Who are the Moabites: The modern context

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age. ~ HP Lovecraft, from “The Call of Cthulhu”

Moabite Warrior
Who are the Moabites?

Simply put, they are the Rulers of this World.

Biblically, they are the descendents of the incestuous relationship between Lot and his oldest daughter.

What do they have to do with the so-called Illuminati and the New World Order?

The Moabites are the core of the core, the secret of secrets, the anti-spiritual and anti-G-d force that girds the foundations of Powers and Principalities, in league with the Nephilim to oppose Divinity throughout time upon the Material Planes of Existence. The abomination of their very essence lies in the fatal currency of their deprivations upon the world’s physical, cultural and spiritual well-being; their continuing assault upon the corpus of belief, seeking the material undoing of a spiritual covenant thousands of years in the making. The Moabites represent that continuous stream of evil, vitriol, hatred and lust that unites worldliness against spirituality; that tends toward the material to the detriment of the spiritual; that breaks apart rather than pulls together; that destroys rather than fosters life.

It is possible that an historical linkage between the ancient Moabites and the historical and modern-day European dynasties and Illuminati families who represent the Moabite Imperative is the Merovingian line. Within the context of the world’s current constellation of power, the ethnic group known as the Merovingians are an ancient royal family of Europe and are associated with the Priory of Scion, who, purportedly, are the brains behind and also one of the premier bloodlines of the Illuminati network. The conscious morphing of an entire ethnicity’s identity could very well be the hallmark of a long-term view of history, with a conscious eye toward a very particular end.

“There exists in France an organization that has been in continuous existence since the twelfth century, that has some features both of an order of chivalry and of a religious order, though it is not quite either; a secret society which does not spurn the right sort of publicity; a political grouping with specific aims that is also interested in ancient esoteric wisdom and hidden mysteries. Its full name is the Order of the Prieuré Notre Dame de Sion, and its chief aim seems always to have been the restoration of the Merovingian blood-line to the throne. It is also passionately concerned with the cult of the Black Virgin and has a remarkable record of equal rights for women…

“The Grand Master of the Prieuré 1981-4, Pierre Plantard, is reported as saying that the Sicambrians, ancestors of the Frankish Merovingians, worshipped Cybele as Diana of the Nine Fires, or as Arduina, the eponymous goddess of the Ardennes. The huge idol to Diana/Arduina which once towered over Carignan, in north-east France, between the Black Virgin sites of Orval, Avioth and Mezièrres, near to Stenay, where the Merovingian king and saint, Dagobert II, was murdered in 679, points circumstantially to a link between the two cults. In this connection Plantard mentions that one of the most important acts of Dagobert, when he acceded to the throne after his Irish exile, was to continue the ancient tradition of Gaul, the worship of the Black Virgin. The Black Virgin, he insists, is Isis and her name is Notre-Dame de Lumière.” (Cult of the Black Virgin, 272:14)


The Moabite Goddess Asthor, consort to Chemosh, their primary god, is the same as the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, who also came to be represented by the Black Madonnas, or Black Virgins. Direct linkage between the Moabites and the Merovingians are rife, which will be highlighted in a continuing series of connections from the ancient to the modern day.

Consciously aware of their cursed beginnings, the Moabites have always represented an anti-G-d force biblically and historically. Knowing they were cursed made all things evil their purview. Knowing also their direct enemy was the god of the Hebrews, made the Hebrews their mortal enemies and the work against G-d’s plan, for them, their reason d’etre. This truth accounts for the secretive and hidden nature of the Moabite presence throughout history, as they have worked counter to the mono-theistic religions to destroy G-d’s people and steal their birthright.

