Belief, Knowledge and Truth: Can you tell the difference?

Who are you?

What do you believe is true?

What do you know is true?

Is there a difference between belief and knowledge?

If you say no, there is no difference, what are you basing that belief on?

If you say yes, there is a difference, what are you basing that belief on?

Do you sense the inherent contradiction here?

The limitations of language?

How many times have you noticed how people make their belief systems their lived reality and shaped their own personal experience of the world to reflect that belief? How believers surround themselves with other believers and therefore everything in their environment reinforces their beliefs. If someone believes something with all of their heart and mind, does that make it knowledge? If I believe with all my heart and mind that the world is flat, does that make it true? If I believe with all my heart and mind that God lives in Heaven above and the Devil in Hell below does that make it true? If I believe with all my heart and mind that there is no God at all and that individual consciousness ends at death does that make it true? Are truth and belief equivalent? Are truth and knowledge equivalent?

So what, then, is the difference between belief and knowledge? And what do either of them have to do with truth?

One online dictionary says:


  1. An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
  2. Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.
  1. Information and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
  2. What is known in a particular field or in total; facts and information.


  1. The quality or state of being true: “the truth of her accusation”.
  2. That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality: “tell me the truth”.

1. Belief: Acceptance. Opinion. Existence.

2. Knowledge: Acquiring. Experience. Practical.

3. Truth: Fact. Reality.

Each of these terms has a subjective and an objective side to them. Each of these terms can mean different things to different people. Each of these terms can be debated endlessly.

Therefore, the only thing the first two terms share in common is their inability to fully encompass all perspectives pertaining to the third term.

As language inherently obfuscates rather than clarifies  the attendant difficulties in determining what is a belief vs knowledge and whether either category encompasses truth is a difficult if not impossible task.

The ability of humans to create lives and live them in communities based upon what are later found to be false beliefs, mistaken knowledge or untruths are rife across the span of history. What was true yesterday might be found to be untrue tomorrow. Human understanding of the world and each other evolves seemingly by the microsecond. Ignorance is the common state of everyone, as there is always something we don’t know that can and often does change our entire perspective about any subject whatsoever.

Disparate brain wiring inhibits understanding, different chemical makeups and the ability to control brain chemistry make some of us more or less compassionate and others more or less detached from the considerations and opinions of others.

Whether one believes or knows that Creation is either purposeful or purposeless does nothing to minimize the acknowledged fact of existence. We exist. Our experiences exist. Our perspectives exist. The double slit experiment proves beyond a doubt that the observer affects the observed. At the level of quarks and mesons, at the level of thoughts, the very presence of consciousness affects the material reality that it perceives. Quantum entanglement proves that everything is connected, also at the sub-atomic level. A split atom sent to the other side of the universe will turn simultaneous to the original remaining in the scientist’s lab.

Belief and Knowledge seem to be filters for experience. The less experience we have, the closer we are to belief. The more experience we have, the closer we are to knowledge. The quality of that experience determines how close our beliefs and knowledge are to truth. Whether a truth is a “little t” truth or a “big T” Truth is determined by how close experience approaches the multiversal in nature. Whether that truth is ephemeral, subjective and dependent upon shifting conditions or whether that Truth is an objective and fundamental expression of some multiversal constant.

The constant in all cases is experience. Personal expression. Therefore, our ability to perceive and express beyond the ephemeral, the subjective, the ego and personality-driven and approach the fundamental, the objective, the Higher Self and Avatarically-driven determines the extent to which our beliefs and knowledge reflect a greater rather than lesser Truth.

Who are you?

How closely do you associate with the truths you believe?

How accurately do you reflect the greater Truths of existence?

Are your truths local or universal?

Is there a difference  between local truths and universal Truths?

If you say no, there is no difference, what are you basing that belief on?

If you say yes, there is a difference, what are you basing that belief on?

Do you sense, here, the perceptual contradiction that, in reality, is no contradiction at all?

The necessity of going beyond language?

Spirituality is Personal …

… and intimate. How is it possible to argue with another about such a thing?

A belief is solidified in the mind to become subjective knowledge. That is why everyone’s beliefs are different in some facets. Our neural networks are linked up differently. Our synapses fire to different locations, connecting different pieces of information. Memory, education, experience differs, so how we interpret the same events is dependent utterly upon how we have wired our brains during the course of our lifetimes. That is why what we understand about something is never exactly the same as what someone else understands about it.

In the realm of spirituality this is exacerbated by the inherent unknowability of the process of gnosis. The intimate, personal experience of the inner world. This is why the best spiritual teachers teach in parables. People are thereby guided in the right direction but the destination is not defined succinctly. It is up to the Seeker to have the experience her or himself.

This is a cause of contention. This is a cause of conflict. This is a cause of drama. All of it unnecessary. Unnecessary because there is no ultimate description of spiritual attainment that can be encapsulated in words. How can you describe the indescribable?

For teaching purposes, those who have experienced certain states can employ tactics in order to impress upon students certain lessons that may lead the student in the right direction. The teacher does so from a place of understanding. He is playing upon the students emotions in order to bring about a desired result. If someone who has not experienced a certain state attempts to teach about it that person is not teaching from a place of knowing but instead a place of belief. Two different places. Incomparably so.

