The Obama-Nation: Control systems as political carnival

NEW Oct 14, 2012: Fear of a Black POTUS: Hope and change in Obama’s America

Governmental systems are, by nature, self-sustaining organizations. They are Institutions, whose very function is determined by prevailing norms. Those prevailing norms only stem from the society from which they spring in the original instance, thereafter becoming self-sustaining entities whose function determines their expression. Both governmental and private organizations work primarily for their own furtherance, meaning, that those individuals who enter government service, or corporate careers, are not working, primarily, for themselves. They are working for the benefit of the Institution. In this context, any individual promoting change in either a private or public Institution, must not be speaking of fundamental change, but of incremental change designed to further hone the mission and overall purpose of that Institution.

As a bit of background, I’m a Geographer, which means that my holistic interest is the world, in both its natural and anthropogenic natures. I have taught physical and world geography classes, which encompass the diverse array of phenomenon in the world, from plate tectonics and eolian processes to religious diffusion, population growth and migration patterns. As a result, I have been at various times immersed, subsumed and “taken over” by my own, personal prevailing norms, those of my family, immediate friends and associates. Because I cultivate diversity in thought and opinion  I surround myself with individuals from all quarters of the political spectrum, from the far Left to the far Right, from the Center to the apathetic and uninvolved. Because of the historic run Obama, as an African American, made for the White House, I supported him on the basis of personal and cultural reasons, stemming from my own trans-Atlantic life experiences as well as my understanding of this country and what is needed for it to move forward.

Understand me clearly: because of my own peculiar interests and deeply held beliefs, the fundamental perspective from which I viewed the preceding two years of the Obama-Nation in full effect  proceeds from the knowledge that there is very little hope of humanity escaping from the economic peonage that has ensnared the world in the guise of Globalism under this current system of world governance. Understanding that reality did not lessen my enjoyment of the spectacle in the least. Understanding that, for true progress to be made, this predatory, fractional-reserve banking and economic system must fall, did not prevent me from loving the sight of Barack Hussein Obama and his beautiful family standing on the stage in Grant park, after winning the White House. Understanding the depth of the economic, cultural and political issues did allow me to appreciate his position based upon the historic and spatial juncture of total system overload and the ascendancy of a man of African, Native and European blood, a man like me, to the throne of Democracy in what is, still, the greatest hegemonic Superpower in the world. Understanding that there are extra-material considerations at the level of Densities and Dimensions affecting our lived experience, and that the matrix-like control system that subsumes rationality and consciousness in favor of ignorance and chattle-like collusion, did not move me to decry the entire event as meaningless and, more than that, an exercise in futility. Understanding that, no matter what has happened in the years intervening and what may happen two years hence, during the next presidential election cycle, November the 4th, 2008, was the first time in a very, very long time, that the American people and the World, in conscious conjunction, chose a path that quite possibly caused the Powers-That-Be to change their plans in accordance with the Will of the People, rather than the other way around.

I do not say this lightly. Perhaps the last time something of this sort occurred was in 1976, and the American public was disenchanted with politics in the form of the Watergate scandal and a President who resigned, rather than face the full scrutiny of a Nation. Jimmy Carter, a governor and peanut farmer from Georgia, rose from near-total obscurity to win the White House based upon a sound political strategy that Obama repeated – focusing upon the Caucuses and a message of clear distinction from the opposition – and honed to near perfection, taking full advantage of that technological behemoth that was only just being birthed in the early to mid-70s (DARPANET), the Internet. What separates Obama from Carter is the margin of victory and the fact that, when both elections were held, Carter was losing points to Ford, while Obama continued togain points against McCain up until the very end. What this represents is an incremental-but-conscious departure from the politics of division that have been practiced by pundits and pols on both sides of the political spectrum for generations.

In order to fully understand the magnitude of this event, it is necessary to realize the implications of what has been oft-repeated throughout Obama’s tenure as President: he mobilized populations that have never been mobilized to such an extent, in any political season, ever. But even so, he won without them. He crossed almost every boundary and took almost every demographic category measured. Because of this clear majority, in every state except for a few, the margin of victory was so wide that the usual election shenanigans (voter suppression, machine malfunction, vote flipping, disenfranchisement, ad infinitum) that we’ve become so familiar with over the course of the last four election cycles (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006) could not be sustained, because their poisoned efficacy depends upon close elections, within 2 to 3 percentage points, in order to be effectively implemented. Responding to an economic crisis, a health care crisis, a governmental crisis and a crisis in confidence, the intervening time period has been fraught with political barbed wire and hidden traps, backbiting and sheer obstructionism by the honorable opposition, a world changing almost daily, rent by civil wars, strife as well as anthropogenic and natural disasters that seem to be on the increase, Obama’s time as president has been anything but uneventful. It is questionable whether any president ever has faced such obstacles and problems. The fact that he does so with such smooth aplomb and self-control seems, to many, to be almost inhuman, providing fodder for the multitudes that observe his navigation of these treacherous waters with distaste and an almost savage glee, despite the fact that we are all in the same boat and stand to lose as a people if Obama fails at these challenges that face the nation and the world.

