Whispers in the Wind

Certain things in life have ways of clarifying priorities.

Health traumas, accidents, economic woes and the threat of loss, children. There’s nothing like a 4-year old running around the 1-bedroom apartment to remind you that time is flying past and that the future is meaningful and should be ordered, according to the needs of the moment. A perfect contradiction.

We don’t even know what’s going to happen a minute from now, but we must plan for years down the road and live in the Now looking always to the Future. Those who figure out how to slow down and sometimes stop, invigorated by the joy of life yet girded by the knowledge of stillness live viscerally, while others continue on in the Matrix bereft of comfort and surrounded by seeming madness.

Living in this manner, great and small sufferings are the very stuff of life. Hours of video games or the news, small talk or loveless affairs, even the seeking after material sustenance, making a damn living, becomes life as lived and our root chakras remain fully engaged in the daily grind as we fail to reach higher levels of consciousness no matter our momentary bouts of lucidity, true peace stays just beyond our reach.

The real aspect of this is how we live, daily, going to work, chillin’ with friends and family, taking care of business. Our small talk, the clubs we visit, the drugs we use. The banter and tone, the inter-group politics and sexual proclivities. The inner dialogue, battle with neuroses and fears of success and failure. Whether we make the right choices based upon what is true rather than what is perceived, whether we fulfill our responsibilities according to our lot, tending our domains and nurturing our gifts and those of others in ways the orient us firmly toward service-to-others rather than service-to-self.

Some people live magical lives surrounded by magical people doing magical things. In every chatroom and domain, church and synagogue, temple and mosque, forest glade and desert cave, like attracts like and lessons accrue according to tradition and ceremony, or the lack thereof. The interactions between us reverbrate as invocations and spells, more or less consciously, curses and blessings flow equally resulting in the dreary banalities that we interpret in the strictly material language of body and mind, leaving the spiritual aspects adrift, without mooring in our daily experiences.

Making the decision to embrace the Mystery of life opens us up to boundless possibilities and life can change in an instant. Embracing the mysticism of numbers, of astrology, of quantum physics, of chaos theory and alchemy reveal the patterns of synchronicity that cross and crisscross our paths daily as signposts along the way to be followed or ignored based upon our levels of comprehension and the ability to focus our attention. Or, eschewing these means, going deeper within, seeking the key to knowledge of Self, finding all understanding within releasing the binds that constrain the soul.

People of different orientations come into our lives for a reason. Recongizing the challenging aspects of these relationships, when viewed from a non-material perspective, can lead to revelations that cause one to seek a total and immediate withdrawal from certain people, situations or places and a re-centering around energies and souls that align more directly with one’s own orientation. Reasoning and sense often have very little to do with these determinations. Feelings, intuitions and subtle perceptions demand consideration and often are accompanied by quick flurries of coincidences that give rise to equally fleeting mental and spiritual impressions which are, in turn, often just as quickly repressed by reasoning and sense, as they function for the ego at the expense of the spirit.

When doors of perception are opened, when ways of seeing shift, it is often irrevocable, according to many ancient traditions. Those who try hallucinogenic drugs often complain that, since the experience, things have not returned to the way they were before. Which brings us back to priorities.

The path to consciousness extends beyond pleasure and pain. Beyond two oppositional gateways, named Happiness and Sadness, the same destination awaits. As we seek these pursuits within our lives, bound to the rail of destiny, the greater streams of fate are expressed by our daily choices. Our priorities. Whether or not we’re going to eat the burger. Beat the kids or the husband. Choose Republican or Democrat. Take the long way or the shortcut. Think this, rather than that. Choose our priorities carefully.

The great questions seem to have simple solutions, but complexity and obfuscation are twin gifts of the bicameral brain. Blessings and curses coexist comfortably, while we wriggle in thier grasp. The clarity that comes increased consciousness allows us to hone our priorities and the vacuous wisps that confused us previously fade away, like Whispers in the Wind.


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