This is where conflict comes in and rightfully so. Listening to someone who barely has any idea of what they are talking about is a sure recipe for disaster. Such discussions must inevitably lead to conflict as the teacher is barely beyond the level of the student. When the Buddha was asked how people were supposed to know he was enlightened, he reached down and touched the ground with his fingers and answered, “The Earth is my witness”.

In a discussion with his disciples, Jesus told them that his Father’s house had many mansions. When Thomas expressed his doubts Jesus replied, “No one comes to the Father except through me”.  Building upon his original metaphoric description of the path to spiritual salvation Jesus deepens it, his meaning clear. His life, his state of perception, outlook and actions were to be the template for others to follow. He led by example. But the common misperception of those verses to be literal in nature sadly obscure this deeper, gnostic truth. More argumentation.

Respecting the personal aspect of spirituality means that people must be allowed to be where they are at. We are all here as free will entities and to harangue and harass someone about their understanding of the world and their place in it is to totally misunderstand one’s own place in the world.

It is true that samsara is a place of confusion and illusion with the blind leading the blind. So in this world it is normal for such insane practices to be commonplace. It is normal for people to misunderstand. It is normal for people to argue and fight.

But as one comes to a greater understanding, but even more importantly, as one gains experience by accessing certain states of perception and attainment, it becomes easier to let other people be. To let them alone with their illusions. To listen to the “I’s” and “me’s” and “my’s” and “mines” and to understand what is really being said.

Experience trumps book knowledge all day every day. There’s an old saying that those who know don’t tell and those who tell don’t know.

There was a reason esoteric knowledge was kept secret for so long. A reason why the Church, the Mosque, the Temple were able to limit people’s knowledge for centuries. A reason why the secretive higher orders of the monotheistic religions held knowledge in thrall. Knowledge is power. And the reason why esoteric knowledge is so accessible now is indicative of the times and who you are who are seeking it. Even today, what the Seeker finds easily accessible on Internet remains inscrutable mystery to the masses.

Be thankful for your propitious situation and being born into a Time such as this to achieve a destiny such as yours. Now let everyone else walk the Path towards theirs in peace.

The End of Forever

Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore, a warrior must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if he feels that he should not follow it, he must not stay with it under any conditions. His decision to keep on that path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. He must look at every path closely and deliberately. There is a question that a warrior has to ask, mandatorily: ‘Does this path have a heart?’ ~ Carlos Castaneda Quotes from The Teachings of Don Juan

Life is too short. It seems like just yesterday that I was two, living in Maine, lying in the grass on a cool Fall’s day, intensely aware of the blue sky above me. Pale, green blades of grass streaked with gold rising above the fur of my hood, rustling gently, the sound of wind and the awareness that I was connected, that I was a part of something I could not define at such a tender age, but which I now recognize in remembrance as a physical abiding in Oneness. Pure BEing, essence, kenshō. Transcendence’s essence, there, at the very beginning.

Learning to be human, living a Military Brat’s life, moving every couple of years, learning to “fit in” as I could, always seeming to be different from even those were raised in the same world I was. Being malleable, changing personality traits depending upon the company and leaving ego at the crossroads, moving on as the souls left behind sift into memory like pages in a book fluttering faster and faster, ripped out by the gale-force winds of changing circumstances, environs, and people. Life is the same, everywhere. As are people.

Four years old in Novato and Hamilton AFB, California dreamin’. Repeated night visions of what seemed to me to be a ghost in the kitchen. The “dream” of dolls, chasing me with needles. My sister’s Raggedy Ann and Andy and Dressy Bessy dolls stand out. The cover-memory trembles at the edges, fleeting as gaping shadows ripping at the veneer of sanity.

Eight years old on the island of Crete, Greece and my first experiences of sleep paralysis. The weight on the chest, the sudden fear, the rhythmic-but-steady deadening of the limbs, the sensing of a presence nearby, the night-terror familiar to so many throughout the Ages. No idea what it was, but learning techniques to keep the paralysis at bay, beginning a lifetime’s journey into insomnia and alternate experiences of reality, marked as strange through no fault of my own, my night-time and inner journeys seemingly so different from all around me.

Twelve years old, lying in my bed at night, feeling an intense and almost undescribeable feeling of sacrifice, of being adrift in a sea of potentiality, feeling subsumed, permeated with infinite love, infinite giving, infinite possibility. Kenshō again. Blessed unity, Oneness, a realization of essential unity with the All.

Fifteen years old, finding Carlos Casteneda’s “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge” sitting in the waiting room of an OBGYN at Fairchild AFB where I was a Red Cross Volunteen, looking across at Jenny Grey who was smiling and couldn’t stop staring at my big forehead. I didn’t wear afros long, after that. But the shock of the truths re-discovered then resonate still today.

Sixteen and my Bigmama’s death. Mama’s terrible cry in the back bedroom as Daddy and I worked on a Star Trek fold-up game I’d gotten, both of us staring into each other’s eyes at the sound and jumping up, running back there, knowing something life-altering had happened. Death became personal. As did grief.

