Connecting the Moabite Dots and other Sundry Articles of Faith and Disbelief

The reality is, that All is One. That All is Connected by Divine Decree and Scientific Reality, the quantum strata that undergirds our everyday reality and connects particles and atoms galaxies apart in instantaneous communication that closes the gap between science and religion and frees us each from the wasted time of debating with atheistic fools soul-lost and hypnotically entranced by the icy brilliance of that cold, dead space between the rotting neuronic links fermenting inside of their own closed minds.

To put it simply, the Gulf is related to Iran is related to N. Korea is related to Germany is related to Japan is related to China is related to Iran is related to Israel is related to the US is related to Cuba is related to egg recalls is related to genetic modification is related to super salmons is related to a Jewish gene is related to melanin is related to the pineal gland is related to angelic hierarchies is related to the collective unconscious is related to meditation is related to prayer is related to you and I through a Moabite paradigm of twisted and illusory reality, disjointedly lying atop the sublime and bounteous truth and righteousness of a Divine Creation wherein All is beautiful and harmonious within the context of a dichotomous physical Creation, where These Things Must Be.

I’ve given you a detailed breakdown of who the Moabites were biblically and are today, but for those who missed it they are who you would generally think of as the Illuminati, or the leaders of the NWO:

The Moabites are the core of the core, the secret of secrets, the anti-spiritual and anti-G-d force that girds the foundations of Powers and Principalities, in league with the Nephilim to oppose Divinity throughout time upon the Material Planes of Existence. The abomination of their very essence lies in the fatal currency of their deprivations upon the world’s physical, cultural and spiritual well-being; their continuing assault upon the corpus of belief, seeking the material undoing of a spiritual covenant thousands of years in the making. The Moabites represent that continuous stream of evil, vitriol, hatred and lust that unites worldliness against spirituality; that tends toward the material to the detriment of the spiritual; that breaks apart rather than pulls together; that destroys rather than fosters life.

Moabite WarriorThe Moabites are Lot’s children, conceived in incest and forbidden entry into the line of Abraham yet brought back in thru Ruth, contributing genetically to the line of David and then, Jesus, come down to the present day thru the Merovingians and the interlinked strata of European Royalty and noble families. The Moabites know the reality of G-d’s existence better than most Jews or Christians as they labor against G-d’s Creation on the daily and have since their cursed beginnings.

This Moabite paradigm has seen these twisted humans ruling the earth in secret for 3,000 years, having come down to us from ancient times their ethnic and potentially their genetic line intact as they approach the crux of their biblical destiny and we simultaneously reach the end of an Age. It is a time of transformation and any random look at the news will reveal the many linkages in the vast Moabite web of deception and influence. From such an examination, it should be apparent that the fallibility of humankind is exemplified by their inability to fully control the outcome of any situation no matter how bad intentioned they may be. Divinity is always somewhere n the plan to trip up the best-laid plans of Moabites and men. That is heavenly for the rest of us indeed, as, of our own volition, we generally act as sheep as those more wolf-like predators/psychopaths guide the destiny of human-kind to their own disutopian and genocidal ends.

To recap: Germany and Japan are the Moabite strongholds in the modern world. These two countries often work as good cop/bad cop n the global scene, bolstering each other, although it should go without saying that Germany rules this relationship. The Nazis never left us. It is general knowledge in the conspiracy community that Operation Paperclip brought thousands of them to the US of A after WWII and the evidence of their presence here is rife throughout our mass media. The agenda of mass genocide and eugenics never ended. The US of A has always been a stronghold of racial exceptionalism it just accelerated after WWII with the gradual infiltration and decimation of the country’s autonomy and industrial base by the Germans and Japanese who never stopped fighting WWII, just took it to the economic stage, upon which they have succeeded in dominating and reducing the US of A almost to the status of a 3rd World country.

The Moabites are all for genetic modification. They are all for oil and radiation in the seafood. They are all for fruit and vegetables with no vitamin content or nutritional value. They are all for floruide in the toothpaste and the water. They are all for race war. They are all for ethnic cleansing. In fact, they are all for warfare of any kind that reduces the population on Earth to just them and their pawns and poodles. They are all for genocide in any shape or form and have been behind all mass genocides in some form or fashion since time immemorial.

