Conscious Evolution and Choice

Quantum physics speaks of collapsing the wave function. This consists of making a single choice, the choice being the collapse, out of an infinite array of options which comprise the wave function. We do this in every moment, but some choices are greater than others. These choices stand out as crossroads decisions that exemplify the manifestation of one’s individuated destiny. Often, ego interferes in the decision-making process by intervening thru the imposition of survival instincts designed to protect the physical body from harm. And yet, this presents a paradox in the spiritual evolutionary process, for fear should never be the deciding factor, especially in a crossroads moment.

Life being what it is, the moments that we call memory only stand out because, in those instances, we were living totally in the Now. In every memory that you can recall, that memory is comprised of instances where you were totally present, totally involved, and totally aware of who you were and where you were in space and time. As awareness increases and the potential for living a conscious life becomes a greater possibility, the instance between awareness of the capacity to make a decision and the decision itself lengthens as the space between moments reflects the growing awareness of consciousness of the infinite potential available beyond time.

Hypnosis and certain types of drugs allow those who have not reached these stages of personal evolution to experience some of the benefits of an evolved consciousness without having actually completed the work necessary to live in that mode on a consistent basis. It is within this space of time that the concept ‘as above, so below’ becomes more than just a saying, but a matter of lived experience. Time slows, becomes relative to the stream of consciousness. The mental ability to access the Now, the moment, frees consciousness from the constraints of time n space, to which it is not inherently bound n the first instance.

Choices that lead toward a conscious experience of living await only the choice to take responsibility for said choices. Taking the responsibility of being a sovereign entity, truly free and open to the flow of destiny, no matter where it may lead. Disengaging from the materiality of incarnation presents us each with the choice of remaining within a space of stultifying safety and selective comfort in exchange for terrific wonder and the expansive unknown. Awakening to the realization that, even in your most lucid moments, u have been asleep, is only the first hurdle of a never-ending series of revelations, all designed to free u fully from the constraints of n egoic experience.

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