Submerging Self

There are no new things under the sun. The Earth remains the garden, the flora and fauna proliferating as expressions of consciousness, diverging from Oneness as manifestations of the Infinite and Eternal.

Broken dreams have fallen before, hearts have been lost, desires frustrated. What I feel is no different from what most feel, what you feel has been felt by me.

Beautiful phrases and impressive words express ideas that have been thought before, spoken and written in contexts that may differ in detail, but remain the same in underlying meaning.

People today are no smarter than people who lived 100 years ago, 1,000 years ago, or 1,000,000 years ago. The brain, spirit and soul remain a constant expression of what lies beyond, only manifest in flesh to gain the gift of experience in the further evolution of the multiverse.

All experience is One experience, all thought is One thought, all feeling is One feeling, flowing through all of Creation, to greater or lesser degrees.

Every act of repression results in an act of freedom. Every lie brings forth the truth. Every miscarriage of justice births reparations.

The observation of this fundamental unity of experience arises through the interaction of time and space. Every thought manifests as reality in the act of creation, reverbrating throughout the infinite material worlds.

Rising to meet the challenge of living life cognizant of these truths can only occur when our own experience of reality conforms with some base experiential perception that lies beyond the capacity of most, who are content fomenting illusion. Cutting through the mental and emotional detritus we’ve built up during a lifetime of indoctrination is a task so formidable that it has been relegated to the status of myth and legend.

We don’t believe in Avatars or Shamans or Gurus, because they represent a level of consciousness that we have not achieved, so how could they have achieved it?

We are all equal, no one is better than another, and no one can certainly achieve impossible heights of psychic and ethical accomplishment that shatter the laws of reality that we subconsciously co-create with each successive thought.

Even those who don’t believe they create their own reality live in realities in which the act of disbelief is an end in and of itself. It justifies its own existence and melds the perception of truth accordingly. A society of such demi-gods can conquer the world, has indeed conquered the world, subjecting the people of the world to realities that tend toward the accumulative and the material, decrying the spiritual as impossible, inconceiveable and irrelevant, in any case.

Such extremes must exist in opposition to those who essay that pathless path, leaving footprints in the sky. For every ascending soul there is an equal and oppositional descending soul, for every angel, a demon. For every kind-hearted soul, a hard-hearted one, for every believer, a disbeliever.

Living in the knowledge of opposition reinforces the perception of fundamental Oneness. Recognizing the paths of ascention and descent boils the individual choice down to personal preference, karmic destiny and each choice we make. Free Will is a law of Creation and makes us all responsible for the situations we find ourselves in, regardless of the outcome or our perceptions thereof.

There is no one to blame but ourselves, no one to pray to outside of ourselves. And yet, everyone else is to blame but us, and there are infinite powers to pray to, inside of ourselves. Seemingly contradictory realities clash within the Halls of Creation like Valkyries and Trolls upon the fields of Valhalla, or like the spider Anansi and Tiger, in the earliest days of this world.

Chaos is the illusion and Order, the underlying truth. The trials and tribulations that pain us build us up, preparing us for more to come. What we are going through is what people have always gone through, there is no qualitative difference that makes our individual plights any different from anyone elses. The seeming good life that some live is just as much of an illusion as the seeming horror that others endure. My tragedies in this lifetime are equaled by your tragedies in another.

The sun watches ever, shining its many-horned splendor upon the good and bad alike, while synchronicities play havoc with our plans and dreams. Nothing new threatens the continuity of Creation, and all works out as it is supposed to, no matter how it looks from our vantage point. Submerging Self within the experience demands our full attention and the constant call of awakening to the illusion a slumbering insistence that awakens every once and again in the attempt to shoulder past the ego’s rude pronunciations.

But life still goes on and the days continue to pass, one following the next, until we awaken to the fact that they do so at our insistence and that, at any time, we can collectively choose otherwise. When that day comes, a pivotal instance will have been reached that takes us, collectively, from one state of consciousness to another.

Then, and only then, can we state that there is something new under the sun, because by then, we will have become One with it, the planets and the infinite stars and worlds beyond, returning to a state of existence inconceivable to us now.

Oneness in diversity, multiplicity through holism. Reconciling the illusion, with the real.


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