Africanisms, Original Sin, Satanism and Oneness: Is there any relationship between them?

I do not argue with people about their religion. In fact, I agree with everyone about the validity of their religion. My purpose is primarily to share information that ties traditions together, rather than continue to separation that is so evident here on the Net, and the world across. I know Christianity quite well, since that is the tradition in which I was raised, so many of the statements that I make, while being made in a holistic, tradition-spanning context, will come from lessons that those who are familiar with Christianity will recognize.

With that said, I do have one basic belief that I disagree with the Institution of the Church about; a belief that has not generally been interpreted in the right context.  I will use this one example to segue into a general discussion regarding sin, the nature of separation and the history of spiritual thought as it relates to its earliest origins. We will also be discussing karma and the synthesis of religions that have resulted in the constellation of religious belief systems that we see here in the Americas primarily, although the general trend of this discussion will be worldwide in scope and implication.

The doctrine that I want to begin with, is that of Original Sin. The doctrine of Original Sin, which is held to state that all men are sinners and the world is evil, that fire and brimstone await us and that only the Elect who follow certain prescriptions during their lifetime will reach the Kingdom of Heaven. Romans 5:18 is usually one of the primary sources used to support the doctrine of Original Sin to the laity.

Romans 5:18 “Consequently, just as the result of one trespass was condemnation for all men, so also the result of one act of righteousness was justification that brings life for all men.”

This doctrine, utilizing Adam and Jesus as oppositional extremes, seems to expound more directly upon the dichotomous nature of the world, and is a logical treaties on the nature of reality. The trespass of Adam through Eve being the Original Sin that led humanity to expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The Sacrifice of Jesus is the way through the Angel guarding the Garden’s bounties with his burning sword and is, therefore, the way back to G-d.

But the way the doctrine is applied twists Christianity, because Judaism and Islam do not express that same tenet, being absent the mitigating promise of Jesus the Christ as Savior and Redeemer. Such a system promotes guilt, hopelessness, group-think and abject dependence upon authority figures as well as a retreat from the world, rather than an embracing of it. A giving, or siphoning, of power from the believers to be channeled upward through the church hierarchy and its rituals, to make it through us, and back to G-d. Which, since All is G-d, is pertinent whether the energy goes through Darkness or the Light on its way back to the Source.

Anyway, when black folks got took from Africa and brought here to the Americas, our Christian Overlords and enslavers slammed Christianity upside our heads and, when we’d finished shaking out the cobwebs, we looked at it and said, wait a minute, this system looks a bit familiar! We jazzed and blued it up with our Africanisms, returning it to its source, and Eurocentric Christianity has not been the same since. But our African gods and goddesses followed us to the New World. Really, their power had lain dormant during European expressions of Christian religiosity as a result of centuries of further comprise and weakening of its abstract and non-material spiritual aspects, as undertaken by the Institutional aspect of the overall Control System.

There were black and brown as well as red folks here to meet our ancestors and Columbus knew he hadn’t discovered a thing. And they, along with us in all of our mixed-breed glory, as European, Indigenous and African strains of humanity all met and coalesced here in the Americas in every aspect of human interaction, have proceeded along a new path leading to some further expression of human creativity upon the face of this Earth. The religious systems they personified combined all three worlds, Indigenous herbology, African spiritualism and European Christianity, to come up with the interrelated, synthetic cosmologies of Santeria, Candomble and Vodun, among many other minor systems. You wonder if all or any of this falls under the guise of Satanism?

No, and a slightly muted and qualified yes.

The ancient Kemetic religion, the Mystery Systems, traveled from east to west Africa with Nilotic peoples fleeing Asiatic, then Muslim hoards between about 2000BC and the slavery era. The central and western African traditional religious systems – as well as their languages – retain the general structure of that selfsame religion. The best example of this is Ifa, the religion of the Yoruba people. Same structure – one overarching divinity, and a hierarchy of gods and goddesses, powers and principalities – as the Judaic religions.

