Love, Light and Predation: The tree of the knowledge of good and evil

Gurdjieff speaks of 4 ways. The way of the Fakir, the way of the Monk, the way of the Yogi and a 4th way. The way of the Fakir is total body control, the way of the Monk is total emotional control. The way of the Yogi is total mind control and the 4th way is a combination of the first 3.

In the religious life of most Americans, it is the way of the Monk that resonates the most. It is the way of our religious practices. Christianity deals primarily with the emotional body, and we see our world and our spiritual evolution in the context of feeling close to G-d, and feeling the love of G-d and demonstrating that love to those around us. We see our pain and heartaches as trials and tribulations, as ways by which G-d tests our souls and purifies us on the crucible of experience. A Monk dedicates himself to the glorification of G-d and the mortification of the body. Since all is contained within the Bible, intellectual pursuit is discouraged and prayer and dedicated reading, the method of coming to know G-d. G-d is in Heaven above, the devil is in Hell and the battle for souls is the cause for all horror on Earth.

Even as religious traditions give way to new understandings of eternal truths, many Seekers retain aspects of their original faith. From those who come from Christianity, the way of the Monk has been the path of their own personal experience. Surging past traditional understandings of bible-based Christian devotion, these individuals are gnostic in nature, seeking G-d within rather than without, and filled with the desire to distill the essence of Goodness from Divine experience, resulting in a holistic philosophy of Love, Light and Oneness, surrounding one’s Self with positive energy and sending out this energy to others, or to the world in general. This emanation of love radiates out into the environment much like the sun and its rays, affecting all around it. Or, if this energy is sent to a particular person, it pervades their emotional and mental space, augmenting whatever personal and external energetic sources might be affecting them also, in that moment.

I spoke here in great detail regarding energy propagation and siphoning. What I did not speak of, is that it is not just other people that siphon energy from us. In the Don Juan series, by Carlos Castaneda, the Mexican Sorcerer speaks in horrendous detail regarding the depredations of the Predator mind. The subjugation of human awareness and potential to the will of higher density entities. There is also the possibility of energy siphoning by Earth-bound spirits that accompany people upon their daily journeys. In the book of Matthew, Jesus cast many demons out of a man, and they retreated into pigs, who then drowned themselves in the sea. Stories of spirit possessions and poltergeists abound in the modern day. There seems to be little doubt that something beyond the ken of modern thought, quite strange and perhaps malevolent is going on all around and within each of us, as well.

The requirements of our daily lives are often enough to leave us breathless by nightfall and yet there are other, higher or lower demands upon our energy quotients. Channeling, Ouija boards, prayer and meditative states open conduits to these higher and lower influences and, unless great care is taken, can lead to negative consequences in the lives of the unwary. Releasing energy haphazardly, or without defined purposes, is, then, a dangerous proposition, considering the nature of Creation and the existence of Predators, be they human, ethereal or otherwise. Keep in mind that we ourselves, as humans, are Predators, and that the Law of Karma pervades the lower levels of consciousness.

In the Garden, the serpent slyly tricked Adam and Eve into eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, not the Tree of the Knowledge of Good. By concentrating only upon the Good, then, we minimize G-d and ignore a full half of the dichotomous spectrum, opening up ourselves and our lives to the depredations of Evil in the form of emotions, other people and events that combine to teach us exactly what we need to know to integrate the dark and the light, rather than focusing upon one to the detriment of the other. Filling one’s Self with love – ignoring the hate – non-reaction to negativity or forgiving without regard for propriety, or even assailing the Free Will of others by sending them unrequested energy, all can have unintended, and possibly calamitous, reprecussions.

We each choose a Path, and those who choose a Path out of the Light do so of their own Free Will, and it is Right and Good that it is so, giving the dichotomous nature of material incarnation. All possible permutations must find expression, the balance of energies must be maintained, even if they shift in favor of one side over the other, at times. This cyclic and spiraling resonance also is necessary.

Since all is One, all of this talk of Predators can be seen as an expression of psycho-spiritual dramas that we work out through deep-consciousness interactions within the span of lifetimes lived simultaneously – outside of time and space, i.e. perceptual dimensionality – as we each are reflections of the Infinite and Eternal “I”. All that is without is an expression of what is within. Practically speaking, our lives are the lessons we learn, and we work them out in the context of greater forces. The personal dramas in our lives can be seen as the expression of dramas originating in higher densities of conscious awareness. Or, in more metaphoric, mythological terms, the war between G-d and Lucifer is ongoing and works itself out in each and every one of our lives; G-d being the Multiverse and Lucifer being humanity, the return of consciousness from material incarnation to ethereal Oneness being the goal as we – our collective Soul-group – climb the branches of the Tree of Life.

As above, so below. If we as a human family feel justified in utilizing minerals, plants and animals as we will because our intellect and capacities place us at a level we perceive to be higher than theirs, then what is to prevent entities whose intellect and capacities place them at a level that is higher than ours from utilizing us in a similar fashion? Seeing us as energetic or material resources and sustenance? As food? And, if such were the case, then what types of strategies would these Predators use in order to capture, corral or confuse their prey? How would these strategies appear to us and what would be the signs of their success or failure?

Energy is a precious commodity. Our lifeforce, chi, kundalini, the very engine of our evolution. The discerning factor in whether or not we live a life of conscious intent or a life of unconscious ignorance is the choice we make regarding the seeking after knowledge for the purpose of gaining wisdom. In biblical terms, faith without works is dead. Believing without becoming that which is believed, living without practicing that which one knows is true. Wisdom strengthens us, faith is demonstrated as knowledge based upon immutable natural and spiritual laws. As understanding is gained, the ability of others to define us lessens. The ability of others to siphon our energy is reduced. The ability of others to consume us as food ends.

The coalescence of the 3 distinct ways under the holistic 4th way becomes the path less traveled, combining body, mind and heart in holistic resonation to the final stages of material incarnation. Conserving and utilizing our energies in proportions exact to the need of the moment indicates a gaining of wisdom and a consolidation of incarnate experience. Becoming cognizant of the energetic maelstrom within which we manifest experience is a necessary step in navigating it and finding our way through life’s storms intact, ready to take on the next stage of our spiritual, evolutionary development.



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