In linguistics, it is common knowledge that certain sounds are indicative of the presence of loan words, and that spellings of certain words utilize different letters according to slightly different pronunciations, tongue stoppages and glottal sounds. “V” and “B” are among the letters most commonly transcribed thusly. Hence, we find the following:

Moab (Hebrew: מוֹאָב, Modern Mo’av Tiberian Môʼāḇ ; “seed of father”; Greek Μωάβ Mōav; Arabic مؤاب, Assyrian Mu’aba, Ma’ba, Ma’ab ; Egyptian Mu’ab)

Merovech (Latin: Meroveus or Merovius; French: Mérovée; German: Merowig)

There seems to be some relation between the syllabic enunciations of the patriarchial words Moab and Merovech, particularly if you look at their alternative pronunciations: for example, the Assyrian Mu’aba and the German and French Mérovée n Merowig, which display indisputable syllabic and aural similarities and possibly indicate that the name itself is a loan word and not native to Western Europe at all. The highlighting of this connection, this potential linkage between the ancient and the modern world is of the utmost import. There occurred a scrubbing of history at a certain point in time, around 200-300BC, during which the Moabites ‘disappeared’ from the circuit of history, assumed to have been destroyed or to have been genetically overwhelmed by surrounding ethnic groups. This mysterious disappearance, as well as the period of approximately 700 years between the disappearance of the Moabites and the appearance of the Merovingians as a viable and powerful Frankish dynasty, was enough to veritably erase the memory of the Moabitic excesses from the historical record of the times. The succeedant predominance and fearsome mysticality of the Merovingian Dynasty is the stuff of legends and the Merovingian aura of false divinity is the cultish basis for the entirety of the European tradition of noble obeisance and fealty.

“According to the “prieure documents,” a conclave of Calabrian monks who left from the Belgian Abbey of Orval in 1090 helped secure the election of Godfroi de Bouillion as de facto king of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (but as is well known, he refused the title, accepting only Defender of the Holy Sepulchre), based on their belief that he was a descendant of the Merovingians, and by that fact, according to these documents, also a descendant of King David through Jesus and Merovech. In return, Godfroi secured their installation into an Abbey on Mount Sion. These documents also claim that the Ordre of Sion and the Order of the Temple (officially, the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon, later known as the Knights Templar, and officially recognized as such in 1118) were, until 1188, one unified organization with the same leadership.”


This purported descent through Jesus naturally implies a Moabite connection by this point since the Line had been compromised by the Moabitess Ruth, who married directly into the Hebrew lineage thru Boaz, great-grandfather of David, contributing directly to the genetic lineage of Israel, from whence they originally sprang, unto the birth of Jesus and beyond. This, despite the following:

Deu 23:3 An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD for ever:

Neh 13:1 On that day they read in the book of Moses in the audience of the people; and therein was found written, that the Ammonite and the Moabite should not come into the congregation of God for ever;

Therefore, the entry of the Moabitess Ruth into the Bloodline of David was in direct contravention of G-d’s law and ruling specifically to that effect. The common depiction of Jesus of Nazareth as a long-haired man of European descent is often cited as a connection between the Merovingians and the House of David, since the Merovingian rulers were known as the “long-haired kings”. The connections between the Merovingians and the Moabites is new, but the intrigues that led them to a rebirth as the Merovingians, and their subsequent political and social ascendancy within the context of European cultural history is well-documented and available to all who wish to research it for themselves.

Furthermore, the linkages continue to show circumstantial ties between this ancient Moabite line and the modern world through the lineage of mystical traditions that permeated western European nobility and, particularly, Nazi Germany, during one of the most infamous time-periods in world history.

It is quite well known that Adolph Hitler and the majority of those who wielded power in Germany and beyond during this time period were proponents of a Nordic mystical tradition that was represented by multiple, interrelated organizations, but in the Nazi instance particularly, by an organization known as the Thule Society, which was an organization with direct ties to the earlier Theosophy Society founded by the Russian spiritualist Madam Blavatsky, in the late 1800s. The Thule society believed in the sacred preeminence of the Aryan race and searched the world over for entries into a mythical underground world ruled by the Ubermensh, or enlightened beings – possessors of the mystical “vril” energy – as well as for their own origins as a new peoples upon the face of the earth. The racialized obsession of these groups is exemplified by the following:

Blavatsky argued that humanity had descended from a series of “Root Races”, naming the fifth root race (out of seven) the “Aryan” Race. She thought that the Aryans originally came from Atlantis, and non-Aryan peoples were spiritually and intellectually inferior to Aryans, and would eventually die out. She believed that Semitic peoples were an offshoot of Aryans who have become “degenerate in spirituality and perfected in materiality.” Guido von List (and his followers such as Lanz von Liebenfels) later took up some of Blavatsky’s ideas, mixing her ideology with nationalistic and fascist ideas; this system of thought became known as Ariosophy. Ariosophy, like Theosophy, had relied on intellectual expositions of racial evolution. The Thule Society preached Aryan supremacy and acted to achieve it. It provides the final link between occult racial theories and the racial ideology of Hitler and the emerging Nazi party.”