Nineteen years old and in the Army, in the Zone and entering a cavernous space within during Morse code training, eight-hour work days spent immersed, connecting at a deeper level to signs and symbols that seemed so archetypal in nature, that became simplistic, mine to express in an instant, leaving all of my classmates far behind. It was as if I’d flexed a mental muscle, entered a hidden region of potentiality, accessed what I needed and then flexed that muscle again to return to normality, drained but excited beyond belief.

Twenty, my Bigdaddy’s passing. Being a Pallbearer for the first time, eyes shut in remembrance of our talks, him always asking me who the black people were in the bible, as if he hadn’t found it out himself decades before, but loving to talk, his shining soul pouring from his pale, blue eyes like fine wine from a decanter of pure crystal. The essence of him remaining, visions of him sitting, nodding, lost in contemplation.

Twenty-two years old and astral-projecting through sleep paralysis into a tropical sea, surround-perception and awareness of the intense coloration of the corals, the nearby fish that seemed to sense my presence yet felt no fear, drifting around me as if I were another outgrowth of brain coral, just a harmless obstacle to be navigated around.

Immersing myself in the world of experience. Forming a conscious vet’s perspective by flirting with death and dissolution, seeking solace in the arms of others, the spirits of plants manifest through drugs and alcohol, not needing validation, trying to lose myself, self-hate or seeking to fill some interpersonal hole, but experiencing for the sake of the experience itself, because I could, and was there, and was living.

These early lifetime experiences forming the basis for later explorations at all levels. The continuing educational journey through HS, college and Grad School, culminating in my present circumstances which encompass all that has come before and from which point I am manifesting all that is within me fully, in sublime celebration of the eternal spirit and infinite possibility. Because I am a writer, an artist, a musician, scientist and scholar, a synthesis of all of these interests might allow me to create something unique, from a perspective not expressed widely.

Don Juan’s wisdom is transformatory. The Path of the Warrior brooks no wavering. It requires clarity. Decisiveness. Making decisions and following them with no looking back, no regrets, no vascillation. Shambhala’s warrior-ship of compassion is the same, as is Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way, as are all true paths taught by all true teachers in the tradition of the Buddha and the Christ. Life is too short to spend it in the Past or Future when the Present holds all the promise that exists in Creation and beyond.

The difficulty of doing so is known to us all by direct experience. Our perception of the world is constantly trying to distract us from the Now through the workings of our minds; our Egos, inordinately concerned with regrets about the Past and worries about the Future, obscuring the moment. As within, so without. Slicing through those illusory concerns leaves us Awakened.

But being Awake provokes despair. Fear, again, in a last gasp of defiance, tells us, “This is the world as it really is, and it has both a beautiful and an ugly face, filled with wonder and horror, and the deck really is stacked against you. You traverse blood-thirsty brambles and dark canyons of malice, and chasms open up around you at every turn, threatening you with failure, with despair. Self-hatred works in opposition to your visions of Perfection and you wonder what it’s all for, what it’s all worth, in the End that you cannot see, cannot understand and, really, cannot even conceive of beyond some surface level understanding of theoretical spaces beyond vision that lie somewhere beyond the sky, and within the confines of the earth. Who do you think you are? G-d?”

A million paths become one. Our lives lead us inexorably toward Death, who waits, patiently, until our prescribed time arrives, at which point he ushers us dutifully toward the biggest change of state that we will ever experience in life. There is no room for fear when our eyes are wide open.

Everything becomes a matter of urgency, a matter of the utmost importance, a matter of foremost importance to the cult of I. From what we eat every day, to the words we say when we’re speaking to others. From the decisions we make about what to buy or not, to the path we decide to take home from work on any given day. Everything becomes meaningful. Filled with the potential for Love, and for direct manifestion of the soul’s urges, which are human and world-centered, yet Divinely otherworldly in aspect and degree.

Forty years old, and my Grandma Dororthy left this plane of existence. The graveyard in Paducah, Texas, is one of the most beautiful places on earth, to me. Big skies and red dirt, a dying town and dozens of cousins whom I haven’t seen in years, gathered around, kindly attentive despite my absence from family gatherings over the years, and circumstances which have left us in different worlds that rarely converge. A biting wind rolling over the funeral, the tent pavilion whipping frantically as stinging particles of red dirt assail us coming from the West. Daddy said later that it was Grandma Dorothy wanted us to get out of there – as ever, not wanting to cause a fuss – because she knew the drama that was coming after. I knew it broke her heart to see it.

Forty-three years old in a DC state of mind, working with my sister and spending my off-time at the Shambhala meditation center, hanging out with Capoeira students, walking the streets of the nation’s capital, unafraid. At 6’4, then 270 pounds, I seemed to be the one people were afraid of. Learning Lojong and Tonglen, implementing the meditations diligently, resulting in a transformatory heart opening. The result is multiple bouts of unexpected tears while walking to work, repeated instances of spontaneous compassion and the resultant bliss gated by grief, wondering if my emotions would ever stabilize again.

