The Rules of Capitalization: The spiritual lies we live

It is often difficult for people to handle the Truth. We all have our “little t” truths, but when it comes to the “big T” Truths that speak to aspects of “big S” Self as opposed to “little s” self, we often do not want to hear it. People can go an entire lifetime running from Self and Truth. In fact, even understanding that there is a difference between self and Self, truth and Truth can be too much for many to handle. Here are two examples of “little t” truth versus “big T” Truth:

Money will make you happy. That is a “little t” truth. Money will give you the capacity to pay your bills, to buy gifts for people during birthdays and special celebrations, to get things that you desire and think you need in your life.

More money, more problems. That is a “big T” Truth. Money will not only allow you to take care of the material things in your life that you need, it will also allow you to engage in behavior that you may desire, which is not the same as need. Indulging our desires is the quickest way to find out who we truly are and, sometimes, that is not necessarily a good thing.

Now here are two examples of “little s” self versus “big S” Self.

I’m an individual. I like certain things and dislike other things. This is an example of the “little s” self. There are things that happen in life that make us happy and sad. Naturally, we like the things that make us happy and we dislike the things that make us sad. Our bodies react to our thoughts by sending a cascade of chemicals out from the hypothalamus (neuro-peptides) that suffuse our cells, changing their state, which we call having an emotional reaction. Being happy, being sad, etc. Chemical reactions which are imminently controllable, if we so choose. Our emotions are powerful and they are often an important factor in the decisions we make in our lives.

We are One. We are all a part of God.  This is an example of the “big S” Self. Also called the Higher Self or one of the 72 Names of God, we are, individually, like cells in a human body or like droplets in the ocean, a part of something larger and beyond our individuated consciousnesses. Being such, we are not our egos or personalities, we are the silent stillness of Awareness that lies beneath the thoughts that often course remorselessly through our minds. This Awareness is our connection to our Higher Self and to that higher Divinity which lies beyond. This is who we really are. The core of our BEing, that which is aligned with the Eternal and Infinite.

Coming to understand these differences between self and Self, between truth and Truth is coming to terms with the reality of the holographic matrix within which we live and carry out the conditions of our lifetimes. Our “little t and s” truths and selves are the ego-bound, personality-driven, limited almost mechanical constructs through which we view the world and our interactions. They are the product of our upbringings, our family values, our societal mores and our conceptions of dualistic existence. It consists of our likes and dislikes, our rights and wrongs, our goods and bads, our positives and negatives.

Our “big T and S” Truths and Selves are our connection to each other, to the world and to the cosmos and the Infinite and Eternal beyond even that. They are our resonant response to the thrill and joy of existence, to the contradictory and yet supportive conditions of a limited material existence and an unlimited immaterial existence. The contradictory understanding that we will die, and yet we will live again. That we have only a short while upon this earth, yet there is no end to what lies beyond.

A general response to these Truths that lie beyond the ken of too many is an immersion within the daily grind. A concentration upon minutia. An over exaggeration of our physical bodies to the detriment of our spiritual bodies. An elevation of the emotional and personal entrapment to the exclusion of a greater form of emotional and personal detachment. We often desperately hold on to the “I”, to the “me”, so that we don’t have to admit the existence of a greater “We”. The contradictions of our existences demand this willful blindness to the Truth in favor of our truths.

To enjoy material life in the Western cultures is to celebrate the “I” and the “me” over the “We”. To live within a capitalist culture is to celebrate the “I” and the “me” over the “We”. To continue to internalize the inherently separative qualities of our culture, we must create a virtual battlezone within ourselves between self and Other, the Other in this instance being everyone outside of self, to include family members and friends. This results in the fundamental schism of a lifetime, when considering the fact that, in order to alienate others, we must first create division and separation within ourselves. This division and separation comes at the cost of the greater “We” and often occurs at a very young age.

The journey of a lifetime then becomes a reclaiming of the innocence of childhood; an innocence that recognizes the Truth of Oneness and a resonant, compassionate understanding in the collectivity of BEingness. We are alike, we share more in common than may be immediately obvious, your good fortune is mine, your happiness is my joy. Being happy for your sister because she is happy, celebrating your friend’s good fortune because it is also yours, honoring the stranger because you have also been a stranger before and know how it feels.

Awakening to the necessity of piercing the “little t’s and s’s” is one of the first steps along the journey of reconnecting with your spiritual and greater Self. Controlling your emotional states and the inner dialogue, finding out who you truly are within and living life in the Present and not the Past and the Future are all attainable goals, if and when you decide to embark upon that path. Going within to meet your Inner Child, seeking to heal her or him and send that part of yourself on a journey of re-connection with your Higher Self will lead to sustained and constant spiritual growth and a more joyous and connected experiential journey through the days of your life. This is the goal of an incarnation, at heart. Not money, not security, not happiness. These things are ephemeral and do not last. Only what is within and reflected without, lasts, and only what is within and reflected without, is Truth. Only what is beneath the inner-voice, beyond the thoughts, is Self.

Learn to recognize the Rules of Capitalization. Then live your life seeking to internalize them with eyes and hearts wide open to experience.

Nationalism and Spirituality: As above so below

This body I inhabit was born in the United States of America, In the late 1960s, to parents born but also raised in the big sky and red dirt country of the lower Panhandle region of West Texas. Our people are the descendents of enslaved Africans, galvanized by intimate, cultural interactions with both Europeans and Indigenous Americans, creating a singular and genetically consistent sub-racial/ethnic population identified as African-American. My own specific indoctrination into American culture is as a member of the generational cohort designated Gen-X, the child of an Air Force Veteran, being raised across the country and the world surrounded by the trappings of militarism and nationalism in a concentrated and volatile format. Being thusly sired, it was no stretch for me to enter the Army myself in the late 1980s culiminating in the First Gulf War-Desert Storm in 1991, whereupon the completion of my tour of duty found me more than ready to resume the formal aspect of my educational career, which I came to the end of 15 years later. It was only then that I formally embarked in a more concentrated manner upon the individualized spiritual journey that, earlier on, had characterized my life as a parallel thread of interest, but that has, over time, come to define the middle years of my life as the primary focus of my personal endeavors.

For most of my life, questions of religion and spirituality were answered within the confines of the Baptist and non-denominational Protestant Christian churches, where the perceived and affected africanisms, remnants of the continental genetic inheritance of an enslaved peoples familarized me with the intimate spiritual nature of African-descended folk, including such storied psychic capabilities as speaking in tongues(glossolalia), getting the spirit(possession), and the inherent and undeniable power of souls in synch expressing God-consciousness through the invocation of The Word put to music and the pounding, throbbing rhythms of the beat, either by drum, feet or both. The power of raw emotionality, the ability to leave the body and experience reality as Other than ordinary – as expressed equally in the synthetic religions of Santeria and Vodun – a cultural as well as a racial inheritance of the Middle Passage, known to Africanists the world across as the Maafa.

 The contradictory nature of spirituality and nationalism confront all spiritual seekers at some point of their personal evolution. And yet, our specific circumstances, our dharmic inheritance as it were, serves a purpose in the unfolding of our spiritual destinies as nationless Citizens of the World. Coming to grips with one’s Past and integrating it with one’s Present is a key component in the journey towards Transcendence of the material plane of existence, which can mean many things to many people. For me, personally, Bush’s War on Terror and Obama’s War on Liberty aftermath has left me struggling, caught within the grips of an extreme case of cognitive dissonance as my training and upbringing as a member of the American Warrior Class(AWC) surges within my mind. Memories of soldiering, the endless repetitions of the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegience and Star Spangled Banner during my early years combine with the direct military indoctrination of my young adulthood and the subsequent, rough cameraderie of soldiers, as well as the life and loves that have formed an indeliable impression upon me in the Past have made me the man that I am in the Present. I would not be who I am now, if it were not for who I was then.

When I was stationed in Germany during the late 80s and early 90s we used to call the United States the World. When someone’s tour of duty ended, they were headed back to the World. For us, everything that we could ever want was back home in the States, the World. I rather expect that soldiers, wherever they are stationed, continue to do so. In fact, I have seen movies of Vietnam where this convention is honored, and it signifies the way that soldiers think of the United States, of home, even though, technically speaking, their deployment across the planet might more accurately be considered an experience of the World. Sentimentality knows no bounds of logic or experience, it seems.

The expression of this dichotomous viewpoint, the struggle between the World and one’s current circumstances and understandings is the stuff of spiritual elevation. In each moment, it is possible for us to let goof the Past, to die to who we were in order to become who we are meant to be. As an example, it is as if there were a grand template of Rahkyt out there somewhere, a vision of perfection and peace whereby I realize my inherent probabilities, manifest at the highest level of Being, the possibilities of my spirit and my soul. A similar vision exists for all of us, regardless of our stations in life, or our individual experiences, because we are all One, connected at every level of interaction, our actions and reactions being determined by the chaotic effects of stimuli too many and diverse to specify ranging from an vast number of options spanning both space and time, creating matrices of chance and probability that result in our individualized Destinies, sending us upon life-journeys of perfection and peace, despite the emotional highs and lows of illusory materialism that distract us from what is really going on, beneath the surface drama of life and its attendent trials and tribulations.

