Japan, Germany and the shifting Moabite Reality

The tripartite disaster that has struck Japan resonates in the consciousness of the entire world as concern, prayers and well-wishes rise to fill the atmosphere with a swelling tide of empathic resonance. The international aid community has responded to the events with a considerable effort, sending aid workers, supplies and search and rescue resources to the affected areas and the search for survivors continues as concerns continues to mount while the death toll rises. While the built infrastructure withstood the quake admirably, the tsunami following devastated the north country, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Now, the nuclear danger posed by the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant has reawakened international concerns regarding the safety of nuclear power as well as recriminations regarding the placement of such dangerous technology in such a tectonically sensitive region of the world.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Germany puts a halt to a growing Western willingness to intervene militarily in the conflict in Libya in the form of a no-fly zone spanning the entire country, thereby limiting Ghadafi’s ability to attack his countrymen and subjects from the air. The nascent people-centric rebellions that have defined the tide of restless political aspiration that has swept across Southwest Asia and North Africa remain fragile, subject to co-optation by entrenched interests beholden to outside forces that have worked ceaselessly to keep that region controlled and divided for decades.  Seemingly well aware of their vulnerability to these external powers, the necessity of removing pawns and poodles that have benefited from the economic evisceration of their own nations at the behest of these interests, opposition strategies seem determined to hold their ex and current officials to account for their transgressions. Germany’s unwillingness to reign in the Libyan dictator as well as Gadhafi’s insistence that the rebel forces are Al Qaeda and, therefore, enemies of the West, seems to herald a tacit approval by the West of his brutish tactics, designed to quell the rebellion forcibly and suppress all attempts by the population to remove the dictatorial foot of Gadhafi from their collective necks. Attempts at fomenting democratic reform in other South-west Asian dictatorships and Kingdoms are being met by similar signs of executive-level violence against their populations with the exception of Egypt, which continues to inch its way cautiously toward some form of constitutional democracy.

Mirroring the concerns of developed nations around the world, to include many in the United States, German officials are beginning to question the feasibility of their continued dependence upon nuclear facilities as a viable and sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-based energy sources. This abrupt shift may be an indication that Germany intends to reduce its own susceptibility to planned or unplanned nuclear dangers as quickly as possible. The reasons for this seemingly overly-paranoid reaction may not be immediately clear to those unfamiliar with the long-standing connection between these two countries. The historical relationship between Germany and Japan dates from the mid-1800s and the admiration of the Japanese for a peculiarly German form of political development which they institutionalized during their own social and political reformation in the form of the Meiji Constitution, formalized during this intense period of Japanese modernization as a result of European and American imperial interests in the East. The relationship between the countries rose and fell with the tide of imperial interests and power plays as Japan created its own empire in the East, allying with Great Britain against Germany during WWI but ultimately tying their fate to that of the European power alongside Italy during WWII, resulting in the loss of the material aspect of the war, their perceived autonomy and their colonial holdings across Southeast Asia.

Japan’s pride and Samurai spirit has gained the admiration of the entire world, especially during this time of crisis. Given the opportunity to receive aid from many countries, Japan has only accepted help from a relative few. This sense of pride and hubris has had its negative side, as Japan currently suffers from poor relations with its formal imperial possessions due to its callous and unrepentant attitude in the wake of WWII in regards to atrocities committed against both Chinese and Korean nationals. While the wartime relationship between Germany and Japan during WWII seems baffling upon the surface, the deeply held beliefs in the superiority of their cultures over those of surrounding countries made the two imperial powers natural allies during that era of global power grabs.

Following the material loss of WWII, both Germany and Japan were occupied by the United States and the Allied powers. But, perhaps fatally, the NATO alliance failed to limit the two countries economic and political machinations. This error has resulted in the successful evisceration of American industrial capacity due to its internal disintegration beneath a concerted German/Japanese effort. Following WWII, American political and military cohesion was coopted from within by the incorporation of former Nazi scientists under the auspices of Operation Paper Clip. In the intervening time period, these individuals and their descendants have infiltrated the United States at every level of government, but primarily concentrating in critical national services such as the FBI, CIA and the Department of Energy. Extending even to the highest levels of American diplomacy, the connection between the United States and the Nazi hierarchy has remained a known secret and the shared agenda of both countries racialized Elite – one of eugenics and population control – has achieved a level of perceptual pervasiveness that renders it near invisible in its ubiquitous permeation of American and global culture and collective consciousness.

Japan, for its part, engaged in open economic warfare against the United States, the form of which was recognized quite early on, following WWII:

in an obvious effort to both survive and revenge the loss of WWII, Japan’s postwar economy was structured under pure mercantilist principles to engender “the greatest transfer of wealth in history” (at that time) from America to Japan. (J.W. Smith)

Beset from both sides of the oceans isolating the United States from physical aggression by these imperial powers, they collaborated in a seemingly coincidental manner in the economic destruction that now debilitates the United States of America. The end result has been the loss of American industrial capacity under the vagaries of Globalization and a concentrated assault upon the American middle class, through corporate schemes that have issued from a particularly vicious and vindictive form of economic warfare epitomizing the predatory over the egalitarian.

I have spoken in depth about the Moabite Imperative here and here. From this Judeo-Christian based perspective of historical events, current realities can be interpreted contextually in a way that reveals the primary actors clearly. The conspiratorial nature of this viewpoint notwithstanding, the internal consistency of these observations taken alongside the irrefutable results and present-day alignment of Powers and Principalities is clearly recorded in economic realities that have manifested out of the chaos of free market principles and hidden alliances revealed by outcome rather than admittance. While clearly being subject to Germany’s dominance, Japan’s assistance in providing political and economic support to Deutschland in the continuing geopolitical dramas engulfing the world stage is obviously of pre imminent importance to both countries. At the highest levels of political and corporate command and control, a nexus of infernal agreement lies in collusion.