It was a natural fit, of course, since Moses was a priest of Kemet, an adept of the Mystery System himself. The formulation of the Hebrew religion incorporated the Kabala as its highest expression, which is a direct mirror of the Tree of Life ideology of the black lands, which traveled north upon the Nile through the Nubian originators of the Nile Delta Pharoah-doms, from the very springs of human evolution in central Africa, and its earliest peoples, the Ba-twa, or Pygmies and their conception of Bes, who led to Ptah, the G-d of G-ds.

When our African ancestors were enslaved here in the Americas and weren’t allowed to practice their indigenous religions openly in the Caribbean and South America, these systems, Vodun, Santeria, Candomble, fell into place as the Africans used the Christian G-d, Jesus, Angels, Mary, the Apostles and Saints to transpose their religious system over the Christian.

It worked perfectly, considering the origins of the Judeo-Christian spiritual system. As further evidence of this reality, the myths of Horus and many other sun-god/savior figures in the ancient world – as well as the rites, rituals and ceremonies attendant therein – to Jesus are too numerous and too close to deny with any degree of credibility.We re-injected our traditions of trance-possession, musicality and life-spirit into Christianity and revived it, resulting in the predominance now of Evangelical Christianity.

G-d is the same G-d today as he was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. He don’t change. The names and particulars of the game change, but the expression remains the same, in the hearts, minds and souls of the people.

But the Institution of the church twists it for power in this world, as all other formal religious institutions relying upon a pyramidal, hierarchical form of worship do. So that, also, remains the same. Again, an expression of that dichotomy. In the brightest light, there is the hint of darkness, and in the darkest night, the promise of light. Corruption and Perfection must exist simultaneously, in the End, one cannot exist without the other, and that dichotomy, again, is the very basic structure of Creation itself.

Some energy is Light, other forms are denser or lighter in nature. All energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is just transformed, often by external processes or agents. Life is vibrations, movement. We are but stardust, when it comes down to it, since our bodies, all material objects, were once parts of stars, and we remain projectile points of consciousness accelerating into Infinity, all fleeing that last diffusion of individuality and experience stemming from the zero-point instance of the BIg Bang. Since energy is eternal and infinite, it has many forms. It differentiates according to its level of vibration, which creates matter, expressed through the mediums of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Since energy is also light, light is consciousness and consciousness defines sentience. Higher orders of Beings occupy differing levels of consciousness, again, relating directly to this same propensity of all spiritual systems to express their angelic and demonic hierarchies in similar manners, no matter where they existed across the Earth, or when.

Karma, or reaping what you sow, or, every action resulting in an equal and opposite reaction, all refer to the expression of what seem to be corresponding physical and spiritual laws regarding the energetic relation of consciousness to matter. In a Creation of Opposites, where night follows day and good leads to bad, right wars against wrong and up struggles with down, our daily and lifelong experiences hold meaning and are of great importance in the evolution of the multiverse.

Since, according to these spiritual and physical laws that apply at every level of Creation, any type of action demands a reaction, this must be true as above, so below. Our every thought, action, is an expression of energy, which acts against infinite winds of screamingly, laughingly sublime and horrific vortices of intent and manifestation, each connected to the other, all an expression of a web of individuated vibratory, astral excretions that meld and mesh beyond time and space in a vast and perfect metaphor of cause and effect. This metaphor is our lives, our souls, the soloists in an eternal, cosmic chorus of spheres and densities, expansion and contraction, morality and immorality.

The differences are surface. The differences that cause us to fight, to battle, to kill each other, are merely vagaries of interpretation exacerbated by power structures in order to pursue agendas, usually monetary in nature. That is the way of the world, and, again, an expression of a dark, but necessary component of this world. Original sin is an excellent tool in this regard, in how it plays upon the reptilian complex by inculcating us, as children in the church, with the fear of a vengeful G-d and the threat of eternal damnation if we do not pray using certain rituals in a certain way to a certain conception of Divinity, to the exclusion of all other conceptions of Divinity.