Fourty-four and a transmission of grace during a vision from a Master on the astral plane. The Great Gathering and another experience of kenshō, this time recognized and understood for what it was. Exhorted toward further gains, fits and starts of growth and realization culminating in a steady-state resonation in the throes of personal transformation; coming to grips with what my life path has been all about and what Enlightenment really and truly means in the modern world. Also coming to the realization that all of the intellectualism I had cultivated for so many years in the area of spiritual development was for naught. I knew the truth when I was two years old.

The present, and Death still threatens comfort and complacency, as always. Life is too short. Those we love won’t be with us for long. Every decision we make counts. It’s never too late to say you’re sorry. Relationships are what much of life is all about, and when those people we love are gone, we won’t be able to hold them, to kiss them, to tell them that we love them, and to confess the deepest truths of our hearts and souls – and to bear witness to the confession of theirs – to the ones who love us and have loved us and will love us till the End of Forever draws close.

Those recognized moments of Oneness still happen – more and more these days – and the thought of those moments, events, snapshots of Life that led directly to this instant juxapose in meaning, providing an underlying and resonant vibration of Purpose to the clarity of the Now. They are accessible if I need them, but I rarely do anymore. The aftermath of  kenshō is qualitatively different from what comes before and the acceptance and re-training of ego is a gradual process within which many pitfalls lurk. Direct experience assures progress as certain knowledge dispels ignorance and continued inner-work clarifies discernment and logos resonation within both the physical and ethereal realms.

My life experience is a composite of all of our experiences. There is nothing I have been through that you cannot go through and there is much I have been through that you have also. We are One within this bio-energetic reality and that means our experience in this lifetime along with all others binds us experientially as spiritual and material family. The family of humanity and the greater family of pure consciousness.

Pain and heartache are certain, while desire remains. Laughter and peace are as well. But between all lies the middle path of acceptance, of openness, of being intensely aware of what, where and who we are, and accepting all that comes to us with a giving and loving heart that knows no boundaries of possibility, seeking resonance and reflection in each other and the world and cosmos that hold us each close, whispering sweet lullabys of yearning and transcendence, soothing our souls as we rush headlong into the Abyss.

The Enlightenment Series

1. The Great Gathering

2. Practical Enlightenment: The aftermath of Kenshō

3. The End of Forever

4. Practical Enlightenment: Living in the World

5. Practical Enlightenment: Processing the emotions of other people

6. Practical Enlightenment: The vale of tears

7. Practical Enlightenment: Dealing with instant karma

8. True Awakening: The conservation of energy

9. Practical Enlightenment: The Point of Realization

10. Practical Enlightenment: The coalescence of destiny

The Emotional Energetic Payout: The psychic vampire in you

It’s hard to admit it when you’re caught consuming someone’s energy. It’s like someone’s caught you with your pants down. Or with unmentionables hanging out of your nose. Everybody’s supposed to move on. Nobody’s supposed to know what is going on, let alone talk about it or accuse you of doing it.

Emotional vampirism. I’ve discussed this issue numerous times before in the context of energy and inter-dimensional relations between different forms of consciousness. The give and take is mostly consensual. You and I might agree to engage in relationship which includes a certain level of energetic give and take. We allow for and give permission to each other to give each other energy. We also allow for and give permission to each other to take energy.

Sharing, caring, laughing, agreeing, listening, giving. This is positive output and we feed each other by giving it. Yelling, arguing, fighting, disagreeing, backbiting, withholding love. This is negative output and we consume each other by engaging in it.

We impose our energetic structures on others. Those closest to us and even strangers. Some people’s energy biomes are so strong they weaken you as soon as you come into contact with them. They seem to overwhelm you and you get the sense of overbearing presence. Other people’s energy biomes are strong in a different way. They seem to suck your energy from you. As if by just looking at you or speaking to you they are consuming your vital essence.

Words are power. I’ve spoken on this numerous times before also. Vibrations, resonance, actual creative force, they are often the means by which energy transfer occurs. As words impact us, entering our ears, their vibratory level, whether high or low, either resonates with us or it doesn’t. Words either give energy or take energy by their construction, by the grammar, the particular words used and the chemical output that fuels them.

Words spoken in anger have a certain resonation, words spoken with love have a certain resonation. One takes energy, the other gives. We have been trained since childhood in how to use words to give and take energy. We have learned to get our energetic sustenance not only from the food we eat but from each other.

As we age, our bodies become less able to glean energy from the food we eat and the nutrients we ingest as the cells of our bodies become used to receiving energy from the emotional patterns that we engage in over a lifetime. It is said that by the age of 35 our personality matrix is pretty much set and it is difficult to change the structure of your neural network and the synaptic lines that connect it. Our emotional habits are also set and we are often addicted to very specific forms of expression that reflect those chemical outputs and the behaviors that support them.

