Energy Exchange and Propogation: Eat to live, or, don’t consume your kids!



We all have some of it, we all want more of it. How do we get it? How do we lose it? Where do we get it from? What do we do with it once we have it?

If any of you have read the Celestine Prophecies, have perused much of the New Age material out and about, the Net across, or, if you know much about the ancient and modern alchemical tradition, then you know that there are ways that we can receive energy from nature. Communing with the natural world, going for walks in the park or in the forest or desert, silently absorbing the energy that we receive from plant and animal life is one way of gaining energy.

We get energy from the food we eat. If we eat organic vegetables straight out of the ground, we receive a large quotient of the energy that these plants have stored during the photosynthesis process. Plants, fruits, vegetables, are basically just light and water in material form. We consume that light and then our body uses as much of it as it can in order to power itself. Vegetables contain more of this kind of energy than meat does. That is why it is believed, in many traditions, that being a vegetarian raises the vibrational frequency of your body, making you more amenable to spiritual pursuits and the elevation of mental states, while eating a meat diet lowers your vibrational frequency, grounding you, intensifying your presence in the here and now of this material world.

Don’t you feel much better after you’ve been outside, walking around in nature? Invigorated, somehow? As if you stuck your finger into a light socket?

It is possible to overdo it. Staying outside in the sun, for instance, all day long with no protection, and the energy we recieve from the sun’s rays can leave us lethargic and drained, because we’ve overcharged ourselves. A short nap often alleviates that, leaving us with enough energy to last us for a while.

Contemplation, concentration and meditation are other ways of raising energy. The movement of serpent power/kundalini/chi energy can be affected by yogic exercises called Pranayama, which is basically just a series of practices concerned with the movement of the breath. Inhaling, retention and exhaling according to different methods and accompanying visualization practices. Breathing is the key to meditation. According to the tradition, there is a receptor behind and a bit beneath the nose that processes prana, which is a form of etheric energy, and the only way you can bring prana into your body is through the nostrils. Deep, full breaths and the attempt to still the mind allows the body to process this energy type and store it for future purposes.

What do we use our energy for? To live. To interact with others, to do the things that we do. To go to work, to talk on the phone, to interact with our spouses, friends, family and children. To think, to write, to draw, to paint. To create music, to dance, to sing and to shout. To argue, to fight, to make love, to eat. Everything we do takes energy, so if we don’t have a conscious method of making sure we have enough energy, then we find ourselves running our bodies into the ground, because the food that we eat in this culture is generally not enough. We need other ways of gathering energy to us.

What is another way we get energy?

From each other. We are trained from childhood, in our families, to eat each other. To consume each other’s energy in parasitic relationships that we are generally unconscious of. I mean, sure, we know when we are in healthy relationships or when we are not, when we get to a certain stage of life, or a certain understanding about relationships. But that takes experience and knowledge to determine. When we are children, we don’t have that experience and knowledge available to us in most cases, since we are newly returned to the world and we don’t have access to past-life memories in that manner. So, we are trained in the methods of energy-siphoning, and we do it first in our families, and then with our friends, and then in the greater society in our daily interactions.

There is negative energy and there is positive energy. And there are strategies that we are all familiar with that allow us to get energy from each other. Some of these methods should be obvious to us all, when we think about it. Try to remember any time in which you were in an argument with someone. Where it got so bad that there was yelling, screaming, shouting. Try to remember an argument where you were on the losing end. Do you remember how you felt, when that other person was standing over you, their eyes glaring, their body seeming to swell up before your eyes,  their presence absolutely dominating your perceptions in every way?