The post-scripted inevitability of Obama’s broad-based appeal to a large segment of the American populace only became clear to the Global Elite, power-mongers, sycophants and toadies at the end of the Primary season, when the chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, was recognized as the sum total of a failed and dishonorable opposition and an obsolete remnant of a system of political combat and blind partisanship that the Electorate had already moved beyond. Since her appointment, her tenure as Secretary of State has been one of ups and downs, with the overall effect being one of competence and reserve in an era of fast-changing political and social realities. The fact that Obama built his voter’s organization from the grass and net-roots, utilizing sound community organizing principles (Saul Alinsky) in old and new ways, allowed him to leap-frog over the competition and inject his own brand of international populism into the mainstream of American political thought, while the fact that he build his circle of advisors and cabinet members from the elite of Chicago and the Business world placed him firmly in the hands of the Institutions, which he has continued to placate and uphold during the span of his entire presidency. But in a more fundamental way, his appeal transcended even politics, and his oft-derided status as “The One”, represents a very real yearning within not only the American electorate, but the world, for the appearance on the world-stage of a transformatory figure, a Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt or Kennedy, to lead the people out of the bankrupt and desperate wilds and into the civilized and prosperous light promised by the “idea of America” as that literary Shining City on a Hill, as formulated by this country’s founding fathers, successive Presidents and the pyramidal, masonic tradition upon which was built this secular faith we call the American Dream.

Institutions, as organizations founded and united for a specific purpose, serve that purpose by consolidating all effort in the continuance of what can only be described as overriding structural imperatives. These imperatives are self-sustaining and act toward the preservation of these Institutions and the social structures from whence they spring. To deviate for just a moment, it is often stated by Linguists that polytonal languages (African, Chinese) are much more sublime, descriptive and meaningful than monotonic (Indo-European) languages, because there are more words. Or, to be more precise, that a single word can mean more dependent upon its pronunciation and the tone and emphasis with which it is spoken. It is also generally understood that languages help to either confine or conflate the individuated thought process. Language structures, as an indicator of mental processes, also work to define possibilities inherent within the societies that evolve from different ethnic and linguistic agglomerations, resulting in the formation of cultures, nations, and nation-states. As expressions of the underlying socio-linguistic array, the Institutions of a society are bounded by the possibilities stemming from the creative act birthed, in the first instance, by the cycling of thought through speech and into action, resulting in the direct manifestation of the creative urge upon the material planes of existence. This mirrors the greater creative act implicit within the creation of the Mulitiverse itself, as explicated in creation story after creation story, when Divinity “spoke” Creation into existence. Omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence. All present, all knowing, and all powerful. Cascading down macrocosmic lines of understanding to the microcosmic, national and local iterations of this “divine power” of creation find themselves mirrored in the religious, political and social stratification of power along the pyramidal model, relating our super-modern culture directly to the ancient cultures of the near east, north Africa and the Americas, from whence the social system we now practice originates.

As this control system has evolved, its pyramidal hierarchical structure has siphoned energy and wealth from the bottommost expanse of the base and redistributed them – for both the material and spiritual aggrandizement – to the uppermost, elite echelons. In this context, collusion within the social Institutions that have evolved within this nefarious structure includes the extremes of both acceptance and denial, represented by those who work for the system, as well as those who work against the system. Control mechanisms designed to minimalize the revolutionary aspects inherent to human consciousness are thereby co opted by naturalistic tendencies toward personal gain, resulting in popular formulations whereby those who were the revolutionaries of the 1960s all got government, corporate and academic jobs in the 1970s, their acerbic fervor redirected toward the continuance of the system that they were opposed to by the forces of social pressure and economic privation. Because no Institution exists in a vacuum, and all Institutions strive toward their own sustainability, those who make the decision to enter into these Institutions implicitly genuflect to that Institutions mores, goals and intents, becoming yet another cog in the machinery, engaged in the continuous process of focusing the Institution even more precisely upon the overall purpose for which the Institution was created. In other words, not only will the revolution be televised, it will come with a dummy’s guide and action figures, a Saturday morning cartoon, graphic novel and a series of three movies to top it all off. Therefore, working within the system to change the system thereby becomes the modus operandi of so-called “change-agents”, typified and taken to the highest degree of expression by the successful presidential run of one of the most daring and intelligent aspirants toward political office in our times, Barack Hussein Obama.

Well versed in the social gospels of speechifying, community organizing and being also somewhat familiar with mediation between the poles of political extremism, Obama represents the culmination of a system co opted by itself and reduced by the parasitic privations of its elite economic class to the level of seeking redemption from a representative of one of the most oppressed minority groups in America and, perhaps, in modern and ancient history. His in-depth understanding of the American spirit and his own position within this culture allowed him to formulate his political rise against the backdrop of an ethnic and economic melting pot that thrives upon its own contradictions while boasting of its adherence to the highest moral principles achieved by philosophy and religion, the culmination of an Age of progressive endeavor that has achieved a degree of wealth and power consolidation previously unknown to the ancient and modern worlds. Attractive to many and, considered at the time of his election to be beholden to none, the world set its sights and its dreams upon the person of one Barack Hussein Obama, reveling in the contradiction his name and ethnicity implies, self-righteously elevating him to the highest station as the answer to not only America’s most shameful sin, Indigenous and African slavery, but the entire western world’s seemingly innate dependence upon conscious, race-based xenophobia and planned, global scarcity as the fear-based answers to humanity’s deepest questions regarding existence and purpose upon this big, blue marble we all inhabit. The Obama-Nation and world colluded in the act of ostensibly overturning the racial hierarchy, while leaving the economic, political and social systems of the greater, pyramidal hierarchy – itself hovering about the brink of dissolution and imminent destruction – relatively intact.

