Corridors of Elevation: Movement beyond coopted doctrines

The doctrine of Original Sin as posited by the Abrahamic religions divides us into those who believe they must submit and give their power to a specific god and those who know they have the potential to manifest Divinity themselves. To believe that you are inherently flawed is to conduct your spiritual life from a deficit, leaving you enslaved, never having to take responsibility for your own personal evolution.


Yahweh began his tenure as a supreme deity in the foothills of southern Palestine, where he was worshiped by a small group of individuals. He was one of many ethnic deities, made exceptional by his people’s peculiar history which has resulted in his elevation above other gods and goddesses across the span of time and space. The adam and eve story is an allegory tale regarding the introduction of carnal knowledge to the new creations of the Eloheem Anunnaki, and taken from much older Sumerian tales, most probably hearkening back to even older tales of humanity’s origins in earlier ages of humanity going back many millions of years.


There is a direct connection between Yahweh and the Sumerian god Enlil as well as extant connections between Sumeria and Africa, the Americas and Asia, as different cultures have slightly different but related traditions related to events that shaped humanity as well as this earth over eons of geologic time. All of these entities r representative of an older and more technologically sophisticated culture but are not, in and of themselves, the singular Divinity of which all Creation is comprised, super-conscious and self-aware, the spark of its awareness present in every aspect of its Self, our Selves, engaged in constant and on-going co-creation of All That Was, Is and Ever Shall Be.


As such, the ancient tales provide a contextual framework within which modern day occurrences can be interpreted. Science, in the form of quantum physics as well as genetics, archaeology and astronomy, confirm and bring new light to ancient understandings of the multiversal hierarchy, including the reality that there are multiple levels of consciousness and vibrational levels, with entities co-existing in interrelating energetically to the benefit and detriment of both.  Understanding the nature of these interactions reveals the necessity of study and research in making informed decisions regarding the dispensation of your own soul and energetic future.


Questioning the lock-down of consciousness and the misdirection of spiritual energy into finite and limited ascension pathways can only occur once one has determined that the worlds beyond the material plane of existence exist, and that there are supernal entities dwelling therein who may not have humanity’s best interests at heart. Once this possibility is considered, the next question must concern the methods by which these entities subvert the human destiny and coopt it for their own reasons. The inevitable result of questioning popular spiritual truisms then leads the prospective questioner to a search for paths that lead past and beyond the purview of these higher density energetic parasites, and into the realms that lie beyond.


Once an individual has reached this level of understanding, it becomes difficult to interrelate in the same ways one has previously with others who have not done the research and therefore do not share a similar understanding of the nature of reality. While every religious tradition contains a doorway leading to the Corridors of Elevation, in the Abrahamic traditions, these corridors  have been obscured and obstructed by a hierarchy that is ruled by powers and principalities referenced and warned against repeatedly even within the Hebrew tradition, as exemplified by the Book of Enoch, from which the prophecies of both the book of Daniel and Revelations are gleaned.


Christ Consciousness as a greater pathway to the transcension of the material plane is without doubt one of the true paths of the soul’s evolution but going beyond the dogma is beyond the capacity of those who have internalized the crucifixion templates that obscure the pure light of Christ’s heart-centered message resulting in a degeneration of consciousness into a form of separation patterning. Those who find themselves trapped within this matrix of greater densification are perpetuating a cycle of increasing service-to-self soul-patternings that will lead inevitably to the eternal loss of Self as a disparate entity, their soul charge and remorseless black hole dissolution and return to primal unconsciousness.


There is coming a moment of choice. A point during which each sovereign soul will have a clear choice between service-to-self and service-to-others. This moment will be a clear path for some into the light, and just as clear a path for others into the darkness. The shadow-universe of those who choose service-to-self will consist in part of the false ascension matrices and the crucifixion template as well as other more material ideological matrices outside of the Abrahamic traditions. These individuals will all continue to uphold these belief systems and service-to-self pathways while those who choose to move beyond these choices of energetic abdication and take responsibility for their own personal evolution will continue upon the path of manifesting higher vibrational patterning and eventual transcension of materiality altogether.


These are the Corridors to Elevation, both limited and without limit, encompassing Free Will and choice as the condition of our original “fall from grace” as well as our eventual and inevitable “salvation”. The human soul represents the manifestation of the divine spark within matter, the Luciferian Experiment perfected and ascended past as the lesson is learned and the need for its expression transmuted into a higher form of vibration and urge for experiences beyond what is and has been.


The “new” demands expression as growth is inevitable and choice is the movement of the Divine within human consciousness as we continue to co-create existence, participating in the never-ending evolution of consciousness beyond time and space, and into the eternal and infinite.



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