Of course, the Path remains visible, to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. This shining light of Truth is G-d’s promise to the sincere seeker, that is also available in every other religious system. That, despite the presence of evil the Church, the Mosque, the Synagogue, the Temple, or wherever, in the guise of Bishops, Cardinals, Patriarchs, Priests, Monks, Preachers, Elders, Deacons and the host of internal groups and hierarchies, salvation through individual effort is possible. Through the seeking after of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that leads the aspirant through higher levels of consciousness as he distills the essence of G-d from within, into expression without.

Satanism as a formal religion is a creation of this dude named Anton LeVey in America, although it’s modern roots are often attributed to Aliester Crowley, who lived in the 1800s, in Europe. As you refer to Satanism, you are speaking of ritual profanities of the Host/Eucharist and ceremonies of Christianity that have been practiced by anti-Catholic heretical groups, as well as practitioners of Druidism and Wicca in the historical context of Europe and America. Anything not of the sanitized version of European Christianity was, probably aptly, considered to be of the Devil, of Satan, who himself was based partly upon the kemetian Set. Beyond that, though, there are other, far eastern streams of spirituality (Sat-Tan) that speak of the dark light within as the animating creative force, leading to the motive expression of Self as Bringer of Civilization, of Knowledge, of Material Accumulation and Power in this World. This doctrine is one of self-actualization, or, self as G-d, that has run counter to spiritual trends, self and other as G-d, in the same direction throughout time.

Many modern Sat-tan-ists, trace their beliefs in such to the earliest civilizations and, in fact, their claims are just as valid as that of those who seek the divine through a manifest Divinity such as the Lord of Hosts, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, YHWH, or a Divine Architect figure. That dark light springs from the formative void that the the Kemetians called Amenta, and that the bible expresses as a formless void from whence G-d spoke the First Words, “Let there be light.”

All spiritual systems express this idea of consciousness rising, light bursting, emanating, or energy springing, spiraling from some endless, timeless beginning, through some anthropomorphic figment, animal-like in nature, or a word, or light of some sort. Their inversion of this light by imbuing it with the qualities of darkness released from the void leads to contractile energetic formations, egocentric pursuits such as wealth, power and dominance over other men, with the ultimate goal being, death, black hole dissolution and a return to primeval matter and loss of consciousness.

Those who pursue worldly paths of achievement fall through this nefarious structure, either consciously or unconsciously. They are the definition of Service-to-Self. They seek power, as god-beings, for their own aggrandizement, using all of their faculties to achieve it. Their energy output is actual input, it is contractile, and they suck energy from the world in order to achieve their own Ends, all of which lead to pain and death. These people tend to think of their own interests first, and then others interests as they pertain to the achievement of their own interests. While it seems, here on Earth, that they have achieved the heights of material power, our vision is inverted and twisted, and they represent a concentration of density and an unholy alliance with the malevolent and non-material forces that rule this world. These people’s predominant ways of being are represented aptly by the 7 Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

Those on the opposite side are expansive in nature, seeking to give power equally, to share, to recognize G-d in each other, to abide by the Laws of the Cosmos seeking unity, free expression, endless possibility. Those on this side of the isle seek balance in the world and achieve that parity through their very existence. Warriors of the Light battle ever against the Powers of Darkness. The contractile, repressive bulk of the material, fear and hate, form a bastion against the forces of immateriality; of free-flowing love, and joy. Higher order entities designated “Good” represent these energies, who only appear when called upon with pure heart and intent. These forces, expressed in human form, are comprised of the Seven Virtues: Purity, Self-Control, Will, Effort, Peace, Satisfaction and Modesty.

Service-to-Self versus Service-to-Others. This is the soul of it. This is the Divinity of Oneness, of Creation at its core and in all its material expressions. We, and the world and cosmos, are the material expression of G-d, shards of consciousness projected into experience in a boundless and joyous exploration of potential and possibility. Creation is an endless stage and the Light shines upon every Actor, no matter how great or small, forever and ever, Amen-Ra.



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