And yet, this illusory materialism is the very stuff of life, isn’t it. It is the daily grind, the emotional relationships we share the history, and the cultural and social milieu that we inhabit forms the majority proportion of our perception, given our tendency as socially conditioned Westerners to elevate the external, material conditions of our shared realities over the internal, spiritual conditions of that selfsame reality. Which brings me back to Nationalism.

It almost goes without saying that the connection of body and mind, and some aspects of the spirit, to the collective of humanity is of necessity a mandatory expression of Oneness and that Nationalism, even considering all of its ills, is reflective of this subconscious desire of disparate groups of humanity to express this reality, given their shared ethnic and cultural affiliations. Group-mind, mob behavior, both have an aspect of shared consciousness at the level of the human sub-conscious, binding individuals together in ways that are scientifically documented and verifiable through varied methods utilized by the mass media, corporations and governments in order to direct and control populations.

So on the individual level, for those of us seeking elevation and death to the Self, it become incumbent upon us to examine all of our previously unexamined habits and beliefs in order to determine what istrue and real in our lives, what is Ego and what is Soul, and sublimate our tendencies toward the ease of groupthink accordingly. For me, personally, the heartache and pain of American soldiers fighting and dying on foreign soil is a visceral experience to me because I feel them on an individual level, know what they are going through to an extent and recognize what it took and takes for them to live the lives that they have chosen.

On the other hand, because of my empathic abilities and somewhat specialized, geographic knowedge I can feel and intuit the pain of those in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, as they are subjugated to a foreign power, Palestinians and Israelis fighting for their lives and land, Iranians, Egyptians, Syrians and Kurdistanis seeking to make sense out of the shifting, political sands. All of these groups change, evolve, merging and interacting on a super-personal level as collective, psychic entities embroiled upon multiple levels of interaction, sending tendrils of potentiality out into the aether which respond to the collective intent and desire of nations and people across the globe, all connected within the miasma of Gaia’s aetheric emanations, collectively, as macro-level expressions of the diversity of lifeforms within our own bodies, working and living together as individuals and organizations for the evolution of the whole.

This body I inhabit is formed of Stardust born of Earth, third planetary body from Sol, one solar system among many clustered within the Milky Way galaxy, reflecting the Infinite Array, expressive of the expansive nature of both matter and consciousness and the continuing evolution of the multiverse, transcending time and space within the remorseless imperative of the evolutionary process occuring within the soul of each moment, born anew with each thought and subsequent action at every level of Creation Become. My experiences and genetic programming, explicit towards the manifestation of my own personal destiny as a microcosm of our shared, collective destiny, the fulfillment of an imperative born far beyond my, or our, capacity to conceive of in its awesome and terrifying immensity.

Life Has A Way of Reminding You of What is Important

My partner, I and my 10 week old son have just moved to a new apartment. A great place, a turn-of-the century home with stores below and apartments above, we live on the third floor. Everything in the apartment was new when we moved in, from the paint job to the appliances. The only problem was the front door, which was not framed correctly. You can see light from outside all around the edges of the door when it is closed and the door won’t stay shut, nor will it lock without lifting the entire door for the deadbolt to fit into the frame.

So we’ve waited for weeks for it to be fixed, but finally, today they came to fix it. As I answered the door, still mentally in PA and with my son in my arms, thinking about my response and future actions, the workmen stood there. I said hello and the lead workman, Luc, looked at the door, bent to check out the frame and immediately collapsed.

I asked if he was ok, his companion, speaking in French, did the same, a small smile on his face as if, perhaps, his friend was joking around. But it was no joke. Immediately Luc began harsh, grunting and laborious breathing, his body began shaking violently, he was in the midst of what looked to be an epileptic seizure. He was face down, his head wedged into the space between the door and the frame. I immediately grabbed his shoulders and motioned to his friend – who spoke no English – to grab his legs and we turned him over.

I ran quickly upstairs to wake up my partner and hand her the boy, but she had heard the door and was already stirring. Hearing my voice below become strident, she knew something was wrong. She took the boy from me and I told her to call an ambulance and ran back downstairs. The other guy was standing there, tentatively, watching his friend, his voice high as I assume, he kept asking Luc in French if he was ok. But Luc’s eyes were rolled up in his head and he was breathing like a freight train, spittle blowing all over his face and jacket, his body trembling uncontrollably. I called upstairs for a blanket and my partner brought it. Luc’s friend ran downstairs then, calling something to me that I did not understand.

I sat with Luc, one hand over his heart, the other behind his head, holding him up, staring into his eyes, telling him, “relax, you’re going to be ok, you’re going to be ok”, and consciously sent him energy from my core through my hands into his body. I kept on in this manner as Luc’s friend returned, this time with two younger guys in tow whom I recognized as being co-workers, as they were all working on another shop in the back of the building. One of them told me that he was Luc’s nephew and he knelt beside us and spoke to his uncle in French, holding his hand and reassuring him. I asked him if his uncle was epileptic and he said no, this is the first time this has ever happened.

My partner brought down blankets and knelt with me, holding his head, also sending him energy, engaging in the work of her soul. We both continued to do so, eyes closed, her silent, me speaking softly, to his soul, as he trembled and moaned on the ground between us all.

As his tremors began to subside and his eyes flickered, the first responders arrived on the scene. At that time, his tremors had almost stopped. I’d only met him once previously, when he had first come to see the door. He’d measured it, told me they’d have to order a new door and that his name was Luc. He seemed to me a good guy. Now, as he was returning to himself, he seemed a bit sheepish as his awareness returned and he saw his nephew, two co-workers, me and my partner and three first responders encircled around him with concerned expressions on our faces.

He tried to stand up but couldn’t and he was helped to a couch, where he sat and answered a few questions. I moved back then, wearing only a pair of sweats and my winter coat which my partner had brought out to me at some point as I knelt there with only the sweats on in 0 degree Celsius weather, helping a near-stranger to the best of my ability. I looked out over the village as they spoke to him and others took charge, thinking about this moment. Why this had happened at this particular moment and what it meant in the larger scheme of things. I felt my heart wide open, bare in the face of mortality, and tears threatened as the fragility of life and the immediacy of the Now was impressed upon me yet again.

We are not promised tomorrow. We are not promised the next minute. Even in the midst of constant change, as life flows and we flow along with it, there are moments when you have to be forced into a recognition that we are the sum not only of our environment but out choices and those deeper streams of genetic and biological truth that we are not necessarily cognizant of. The confluence of time and space conspires to create moments of awareness, flickers of a candle’s flame against the dark resonance of the unknown, each moment a step into that darkness, taken with the faith of innocence that it will land upon something solid and that we are assured of a safe passage into the future. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The choices we make pre-life are mysteries to us now. Luc did not know when he knocked on my door that a life-changing event was about to occur. I did not know when I answered the door that a perception-changing event was about to occur.

Each of us influences each other as we interact, even if we are only within the context of an internet community. Those of us who look upon our interactions here without thinking about the deeper moral and spiritual aspects of those interactions are missing the lion’s share of the meaning that is inherent within each successive moment. Those of us who act without thinking about that importance, those of us who speak from pride, from a deeper, ingrained hubris,must look further for meaning than the rules of an old society, the understandings of an outdated paradigm.

We are each responsible for every single thought, every single word we utter, every single intention that we manifest, whether spoken or written, and will stand to account for it at a time not of our conscious choosing but at the choosing of our Over-soul. Coming to grips with that reality in the face of a cold gust of mortality can be a bracing thing if you’re not expecting it.

Our reminders are synchronicitous whether we realize it or not, each event holding meaning, following from some prior causation originating materially from immateriality. We are given precious glimpses into this Truth at key moments. These are moments that are designed to remind us of who we are and why we are here.

These are moments when life has a way of reminding us of what is important.

Trust: Changing your codes Pt. 1

I don’t feel like poetry today. Nor do I feel like going off on some deep spiritual riff, no matter how the notes promise to spiral and ascend through chords, timpanic booms echoing into the distance as flutes and violins chatter and obos and clarinets rustle through the thick undergrowth of lowing trombones, whispering cornets and frustrated french horns.

Today I’m feeling staccato, like eighth notes and sixteenth note runs on a cacaphonic Coltrane high. My anahata chakra is throbbing, spreading heat throughout my solar plexus, pulsating in tune to my mood; and I want to share the immediacy of the feeling. I want to talk about trust.

It’s not always the ones who smile in your face and listen to your problems who end up being your friends.

People come at you different ways. Some obstinately indifferent, others fiendishly polite and some wilfully obtuse. This is nature, this is life, this is how people do people and how its always been since time immemorial. When you make the decision in your own life that it’s not ok to remain mired in the same patterns of disfunction and neurosis that you’ve been caught up in for your entire life, it seems as if the entire universe conspires to work against your resolution. The determination to live your life trusting people, having faith in your decisions and your path in life becomes a torturous series of trials, during which you are accosted every which way by individuals and events both inside and outside of your control.

You take people at face value. You trust their word. You believe the things that they say to you. And when they tell you that they’re your friend, you believe that too. So believing, you share things with them that occur in your life. You tell them personal details about yourself, sharing your ups and your downs, the happy events and the sad events, the past events that have made you the person that you are and the future-possible events that will make you into the person that you want to be, living the life that you want to live.

And they smile in your face, nod and offer encouraging platitudes. They laugh when you laugh and look you directly in the eyes, making you feel warm inside and you experience that happy, glowing burst of chi that suffuses your body and sends tingles shivering down your spine, or, if the connection is strong enough, raises goosebumps along your arms and the back of your neck. Sometimes, it’s really that good.  And, in those times, life is good.