You felt small. You felt lost. you felt confused. You felt … weak. As if you’d lost more than the argument, as if you’d lost something else. And you had. You’d lost energy. That person was swelling up, because they were consuming your energy in that interaction. Often, this occurs on a daily basis. If you look at any of your relationships, you can find examples, even small ones, of where energy exchanges occured. A quick, flippant exchange with a close friend where you exchange insults, with the other person coming out on top. They just took a quick sip of your energy. That person who always has a complaint about something, and you sit there and listen to them as they whine and moan. That’s right. They are siphoning off your energy. That high energy alpha male on the job who comes up and bullies you for a moment in jest, while others around are laughing and watching. They’re all feeding off your energy, although he gets the most. They then cast you off, and you feel weak, drained and depressed.

Ever felt the need to go out and “look for trouble”? Perhaps that is a teen thing, but feeling bored and antsy, and wanting to do something to jazz up the day or evening, you go out to find a way to get some more … energy. Whether it is going out to do some dirt or find something – or someone – to get into, we’re looking for some way to increase our energy quotient. Parents take energy from their children when they scold them emotionally. Siblings take energy from each other when they fight, argue or compete. Spouses do the same. So do friends. We even take energy from our pets. You all know people who have dogs or cats – or children – that are scared to death of their owners/parents. Any of this sound familiar?

Don’t take it lightly. This is serious business. It’s life and death, literally. Most of us are running around our lives with such a low state of energy, we’re like a battery that has almost been drained of its charge. We’re talking about life. We’re talking about the energy we need in order to survive for just a bit longer.

Some of us are so stressed by our lives that we jump when the phone rings. That is a sure sign that you have a low energy quotient and there is someone siphoning energy – or more than one someone – in your life. Others of us are on the other side of that equation, and we often feel very powerful, because we are eating the energy of those around us. Our emotional, intellectual or physical dominance, either conscious or unconscious, is affecting the people we are close to, often detrimentally.

It takes a conscious effort not to take energy from others, after you’ve lived a lifetime doing so. It takes a leveled attempt to control our emotions and words in a manner that does not impinge upon the free will of another. This is a difficult proposition to contemplate, because what it means, is that our most basic methods of interacting with each other is based upon either a symbiotic or parasitical energy exchange, and these often work themselves out in our closest relationships. In fact, in these intimate personal relationship, the energy exchange is unconsciously agreed upon at the beginning or early stages of the relationship. One person is the consumer, the other is the consumed. In some relationships, it is more equal.

Once you become conscious of this energy-siphoning, everything changes. You begin to pay more attention to your interactions. To how you feel. To whether you are gaining energy from others, or taking it. And once you become aware of the process itself, and how it works, you may find yourself consciously trying to change the way you interact so that you no longer allow others to just take your energy all willy nilly. And, if you are a truly giving person who cares about others, you try to change your patterns so that you are no longer taking energy yourself. The funny thing about this is, if you try to change the relationship so that you’re not giving up or taking energy anymore, it often ends!

Even if you are the one who is siphoning energy from another, the person whom you’ve been eating feels all confused and angry, because something has changed, but they’re not sure exactly what! If they are used to this state of being, they seek out another who will do the same thing to them, because we are always most comfortable in the types of relationships that we’ve experienced in the past. Even if it is a negative relationship. And for those who are being siphoned by others, if you are able to create a shield around yourself that the one sucking your energy can’t penetrate, they also become confused and angry, and seek easier prey. They also have no idea what has changed, except they might complain that you have become stubborn, or non-communicative, or something else that addresses the symptoms of your change, but not the underlying cause, which, of course, is your decision to no longer be food for someone else.

What are some strategies that can be employed in order to deflect this form of energy consumption? Firstly, get out more. Go outside. Interact with nature. With plants, animals. Look at them. I mean, really look at them, think about them, think/project your feelings at them and find the beauty in them, and you will find that they communicate back to you. Even more directly, they give you of their energy. Finding the beauty in anyone or anything birthes a reciprocal response, a reradiation, since, by doing so, you are giving of yourself, your energy, you receive in return. In any symbiotic relationship, where both individuals are giving of themselves, and not just taking, balance, equality, is achieved. And this includes plants and animals as well as people.

