Sunrise Promises: The misty abyss of frightful dimensions

Every sunrise promises new beginnings. Every sunset promises new endings. There are false starts and mistakes, hopeful possibilities and joyous surprises. Each choice takes us closer to the place we wish to be, opening new doors to lands that lead us into lives more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.

Even when dark days threaten, the light remains. For every setback, there is the promise of hope that lies beyond. Every wrong choice opens the way to the right one, gives us the opportunity to try again. Giving in to despair is egoistic in the extreme and keeps us mired in the past when our eyes should be firmly upon the Now, awakened to the wonder of the moment and the futures that beckon us forward with promises of destiny manifest.

Making the choices that lead us forward are often difficult. Our underlying intentions are formed of experiential detritus that defines us and traps us within the closed loop of our lives. Looking beyond threatens our stability and sense of who we are, and we recoil from change that leads us into the unknown. What we have not experienced is fearful, what we have, is safe. No one wants to jump off the bridge into a Misty Abyss of Frightful Dimensions. But we must, if we are to achieve the promise of our incarnations.

It is only through the unknown that the known manifests in new ways. Once the leap has been committed to, our feet have left the ground and we find ourselves aloft, the freedom that fills us takes us out of ourselves – the selves that we believe we really are – and we are reduced to the pure essence of life that we truly are. It is a state that usually doesn’t last long past the moment itself, soon to fade into the obscurity of memory as new trials and tribulations suffuse our awarenesses, and we begin again, leading to new endings and a renewed cycle of experience at a higher vibratory level.

Who are we to question the way our lives go? True, we make the choices that lead us to our current situations, but are we solely responsible for the outcomes, or are there other considerations that affect the span and course of our journey? These are higher questions that address the heart of consciousness, the divisions of the Self and the internal and external energies that permeate the very fabric of reality.

Internal and external are both illusory expressions representing a dichotomous holism within which we endeavor to find unity, past the shifting facades. If all is one, the uncomfortable realization is that what is without, is also within. The bad things that happen outside of us find their resonance with bad feelings that happen inside of us. The same is true of the good things. Depending upon our individual orientations, our life experiences reflect this truth.

Making the decisions that arise from our most fervent desires and wishes leaves us responsible for the state of our lives at every juncture. Even when events seem to conspire against us and lead us to places of hopelessness and agony and we cannot for the life of us figure out how or why we have arrived at this place, there is a reason and a lesson involved. Going deep within to determine how a particular experience can benefit us is the reason for their occurence in the first instance.

Moving on, past memory, past lost opportunities and love, past that which stalls our forward impetus, reveals the light within. The inner light which lures us forth, out of the dark corners of our minds and into the outer light of conscious transcention that will give us the power we need to be the one that saves ourselves and, in the process, contributes to the greater evolution of life as a whole.


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