Some of us are addicted to anger. Some of us to sadness. Others to depression, still others to self-pity. Some are even addicted to happiness. All of these addictions are chemical addictions as the emotions that we feel are neuro-peptides released from the hypothalamus suffusing the cells of our body. As we age and our cells die and renew themselves, when they split, new cells are created to support the type of chemicals our bodies are used to making. If we are making anger neuro-peptides then our cells are geared toward accepting those to the detriment of other types of sustenance. This narrowed capacity to accept energy from other sources has obvious consequences.

This is how our body eats. So if, by the age of 35, we are generally consuming the energy gleaned from emotions more-so than actual nutritional sustenance, it is no wonder the aging process results in the death of the cells as they become less able to renew themselves because of their inability to obtain nutrition from natural sources. It is important to realize that we are not just consuming our own emotions, being fed by our own neuro-peptides cascades, but we are also consuming the emotions that we give rise to in others.

The bio-energetic field that surrounds us connects us to all of creation. We are connected to each other. Some call the structure the aura. I call it the biome, as it is supposed to be a self-sustaining habitat for the soul but seldom is for most people. By interacting with words, but also with the pure energy of intent, we are able to impose upon others fields and drain them of vital life force. The familiar game: the inteplay of subtle energy and thought, the engagement of two or more consciousnesses in the misuse of Logos – pure, creative energy – and the Divine Word, the verbal exchange of chemically-enhanced phrases designed to elicit an emotive response, the neurological cascade of chemicals, the emotional powering-up and the resultant induced and endorphin-enhanced high is the essence of vampirism. We strengthen our own biomes temporarily in this manner but, as with all addictions, the fix is soon used up and the search is on for another hit of that good stuff.

It’s very hard to stop. You really have to start paying attention to yourself and what you think and do. Most of us are asleep. By that I mean we spend most of our waking hours walking around thinking about the past and regretting or thinking about the future and worrying. If we’re not doing that we’re vegetating by watching tv or listening to music or surfing the net. Or, we’re talking to others on the phone, socializing at home or out with friends. We never really spend the time necessary to go beneath the story we tell ourselves about ourselves to find out who we really and truly are.

All of these actions are done on autopilot. Our ego, the personality complex, engages in these actions while the real you sleeps beneath. The chatter of sub-vocalization is ceaseless and we think we are aware when we really are not. We have no self-consciousness in this state, which is the reason why most of us cannot remember much about our pasts other than the big stuff. Because we weren’t really awake, in the true sense of the word, when we were going through our experiences.

If you look back at your memories, you will quickly determine that all of them are memories of when you were in the Now moment, when some event occurred that caused you to be totally present, totally awake, totally aware of what was going on. These moments are characterized by a visceral experiential perception that sharpens everything, hearing, seeing, smelling. You feel alive and totally connected to what is going on.

It takes cultivating this awareness, this ability to live in the Now, to be able to take control of your thoughts and by so doing, take control of your emotions and your life. We don’t have to consume each other. It’s really not necessary. We can access infinite energy within. Or, by going out in nature. Or, by engaging in mutually beneficial energy exchange with people who are also living a conscious life.

To defeat the pattern of energy-vampirism it is necessary to know thyself as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks put it. By learning about who you are and what you are capable of you automatically learn about other people and what they are capable of. By shutting off the inner dialogue and cultivating stillness of mind the real you that is beneath the thoughts, the center of awareness, the presence that watches, becomes visible.

Your ego becomes the tool it was designed to be when you are able to allow the real you to take control of your life. When your life is run by the Self beneath the egoistic consciousness you begin to live in tune with your highest potential. One result is that you stop engaging others in energy games because you can see them for what they are and also the futility of the inner conflict turned outwards that the way they live their lives – a mirror of the way you used to live yours – represents.

Since most spiritual paths try to make people act in a civilized manner it doesn’t really matter which one you follow just as long as you concentrate upon the inner goals of personal change, evolution and enlightenment instead of the ritual and the belief systems, which are designed to distract you from the real goal which is self-knowledge. This is not the fault of the Avatars the religions were based on but of the men who built the institutions that followed. Jesus said that we have to have the innocence of children to truly be like him. Buddha said that a state of deep peace experienced as a child led to his realization that meditation was the path to enlightenment. The point seems to be the same; that personal experience and implementation is key.

It’s like language. Certain combinations of words, vibratory resonances, create mental and physical states of BEing within which we either abide or not. Finding those particular combinations is possible no matter the tradition. The recognition of energetic patterns within us leads to the recognition of them without.

The purification of our individuated consciousnesses gives us the capacity to see the world around us in a clearer fashion. We can cast off the blinders of slumber and awaken to the brilliance of life lived consciously.

Practical Enlightenment: The aftermath of Kenshō

The common expectation among Seekers is that once you have a satori experience your life is supposed to change. And it does. But not always in ways that are as dramatic as you might have been led to believe.

I write very few personal articles. Which may seem contradictory to my regular readers as all of my articles are very intimate insofar as personal mental, emotional and spiritual development is concerned. What I mean, is that I try very hard not to use the first person singular, “I”, very often in my articles. So I am reticent to share this experience but somehow feel it imperative, if only as a diary of sorts kept to clarify my own process in comparison to the traditions of the Ages.