And then there are those who are indifferent; who are unfailingly polite and who live by a stark distrustful code that doesn’t allow for intimacy at the early stages of any relationship, be if formal or informal. Those people have been shaped by experiences sometimes negative in nature, wherein their trust has been broken, perhaps numerous times, leaving them broken in turn and distrustful of all outside of a small, intimate circle of friends and family who have been close to them for years, if not decades or a lifetime.

Physical and emotional abuse, the death of loved ones and other harsh experiences of reality conspire to inculcate fear and reinforces cycles of trauma and heartache that can be lifetimes in the undoing.

These people suddenly find other things to do, or display their discomfort through their body language and tone when personal conversations get too personal, or when they’ve reached their limit of interaction with certain individuals, maybe even with you or me. While it is difficult to pierce that seemingly cold exterior, within, in many cases, these individuals are warm, caring people who just need proof that someone is who they say they are to them, that proof being of the type that may take years – or extreme events of a sacrificial nature - to supply.

Those who are cold and distrustful fall under this category as well, although it usually takes quite extreme events to break through the mask which they have donned, and which has, almost invariably, become too fixed to ever remove - unless an extraordinarily powerful and consistent application of will is applied - resulting in the proverbial ‘hardened heart’.

Trusting, irregardless of the type of person trusted, is always a personal decision that one makes for themselves, in order to remove the mask of social interaction and reveal the truth of the person within. Trusting, then, is a choice. A promise and a commitment that we offer of ourselves, and, ultimately, for ourselves. This mask that we wear - that can become fixated and more expressive than a latex Hollywood monster mask augmented by the most high tech of digital special effects - is synomous with the choice, made by you, by me, to hide ourselves, to deliberately lie to others because it is what we have been taught to do by society ever since childhood.

Even though trust is a personal decision, dependent upon no one outside of ourselves, it still breaks my heart when my trust is broken. When someone I trusted disappears from my life suddenly and with no explanation, when tales are told out of school and you hear something you’ve told someone else in trust from another person’s mouth, or, when people begin acting differently toward you and you put the series of events in perspective and piece together the sad and disappointing truth that your trust has been broken.

Even worse, is when your trust is broken deliberately and malignantly, and you are placed in a compromising position in a very public manner, or in a manner that is detrimental to you materially or spiritually. In these cases, it seems as if trust was the wrong way to go, that you should have stayed in your shell, kept your mask intact, been cold and indifferent, taken years to choose whether or not to trust that particular person. So does this mean that you should follow your natural instincts and retreat back into your shell? Replace and tighten your mask even further, shelling out whatever it costs in order to have the most recent digital upgrades, so that nobody, ever ever again will see your true face, know your true feelings, be able to reach your true and everlasting heart?

While your ego, paranoia and hurt Self tell you, unequivocably, ‘yes, dammit, what, you want to get hurt and misused like this again???’, your heart of hearts always tells you true, and it is at this point that contemplation and silence come to bear, and that still, quiet Self within that speaks from the soul must be cultivated, stroked and lovingly caressed in order to retrieve the peace that you’ve been searching for all along. The peace that trust brings, by releasing you from the pain and heartache brought about by distrust, suspicion and living lives spilling over with anger, hatred, suspicion and fear.

While the surface waters of your consciousness are roiling and boiling copiously, the urge toward revenge and unholy self-righteousness crests, while the calm, deep and living waters that gird the warmth and movement of the surface retain their stability and their firm assurance that peace is the eventual goal, the inevitable end result and our eternal promise.

So let them do them, and we’ll continue to do us. Take a moment or two, a day or even a week, and allow your silence and calm response to speak for you. Do the inner work necessary to cultivate that calmness and to remember that you are better than that, that you no longer play those games, or are suceptible to base emotional manipulations, and, eventually, it will become true in your life. Not necessarily at first, because it takes time to get past emotional response habits that have been a lifetime in the making. Wanting to lash out and exact a bloody and righteous toll is natural.

Let me repeat that: Wanting to lash out and exact a bloody and righteous toll is natural.

But it is this form of nature, unexamined and formed by the instincts of our reptilian brains, that must be transcended, that we must spend our lifetimes sublimating in favor of the higher nature that we all share, that which brings us to the table in trust, peace and familyhood, regardless of our circumstances or our differences. Whether it be through monotheistic prayer, eastern meditation or agnostic contemplation, accessing your Self through intense self-awareness and purposeful conscientiousness is the mode by which we ‘change the code’ at the base level.

It has to be done, and no person should hold that much power over us that we succumb to the urge to destroy ourselves under the illusion that we are actually doing something to them. Because nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes it is those people who, at first, seemed unapproachable and self-contained that end up being your best friends. And, sometimes, it is those who seem to open up and listen to your problems who end up being your worst enemy. But either way, by trusting, and allowing yourself to be yourself and present that true face to the world, we end up being the winners. And that light of inner sight that shines forth from those who have achieved a state of peace and self-knowledge beckons us as a promised state of being, if only we can stay the course and implement the changes within ourselves in order to achieve our life-goals.

Trust: Changing your codes – Part II

Transitions: Ego at the crossroads

A deserted crossroads, stretching into infinity, tableaued upon a broad and dusky plain, uninterrupted by terrain variablity. Flat, expressionless, the crossroad forms a cross of infinite length, within the center of which lies a core of eternity. An old, black man, skin dark, smoking a cigar and hoisting an expensive bottle of rum sits there, waiting for you. And me. He is Papa Legba. The Guardian of the Crossroads.

Transitions are represented by the Crossroads, in many spiritual traditions. In Vodun, the Crossroads are the domain of the Lwa, Papa Legba, or Elegua are western representatives of the African Orisha, Eshu. This diety’s domain is the doorway between the mortal and the spiritual world, the revelation of the veiled sight called prophecy and is the first and last to be invoked in ceremonies dealing with communications between this and the Other Side.

Many different types of transitions can occur simultaneously in life. The ending of a semester, the evolution of relationships. The growth of children and the continuous cycling of world affairs. We all experience transitions differently. My past as an air force brat has affected the way that I experience transitions in a fundamental manner; a manner which I’m not sure is totally positive.

Transitions were always an exciting time, growing up. From birth until my sophomore year in HS, my family moved every two years like clockwork. From my birthplace in Paducah, Tejas, to Bangor, Maine, and Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire by the time I was 3. From there to Wichita Falls, back in Texas, then out to Cali at Nevado, then outside of Vallejo, at Travis AFB to 5 years of age (first UFO sightings here). From there, back to Tejas, Paducah, grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins until we moved to Biloxi, Mississippi in preparation for our 2 year sojourn on the island of Crete, Greece, where we stayed until  I was 10.  Del City, Oklahoma and Tinker AFB and  Scott AFB in Illinois, where we lived in both O’Fallon and  also on the AFB – went to school off-base at Mascoutah HS – brought me into the HS years, and then we moved to Washington State and Fairchild AFB, not far to the west of Spokane. We stayed there for 3 years. My father extended his tour there by a year so I could graduate from HS in the same school.

Moving so much made it easy for me to let people go. The excitement of the move, the thrill of new places, new spaces, new friends, the possibility of being whoever you wanted to be and not having to worry about your past catching up with you were unconscious benefits of a life lived moving forward, hardly ever looking back. The first time I felt real remorse at leaving a place, and people, wasn’t until after we moved from Oklahoma, at which point I missed a close friend whom I still look for sometimes on the Net, hoping to see his name in lights, because he was a magnificent artist, at such a tender age, and taught me much that girds my artistic endeavors to this day.

Military brats didn’t write each other often, to my knowledge. We just moved on. Sometimes we saw others that we knew before in new places, most times not. The ability to live fully in the present and the future, to some extent, is either a gift or curse that arises from this kind of lifestyle. And I realize that there are many other people out there who have lived in such a transitory manner, moving as often or more often, for different reasons. I believe that the military lifestyle is singular though, in that sense, because you are moving within a very formal and self-contained structure, so there is a similarity of outlook and experience amongst those who grow up in that lifestyle: there are commisaries and BX’s on every base, a bowling alley, gym, recreational facilities (lakes, rivers, ski resorts, parks, golf courses, trips, tours, clubs) and excellent educational opportunities available to us that really aren’t available to people of a similar economic and social status in other walks of life.

I remember every few years, the Air Force would send my father home with a comparative chart, and we would sit around the table exclaiming at the benefits that we had access to, and the comparison to civilian equivalents always left us at least 10 to 20 thousand dollars higher on the economic ladder than the actual amount of money my father was making. Being an enlisted man (Non-commissioned officer, lower ranking) for half his career, then finishing school and going to OCS for the second half of his career allowed us, his children, to experience ‘both sides’ of the military hierarchy, the lower and upper, and to transition effortlessly between different types of people, of different experiences and economic backgrounds outside of the military fold.

So, transitions have always seemed to come easily to me. And yet, my nature is fixed, according to the Zodiac, and I tend to hold on to things inside. Not necessarily physical things, or places, but the memories of people, of events, which is something that we all do. It seems to be all that we truly have sometimes, as the vagaries of life send us tossed and turning, flailing helpless in the winds of change to then be dropped into the ocean of despair, then borne atop the frothing crests of all-consuming waves of experience that leave nothing but emotional and spiritual detritus in their corpse-strewn wakes.

