The Experiential Cornucopia of Everlasting Delight

Perhaps it is a mistaken assumption that the line between Darkness and Light is not clear.

The space between night and day is indeed a time all its own; a Twilight realm of shifting moral clarity and spirituality, where the transition between two extremes occurs. Those who choose neither the Darkness nor the Light inhabit this realm, keeping a foot in both worlds, choosing neither, indeterminately in-between.

I tend to think that intellectuals, prevaricators and those who parse Belief and Knowledge for selfish purposes are often the primary inhabitants of this realm, with their egoic reasoning facilities standing in for that inner surety that often separates the fanatical from the unbelievers, the morally certain from the morally bankrupt. The Intellect and Ego act in the capacity of guardian, protecting us from our greatest fears – be they the certain effects of either the Light or the Darkness – keeping the Self beyond Ego divorced from direct Experience, manifesting uncertainty and fear that results in our continued separation from the extremities.

It is often said that we are the company that we keep. That those with whom we surround ourselves reflect some part of ourselves; their beliefs reflect ours, their viewpoints regarding life and life’s possibilities in tune with our own. There must be some element of truth to this since we choose our compatriots and paths in life deliberately. We are rarely thrown into situations where we are forced into relationships. Even in school, prison and the military we make the choices as to which individuals and groups that we will belong to, forming ties with those who reflect our own values and belief systems. Because these are conscious choices these are also responsible choices and karmic choices that reflect the trajectory of our life-paths as certainly as the thoughts we make manifest through our actions.

A friend of mine presented an image of clarity to me, reflecting her own life choices. Walking out of the Light of Knowledge to pass through Darkness of Ignorance in order to enter again into that selfsame Light is as easy an example of the context of our choices as the analogy of leaving a lighted refuge at night to go to another lighted refuge, passing through the darkness and its dangers to get to our destinations. Our friends and comfort zones represent our refuges in the Light – the spiritual realm of emotional clarity – while strangers and the world without represent the dangers of the darkness, or, the material realm of physical satiation. To the extent that we choose to straddle the two, living in the twilight region in between, we are tempted by the Darkness as we pass through it or are drawn back to the Light and comfort that we realize lie beyond the temptations of materiality.

Making these choices in the way that we do highlights our decision-making process as it is affected by our surroundings in the form of our material conditions, our hopes, dreams and desires. Given the scope of our present circumstances, we choose our paths through the Light, Twilight and Darkness accordingly, our direction a consequence of our relationships, for better and for worse as we dive into the Darkness to achieve an end, or soar into the Light to replenish the energy that we consumed before returning to the Twilight to analyze our journey, cynically aware of the nature of our indecision and experiential rambling, unwilling to make a directional choice given the equal attractive options of either continuing to swim through the ocean of experience or flying into the blinding brilliance of the eternal sky.

There is a certain aching joy to life when we stop in the moment to recognize beauty. In both the tragic and the triumphant lie seeds of their opposition. In the most joyful instances of experience we feel a pang of sadness as we realize that the moment won’t last and pain and heartache surely lie somewhere on the other side, while in the terrible heartache of tragedy, a joie de vivre arises that brims to the surface of our hearts, elevating the moment and the experience to a space of understanding that sometimes reaches epiphanic heights. Traveling through the Light, Twilight and Darkness exposes us to these vagaries of life and we become addicted to them, addicted to Life, addicted to Experience. And, sometimes, we make the conscious choice to hone those experiential discourses in order to enjoy the very specific emotional responses that result, over and over again.

Each choice that we make affirms our immersion within one of these three spaces – the Light, Twilight or Darkness realms – in particular moments or extended periods and we move between them as discarnate souls through dimensional barriers, disoriented, seeking solace and temporary respite from the storms of life. And at some point or points in our lives, we find ourselves standing on the edge of a precipice where all that we know is threatened; where the person that we have been becomes obsolete and where the choices that we have made leave us at the point of what seems to be a Final Decision: the decision to take the leap and fly forward into the Great Unknown or to fall, limbs akimbo, back into the familiar grasp of Past Experience and Knowledge, where the future is certain and familiar. This is the point at which we are firmly within the Twilight realm, our material eyes darting back and forth nervously while our Third Eye radiates outward in both directions, encompassing the possibility of manifesting that which lies beyond dreams and desires. To choose or not to choose becomes a fearful mantra which causes many to abdicate choice and remain in-between, their cynicism deepening, their fear of both the Darkness and the Light settling into their bones and consciousnesses like cancer.

If the choice is, indeed, made, here – in this singular space and moment in Time – is where the Darkness and the Light merge into One and the two oppositional visions juxtapose reductively, producing a multi-dimensional image of infinite probability that transcends even choice, contextualizing experience as a fundamental aspect of the manifestation of Eternal Consciousness. Or, more succinctly said, As Above, So Below. Nothing matters and everything matters. We just Are, it just Is. We were born to die and everything in between is beauty and love, ugliness and hate, the Experiential Cornucopia of Everlasting Delight, to be enjoyed as both the Good and the Bad as we travel between the Darkness and the Light, resting, oftentimes uncomfortably, in the Twilight realm between.

Postscript: As I wrote the above blog, earlier today, I was sitting in a coffee-shop, only marginally aware of my surroundings. At one point, a young college student sitting across from me met a friend and the two struck up a conversation. As I wrote I’d catch snippets and registered that their conversation was of a spiritual nature. After a while, one of the young ladies left and the other proceeded to call her boyfriend to continue what obviously was a painful and on-going ending. While still not trying to overhear and trying to write, I did hear her saying that the basis of their mismatch was spiritual. After hearing him from a distance, yelling at her on the phone, she hung up and sat there numbly, looking into the distance.

At that point, I excused myself and asked her to listen to what I had just written, which, at that time, was about half of this current blog. She laughed nervously but agreed. I beckoned for her to come sit next to me. She did, and listened silently as I read. Upon ending, we proceeded to discuss spirituality and relationships, and in the process, I was glad to see her mood shift as we discussed the ideas of Light and Darkness, and the impact that our choices have upon our life paths. I introduced her to a book I happened to have in my bookbag, Eckhart Tolle’s text, “A New Earth”, advising her to read it if she could. She spoke on her nascent Christianity and her art, the insistence of the moment versus the timelessness of purpose and intent as well as the vagaries of destiny made manifest through the remorselessness of choice and life’s processes.

Eventually her man came in the door, fidgety and nervous, breathing a bit hard. I sighed inwardly and nodded as she introduced him and, finally, herself. She smiled awkwardly and moved back to her original seat as he went to the bathroom. When he returned, he whispered to her, and she nodded. As she gathered her things and stood, she cheerily said “Good-bye, it was nice to meet you,” and I nodded and waved, wishing her the best of luck.

I doubt I’ll ever see that young lady again, but there are no coincidences. I pray that her situation works out for her, and that she realizes that her path into the Light is hers alone, and that she finds a way through the maze of life’s choices, as must we all.

After that, the rest of this write came easily. Blessings and Light, my friends.


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