The continued pressure placed upon South-west Asian (Middle-eastern) nations by the Moabites reveals the crux of the issue. While the media and pundits seem united in their belief that the movement of the people of these nations toward Democracy as a form of governance is assured, the images of thousands of Muslims on their knees praying during the Egyptian uprising was powerful enough to give rise to the fear of theocratic governance, giving Iran an instantaneous leadership position over the entire region. The underlying threat of secular versus religious cultural warfare permeates the discussion, rarely mentioned particularly as a Judeo-Christian/Islamic Crusade/Jihad on the Western side of the equation while being generally recognized as such from an Eastern vantage. The overwhelmingly secular nature of the general populace of the Western nations explains this perceptual disadvantage and propensity toward mass manipulation by Elites bent upon the mass destruction of human life and total control of the world and its material and spiritual assets.

Selfish interest, vindictiveness and malignant narcissism, otherwise known as evil, lie at the heart of this paranoid, obsessive streak, corresponding, more or less, with Western cultural trends toward individualistic and xenophobic behavior in regards to the psychological, and, perhaps coincidentally, peculiarly German conception of  the constitutive Other. Beyond doomsday conceptions of the eternal conflict between Good and Evil lies the continuing gulf between consciousnesses and the alienation that arises between people of differing cultures and origins be they ethnic, racial or just geographic.  Recognizing the reality that concentrated threads of enmity have survived the death of the individual through inter-generational imperatives of extraordinarily persistent continuity speaks to one of the primary gulfs that have separated all of humanity from a select Elite throughout human history.

The loss of life in Japan is a sad and unfortunate event in the ongoing saga of humanity, the latest in a seemingly unending series of many sad and unfortunate events. In the equation of cause and effect, the third of Newton’s laws of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Emotions are exactly that, energy in motion,  corresponding to spiritual laws of Karma as well as quantum physics conceptions of chaos and the butterfly effect. The interlinked nature of our shared reality brooks no independence in the generally accepted understanding of the term; all is interconnected and linked in a physical and conceptual ocean of causation and evolutionary growth. This linkage extends back to the origins of Creation itself in the form of quantum entanglement, giving credence to the world-wide agreement of spiritual systems that we are all One in reality and that what we do as individuals and groups has repercussions in the greater scheme of things.

Strategies, no matter how old their origins or perfect in their understanding of psychology, designed to appeal to the basest qualities of human nature are doomed to failure.  The physical nature of the multiverse itself demands the movement of positive and negative energetic expressions along a continuum of infinite potential. And yet, there is a moral and ethical strata of thought, behaviour and existence  that almost demands compliance and yet acknowledges the pre imminence of Free Will as the ultimate expression of conscious evolution. This being so, the physical expression of such sublime energetics spans the gamut between positive and negative as well, also in individuals as well as collectives.

We all must stand for our choices and our alliances, be they chosen by Self or society.  In the end, everything is a choice, once an individual has achieved a certain level of self-awareness and sentience.  To stand with those who seek the dominance and suppression of thought, action and will by the preponderance of the human family is to choose also the repercussions of that stance. To enjoy the power and privilege of worldly ascendency is to ally oneself with the consequences of that lifestyle.

To choose otherwise is to choose love, compassion and Service-to-Others (STO) over Service-to-Self (STS). Alignment with the Moabite Imperative is a renunciation of the Divine in favour of the worldly.  The results of that choice are now clear.

The Moabite Series

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2. Connecting the Moabite Dots and other Sundry Articles of Faith and Disbelief

3. Japan, Germany and the shifting Moabite Reality

4. Moabite Moves: Setbacks, retrenchment and false-flag realities

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  1. This was a great article. I borrowed a quote and posted it on my facebook status. “To stand with those who seek the dominance and suppression of thought, action and will by the preponderance of the human family is to choose also the repercussions of that stance. To enjoy the power and privilege of worldly ascendency is to ally oneself with the consequences of that lifestyle.” This says it all. Too often we don’t realize the calamity we cause with our consumptuous rise to the illusion of the top! Thank you.

    1. Thank you for dropping by and reading, and leaving your words. These are momentous times we live in, every choice has meaning. I am honored by your visit and agreement. Bless.

  2. Surprisingly penetrating insights into a facet of reality/history we humans believe we’ve experienced to the extent the experiences of our parents and grandparents can be labelled ‘we’ and ‘us’ and ‘our’ with any validity. The recognition of Japanese behavior during the period following WWI through the end of WWII isn’t widely shared, and even less so is the contrast of that behavior compared to the post-WWI International intervention into Russia while affairs there were being settled out. The Japanese forces composing a piece of that intervention behaved with conspicuously more respect and courtesy toward Russians in their plights than members of any of the other military forces involved. Yet, within the space of a decade or two a demonstration of savagery manifested itself applied more-or-less democratic fashion whenever opponents came under their power.

    I’m going to think a good bit more about the rest of what you’ve said. A number of broad-brush premises you suggest seem to me to require careful examination piece by piece, fiber by fiber before I’d accept them without a healthy seasoning of doubt.

    Good post though, food for thought. Thanks.

    1. I’d expect no less, Sir. The premise of this series of articles presupposes the existence of a secretive group within a larger secretive group, and many of the pronunciations made are dependent upon an extraordinary set of understandings related to this. Also, the mystical aspect is implicit, with streams of fate, prophecy, the war between good and evil and power beyond what we know as modern and common science. All I wish to do is to provoke thought. Take what you like and leave what you will.

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