A traveler crosses the horizon, a distant speck on the consciousness of a Diety. Papa Legba’s cigar fizzles out and he produces another from a pocket of the old, formless grey and dust-covered jacket he wears. He snips it with weathered teeth and it lights, magically, as his black, black eyes watch the small speck grow larger. Timeless, his patience is eternal, his station as Gatekeeper the Be All End All of Creation itself, at least as far as us mortals are concerned. Without him, we cannot move forward. We cannot experience the presence, without his intervention on our behalf with the greater hierarchies and regiments of the Divine. As I draw near him, Papa Legba’s face breaks out in a cracked and weathered grin, his voice is raspy and deep as the rivers as he says, ‘Welcome back, boi. What’chu got ta say fuh yo’sef this time.’

Since the only experience I can speak on authoritatively is my own, the conclusions that I come to in blogs such as these apply to me only. If, by some extraordinary coincidence someone else’s experience is of a similar sort, perhaps the nature of my conclusion might bear some relevancy to their lives as well. If so, such statistical improbabilities are probably meaningless curiosities in an otherwise logical and rationally-oriented universe, the aforementioned stated with tongue firmly in cheek.

Every transition we make is a Crossroad, and involves spiritual/psychic/psychological communication between our rational/irrational, conscious/unconcious and spiritual/material sides, and so every transition we make is a communication between Self and Diety, whether we realize it consciously or not. In order to move forward in health and vigor, all aspects of the past must be reconciled with the future or else they remain suppressed in compartmentalized voids within our personality/ego structures. There, they fester like old wounds and draw energy to them, taking it from our Present and creating justifications and intentions that befoul our highest aspirations, that twist our good will into something selfish and perverse, proving the truism that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Within the highest of all spiritual aspirants, there remains a mortal seed. Yin and Yang each contain a seed of thier opposition, representing the true equality of dark and light, the manifestation of a perfect relationship, a necessary realization of the total aspect of Creation. One without the other, cannot exist. I, without you, in this world, cannot be whole. We are One, dark and light, black and white. Opposition challenged, fought and resisted, is strengthened. As in the final chapter of the Matrix Trilogy, when Neo realized that he could not fight Mr. Smith, but must instead realize his inherent duality – represented Arujuna on the battlefield with Krishna, Jesus in the desert with Satan, Buddha in the forest with Mara – we each must integrate and accept our inherent duality, thereby mirroring this universal battle within ourselves, as in the expression, “As Above, So Below.”

Transitions are the flow of life, the necessary condition of existence that makes experience possible, that takes us from one state of consciousness to another. So often, they pass unremarked upon, although, at the moment of their occurence, we each experience an extraordinary clarity, where we know that something momentous has just happened, where we realize something, before allowing it to fade from our conscious mind and permitting the mental chatter and egoistic formation of past/future existence to return to its predominant function of running our lives.

My own transitions leading up to the present were marked by turmoil, mental and spiritual, and, often, material. Through them, I realized that the core disfunction of my personality construct was on the run, and, baby, when your Ego is on the run, guess what it does, it turns around and attacks you, the best defense being a good offense. And who knows you better than your Ego? It will present your most alluring temptations to you, offered up like a spring pig on a platter (or a fig leaf-encrusted soy platter, for the vegetarians), your greatest material or sensual desires will suddenly appear out of nowhere and your deepest, darkest passions will arise like a bat out of the pits of Hell to confront you in the midst of your devotional practices, distracting you, pulling you back down into the Ego’s grasp.

The servant has become the Master. Instead of being an event that frees you from the past, transitions become occasions for the Ego to tighten its grip upon your consciousness, upon your true Self, which lies beneath, forever observing, emotionless and steady, the core expression of who you are in this incarnation and those beyond. Only by cultivating the Now through the many, many specific practices available (meditation upon the breath, visualization, mantras, prayers, quiet time), going within to find out who you really are, can we overcome the habit of allowing our Ego to remain in control, our thoughts to remain unstructured and typified by useless, banal chatter.

The lives we have created around ourselves act as a barrier most times to truly getting to know ourselves, and this is an intentional device that the Ego uses to strengthen it’s grip upon us. Death to the Ego is really acceptance of the Ego as a tool of the Self. Not giving the Ego power, not listening to the worries and fears, not allowing them to settle and take root or to grow tendrils of intention that reach out into all aspects of our lives, perverting our present by creating more negative kharma that will only end up repeating the same old cycle, over and over again, if we allow it to. The way out of this trap has been known since the beginning of time, but it is only by going within, that we can change what goes on without.

Papa Legba awaits each of us and we all, in our own way, seek him out. Whether it be at the bottom of a bottle of rum, or the highest mountain in the Himalayas. Whether we be Buddhist or Pentacostal Christian, Hindu or Sunni Muslim, Animist or Philosophical Diest, the power that Papa Lega represents is real and transcends culture and spiritual affiliation. Whether we acknowledge this particular belief system or not, we cannot trick ourselves. The alien formation of Ego structure can and often will attempt to downplay the reality of the spiritual, our responsibility to the collective human family and the greater trends of positivity that might awaken the selflessness of our peculiar human nature. But beneath the Ego’s selfish rationalizations, our true voices whisper constantly, reminding us that there is more to our lives than that which we want, or desire. That our purpose is greater, that we are called to Glory, no matter our personal situations, or what we can or cannot do, according to our own interpretations and understandings of what we, as individuals, are capable of in life.
Nobody holds you back but yourself. Only I hold myself back. Only you do too.

As I stand there at the crossroads, Papa Legba grows ferocious in aspect, his black, black eyes all-encompassing, growing in my awareness, drawing me in, further and further, becoming swirling black whirlpools of intention and destiny, and I am sucked into a void of eternal light, within which total consciousness exists. Around me I hear voices, of loved ones and strangers, an echoing chorus of laughter and light, of pain and suffering, of life and love, of experience and desire realized. My soul opens, my secrets exposed, I cry out to the multiverse surrendering myself to All That Is and Ever Shall Be, knowing now that my life was never my own in the first place, that I am but a part of the Whole, a singular thought in the Mind of God, an echo of a shadow of a reflection of an infinite collectivity that is One. 

Abruptly, I am returned to myself, standing alone at the Crossroads, the litter of ashes and cigar butts, and three, empty bottles of rum accompanied only by the echo of Papa Legba’s laughter, born on the desolate, whispering wind of encroaching night. Freed of all encumberances, I laugh out loud, listening to the sound of my life lived Now, and Forevermore.

Experiential Living: Life and lemonade

I suppose experience is what I’ve been after all along. Back in the day, during my college years, especially at the HBCUs I’ve been blessed to attend, I’ve seen more than my share of fights, comprised of individuals and groups, although I’ve been doubly blessed to be a peacemaker rather than a warmonger. Whenever the masses would run away from the gunshots or surging crowds, I would run to them. Whenever an argument would break out, I tended to seek resolution rather than further animosity and chaos. The experience was visceral and real, requiring me to be totally present in those moments of conflict. The same emotional highs that create vivid memories and the addictive need to experience them again and again also act as markers in our mind’s eye, drawing us back to them for the reliving, again and again.

In those days when experimentation was the goal, rather than the method of intoxication being the most important aspect, it was the friendships and the journey itself that provided the experiential manna, which is why that time period came and passed in my life as a phase, one which I look back on and do not miss but appreciate, for the experiences and memories both good and bad. Attempting to hold on to experience and to keep memories alive are both banes of the dope fiend seeking to escape experience.

Being caught up in sensual experience is also expressed by the pleasures we accrue as we age, the food and drinks we like, the television shows and movies, the drugs, the sexual positions, all remnants of previous experience. For example, I love McDonalds Big Macs because they’re good. I’ve known they are good since the first time I ate one and they taste the same today as they did back then. Experience. I eat them now seeking that same taste, comfortable, familiar, without mystery. I watch science and speculative fiction television and movie shows because I seek a return of the familiarity of youth, the books and the comics I used to read. These movies, with this new technology brings these things to life in ways that were impossible to do just a decade ago and it is a joy to me to see the characters I could only imagine by animating a 2-dimensional comic up on the big screen, their muscles just as taut, their exploits just as superhuman as I remember. Experience, albeit more cerebral than actual.

At a certain point in life, experience becomes stale. Most people, when this occurs, take refuge in the fact that they’ve always done it before so they continue to do it, even though every fibre in their being is telling them that it is not working anymore. As with dope fiends, the high doesn’t get you as high anymore. With food lovers, the big mac doesn’t please your palate the way it used to, even though it tastes the same, something is missing, the enjoyment, the pure, sensual satisfaction.

Rather than look at these thoughts, examine these feelings of discontentment, we seek to drown ourselves even further in a miasma of sensual experience hoping to find that dish that reawakens our passions, that sexual position that takes us just a bit closer to the perfect orgasm, that drug that makes us just a little bit higher, that takes us away from the underlying realization that none of this experience is enough to truly satisfy something within us, something that is telling us that there is more, that we need more, that we have to have, more.