The Moabites were known during biblical times to be exceedingly materialistic and possessing of great wealth and their sacrifices to their God Chemosh included human sacrifice and sexual rites among other things forbidden to the tribes of Israel. Their disappearance from the historical record n the subsequent concentration of power after the era of the Christ and into the modern era shows the evidence of some guiding, material and most worldly force intent upon pursuing the darkest paths imaginable in some febrile quest to dominate the entire world. It is an accepted reality that Christianity in particular has been utilized in order to concentrate power within the hands of the few, and the atrocities committed by many of those who have held power, lived and prospered under the Judeo-Christian religious structure have been well-documented over the centuries. The characteristics described above regarding the Moabites are also the characteristics displayed in modern times by the Illuminati factions and bloodlines which also trace their descent through biblical passage.

Much has been written on the Illuminati factions to include many of the sub-groups that make up the whole (Masons, Rosicrucians, Templars, etc.) and need not be repeated here. In short, they work together, often without knowledge of linkages between them at the behest of higher orders within the overall organization, each compartmentalized to perform certain functions over the course of time that support the implementation of the New World Order. The Merovingian bloodline as historically recorded considers itself a directly linkage to the bloodline of Jesus and, hence, the line of David and the houses of Israel. Many of the royal houses in Europe claim some connection to this Merovingian line – thru its founding father, Meroveus – which displays another interesting tie-in to the Moabites:

“Although the rightful son of Clodion, he was nevertheless said by the historian Priscus to have been sired by an arcane sea creature, the Bistea Neptunis [sea beast]… Some authors have suggested that the ‘sea beast’ story was a misinterpretation of the idea that Meroveus was half-fish, the fish being a long-standing symbol of Christ.’ – Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy, (p. 326)


Chemosh was the national deity of the Moabites whose name most likely meant “destroyer,” “subduer,” or “fish god.” While he is most readily associated with the Moabites, according to Judges 11:24 he seems to have been the national deity of the Ammonites as well. His presence in the Old Testament world was well known, as his cult was imported to Jerusalem by King Solomon (1 Kings 11:7). The Hebrew scorn for his worship was evident in a curse from the scriptures: “the abomination of Moab.” King Josiah destroyed the Israelite branch of the cult (2 Kings 23).


The current day Moabitic constellation of power is concentrated in the countries of Germany and Japan, with Germany possessing the supreme seat of power. As the now ascendant economic power, German and Japan act as counterweights for the Moabite offensive against the rest of Earth’s population, together wielding power within the command and control matrix of interrelated Powers and Principalities that undergird the military-industrial complex of corporations that, together, rule the world. These former Axis allies conspired to retreat after material defeat became inevitable during WWII, and win the “non-violent” war following, succeeding in bringing the United States and the world to its knees economically, which is where that country continues to kneel unto this very day. The twists and turns of the current geopolitical scene are set by the fundamental opposition of Moabites against those forces aligned with G-d. Currently, only one such clear force exists, the country of Iran. In its stance against the Moabite imperatives and the only country in the world that bows to G-d before the entire world, Iran cannot be directly assailed by the Moabites, who must also abide by greater spiritual principles in the carrying out of their war against G-d n humanity. To do so, the Moabites utilize not only material force, but the occult forces of this world to marshal power against the whole of Humanity and nature. The whispered stories about human sacrifices in Bohemian Grove, the owl god Moloch, witchcraft and Satanism, dark and materially-oriented sects of Vodun, Candomble and Santeria, the higher degrees of Masonry and other traditions too many to count, all act to create the conditions for mass blood sacrifices and rituals that combine in order to support Moabites and their satellite organizations’ goals across time and space.
On a more mundane and historical level, the preeminent Geographer Karl Haushofer, the ‘creator’ of geopolitics – the foundation of all modern Geography – was an ardent Nazi and proponent of lebensraum, and virtually gave Hitler the blueprint to his plans to reshape the world in some ideal Ayran image. Haushofer’s further interests in the occult is revealing as an indication of the prevailing mindset of the Nazis and their supporters, and ties together many ancient and modern realities that create a continuous thread of malevolent activities concentrated in the hands of a small and powerful group and those who serve them consciously. In his research, Haushofer was surely aware of an historical tie-in between German and Japan, two of the Axis powers during WWII, as potentially being distantly related thru some perceived ethnic link between them and their Moabite precedents, which may be further illuminated by the following:

