The Minor Hierarchies of the Infinite

The realization that we are collectively god must be accompanied by the equal realization that we are collectively human. Fallen, we are the angel Lucifer, gods most beautiful angel, rebelling in heaven. The choice of incarnation is the choice of material life. The joys and wonders of physical beingness, the pain and heartache of the human condition. Together we have chosen this path, intertwined as one soul group with many lesser collectivities of intent seamlessly interacting one with the next, across eternity and throughout infinity.

Soul groups meet across time in predestined matrices of interaction, their purposes greater and lesser across the span of omniversal evolution. Coincidences and accidents stand as bright markers of choice, the crossroads present each of us to destiny manifest in the interdimensional interaction of levels of density and consciousness. The veil of incarnation obscures the shining path and the repetitive attraction of pleasure and pain, desire and suffering keep us off-balance as we make choices that swing between right and wrong, good and bad.

The illusion is dichotomy. Lack of awareness of the Oneness of All, represented by the equal and opposite paths toward dissolution and transcendence. Both are necessary expressions of fundamental unity. Group expression of egoistic development become culture, which formulates institutions. God-knowledge binds us all, we are genetically designed for it. Individually, our dichotomous selves are distracted, suffused with neurochemical drugs called emotions that we allow to run out of control, determining our paths based upon whims and delusions that create realities that reflect our confused state of being.

The state of confusion is only lifted when knowledge of self is sought. When patterns of thought and behavior are recognized. When choices become active instead of reactive. Life then becomes a path of clarity even within the storms. The way through them becomes clear when the emotions are mastered and utilized in the achievement of goals.

Within the Minor Hierarchies of the Infinite, archetypal tales cycle endlessly, representing eternal truths in culturally relevant formats. Physical and spiritual laws correspond across civilizations, across time, across space. The finite realities of continuous incarnation blur yet deeper truths remain constant. Symbols shatter the illusory realities we hide behind. Awakened within, by what is without. Reminded in every instance that perception lies deeper than the personality complex and that entanglement is augmented by entropy, reflecting the grand, fractal and holographic design of all creation.



  1. I met my twinflame on myspace, we are to be married in January, we live over 10,000 miles away. Ive met many fakers on the internet mediums but ive also met some genuine and beautiful people…just as in ‘real’ life πŸ™‚ namaste

  2. Thank you πŸ™‚ hes my number 1 friend on my page, we met nearly 3yrs ago and have both had mad experiences with people hiding behind the veil, it is so easy to do and becomes a game for them, fake profiles are the worse but I always listen to my instinct and suss them out quite well now lol it was worse when I was very involved with the truth movement…never have I met so many fakers and wicked people! thanx for your great post…stay blessed namaste

    1. Thanks Lisa I will drop by n check ur page out! Yeh it is funny how a certain type of human can b attracted to places dependent upon the type of energy that is being expressed there. We always have to b careful, all is not love n light. there is hate n darkness out there as well n we’d do best to always keep that n mind. many blessings to u n urs!

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