking these answers in philosophy, religion or unaligned spirituality.

The idea of freedom appeals to human nature at the basest level. It is the birthright of existence. The democratic traditions of the Western nations seem, to most of the world, to be the epitome of freedom expressed as the guarantee of certain rights to their populations, to include that of speech, movement and tolerance.  For those citizens of countries that do not allow their citizens the very basic of these human rights, to witness the lifestyles of those living in the Western countries, on television in some cases – but mostly on the internet – highlights their own lack of similar freedoms.  Thus, we find a critical mass being reached in places like Southwest Asia and North Africa, where populations who have been abused by dictatorships and subservience to Western dominance have finally decided that enough is enough.

In countries across what is popularly known as the Middle East, so-called “freedom movements” have spread like wildfire as the citizens in country after country have taken to the streets, the common call being, enough! We have had enough of your dictatorships! We have had enough of no jobs or poorly-paying jobs! We have had enough of curfews and repression, of disappearances in the night and brutal thug tactics by cops, security forces and the armies! We have had enough disrespect of our sovereign right to a favored existence and we are not going to take it anymore! What these widespread sentiments of discontent have morphed into are scenes of sometimes peaceful protest in some countries and scenes of bloodshed and violence in the streets in others. Underlying all of these scenes, is the reality of a pervasive and all-encompassing wave of change that is sweeping not only the developing world, but the developed world as well.

In the West, the unions fight the fight of the working class, while, world-wide, the plight of the worker displays similar characteristics country to country, indicating that there is unanimity among the power-elite of these countries in their desire to continue to attack the unions as the cause of the problems experienced by workers, rather than their own greed and material excess as reported in the United States and countless nations around the world. While the rich and the famous continue to claim the lion’s share of the world’s resources as their own, women and children live in deplorable conditions in under-developed nations around the world, and even in the developed countries, poverty continues to increase as vital services are denied to those who need them but do not have access to insurance and must risk their economic well-being by visiting emergency rooms for the slightest health problems.

The reach of the Internet has increased in recent years, resulting in an awakening consciousness at a global scale as people all across the world realize that they are afflicted by the same enemies and the same problems, often from the same root causes that can be associated with the same oppressors using the same methods in different locales. Previously, the spread of information was limited by internal controls on the media, state run television and radio in Southwest Asian and North African countries cast the Western countries as hedonistic centers of Imperial power intent upon taking their natural resources and leaving them destitute and subject to the evil lifestyles of the godless and soulless scions of democracy and devolution. And while, to an extent, this image of the West and its freedoms does have a basis in reality, people across the world have decided that they want to make their own choices about their lifestyles and no longer fear the harsh tactics and heavy hands of their dictatorial Royals and Beloved Leaders. This irresistible tide of revolutionary discontent has spread across the Muslim world, since that geographic extent contains the highest concentration of materially repressive governmental structures in the world, resulting in political and social situations that were unthinkable 6 months ago.

The plight of the masses in the Western countries is somewhat different. Given the freedoms inherent within the constitutionally democratic and elective representative forms of government, overt material control of populations, physical control of movement and heavy-handed control of information are anathema, as employing such measures would result in an immediate uprising of the populations if done in a manner similar to that of those fascist governments in Southwest Asia and North Africa. Instead, the art of persuasion – by way of subliminally-controlled media blitzes, economic and social blackmail by corporations and governmental agencies – has become the accepted if not overtly acknowledged modus operandi of control methodologies that have undergone many decades of experimentation and deployment amongst the American and European populations. Alongside these covert methods are chemical and mechanical tools that have been deployed throughout the populations on  mass and individual levels for years, in varying capacities and levels of technological sophistication.  EMF weapons remain a skeptical potentiality in the eyes of most while the governments of the world have capitalized upon this skepticism to continue to experiment and deploy these technologies against their populations unawares.

Still, and despite the lengths to which governments and corporations are willing to go to maintain control of their populations, their efforts are meeting with increasing resistance worldwide. In the Developed countries, massive demonstrations over austerity measures on the part of conservative-leaning governments continue to break attendance records as national economies suffer beneath the leaden feet of the corporate behemoths that continue to bulge and bloat as they ravenously feast upon the material, cultural and spiritual production of the world’s population of 6,911,162,382. In sheer numbers, the Elite are limited in their capacity to maintain their domination of the planet. But, given the unassailable fact that there is no consensus on the part of the world’s population upon how to replace them or what to replace them with, the ages old pyramidal structure of command and control remains dominant for the present time, until such a time as a viable alternative suffuses the collective unconscious shared by all of humanity, showing us all a way through and beyond the external limitations placed upon our potentialities by forces almost beyond our conception.

From the purely material and psychological point of view, it is human nature to rebel against authority, to seek our highest possible state of being. From the takeover and co-optation of hip hop as global youth culture to the continuing migration of populations from their ethnic homelands to hybrid cultures around the world, old ways of thinking and living are shifting as new ways of thinking and living become more widespread. While it is a given that some are content with living their lives in relative peace and anonymity there is a fundamental human dignity that suffers beneath the weight of oppression and that cannot be denied expression forever. As the Western nations currently attempt to defuse the freedom movements in Southwest Asia and North Africa by implementing Democratic Reforms, they are attempting to replace one form of overt control with another form of covert control.  With the increase in relative freedoms these new forms of governments will allow their people, it is quite possible that the powers-that-be may suppress further dissension and out and out anarchy for a while longer.  But as a side-effect of the global connection provided by the Internet, the dissatisfaction of Westerners with these forms of government are also apparent to those who don’t even have those freedoms, and as one material revolution on one side of the world is nominally stabilized, another, deeper revolution of consciousness will break through the strictly enforced media silence to attempt the overthrow of the mental and spiritual controls of the technological West against its own populations. The victory of consciousness over control mechanisms, no matter how seemingly pervasive or irresistible they might be, is inevitable. The only question, is when.


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