For those to whom these feelings overwhelm, experience steps in and they/we create, consciously and unconsciously, conditions in their/our life that send them/us spiraling into the dark night of the soul and the supreme realization at that point is that change is an experience. That, perhaps, there is more to life than what we have previously known, that perhaps drugs aren’t the way out at all. Perhaps there is a bliss beyond the sexual orgasm, a physical contentment beyond that provided by the comfort foods that we consume daily. That experience is not bounded by what we’ve experienced before. That there are new experiences out there, new forms of perception, new forms of sustenance, new forms of living, of loving, of experiencing life in its variagated aspects.

The transition from one perceptive narrative to another can be immediate or transitional, can occur in an instant or take a day, a week, month, year or decades. But whenever it occurs, at some point you stop and realize that you are not in the same place that you were, that you are not the same person that you used to be and that something happened at some point to make you different. Meditative journeys into Self confirm this realization and you begin to trace the path back, into your past, noting the milestones and important events that changed the course of your life to its present one, morphing your perception of yourself and the world into the one you currently possess, or are currently in the process of formulating through your own unique experiences.

When you realize that you no longer need the crutches of the past, that you no longer smoke the cigarettes or the weed, that you no longer watch Jerry Springer or engage in the neighborhood or workplace gossip, that you no longer seek outside of yourself – in another person for instance – for completion, the quality of your experiences take on an entirely different tone, and your worldview expands as you become aware of alternative perspectives and the interconnectedness of humanity as a whole.

Life being comprised of successive experiences, being a collective experience in and of itself, I suppose what we’re all after is experience. I’m not special, or at least, any more special than you are. Being consciously aware of our movement through the days and years of our lives becomes a paramount accomplishment when we finally realize that each and every event, each and every choice is meaningful and that the quality of our lives is dependent upon these decisions that lead up to and make up our individuated life paths. In this viewpoint there are no bad decisions, no negative occurences, because every, single thing that happens to us has meaning and leads to further movement, evolution, and even, change.

Change is a good thing. Clarity of mind and the purification of the body/temple go hand with the shedding of the past in the attempt to create a present and future of light and love. The importance of finding one’s life purpose and living in accordance with the truths we discover on our journeys of experience cannot be understated. Change is inevitable, the removal of the physical, mental and spiritual detritus that obscures the perfection of our conception is evolutionary in nature and will occur at every level of Creation as a condition of life itself. Growth, movement, experience. In seeking the light, what further evidence of Divinity’s perfection do we need, other than the proof of our own experiences?

Conscious Living: Seeking the highest potentiality

Sometimes it is difficult to see through the haze of emotions, past experiences, neuroses, personality quirks and cultural and familial indoctrination in order to find your truth. In fact, this is probably one of the most difficult things to do once the decision to take your spirituality seriously is made. No matter what tradition you may practice, there remains the detritus of a lifetime’s worth of programming that must be identified, codified and sorted through in order to find the pure light of your spiritual self that lies beyond. The major religions all recommend certain spiritual tools that allow you to sift through the layers of the personality in order to accomplish this aim, to include affirmations, prayer, contemplation and meditation.

Within the structure of traditional religious practice, all of these tools serve certain ceremonial functions. People pray together in churches and mosques, they quote affirmations and meditate together in Sat-sang. Tales of faith designed to teach deeper spiritual lessons bind believers together within the ceremonial structure of the religion to create a common narrative that transcends individuals and cultures. The codification of belief has come to define aspects of societies to the extent that entire geographic regions of the world can be simultaneously assigned to disparate religious systems that also possess political characteristics as well. Because of this institutionalization effect, the structure of formal, spiritual aspiration takes on both the positive and negative aspects of politics and economics, resulting in the degradation of spiritual qualities and the elevation of consumptive qualities.

When spirituality becomes mass-produced, therefore, the danger of formal religion’s incapacity to elevate the individual soul to a higher plane of self-realization and existence becomes much greater. When church or mosque becomes a weekend jaunt, when prayer or meditation becomes only a social function, when affirmations become pithy quotes, spirituality dies a quick death and dogma sets in. Of course, the original capacity of each religious tradition to bring the seeker to a state of higher consciousness remains available, yet the path of such a person must then wend its way through all of the personal and cultural brambles that conspire to keep the true aspirant from self-realization. Working through your daily trials and tribulations is then experienced as a constant questioning of Self versus Other, of belief versus truth, of personal knowledge versus cultural tradition.

Are they lying to me? Do they know the real truth or is this just their interpretation? Is what I believe right or wrong? When seeking the elevation of the soul beyond the material planes of existence, when seeking to exemplify a higher form of living while still being incarnate upon this earth, when seeking to embody Divinity in thought and practice, these questions threaten the aspirant with immobility and doubt. It is at this point that tradition – the teachings of your religion, the experience of your own, personal spiritual explorations – comes into clarity. Seeking the highest potentiality, according to the system of truth that your own discernment has confirmed, becomes the way through the morass of doubt and ambiguity that ever threatens those without conviction.

The highest potentiality is the path that best exemplifies a divine passage through life’s disparate lessons. The form of the ever-present question becomes, what is the highest potentiality of this experience? Our individual growth depends upon the manner in which we deal with life’s trials and tribulations. How we respond to each test determines whether or not we have to repeat it, at a higher cost for each iteration. Seeking the highest potentiality allows us to consciously chart a course forward based upon our own personal spiritual knowledge and experience, no matter where we may be along the path. As we both succeed and fail during the course of our lifetimes, we gain a greater confidence in our ability to live our truth. How our personal truths then come to resemble and manifest the greater Truth that binds the cosmos together in love then becomes the indicator of our personal spiritual progress and the standard by which we come to live our lives in a conscious manner.

Living life consciously can only occur once we have recapitulated our lives, gone through our memory banks and examined each lesson we have learned for its deeper Truth. Once we have done this we become aware of the story of our lives, our own personal mythos. We become aware of the trends of our lifetime, whether we are the hero or villain – according to our personal belief system – and what the value of such assignations might be to the future course of our lives. We can then make the effort to live an examined life and become resolute in our desire to become better people and we are able to make conscious decisions about who we are and who we want to be. It is at this point that seeking the highest potentiality of each lesson becomes ingrained within our psyche and lived reality, allowing us to then embody our highest principles automatically and on a daily basis.

Coming to the point where we can live a conscious life is not an easy thing. Often, it takes personal trauma to get to the place where we can even examine our lives deeply enough to realize who we truly are because it takes being able to pierce the lies we tell ourselves as well as the lies we have taken on as our truth. That truth can hurt and, often, we have to be at a place where life experience has forced us in order to even want to examine our behavior and thought processes to that degree of detail. This is generally known as the dark night of the soul and results in the death of the Self and the rebirth of a new aspect of Self, better equipped to live your life honestly because of this direct-if-originally-unsought self-appraisal.

Mid-life crises, traumatic events, social ostricization or unforeseen occurrences and accidents can all result in the onset of the dark night of the soul and the resultant death of the self. And while it may seem like a negative thing when you are going through it, once you have come out the other side you realize the importance of what you’ve just experienced and are then prepared to live your life consciously in search of your highest potentiality. The tests never stop, because that is what life is all about. It never becomes easier, just different. Envisioning our experiences as cyclic and spiraling ever-higher as we continue to co-create our shared reality gives us the necessary perspective as well as the impetus to reach for the stars, seeking the truest manifestation of Self as we journey through our lifetimes in preparation for what lies beyond.

The Gathering of the Rainbow Tribe: New Age delusions and rude Awakenings

There are certain realities that must be addressed in order for the world to move forward as One. These realities have been created by the super-conscious agreement of large soul-groups comprised of smaller collectivities and individuals inhabiting this planet, engaged in a mutually beneficial karmic drama drawn out over many hundreds and thousands of years. The origins of this passion play are lost in mists of time, subject to multitudinous explications and storied retellings, but the ramifications of it remain with us.

The world we live in is an end result of the diffusion of the world’s people from one location upon the planet to many, according to both scientists and mythologists. According to American Indian lore, each group was given a charge relating to the 4 directions and other esoteric correspondences. Succinctly, the yellow race was sent East and given charge of wind and so became knowledgeable about all things having to do with the body, breath and energy. The red race went West and was given charge of earth and became knowledgeable about the planet, its animals and all things growing therein. The black race sojourned South and was given charge of water, its emotional, psychic and physical properties and the white race migrated to the North, there to learn all there was to know about fire, its properties, manifestations and usages.

As the planet’s population grew, each group achieved its core aim, existing apart for millennia to consolidate and manifest these understandings in preparation for the time when they would again come together. It took an extraordinarily synchronistic coalescence of technological innovations – contributed over time by all of the races of humanity – to create the conditions necessary for this Great Return to be effected. Ostensibly, it was the “discovery” of the Americas by the Europeans and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade that created the multiracial civilization which has now reached its apex upon the Western lands of this planetary body. But it took the nautical innovations of the Chinese (rudders, masts, etc.), chemical innovations by the Africans (gun-powder, steel) and the land already inhabited, cultivated and explored by the American (South and North) Indians for these Times to become fully manifest.

Another prophecy shared not only by American Indians but by people across the world, pertains to the birth of the Rainbow Tribe. Of course there are different terms for this new people upon the face of the earth, different ways of describing their coalescence, but the prophecies are similar in noting that they will gather in the Western lands, they will be comprised of people made up of the four races and they will come together to consolidate the total knowledge of humanity as one, bring back together that which was split asunder during earlier Ages of the planet.