Ever since the Great Gathering a process of recapitulation has accompanied the personality reconstruction that I have been engaged in. Enlightenment is a process it does not occur suddenly. Cultivating Awareness, Being and the Heart are stages along the journey of Ultimate Enlightenment. But since the evolutionary journey is never-ending, the term “ultimate” when referring to Enlightenment is actually a misnomer in the common understanding and probably stems from the Buddha’s exemplification of the overall process and his followers many and often obfuscating interpretations of his teachings.

The experience of kenshō is a form of Enlightenment, an experience that gives the experiencer an awareness of alternate and deeper states of Being, but it is by no means an end, in and of itself. Nor is it indicative of some instantaneous process of Enlightenment beyond which lies only emptiness or some other inscrutable and penultimate destination. The belief that it is a sudden experience actually hinders progression more than it helps as people waste time seeking when it can only actually happen when you stop seeking. The egoistic tricks and traps that maintain the primacy of the personality construct actively hinder the activation of the satori experience as it is only when the quiescence of the deeper states of spiritual BEingness is pierced by the ego at the behest of the greater awareness that kenshō can occur.

My recent satori experience left me foundering for context as my immersion in Buddhist tradition has been relegated to Shambhala training alone and not the deeper aspects of Buddhism as a religion where such events and how to incorporate them into your life are well documented. To put it bluntly, I didn’t get that far in my training. A few books, a summer at a meditation center, a heart opening and then, back to life as lived, incorporating those events into my daily grind.

Lo Jong mind training and Tonglen, sending and taking, were powerful consciousness practices that came naturally to me and incorporating them into my life was not difficult. In the intervening year and a half since then, occasional yet powerful practice in these and other meditations in addition to my studies and shifts in personal behavior created the spiritual opening necessary in order to achieve the next step. But it was the progress of my unusual life that prepared me for what was to come.

Although I was raised in a Christian home and find validity in its deeper teachings it is the Buddhist tradition that I find most clearly expresses the details of spiritual progress. From this standpoint, I have lived multiple lifetimes in search of Enlightenment. I entered this lifetime with a path designed to achieve that aim which included a relatively peaceful and stable upbringing with all of my basic needs met. A lifetime of travel, which allowed me to discover that people are the same wherever you go. That no place is essentially any different from any other outside of the vagaries of the physical environment. Educational opportunities that gave me access to the cultural treasures and wisdom of the Ages. Everything necessary to awaken my spirit of inquiry.

Basic goodness has been one of the principle expressions of my personality. This aspect has been marred by personal psychological and emotional deviations self-imposed upon my mental and spiritual awareness by familial and racial tropes common to the Age and my incarnative situation of being born into a black body in what is currently a white-dominated world. Being completely different from even those who looked like me on the outside. Emotions and experiences of Otherness, of rejection, of alienation, of aloneness occasioned the deeper exploration of mental and spiritual space at an early age, resulting in my first kenshō at the age of 12 after a particularly traumatic series of experiences at the hands of my peer group.

Experiential living, incarnate within a particular form at a particular time in a particular cultural context determines the details of a life. The choices are then between inner nature and environment. The choice towards inner nature leads invariably to enlightenment. The choice towards environment leads to more and harder lessons. Life as lived in the world as it currently is tends toward the material environment and mental and emotional immersion within it.

Relationships, marriage, children, jobs. Success, failure, loss. The dark night of the soul. Dedication to spiritual progress once the realization that material success is empty and meaningless is internalized. Then, the gradual recapitulation of a lifetime and its lessons. Self-forgiveness and the forgiveness of others. The alignment of inner values with outer expression. Living life in this manner gradually produces clarity in intention and lifestyle.

Basic goodness becomes the outer expression of the inner state of BEing. Life becomes simple. Spiritual practice becomes second-nature and a lifestyle rather than a weekly or holiday-centered obligation. Losing the “I” in the greater sense of the “We”, humility becomes the natural expression of Self. Truly listening to others, cultivating silence within leads to a steady-state resonance with one’s inner-nature which is also human nature in general.

After the kenshō experience, the realization that social obligation demands the molding of the personality to one’s environment must be weighed against the impetus to embody a more malleable and formless state of BEing. Changing the personality construct totally can traumatize those in immediate proximity who may not fully understand what just occurred. It then becomes a question of prioritization that loses its immediacy as the realization that the higher states of BEing are available at any time sinks in.

But something inside has indeed shifted irrevocably. Further spiritual evolution and experience is now inevitable and a byproduct of what has become a proven and natural process of self-realization.  Synchronicities increase as awareness also increases. The state of slumber that typifies the unawakened consciousness lessens gradually as more and deeper lessons accrue.

The ego remains. It becomes apparent that the ego is actually a necessary component of Enlightenment. It is the lens directed inward toward deeper consciousness at the behest of the yearnings of the soul. It is designed to be a tool and once utilized as such accepts its role as the silence of the Awakened mind becomes the normative state of awareness.

Experience trumps hearsay in every case. Once gained, it can never be lost.