“Hungarian, Finnish, the Turkic languages, Mongolian, and Manchu belong to the Ural-Altaic family of languages, also known as the Turanian family, after the Persian word Turan for Turkistan. From 1909, the Turks had a pan-Turanian movement spearheaded by a society known as the Young Turks. The Hungarian Turanian Society soon followed in 1910 and the Turanian Alliance of Hungary in 1920. Some scholars believe that the Japanese and Korean languages also belong to the Turanian family. Thus, the Turanian National Alliance was founded in Japan in 1921 and the Japanese Turanian Society in the early 1930s. Haushofer was undoubtedly aware of these movements, which sought the origins of the Turanian race in Central Asia. It fit in well with the Thule Society’s search for the origins of the Aryan race there as well. His interest in Tibetan culture added weight to the candidacy of Tibet as the key to finding a common origin for the Aryan and Turanian races and for gaining the power of vril that its spiritual leaders possessed.”


So it seems that the Nazi’s believed that they were potentially ethnically related to the Japanese through these Turanian precedents … tying together the Moabite and Merovingian precedents and the Nazi antecedent. Incidentally, the Young Turks movement that was associated with the Armenian Genocide, as stated above, finds currency even today as leverage against Turkey in its role in this event is applied by the Moabites – as they twist the arms of their former collaborators – in the quest to retain control of a global polity increasingly aware of their controlled status. Tying together the modern day and historical realities presents the reader with a fascinating and bone-chilling realization of the malevolent continuity stemming from entities having a direct knowledge of and expressing a primeval opposition to G-d and a concentration of power in the hands of the enemies of G-d for a specified timeframe.

Historically, it seems that the Moabites moved north after their mysterious disappearance from the Levant, migrating within the context of a vibrant Roman empire, mixing in with the vast rush of ethnicities along the road to their eventually destiny as Rulers of this world. From the north, the Merovingian bloodline is probably the oldest and most revered of the Illuminati bloodlines, and is an ethnic Frankish and Aryan family lineage. The Frankish peoples eventually became the country of France, which was also the origin country of the Knights Templar organization whom, it is said, dug up the treasures of the Jewish priesthood, i.e. Moses n Solomon, during their time fighting multiple Crusades n the Holy Land.
Merovingian Kings
It was the Sicambrian Franks, whom, thru the Merovingian bloodline, sought to restore this lineage to the status of direct and overt rulership of this world. Their migration from the south, from what was known as “Grecian Arcadia”, heralded the movement north of the worship of the “Black Virgin”, newly re-conceptualized as “Mary”, Jesus’s wife/consort/follower – as per their mythology, mother of their lineage – as mentioned earlier, another incarnation of the Moabite goddess, “Ishtar” and her Greek incarnation, Isis. Importantly, the following is seen to be the case regarding the Merovingians:

“Despite the carefully listed genealogies of his time, the heritage of Meroveus was strangely obscured in the monastic annals.”


This marks the modus operandi of the Moabites: secrecy, and the attempt to obscure their origins, their “evolution” and continued existence as a cohesive genetic and social lineage currently co-existant alongside the rest of the human family. This point cannot be overstated, that the historic jump from biblical to modern history occurred with the formulation of the Moabite peoples into the Merovingians, thereby bringing the war against G-d and the cooptation of G-d’s people into the present day thru the machinations of secret societies and cultish organizations now hoary with age, yet relatively young when compared to the timeline existent within this ancient lineage of the descendants of Lot.