It is said that greatness arises when the need is there. As this country and the world stand poised upon the cusp of fundamental change, the need is obviously there. The question, therefore, is from whence shall greatness arise, in response. The question of whether Barack Obama is that man has been overwhelmed by the stark reality of the continuing economic  downturn, a Tea-party funded by billionaires, a republican right steadfast in its opposition, a democratic moderate center that waxes and wanes with the moon and a left wing that spends more time complaining than supporting a regime that must, of necessity, tack to the center. Materially speaking, the continuing cascade of economic causes and effects has led and, potentially, shall lead not only the US but the world to the brink of an economic and politic crisis of a scope never seen before. Psychologically speaking, the pervasive discontent that permeates the great masses of humanity lies just above the surface of complacency, and awaits just the right event to explode into the lived experience of many who have thought themselves beyond such base concerns. Spiritually speaking, the preponderance of religious systems intoning gloom and doom and the onset of the End of Days resonates with a great many, adding tinder to the already blazing fires of psychological and material processes that cannot burn out, without consuming all within reach of their flames. The inability of Barack Hussein Obama to fundamentally change the system over which he now rules, is immaterial. That change is going to occur above and beyond the superficial shift in the ethnic makeup of a minor dignitary in the global hierarchy, whom we fondly call the President of the United States of America.

My participation and observance of these nationalistic rites of passage stem, in my own first instance(s), from my early indoctrination within this system as an Air Force brat, an Army and Desert-Storm veteran, sometimes Revolutionary and all-times Spiritualist. I recognize my own inconsistencies in this matter clearly, while being also cognizant of the greater implications of these times and the impending change that threatens the world as we know it with a fundamental shift in orientation. I’m reminded of two of the main protagonists in the seminal novel by Ayn Rand, “Atlas shrugged”, Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden. Brilliant and high-achieving Industrialists, both came to recognize, over the course of the novel, the nature of the system within which they labored to provide their services to, and yet, both refused, almost unto the very dissolution of the social compact that system sought to destroy, to withdraw themselves and the fruit of their labors, from that society, even while they were conscious of their thankless efforts to sustain it until it could be sustained no more. For some of us, concerned with the movement of masses of people toward greater expressions of Oneness and unity, this was a moment that will shine forth as singular, in the annals of human history. For others, it has been the culmination of every conspiracy theory ever conceived. And both groups, perhaps, are right.

Participating without illusions, in full knowledge of what is real, is the highest expression of civic duty, in the abstract, but the personal expression of a moral duty to one’s Self, in the material. In full recognition of the contradictory, objectivist philosophical stance that morality beyond Self is anathema, I submit that, within the extra-sensory spiritual dimensions, the events of the last two years hold significance upon multiple planes of awareness and that an individual’s responsibility towards Self is, in truth, also a reflection of a clear responsibility toward the collective. In one instance as the manifestation of a next-level control-system imperative, designed to foment a world order based upon a model set millenia ago, but in another, as a collective decision made by a soul-group mired in 3rd Density awareness, and yet cognizant of the existence of higher densities to be achieved, beyond time and space, yearning ever unto the Light.

Barack Hussein Obama will be who he is destined to be. The Institutions that he serves, that we all serve to one extent or another, will culminate in their fullest expression as they are designed to do. The terms we use to describe our positions in this world, “in the rat race”, “jumping through the brass ring/hoop”, “under a glass ceiling”, “keeping up with the joneses”, “don’t sleep on this information”, “out of the box”, all speak to our shared, conscious awareness that we are part and parcel of a control system that encompasses our entire lives. Escaping the control system can only occur when its parameters can be clearly discerned. That is the task that each of us must embark upon as we continue to live our lives within the constraints of the world and people around us. Our families, friends and acquaintances, who are as unaware of the ceilings and walls of our prison as rats born into a maze are unaware of their own imprisonment, are our co-jailers, and work diligently to “keep the blinders on”, so as not to disturb the dream of civility that masks the horrific incivility of our situation from clear sight and direct dissection.

Greater forces than those we can individually muster are at work, and as we each continue to work upon ourselves, increasing our own knowledge and acting to educate those nearest to us, the observance of what is occurring around us will provide us with clear signs leading toward the inevitability of true and lasting change, beyond the possible actions or inaction of a single President, even a black one, saddled with the worst job and the hopes and dreams of an entire world, weary of its own weight.

NEW Oct 14, 2012: Fear of a Black POTUS: Hope and change in Obama’s America



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