The Enlightenment Series

1. The Great Gathering

2. Practical Enlightenment: The aftermath of Kenshō

3. The End of Forever

4. Practical Enlightenment: Living in the World

5. Practical Enlightenment: Processing the emotions of other people

6. Practical Enlightenment: The vale of tears

7. Practical Enlightenment: Dealing with instant karma

8. True Awakening: The conservation of energy

9. Practical Enlightenment: The Point of Realization

10. Practical Enlightenment: The coalescence of destiny

The Greatest Secret: Collective trauma and civilization

There is still a Great Secret out there. One that is not really a secret. But, at the same time, it is.

Extended Revelation for the Psychic Weaklings ...

It is so secretive it is hidden in plain sight. It is such a big secret that you can visit public buildings in many major cities of the world and see evidence of it. It is such a big secret that many people have heard about it at some point in their life. It is such a big secret that you can find it on the Internet if you know what to look for. It is such a big secret that there have been wars fought and atrocities performed to keep it hidden. It is such a big secret that it is the subject of one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of humanity.  It is such a big secret that it threatens the very foundations of Western civilization.

Great secrets are kept because their overturning would set the world as we know it afire. Those who participate in the keeping of these secrets understand fully that it is impossible to hide truths. The attempt to conceal a truth only works for a while. But after a truth becomes readily available to those who seek it, instead of trying to conceal it again, all attempts are made to discount it, distort it and deny it.

Great secrets must be kept because their revelation throws everything else into question. Once a great secret’s truth is accepted, the individual and group is then forced to confront the fundamental assumptions that underlie their perception of truth and reality as they know it. The greatest secrets threaten the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of a society and, once revealed, point the way to a larger conception of reality and a broader understanding of what the world really is and what their place is in it.

But this is exactly why great secrets are kept. For the purpose of control.

In the current times, it is impossible to keep any secret whatsoever, let alone a great secret. Everything that has ever been done in the dark is now being seen in the light. All of the minor secrets subordinate to the greatest secret are being revealed. As a result, Western society is coming closer and closer to being forced to accept the greatest secret as pure, unadulterated truth.

The Elite Controllers of this WorldThe ramifications of this acceptance hold grave consequences for the plans of the currently in-fighting Elite factions and their minions; those who have invested in the suppression of the Great Secret. The investiture of belief and support into paradigm-changing secrets is tantamount to giving your life to the secret. Therefore, once the secret is revealed, the life based upon it dissipates, leaving the individual so invested bereft, left drifting upon an ideological, philosophical and spiritual raft rapidly breaking apart beneath them.

Movies point to the Great Secret. Television shows of all types. Books do also. Religion, spirituality, the manifestations of culture and society all are signposts pointing the way to the revelation of the Great Secret. Language itself reveals the Great Secret. The mechanics of dreaming and astral travel. The Great Secret is the key to unlocking the gateway to the soul.

Once a Seeker has caught the scent of the Great Secret their pursuit of it will lead them down the rabbit hole and even beyond, as the rabbit hole must eventually end and the Great Secret is boundless. Speaking about the Great Secret to family and friends will often elicit either amusement or shock, depending upon their state of consciousness. But because the Great Secret is nearing the surface of mass, popular awareness, every whispered question, every triumphant discovery of a heretofore unknown fact, every answer found that brings up multiple new questions affects the awakening process of the collective.

Once the Great Secret becomes widely known and irrefutable by any dastardly machinations of an embattled Elite or disempowered NWO technicians society as we know it will crumble and a new form of society and interpersonal interaction will take its place. This new form of society will be more egalitarian, based upon Divine and Natural Law, not the corrupted and pyramidal form of law currently institutionalized by the Roman Cult.

Collective trauma will be one effect of the revelation of the Great Secret. It is unavoidable. Some will be unable to accept the truth. These individuals and groups will deny it and potentially engage in violence in order to repress it. For others it will be too much and they will commit suicide. Truth dispels lies and some will not be able to live with their life-long complicity. That truth, once known irrefutably is like water in its purifying and cleansing aspect, remorselessly dissipating any weak or false constructs until all that is left is the pure essence of a thing.

A Shrine of the Madonna and ChildThe revelation of the Great Secret will destroy the institutional edifice of formal religion. It will destroy the institutional bedrock of the political, legal and economic systems. It will even draw the wind from the sails of those who consider themselves on an alternate path, especially those who have not challenged and overcome their most basic assumptions about reality.

These individuals, in particular, will be among the hardest hit mentally, emotionally and spiritually as they are forced to reevaluate their version of reality thereby coming to the unavoidable conclusion that they were really invested in the system the entire time they thought they were not. Being so compromised their karmic responsibility is the same at those they previously decried as being asleep, or sheeple, when they, also, have been locked consciously in vested ignorance.

The Great Secret is simple. All Truth is. The Great Secret is all-encompassing. It is the pass-code that unlocks every other secret that has been kept to maintain the control system for hundreds and even thousands of years. The absolute revelation of the Great Secret will even blow away those who consider themselves open-minded. Even now, every single person in the world, no matter their position in life, their wealth, their possession of power of any sort, is enslaved by a system of belief and corruption absolutely dependent upon the mass acceptance of the illusory reality.