The thing that is hard to understand or believe is that it is the pain and suffering that they love. That they get off on causing it and find it pleasurable and seek more of it. This is a culture that has historically and most probably still does sacrifice children, not to mention adults, consciously to its deities (Chemosh, Moloch, Baal, Ashtar). That makes human sacrifices as a matter of course, that think of themselves as so separate from normal humanity that it makes a run-of-the-mill racist seem like a misogynist. To consider such a thought process it is incumbent upon each of us to take it on for a moment or two. Perhaps the thought and attempt is repugnant and perhaps difficult to maintain for more than a few seconds, but perhaps this discomfort is necessary in order to just get an idea of what humanity as a whole has been laboring against, and sometimes for, unknowingly, for thousands of years now.

It is too tired for anyone to doubt the existence of conspiracy at this point n the game as we are surrounded by the open evidence of the things that in the 70s n 80s were considered to be whacked out fringe theories but we are now living in the midst of. It is too tired to debate the existence of covens of men and some women at high levels who ostensibly rule the world. To do so at this stage of the game is to be doomed to irrelevancy and navel-gazing as events are moving far too fast to be that far behind the learning curve.

To cultivate ignorance at this point is to consign yourself to sheeple status, to believe everything that you see on the telly, everything that you read on the mainstream internet. For those of you who were not on the internet in the 1990s, I will tell you now that this is a totally different space. Then the net was still wild n free, and you could find all kinds of things and people and searches that took you thru the most fabulous journeys into mind and spirit. Now it is corporate controlled and dominated, the search engines determine what can be seen and what cannot, and entire terabytes of reality have been buried by the sheer preponderance of graphic lust, perversion and diversion.

IshtarThe key threads to remember: Iran, N. Korea and China are at the present time the only countries that give the Moabites pause in their quest for global domination. Iran cannot be attacked directly by the Moabites because of Divine Decree. Iran is the ONLY country n the world that publically identifies itself as a Theocratic country. This makes it divine. China is vastly materialistic but understands the power dynamics and has identified the Moabites in their strongholds around the world as being inimical to their own interests, which are probably along the same lines of ruling the world. Still, the enemy of G-d’s enemy can be a friend at times and who knows truly how G-d (Divinity, Mulitiverse, Cosmic Om, etc.) chooses His/Its Heroes anyway?

The television is bad, news, entertainment, materially-oriented and spiritually seditious, the food and the fast food chains, the mass produced meat, eggs, the genetically modified vegetables, fruits, and now fish. We all know this at some level yet we still partake because we are immersed within this world and most never even look for a way out, discounting the depression and restlessness they feel as something personal that they feel alone when that couldn’t be further from the truth and it is a pervasive, all-encompassing warning vibration that is coursing around the planet as we speak. We know as a species that we are threatened, and we feel it in our bones. We even know who they are and where they are, yes, even those who feign ignorance and get down wit da get down partyin, gettin’ high, immersing themselves in their jobs and trivial pursuits, sexin’ and laughing their way to oblivion, know, deep down, that we are being led to the slaughterhouse and everybody is waiting to be hit behind the head and dragged off, the only question, is when.

The only beauty promised in this scenario is that accompanying spiritual evolution, elevation. The promise of peace, of joy beyond the dichotomous illusion of happiness/sadness. The truth and reality of eternal souls on a human journey is the secret of the Ages that belies the ‘science’ that tells us we are just animals and to rut in the streets, that we only have one chance at this so give the priests and pastors your money and your abject servitude, that we are citizens of the mulitiverse and mere travelers in this world for a time, and that we are truly free beyond the boundaries that we choose to accept upon our lives, the possibilities that are framed by the circumstances of our births and situations.

Being aware of what is going on n the world around us is only manifesting our survival instincts. Also, knowledge precedes understanding, which leads to wisdom, the circle turns and knowledge follows understanding, which is birthed, by wisdom. Synthesis is key. Make the connections between seemingly unrelated events by finding the linking pieces, the common actors and organizations, the simpatico themes. Remember the old truism that “He who profits did the crime” and then act accordingly when the time comes in your life to stand up for truth, because despite our insistence upon separating the spiritual and the material, as was the case with all of the great Avatars, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, each had a political component, the story of each uprooted the tended garden soil of their day, casting reverberations of intention and revolution across centuries of human history. Each knew the political context of their day and it is as above, so below. We cannot separate ourselves from the world since we are of the world, we are our brothers and sisters keepers, and have a responsibility to each other, to our ancestors, children, and to the greater Truth which binds us all in Destiny, and Time.

The Moabite Series

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6. The Moabites, the Pope and the Cypriot Model for World Domination



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