For protection against energy-siphoning, self-knowledge is key. No one should be able to tell you anything about yourself that you don’t already know. This is one of the major tools of those who eat others. Create doubt and fear – taking advantage of low self-esteem – by jabbing a hole through your psychic defenses so that your energy can be sucked up leisurely through an ethereal straw. There are many strategies that people use to get inside your head and dominate you for the purpose of consumption.

Anybody who tries to tell you anything about yourself is really showing you a reflection of their own perceptions of you and not the objective reality of your existence, since they don’t know you half as well as you do, if you allow yourself to listen to your deepest Self. And the only way to do that is through contemplation. Through silent time. Prayer, meditation, time spent alone, listening to what lies beneath your thoughts, the silent knowing that represents your true, eternal spirit. If you do that, you build up a sphere of knowing, which nothing that is not you can penetrate. Does that make sense?

Those who siphon energy often prey upon our illusions, upon the vagaries of our personality complexes, our egos. Its a strategy, just like the lioness stalking her prey. She crouches within eyeshot of the Impala, staying close, threatening with her very presence in order to creating fear and doubt in the poor animal, stressing them out to the point of physical weakening, confusion intended to penetrate their mental defenses. These individuals play upon our perceived weaknesses in order to place us in a defensive state, so they can dominate us psychically and slurp up our energy like it was so much red koolaid. You know, the nice, sweet good stuff.

So we have to shield ourselves from them. In the best-case scenario, this shield is built up through years of extensive self-examination and a sure knowledge of who we are. But since many of us are just beginning this journey, a short-term way to deflect these individuals is to create a sphere of light energy around ourselves in the moment. A shield of white light, imbued with feelings of love and surety, through which no negativity can penetrate. Admittedly, this is difficult to do in the moment. Especially in the moment when you are threatened. But it is possible. What is needed, is for you to disengage from the individual threatening you and concentrating upon the visual image of the sphere, which removes you immediately from the state of energy siphoning, and into the state of energy creation, as you divert that energy this person is taking into another form, that of a sphere of protection.

Over time, and utilizing these strategies in a consistent manner, it becomes automatic. Sooner rather than later. And once you have more energy, your life changes. Once you have more energy, you are able to manifest your reality quicker. Once you have more energy, you are able to focus and concentrate more. Once you have more energy, you are able to achieve your goals.

The very last thing I am saying is to just radiate love and light. No. That is not the answer. Those who siphon energy just eat that up and come back for more. Over and over again. In addition to that, sending out general feelings of love and light into the universe, or, giving it to those who have not asked for it, is an impingment upon Free Will and may backfire upon the sender, or even skew the life path of the recipient who did not specifically request it. And, it must be said again, those who siphon energy just eat that up and come back for more.

To take on the stance of solidity that is required in order to be a warrior of the spirit, we have to be complete in and of ourselves, while at the same time recognizing that there is a war for spirits going on in the material world, and that this war is being carried out right under our noses. It is being carried out in our own personal interactions with others, as well as the local and global events that we all see shaping the world at this point in time.

Each of us makes a choice in each moment, whether to be a warrior or not. We make a choice also, in the context of energy exchange, whether to be one who eats or one who is eaten.

But there is another choice. That choice is to eschew either position, and take another path. To neither eat or be eaten, but to receive your sustenance from another source altogether. Since we are incarnate within a world of carnivorous appetites, at some level, we all must consume other sentient forms of life. If you’ve studied the traditions of knowledge and spiritual devotion, one thing that must stand out to you is the insistence by those far along those paths, upon consuming the least amount, or only what is necessary to live, and to confine that consumption to the lowest density – perceptually determined – lifeforms (Plants, fruits).

Eat to live. Live in the knowledge of Oneness. Take as you give, seeking equity in all things. This is how power accrues, and your body becomes a tuning fork of divine energy, to be utilized in the ongoing perfection of the soul.



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