To return to the historical thread, then, after their expulsion from France, the Templars mysteriously disappeared, migrating to Scotland and the Americas, according to many, carrying with them this fabulous wealth and a mission centuries if not millennia in the making. From the Templars, in almost linear descent, came the ideological and mystical basis of the institution which came to be known as the Thule Society, one of the standard societies of membership held by all high ranking Nazis. In the lineages of European royalties, nationality was no obstacle to the furtherance of their genetic bequeathments and, generally, these aristocratic families comprised the foundation of the officer corps of their respective countries military establishments. Therefore, the extensive family relations between French and German aristocracies, as well as royal families through Western and Eastern Europe, was the norm, blending these genetic lines almost indistinguishably over time.

The mystical ties of the Moabites span what we consider to be multiple traditions, delving into what are now known as the “new age” religions, which are actually the old age and seemingly (but not really) polytheistic traditions revisited, part and parcel of their plans to ‘open up the table to confusion’ and siphoning the collected negative energy of the world as they go about their mass sacrifices of life in their demonic delvings into achieving, maintaining and applying all power in this world to their own ends.

The Moabites have historically striven to possess all power in this world. Material power, that is. But it did not come quickly or easily. The connections between the Moabites and the institutions of power in this world is thru the afore-mentioned spiritual organizations; i.e. the Christian church primarily and, currently, the loosely assembled New Age religious structure taking an increasingly more pervasive hold amongst the general western populace.
Jesus Fish
The most obvious connection, and that which ties them to the biblical lineage is their ancient connection to the House of David and Jesus, the fish symbology that Jesus represented – also representing the Age of Pisces – its connection to Meroveus, the “son of the fish-god” and the institutional terror spread by the medieval and “dark-age” era Christian churches, whose implementation of the Inquisition, as well as the corresponding emphasis upon cruelty, bondage, ignorance and absolute fealty represented some dark pact with evil, rather than the perceived light connected to the supposed Sun of G-d, Jesus.

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. – Rev. 13:1

Indeed, the Merovingians, thru their Illuminati and Cathar-based lineages, claim direct descent from Jesus, as possible rifts between the sub-group (Cathars) and those controlling the Catholic Church at the time resulted in a ‘split’ between those seeking material power and those seeking spiritual power. Genetically speaking, the Moabites/Merovingians claim descent in relation to the line of David, and even earlier, thru Lot, and so have been called Jewish at certain historical points as well.
The destruction of the Cathar movement was the inception of the Inquisition, the violent phase thereof which lasted, arguably, for 600 odd years (1184-1821). From that period on, the Roman Catholic Church and those Powers and Principalities associated with its Ruler-ship obtained political, economic and social dominance over the expansion of Western Europe, and were able to wreak havoc upon a world totally unprepared for the darkness they unleashed.

Spiritual power is not their forte nor their birthright, and they realize this. Therefore, it seems to be their current goal to employ the most Nihilist of philosophies to their manipulation of materiality resulting n the eventual physical destruction of this world, as their final victory must be defeat, as has been prophesied. Until that time arrives, the world must strain beneath the weight of their deprivations, as Germany and Japan, along with the constellation of countries subservient to the Moabite imperative continue to work their will upon the planet with the United States being representative of a formerly great country currently dominated by an enemy government and the depravity of unrestrained capital under the guise of capitalism, the worldly manifestation of the spiritual qualities of greed and lust unbound.
Ultima Thule
An intriguing factor of note is that the Nazis sought their origin and thru that, meaning, some connection to greater spiritual forces, indicating their lack of innate spiritual connection to the institutions of Judaism, and Christianity, with only an allegiance to the pagan traditions of their forefathers and mothers. Catching hold of and chasing these mythological connections to Hyperboria (ie Thule n Ultima Thule) in Norse mythology, descendent unto those modern pagans alongside the Inner Earth mythology/ideology, brought into the modern day through what many consider to be one of the ideological and psychological mainstays of Nazism, that of das Ubermensch, or Superman, resulted in a contraction of possibility leading to a quantum confluence within which Adolph Hitler can be said to have met a racial representative thereof. The possibility of such raises questions beyond the mundane, giving rise to spiritual tenets of a vast and Multiversal nature, exceeding the current boundaries of what the traditional monotheistic religions proselytize as possible, to include the ideals of reincarnation, multiple dimensions, an active and current realization of the Angelic and Demonic hierarchies, the Nephilim or Fallen Ones, who also walk the Earth, aliens, Inner Earth civilizations and many other tropes that raise brows and herald the onset of closing minds and jaded vision.