There are many in the current New Age movement who believe that their group is the manifestation of this prophecy. However, despite their belief, in order for the prophecy to become manifest, all of the conditions of the prophecy must be fulfilled. These conditions include the following primary aspects:

1. The Gathering must occur in the West.

2. The Gathering must be comprised of all of the primary racial groups on the planet.

3. The Gathering must be based upon knowledge that leads to a new way of life based upon unity consciousness and planetary sustainability.

For these conditions to be fulfilled, it is necessary for those who aspire to or consider themselves to be a part of the Rainbow Tribe to recognize at which stage of this process of gathering they currently represent. The material conditions shared in common as expressed by multiple traditions (American Indian, Esoteric European, Egyptian/Metu Neter, Greek/Hermetic, etc.) are relatively straightforward, but the spiritual conditions are a bit less so.

It is easy enough for individuals to gather together in a group, to look around and see people who look like them and think like them and, ostensibly, speak of unity consciousness. These people may also speak of shared knowledge, the divine feminine and indigenous wisdom. They may also seem to act in a manner that embraces a sustainable future and decries a continuation of the current death-culture. But words are easy. It is when actions are called for that the determination must be made as to whether Truth is present or not. The type of truth that is often most subjective and relevant in this land of contradiction has to do with that which has kept the People divided for so long. The political, economic and social echos of prejudice, xenophobia and institutional racism.

No one in this movement called the New Age ever wants to talk about it. It is the elephant in the room, the uncomfortable truth that remains relevant and stymies all calls for unity and reconciliation. Whenever such a discussion is begun, it is often the case that those who feel as if guilt is being as signed to them personally react in a negative and toxic manner and the supposed goodwill implicit in spiritual gatherings is immediately nullified. The victim-consciousness template that actively challenges the oppressor modality shares culpability in the continuation of the drama, with the inability to come to any real resolution between the two sides due to the sheer emotionality and primarily subconscious nature of the problem, the raison d’etre comprising the entirety of this karmic structure’s dark yet evolutionary purpose.

It is precisely because of this almost subliminal and visceral response that discussions of race elicit that it is important to call it to the forefront of the discussion, in order to draw forth the collective demons that it awakens. In this manner, it is possible to take on the segregative facilities of the Control System and actively and energetically combat the prevailing compartmentalization that relies upon divide and conquer methodologies to keep humanity in a state of low energetic flux and limited potential transformational capacity. While there is often some token representation of diversity amongst the different ideological components comprising New Age movement, a yellow, red or black face if not in the room then at least in the organization, the continued relevance of cultural racial discrimination is the karmic time bomb that threatens the very foundations of any spiritual movement that considers itself truly concerned with unity consciousness.

The uncomfortable truth is that, while individual racism has certainly subsided in the last 40 plus years since the post WWII freedom movements and the end of legal segregation in the United States, many individuals still harbor conscious and unconscious prejudices or stereotypes against those of other racial groups. Not only that, but institutional racism – the structural codification of segregative behaviors, i.e. public and private sector discrimination – remains implicit in all of the continuing inherent discriminatory practices in job hiring, the criminal justice system, housing and recreation. As individuals engage in these areas of people activity without a conscious awareness of the prevalence of institutionalized racism, they are actively promoting and endorsing it by their very participation in these modes of societal production. By the neighborhoods we live in, by the stores we shop in, by the social organizations we belong to, we advertise to the world what we believe and who we are, whether we realize it or not.

A more apt and spiritually relevant description of the different typologies of humanity seems more accurately divided between those who possess the capacity to experience empathy and those who do not, but the more visually deterministic difference is, of course, skin color. I use the term race advisedly and converse to the scientific pronouncement that there is no such thing as race, only ethnicity, since we are all one human race. Perhaps that is so on the purely scientific level, but colloquially, the term remains widely employed and relevant.  Subsequently, the continued existence of the Global White Supremacy System is not only still a relevant factor in the explanation of social and economic disparaties the world across, it explains the essential contradiction of a New Age movement that possesses, highlights and continues to harbor many xenophobic and supremacy-oriented ideologies that have their origin in segregative and racist philosophies from earlier and more discriminant eras.

These racist philosophies have morphed in the New Age to take on more universal aspects, as streams of supposedly ancestral genetic superiority are said to have originated upon other planets and within distant star systems. These belief systems are typified by the glaring omission of representatives of all of the races of humanity throughout the rest of the cosmos, but also state that genetics are the currency of the galaxy – an obvious and glaringly xenophobic paradox – thereby subliminally justifying similar threads of ideological dominance and suppression here upon the earth. By so doing, they tend toward the justification of all of the ills of discrimination, segregation, enslavement and superiority complexes that have bedeviled humanity for so many millennia, indicating that these things exist beyond the earth and so they must be, if not positive realities, then at least they are pervasive wherever 3rd Density consciousness exists. Whether or not these realities exist is not the point. The point of our current existences here upon the earth is spiritual evolution, the importance of which should necessitate our elevation beyond all discriminatory practices and systems of knowledge, no matter who else in the galaxy or universe practices them for whatever reason.

Because of this reality, spirituality as expressed during this current era is divided, even in the “melting pot”-like Western countries. Reds have their prophetic traditions, ceremonies and earth-centered systems of sorcery and magical practices, while Blacks have cobbled together a disparate collection of ideologies and beliefs centered upon ideals of melanated spiritual ascendancy grounded by their emotional and empathic inter-connectedness. Yellows have long traditions of esoteric beliefs pertaining to energy and physical movement existing within multiple energetic dimensionalities and Whites have incorporated many of these traditions into pre-existing indigenous European belief systems, resulting in a New Age tradition comprised of combinations of all of the above, made unique to them by the infusion of what seems to be an unconscious trend towards continued racial separation and a new and supposedly inclusive form of ethnocentric supremacy.

In this context, indigenous knowledge becomes an owned commodity, available for procurement and appropriation, the ceremonies of Reds, Blacks and Yellows become common spiritual property for all – i.e. the New Age movement – to change, modify and employ, regardless of the inherent dangers of practicing foreign systems with a limited understanding of the cultural and historical context and methodological particulars. The spiritual traditions of the Ages, perfected as practiced over many millennia of experimentation within the geographic crucibles inhabited by each of the different racial groups, become the fodder for instant egoistic gratification masked as potential spiritual ascendancy. This is of course a relic of the commodity-based and consumption-oriented nature of Western society and, therefore, contains as a key aspect of its expression an often unconscious desire to materially consume, even in the context of spirituality, in order to fill the gaping emotional and spiritual void that currently exists within so many yearning for something more.

The purifying quality of fire has been the purview of the Whites and is the driving mechanism behind the current technological and social revolution that has overtaken the world in these times of multiversal change. This evolution of communicative processes has led to a world-wide discourse resulting in the further clarification and condensation of belief into the clarity of purified knowledge sieved through the crucible of collective experience. Fire cleanses and burns away the dross, transforming the essence of materials in preparation for the Rebirth. The ability of fire to clear away the underbrush of ancient and unnecessary belief systems to make way for the relevant and the new, to bridge the gap between what was and what will be is the manifestation of the Northern imperative, as the other directions contribute their unique essences to the collaboration of the People in the reawakening of our collective self and the recognition of one race, one greater soul group comprised of four smaller groups, each unique, each absolutely necessary for the collective awakening of All.

These times could not have come into being without each of the four directions, without each of the four races. But now, it is the task of each individual of conscience to become overtly aware of the remaining aspects of separation-consciousness that seek to continue the trends of division. It is time for us to actively make the effort to bridge the gaps not only between different racial groups but between different aspects of ourselves and between our conscious and unconscious awareness. We must become awakened to who we are, or, as the Ancients prescribed so vociferously, man, woman, Know Thyself.  We must seek out those aspects of ourselves where we unconsciously comply with segregative institutional norms, where we take on aspects of victim consciousness, where we agree with oppressor or oppressed viewpoints, where we partake in inherently separative activities.

The hatreds of the past must be transcended in order for the prophecies to be fulfilled. Those who do not manifest the fullness of Unity Consciousness, those who do not deal with their own learned behaviors of separation, are not those who will participate in the manifestation of the Rainbow Tribe. The evolution of consciousness is just that and requires a death of the Self in order to truly become a part of one’s lived reality. This death of the Self means that all learned behaviors, all stereotypical thought processes, all segregative desires must be exorcised from one’s consciousness and recognized for what they are; fear and separation-based adaptations to conditions that represented the Old World and that are inimical to participation in the creation of the New World. The Rainbow Tribe will be comprised of individuals from all races, equally, not just one, with a few representatives of the others.

People must choose to come together despite their differences in service to humanity as a whole. This is possible, despite the weight of history which separates us. As we come together as one tribe in order to manifest planetary knowledge individually we will find that the light information collected and codified over millennia is accessible to us all for the purpose of contiguous spiritual enlightenment and evolution. The Afrocentric Kemetian must find common cause with the Celtic Druid, the Qi Gong Practitioner must find resonance with the Navajo Shaman. It is not too difficult: it only requires the release of the old, familiar baggage, which first requires the admittance of culpability and the ownership of said baggage. When you are able to look around yourself and see yourself as one component yet integral aspect of the whole, equal with all of those surrounding you, then you are existing within the conditions necessary for the manifestation of that reality that the prophecies herald as the quintessential sign of the times. Then and only then, will the Rainbow Tribe exist as a microcosmic resonance to our macrocosmic vibratory existence as an integral expression of Unity Consciousness and Oneness manifest within the Realms of Duality.

