The Ferryman: Is spiritual growth for sale?

In Greek mythology, Charon is the Ferryman of Hades, transporting the Souls of the Dead across the River Styx to the Underworld. Souls which are properly prepared, present Charon with a payment of gold. Those who cannot afford the price are doomed to wander forever, along the banks of that fateful river.

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Ancient scriptures reworded, meditative techniques and prayers de-contextualized, creative visualization Gurus have become the spiritualized prophets of the New Age, selling personal evolution to the masses as the new commodity; free market methodologies, laissez fair, closed-source psychologies, available only to the worthy!

Does spiritual evolution truly have a cost? Can dollars and cents equal prayer and penitence? Are the lessons available on websites worldwide actually capable of changing something inside? Revealing subconscious constructs collective in nature and inner knowledge, without going to college?

Has something changed? Or, is there some Divine Law at work, here?

Many holy books state the following: In order to receive one must give, In order to prosper one must work hard, in order to learn, one must study and in order to truly live, one must first die.

Across the ages Gurus, Shamans, Priests, Medicine Men and Women, Witches, Warlocks and others of the mystical ilk have accepted payment as a token of willingness on the part of the Seeker, of the acceptance of market value for services rendered; an exchange of commodities, the spiritual for the material, the stuff of daily existence for that of Eternity.

A Seekers resolve must be tested and, when truly prepared, the teacher will arrive and, past the fiery passage of the dark night of the Soul, lies the possibility of spiritual evolution for every person.

But most Souls balk at the cost and refuse to pay the Ferryman, preferring instead to return to anonymity and the unexamined life, living it in search of comfort and the illusion of love, which is really lust masked and beautified to hide the nothingness inside.

The advanced lessons of the Soul are available within each of us, while step one through ten can be purchased in Churches, in pamphlets and online, the Divine is really within our minds, but that contextualized knowledge must first be internalized, the Third Eye poked, the internal fire stoked by a burning desire to Know, to Be, to truly and finally See.

The spiritual knowledge passed on in Churches, Temples, Mosques and through the observance of religious ceremonies across the world are only the first, most obvious level of spiritual knowledge, and produces only a modicum of spiritual growth within the individual. The metaphoric stories learned as youths and adults, serve to provide us with the framework necessary to delve within, through prayer and meditation, accessing the deeper channels of the collective archetypal library, wherein lies the possibility of true Gnosis.

It is only through direct and concentrated access to the subconscious – through prayer and meditation and the inculcation of the trance state, i.e. mantras, visualizations, etc. – is it possible to change behavior at the most fundamental level of the personality construct.

To be reborn, one must first die to ones Self, to the world, to former knowledge and understandings.

One must undergo a Re-envisioning of Reality, a re-conceptualization of the Totality of Creation.

This state of Being can sometimes be brought about by a death in the family; a change in material circumstances; an inordinate time spent alone; or, the natural evolution of the spirit to the point of instantaneous and complete knowledge.

This last is the most difficult, and the possibility of allowing Self to drift back into the comfort of the illusive perceptual world of our surroundings, ever-present.

We are, each of us, the Ferryman, possessing the capability of total Self-transformation, capable also of self-transport across the river Styx, to the other side. The other side of life, of experience, from whence we will look back upon our lives as the Darkness before the New Day. We are, conversely, capable of lying to ourselves, thereby remaining mired within our individuated psychoses, neuroses and problems of the Daily Grind.

But we all must, eventually, reach the Crossroads where the forward path leads invariably to the river past which lies the Underworld, or the Inner world of the Soul.

And once we arrive there, and face the Ferryman, whatever choice we make carries a cost. The question is, whether were willing to pay it or not.



  1. Maybe, some people pay the ferryman metaphorically. Like what you said, illness, a death, an inordinate time spent alone; and so forth. That’s the cost. We have to be willing to pay with something. We can’t hold on to our time, our previous dispositions, and so on. We have to essentially, give it, in exchange for our spiritual growth. The first step is to seek it to begin with and be fertile earth, the second is to be willing to give up some things (if not everything) for it.

    On a personal level, I always sought since birth, which is probably why I was considered a “genius” in my youth, prior to moving to a suburban neighborhood where I was suddenly disregarded. Long story… but I always say, that my uncanny thirst for knowledge at that time was fueled by my spiritual awareness & spiritual curiousity. Actually, it would probably be best to say I clumped spirituality and general knowledge and all things in one category… without seperation. It was all encompassing. A few “tragedies” shut off my desire to acknowledge the relevance of spiritual knowledge for a few of my teen years and oddly enough, some-things tragic combined w/ lots of alone time “shut on” that desire. I never stopped seeking or creating, but during my “shut off” time, I *shrugged it off* while feeling it might be pointless because I was an anomaly in my circle of life at the time (according to teen Ladessa), very misunderstood, with no one to talk to about all I was thinking on those levels, and it was just TOO MUCH for my poor family who thought “she’s too smart for her own good”. Plus, I was too fixated on the superficial life I desired to fit into 9but never quite could), so I didn’t really indulge myself in the most important things for a few yrs. I think perhaps, some people remain that way for a very long time, they become stubborn, which negates taking in new information, and many others are simply too lost to take that journey without a guide. The truth is, no guide, other than the god in self, could ever truly enlighten you the way that you could do for yourself. Bottomline is, even if you subscribe to someone elses ideas, it has to be born inside of you in order to truly be connected to your soul. The only thing someone else can do is stimulate your mind, and plant seeds, but you have to be fertile ground for that to happen, and that’s the hardest part for many people. That’s what we give things up for / pay for with some of our most prized worldly ideals etc.

    sorry for the long reply. lol. but your blogs move my mind. thank you.

    1. You are always welcomed, Ladessa. Truth is inevitable, as is the remorseless call of Self against the roar of the ego’s demands, to conform, to follow a normal path, to be like others. You are a jewel like no other. I’m glad that you are exactly like you are, for no one else could contribute what you do, to the world. Blessings, sista.

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