Considering the nature of the Moabites in their ancient war with G-d, could it be conceivable that immersion within mystical culture for thousands of years has imbued some of that population with abilities beyond those of normal people, creating levels of genetic capacity that the disparate royalties of this world have attempted to replicate and reproduce with all of the in-breeding and material accumulation that goes alongside the trappings of power in this world? The existence of telekinesis, Far-sight, telepathy and other psychic phenomena have long been accepted if not rare realities among the general population and the upper echelons of many world governments as well, despite the popular and almost automatically programmed derision that accompanies serious mention of these abilities.

Whatever the case may be, this concise rendition of the Moabite Reality is designed to raise the specter of questioning within the minds of the readers, leading the engaged to explore the possibilities in a dedicated manner to find out the application of truth in these most desperate and illusory times. Doing so pits one against the grain of societal mores, smashing the box and overturning convention as ignorant compliance remains the prevailing mindset and safety valve set upon a world population bursting at the psychic seams with indications of trauma and disaster, destruction and terrific outcomes too destitute of hope to consciously consider.
Moab, Utah
Currently, the Moabites live all over this world – there is even a Moab, Utah, as testament to their boldness and perceived invincibility – clustered and enclaves in communities that the majority of the world population has no idea even exist, let alone know the locations of. An interesting correlation there is the present designation of the state of Utah as the “beehive state”, and the bee is an important esoteric symbol of the Merovingians. Given the current state of their plans, the false flag nature of the attack upon America and the Gulf of Mexico and the potential for World War as the Moabites pit their pet and poodle countries against Iran, the safe passage of the majority of the world’s population thru this time period is not guaranteed nor assured. The spiritual evolution of the world polity as a whole is required in order to safely navigate these dark days, despite the perceived impossibility of such. The timeline of prophecy has been set, and the final dates are clicking down to that Day of Fruition. The presence and reality of the Quantum Field makes every thought, prayer and fervent desire contemplated a potential reality, given the applied power of enough adherents, as a change in reality and shifting to a new dimensional reality-frame require an adherence to an acceptance of G-d on High as the Final Arbiter, the End All Be All of our magnificent existence.

To do anything else is to countenance the Moabite reality, and support their anti-life efforts and assaults, which is, in the end, anti-G-d. Knowledge of these realities is power, to be applied in the war against evil. Once known, there is no return, no straddling the line, no bargaining for a return to ignorance. Once you know the Moabites, they know you. G-d bless and G-d keep us all along the journey of our lifetimes.

A prayer and very specific thanks go to Joseph Ehrlich at Sender, Berl & Sons Inc (website now defunct). for his continued teachings and to my mother, for her unconditional love and support of all done n the Light.

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    1. Any who may currently be considered of Hebrew lineage who also calls themselves a Zionist is potentially of Moabite genetic heritage. Zionism being the non-religious and non-spiritual worldview of those Ashkenazim who have claimed the Holy Land as their own could conceivably be of Moabite heritage. Clues to look for are elite status within that paradigm, an “ancient” lineage that may combine collaboration with political powers in the nations the Ashkenazim have occupied in historical times, as well as any overt ties to European royalty and, particularly, the Merovingian line.