The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Evolution

This image represents the culmination of a thought exercise conceptualized by paleontologist Dr. Dale Russell,  and is known as Troodon Sapiens, a dinasauroid.  Dr. Russell is the curator of vertebrate fossils at the National Museum of Canada in Ottawa. He came up with this concept of dinosauroid evolution into a hominid species based upon the condition of continuing evolution past the point at which the Chicxulub meteor exterminated the dinosaur population, 65 million years ago. The Theropods (bipedal predators) that existed at that time might have conceivably evolved into intelligent species, according to his theory. The Theropod family includes Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors and Troodontids, any of which could have and might have evolved if conditions had not turned hostile for that population of entities upon this planet.

But what if such an evolution did in fact take place? What if it wasn’t the Troodontids, but instead, the Velociraptors who evolved? Or the Tyrannosauroids? According to many sources consistent across cultures and time-lines, an intelligent dinosauroid species did indeed exist upon Earth concurrent with the larger and more well-known species of dinosaurs. Many ancient civilizations and prehistoric cultures possess extensive and detailed mythologies pertaining to dinosauroid or reptilian races that survived the destruction brought about by the Chicxulub meteor who then interacted with early humanity. In some cases these serpentine peoples were the Bringers of Civilization, in others, they were the tempters of humans, leading them from the path of righteousness into that of evil. But even in the context of these negative interpretations of that interaction, the reptilian race was still associated with knowledge and the dissemination of what was considered by some traditions to be forbidden information.

Occult literature dating back many thousands of years speaks of our relationship to these reptilian/serpentine entities and energies, attributing the genesis of early human civilization – as well as its continuing obeisance and subservience – wholly to their adoration and adulation. They seem to have, at one point, existed purely in the 3rd Density realm, gaining access to higher realities in the fullness of time. The nature of reptilian species being what it is, an important aspect of this evolution, which bears upon our current situation, lies in the imposition upon humanity of the “reptilian brain”, which is an artifact of genetic manipulation by our Saurian forebears. As the most ancient part of our brains, it is perched atop the spinal complex, consisting of the basal ganglia, the diencephalon and parts of the mid-brain.  The reptilian brain is responsible for many of humanity’s instincts, to include the desire and drive to possess territory and the crass material consumption of objects. Generally, it is responsible for many of humanity’s basest behavioral characteristics, to include ritualistic or obsessive behavior, conformity, re-enactments or brooding and adherence to tradition as well as segregative and deceptive patterns of interaction.

All of these behavior patterns are inherently self-serving, divisive and energetically densifying, as opposed to behavior such as open-mindedness, non-conformity, individualism and a lack of neuroticism, which are selfless and integrative, holistic and energetically enlightening. The phrases service-to-self (STS) and service-to-others (STO) as put forth by the PaleoChristian Shaman, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, serve to embody these disparate personality traits and energetic alignments quite well. As an aspect of an overall control system, as mentioned in the previous entry in this exploration, the reptilian brain serves the purpose of diluting the influence of the higher, spiritual aspects of consciousness, relegating humanity to lower-minded considerations having primarily to do with the dichotomous interpretation of and interaction with each other and the material environment.

The dinosauroid civilization that predates human civilization on this planet must have been, by its very nature, an STS-based civilization engaged in the full exploration, exploitation and consumption of their material surrounds. Given the cyclical nature of existence, the cosmos and our planetary interactions with other heavenly bodies, it is quite possible that this civilization was aware that they were about to be annihilated by a meteor and took precautionary measures which quite probably included a retreat below ground to subterranean cities and caverns prepared specifically for this purpose. As the above-ground environs became habitable once more and new forms of life flourished – giving rise to the mammalian species which then and thereafter predominated -these intelligent Saurians continued their remorseless technological march toward some impenetrable goal, hidden from the sun beneath the earth, perhaps emerging now and again in order to judge the state of the world and its nascent species.

The consistency of religious and mythological texts across the planet defies scientific logic when it comes to the documentation of the presence of some inner-earth civilization, inhabited by beings of advanced technological and astral capacities. All these systems of belief world-wide conform in their insistence that the heavens lie skyward, while the nether realms lie somewhere within the earth. As the hellish regions are associated with occult arts, the addition of the acquisition of forbidden knowledge to the equation reveals what might be a disturbing penchant toward internal consistency in the determination of the truth or falsehood of these matters.

But, the question might be posed, why would an intelligent species of Dinosauroids, existing underground and interacting with humanity for thousands upon thousands of years, want to control us? And how could it have been possible for them to remain a secret for all of these centuries and millennia? The answer lies in the contemplation of the inherent perils implicit in the development of an advanced reptilian brain, material technological prowess and a corresponding dearth of STO spiritual development. This uneven form of evolutionary progression must have, eventually, led to a cul-de-sac of supreme material and technological accomplishment on the part of these Saurians – which allowed them to easily evade the sensate capabilities of a non-technological humanity – with a corresponding lack of etheric development past the discovery and subsequent manipulation of the next highest realm, the Astral, and 4th Density consciousness.

4th Density and the Astral realm are loosely equivalent descriptives for the same region of time/space consciousness, which is materially manifest at a higher vibrational rate, subject to laws of behavior that differ from those existing here within 3rd Density reality. It is an in-between realm, existing someplace between the full materialization of matter and the wispy dispersal of spirit. Entities of both the STS and STO orientations do graduate to 4th Density. Since there is an inadequate referential correspondence between the 4th Dimension as it is currently defined by academic physics and the actuality of the 4th Dimension as a spatially referenced dimensional congruence, in this context the term represents the ability to see what is within as well as what is without. See the research of Nassim Haramein for further potential details regarding alternate understandings of the dimensional model.

To be firmly understood at this point, there is a level of physical manifestation and existence at 4th Density. 4t Density can be conceptualized as being “out of phase” with 3rd Density/3rd and 4th Dimensional reality, and yet existing as a simultaneous material Creation where Beings have the additional capacity to engage in thought transference. Upon discovering and accessing this extra-dimensional reality, the Dinosauroids proceeded to install technologies upon it, graduating spiritually to the point of residing within it, then existing with the capacity to manifest a bi-density potentiality, gaining the ability to return of their own voilition or be called back to 3rd Density, albeit at a high energetic maintenance cost for their material forms, which became adapted to 4th Density. An example of this would be the occult lore regarding magical invocations, whereby entities existing within the realms of the Astral are bound to material form through the machinations of Occultists seeking knowledge and power.  Those entities they invoke often must be expressed through human form (trance possession) or can only manifest visually in a semi-material form.

Advanced material technological progression is inimical to advanced spiritual progression. Technology developed as a substitution for human capabilities results in an atrophication of said capabilities and subsequent potentialities. As a common example, when a man no longer has to use his mind to count, instead employing a calculator or computer, then he no longer tries, resulting in the limitation of that ability. Consider this at the level of mental abilities such as telekinesis or apportation, astral projection or clairvoyance, precognition or transvection. When you create technologies that supplant these natural abilities, dependence follows, which is the trap the Chrono-Dyno Civilization has fallen prey to.

I have designated these dinosauroid reptilians as the Chrono-Dyno Civilization for perhaps obvious reasons. There are other reptilian species which exist, which are, in all probability, related to the CDs. There are those entities that originate in Alpha-Draconis, and also those connected to the Grey civilizations, which are also humans from parallel realities – also heavily hybridized with current Earth human populations – who have fallen prey to the same technological dead-end conundrum as the CDs. It is my contention that those Dinosauroids which currently plague and control humanity most directly are our co-inhabitants of the Earth, the direct descendants of the behemothian Saurians that once ruled this planet and perhaps still do in a smaller, colder-blooded and consciously modified form.

The question now becomes, what exactly do they want and how are they affecting us on a daily basis? What do these entities have to do with the current shift in information and resonance that is currently sweeping not only the planet, but the entire solar system and local region of the Milky Way galaxy? As stated previously, we do not exist in a vacuum. What is occurring here upon the Earth is the purview of the entire galaxy and beyond. We are not alone, there are Beings that commiserate with our situation here upon the Earth, but who are helpless to intervene based upon their own spiritual evolutionary state and resonance to higher principles of STO as well as the immutable dictates of Free Will and Intention.

We must understand that, in the end, we control our own destiny. The decision must be made, individually and collectively, to throw off the yoke of our extra-dimensional overlords and their human pawns and poodles. We must recognize that this is indeed what is currently occurring, as evidenced by the world-wide movements toward freedom. But this phase is also dangerous. The barrier of disbelief and ignorance must be transcended. This series seeks to assist in that process.

End Part 2

The Chrono-Dyno Series

1. The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Background

2. The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Evolution

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The Chrono-Dyno Revelation – Background

We often wonder about the days of our lives and how and why things happen in the ways that they do.  As we live and go about our business, life, love, happiness and sadness, drama and peace all seem to come and go, ephemeral, ever-changing, shifting, the ground beneath our feet is never stable. If we live a thoughtful life, engage in the practice of recapitulation, going back over the days of our lives in the attempt to find the “grand themes”, the “story-line” of our existence, we find that our lifetimes do indeed take on mythological qualities. The events and happenings of our trials and tribulations, travails and temporal themes take on a greater significance in both positive and negative aspects.