  1. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your
    blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it
    better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

  2. Rahkyt, your article is very well constructed, and your biases are understated, which as I see it is either a play for diplomacy at best, or an effort to conceal some darker spiritual underpinnings at worst (not unlike the Merovingian/Moabite connection), or maybe the former is the same as the latter in any case. After reading your article, which was very thought provoking and informative by the way, I’m left wondering what it is you hope to accomplish in the writing. I read your statement of purpose, and many people would say that having/getting answers to questions is not as important as asking them. I assume you are one of those people. I’ve discovered in spirituality as in law, there is liability implicit to ownership, which is one reason that I agree with the Bible when it says that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Being a benefactor of something you don’t own is a freedom to be sure, and one that I feel is part of my heritage as a Christian. If I kept my faith a secret, as though it were proprietary to myself, I would be incurring the liabilities of ownership which I have no ability of myself to pay. I have to say then that even my faith is not my own, but is God’s, as I am myself. Is this possible liability why you don’t expressly “own” any particular religious orientation in your article? For academics, the study of religions is a luxurious excercise of the mind, but in a world where every ideology is manifest, often in the gruesome realities of the orphan and widow, the starving and diseased, there comes a point at which intellectualism can be a type of Hedonism, or could even be compaired to the feit money system rampant in the world today, as it’s a promise of answers it has no ability to produce – it can only produce more promises of answers to questions that do not yet exist, the essence of spiritual debt – and a God who loves us all equally has to deem it as sinful, even if it’s a crime of opportunity more than premeditation. “Knowledge puffs up, but charity edifies.” 1 Cor 8:1. You said that you’re a seeker, and Jesus said that if you seek you will find. I get the impression that you’ve found some answers, but not enough to call yourself found. I can tell you from experience that knowledge without Jesus is a castle that not only keeps God out, but locks you in. I feel very strongly that religious pluralism is a counterfeit ideal to the perfection that God has planned for us, and I hate to see people settling for less by short selling that awesome future. I don’t follow your blog and I may have you pegged all wrong, but please consider taking the Jesus challenge and devoting yourself to Him and His Word, without the other studies/entertainments, not as an experiment or an excercise of logical mechanics, but an act of faith expecting Him to respond in kind. As you said, the time lines of prophecy have been set, and in this time it is critically important to know “the way, the truth, and the life”.

    1. Hello, Nathan. Thank you for one of the most salient and apropos responses to an article that I’ve ever received. I wrote this article almost 6 years ago to the day. For some years, I followed a site called SenderBerl and Sons. The proprietor of that site was a religious Jew and he had done the research and possessed a fiery and unwavering faith as well as an intellect as sharp as any and sharper than most. While there are some things here that I have found on my own, the Merovingian connection and a few other things, I mainly wrote this short series of articles as a tribute to him, after he died of cancer, and the impact he had on me and my understanding of the world.

      Today, there are many out there speaking on global conspiracies and the like. Using many phrases for the Global Elite and many names. The New Age is wonderfully diverse in their appellations, I no longer write specifically on these topics, the echo chamber is already too loud.

      I do believe that this particular formulation is valid. That there is indeed a Cabal among the many that is directly related to the Moabites. I also believe that they are active, aware and embody the all-seeing eye. I was raised Christian, church every week, bible study, sunday school, choir. Every week until college, and at different points in my life, I’ve been back to the church for years at a time. Jesus is a part of me, I accept his teachings as valid and real. But I do not discount the teachings of other wisdom traditions. I know that the essence of divinity is beyond one cultural tradition as I know that breath gives life and the sun rises every morning. I know this by direct experience, not by reading or hearing.

      I have experienced things beyond Christianity’s ability to expound upon. Other traditions have been able to do so. Preachers have deliberately led me wrong and the bible is the result of man’s politicization of the spiritual process and the codification of man’s ascendency and supremacy upon earth. A template of the divine, if you will, in microcosm. Perhaps necessary, perhaps not.

      I have found that the Gnostic version of Christianity appeals to me more than the mainstream version because of it’s concentration upon Gnosis, direct knowledge, which speaks to my lived experience.

      Thank you, Sir, for your visit and your comment. This article remains, as it has for years, the number 1 article on my blog, for some reason. There is a thirst, I have seen, for people to know who the Moabites are. Perhaps I shall write on them again. All those I know who have done so, who have followed this trail, have died, perhaps in part, for doing so.

      Many blessings to you and yours.

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