There are certain events in our lives that occur that we recognize afterwards as “crossroads events”. Moments and times that it is possible to look back at and recognize a shift in direction. These events stand out because if they had not happened the way that they did, our lives would have turned out totally different. And often, when we look back at those events and moments, we find that, in almost every case, those incidences were caused by a decision that we made based upon some emotionally-charged event. Emotions are important aspects of our life expression – as well as being imminently controllable by others who possess the wherewithal, intention and ability to do so – which gives rise to the question, are we in control of ourselves? Emotions power our actions, propelling us along the path of our Destinies, taking us to some destination beyond our current capacity to portend.

In the realm of the extra-sensory, or the psychic, it is recognized that emotions are energy. In the realm of biology, they are the effect of neuropeptides released by the hypothalamus which then bind to cells, changing their nature, resulting in a bodily-sensation corresponding to the particular type of peptide and emotional state. Energy released, like other forms of energy, can be visible. Just as heat energy is visible by utilizing the infra-red spectrum of light, emotions can be visualized upon the astral plane, as colored splotches and disturbances within our auric fields, which spike as we experience particular emotions. The length of the spike depends upon the intensity of the state: anger, sadness, jealousy, happiness, all have very particular energetic forms and vibratory levels, as energy is synonymous with vibration, or resonance.

It is common knowledge among those who purpose paths of knowledge outside of the mainstream – and who have thrown off the straight-jacket of the strictly materialist scientific paradigm – that there are multiple levels, or layers, of reality, each corresponding to a shift in consciousness. There are also multiple levels, or layers, of experience, each corresponding to a shift in material potentiality. These levels, or layers, are usually called Densities and Dimensions. Densities correspond to consciousness levels, Dimensions correspond to experiential levels. The realm of gross, material incarnation is alternately 3rd Density consciousness and a combination of 3rd and 4th Dimensional material experience. Just as there is native form of materialization which exists at every level of dimensional experience, there is a native consciousness as well. Our human bodies are the manifestation of a higher consciousness that has fallen and taken on the form best suited for mastery of the physical realm of existence.

Rather than evolving, then, humanity – as experienced by each of us during our relatively short sojourns around Sol within these bodies made of star-dust and the etheric stuff of our higher Selves – has devolved, from a higher state of consciousness and finer, more subtle, higher-vibrating and invisible materialization to a lower, slower-vibrating form that must eat, drink, experience limited sensory input and duller mental acuity. To recognize the accuracy of this statement is to acknowledge, fully and without qualification, that if we exist within a continuum of infinite energetic expression, with higher and lower levels of consciousness possible, then it must also follow that there are other consciousnesses within this continuum as well. Consciousnesses that express the full gamut of potentiality, given the infinite and eternal nature of Creation and That Which Lies Beyond.

Given the quantum conditions of Creation, within which all that has been simultaneously co-created remains continuously connected, Oneness is the state of existence that binds all material manifestation together, as all sub-atomic, atomic, molecular and cellular structures have a common origin, share a common environment (bodies, solar systems, universes, multiverses) and a common consciousness which connects each to the Origin of All Consciousness, again, synonymous with That Which Lies Beyond all material manifestation. With that caveat in place, we can proceed with describing some pertinent aspects of the differentiation of consciousness within the disparate levels of materialization, from the higher and more subtle realms of existence, to the lower and grosser levels, those upon which we reside.

Different traditions and systems of belief describe the levels of consciousness and experience. Depending upon your own preferences, you can pick and choose between them. Beyond the potentiality of alien lifeforms existing upon the same level of physicality and consciousness as we, here in 3rd Density, in this solar system, others, different galaxies and universes, is the reality of higher forms of consciousness. For our purposes, all that matters is the common understanding that there are indeed other forms of existence and Beings that inhabit these spaces and places, beyond the general ability of our dull senses to discern. Some say there are 7 to 10 dimensions and densities, others say 12 or more; again, the strict accounting of such is beyond the scope of our current purpose. It is also commonly understood that those Beings that have been called gods and goddesses, demons and angels, the assorted elementals and spirits of the various etheric planes, exist within the astral realm, or the level of 4th Density consciousness, which elevates them physically above our 3rd and 4th dimensional perceptions and spiritually beyond our 3rd Density consciousnesses. And from this 4th Density vantage point, there are corresponding dimensional aspects of space and time that comply with laws beyond those we are familiar with down here in 3rd Density.

There are also numerous different races of beings that exist here within 3rd Density consciousness. There is a strong possibility that the planet we inhabit, Earth, has been and is home to a number of different races, all of which – according to the tales – were here previous to human habitation of this world. Once more, there are many traditions, many tales, many belief systems that speak of these peoples and their interactions with humanity, for those who wish to explore them in depth, they are only a search engine away. The forms that we can generalize based upon their commonality within mythology and current UFO lore are the extraterrestrial Human civilizations, the Grey civilizations, the Reptilian civilizations, the Feline civilizations and the Avian civilizations. These are only some of the alien types that have been enumerated, there are many more, but these are the ones that are mentioned most in connection with humanity and this planet.

Many of these civilizations are posited to have visited and even lived on Earth at different points of the planet’s history, contributing not only to the evolution of consciousness here but also to the evolution of the physical form of humanity as we currently exist. According to the extra-terrestrial lore, modern-day humanity contains genes in different amounts from all of these groups of progenitors, and the evolution of human societies has taken on the form and expressions of these non-human civilizations to different degrees just as we as individuals and groups have taken on their mental and spiritual characteristics.

The question then becomes, to what degree do these civilizations continue to interact with humanity? The answers given by the different story-lines vary between no interaction at all to a comprehensive and invasive control system. Given the general direction of human development in its historical aspects taken alongside the heretofore hidden, or occult lore regarding our mental and spiritual development, I tend to fall closer to the latter viewpoint than the former.

Our individual life experiences are not only our own. We do not exist, individually or collectively, as disparate entities, eking out a living upon a small, insignificant planet in the backwaters of the galaxy in an unknown solar system in a meaningless universe. The events of our life are not coincidental, nor are they without purpose. We are not tiny, disconnected specks of matter within a vast and impartial creation, working on some model of clockwork fealty to mechanistic and inscrutable laws subject to human imposition and hubris.

And yet, the converse of all of the above can be considered true if we decide it to be so on an individual or collective basis. The conundrum posed by this seeming paradox can be solved only by the existence of Free Will within a Creation that complies with the belief system of he or she who perceives.  Within the worlds of experience we each create, what we believe becomes our reality to the extent that belief systems correspond to or diverge from certain memes collectively agreed upon by a cultural milieu. The power of an individual to create her or his own experiential universe, subject to their own willpower and visualization capabilities is, of course, relatively small in comparison to the capacity of a group of people to do so, unless that individual embarks upon a course of study and practice that increase those abilities. The importance of this facet of our shared reality and our inherent capabilities cannot be understated and shall be returned to at a later point.

We will end this background discussion where we began, with the question, why do things happen in our lives the way that they do? What is destiny and what is the significance of our lives? To understand that, it is necessary first to understand what planet we are on and who believes they own it. A belief is not certain knowledge and yet, often, we proceed upon our beliefs as if they were immutable. Beliefs are easily shattered once irreconcilable evidence to the contrary emerges. Within the context of the times we currently live in, information dissemination is occurring at a rate faster than at any time in recorded human history it is, in fact, illuminating prehistory to the extent that our ancestral genetic heritage is being revealed as simultaneously earthly and extra-terrestrial in nature.

As the distant past becomes relevant to the present, we realize that there has been a control system set in place to limit the capabilities of humanity to realize their own highest potential and abilities. It also becomes clear that the war for our consciousnesses that has been going on since time immemorial continues, and that its battles and campaigns are now rising to the surface of our collective consciousness, approaching the consensus of common knowledge. It is in our television shows, our movies, our dreams, fantasies and visions. Transhumanism combines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which merges with nano-technology and extra-terrestrial intelligence and civilizations. Gods have become petty and vengeful aliens as the potential of human spiritual evolution becomes transcendent. It is in this context that we seek to elucidate the nature of the control system at a level beyond yet intricately intertwined with our daily world of experiential consciousness. This level is the level explicated upon in too many movies and stories to name, but including, “They Live, “The Matrix Trilogy”, “Land of the Lost”, “Dark City”, “Inception”, “Clash of the Titans”, “X-Files”, “Queen of the Damned”, “Stargate”, “V”, “Legion”, “Constantine”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “Millennium”, “The Ninth Gate”, “Fallen”, “Knowing”, “Powder”, “Hancock”, “Flash Gordon”, “The Time Machine”, and many, many more.

Meet the Chrono-Dyno Civilization. They are the descendants of the Dinosaurs. They think they own the earth. We are their cattle. They know our thoughts. They know our past and our future, as intimately – if not more so – as we do. Not only do they know us, but they actively seek to affect our paths to their own Ends. Say hello, they are in our minds right now, determining our future, changing our past to affect our Now. But Free Will and Intention are our weapons. We have no boundaries. And we will not be controlled by their limitations.

End Part I

The Chrono-Dyno Series

1. The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Background

2. The Chrono-Dyno Revelation: Evolution

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