Even those who have already been exposed to the Great Secret only really understand it intellectually. They believe it. They think they know it. They hope it is true. But there has been no unassailable evidence produced as of yet. No smoking gun. And once its truth is unquestionable, even their sense of reality and truth will morph and transform.

Until such time as public revelation of the Great Secret occurs, it remains contentious. If I wrote it here, now, you, the reader and your logical mind still has the space – and is heavily programmed – to deny its validity. You have been trained to reject it automatically from the time you first began to explore your world.

I will end by telling you that you are exposed to the Great Secret daily. Every one of you. If not in your home then out on the streets. You see it on the internet or in the movies; you can watch it on television or hear it on the radio or your ipod. You learn about it from grade school to college. You see it at the heights of social acclaim and at its dregs. You may feel pity when you see it. You may feel anger or hate. Or you may love it without really knowing why. You may distrust it and look away from it or you may embrace it and attempt to move closer to it.

The Great Secret is inside of us and it is out in the cosmos. You can look both outwards and inwards and find the Great Secret looking right back at you, singing to you, laughing with you and crying with you. It engages your deepest fantasies and embodies your most private fears. The Blackness within your mind reveals the Light.

You know the Greatest Secret.


You do.

Melanin Molecules

The Bio-energetic Reality: What you need to know

The world is changing around us. But we are changing with it. How we are changing depends upon us. The amount to which we dedicate our efforts to shifting our conscious perception of the world determines the quality of our mental and spiritual clarity. This clarity is the lens by which the events that are occurring at the global scale as well as those occurring at the personal scale must be interpreted and internalized.

Understanding the bio-energetic reality within which we operate on a daily basis is a necessary part of knowing the time. It must first be internalized and known at a cellular level that we are all connected. That quantum entanglement is real and that all quanta, sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules and cells comprising our bodies, all bodies, everywhere, are connected. This is scientific fact.

As our bodies are comprised of the very stuff of this planet, we are a composition of elements that reflect that of our parent-body, Gaia. We are each energetically connected with the Earth which is, in turn, intimately connected to nearby planets and our sun. Our Solar System is energetically connected to nearby solar systems and the greater Milky Way Galaxy of which we are a part, which is connected to its parent-Galaxy, Andromeda.

The human body is a micro-scale mirror of the macro-scale reality that we exist within. Humanity can be considered to be independent organisms inhabiting Gaia much as viruses and bacteria can be considered independent organisms inhabiting our bodies. The revolution of Gaia around the sun can be compared to an electron orbiting a nucleus within an atom. The rotation of our solar system and others around the galactic core can be compared to the movement of atoms within molecules and cells and those within bodies.

That which determines the movement of all things is energetic in nature. The integral relationship of the cosmos is resonance. Resonance is vibration. Everything is in motion. Everything that we can perceive is an effect of motion. Solidity, or matter, itself represents varying rates of vibration. Those things that seem physical and present are merely slowly vibrating materials. That which vibrates at a higher rate appears materially as being ephemeral in nature. Regardless, all is an expression of energy.

We live and interact within an electromagnetic sea of energetic impressions and we each possess, surrounding our body, a very specialized and form-specific biome of a certain shape and size. There are many traditions that explain the different layers and parts of this omni-dimensional vital body but it can simply be denoted as being both orb-like and geometric, having linear and non-linear components.

This field is interactive and contributes to our sense of the world at a conscious and unconscious level. The higher the clarity of perception of the individual the more in tune she is with her field and the information that it is constantly processing.

It is possible to work with this field and many do so through numerous means. Acupuncture, Reiki, pendulums and dowsing are some methods that may be relatively familiar. There are also many individuals who work with energy intuitively, performing healing and clearing functions upon the energetic body for themselves and those they work with.

Energy is an expression of consciousness. All energetic forms possess a type of consciousness. From crystals, to water, to animals and plants, to people. There are also forms of sentience that exist apart from the material reality that we inhabit. Different cultures have interacted with these alien perceptive fields in different ways over time. They have been called different things. Ghosts, Ancestors, Demons, Angels, Fae, etc. There are many references currently in all spiritual and religious traditions that discuss these entities and their interactions with humanity.

Because there are so many different types of sentience and because humanity has been interacting with these forms of intelligence since our inception as a species we have varying qualities of relationship with them. Some are beneficial to human development while others are not. Some are highly interactive while others are not. Some display higher rates of vibration and others do not.

They exist materially above the human visual spectrum in the ultra-violet and beyond and below the human visual spectrum in the infra-red and beyond. Individuals across time and tradition have been able to access expanded human abilities in order to be able to sense these energetic bio-forms. Because these entities have interacted with humanity since our birth as a species, there is often a certain proprietary air or sense of possession that can be detected in the patterning of inter-species cooperation we have had with them over time and across space. This sense of energetic entitlement can come from the extra-dimensionals or the human(s) involved in the interaction, depending upon the context. But, most often, the sense of superiority generally emanates from the party possessing the greater capacities of discernment and influence over the ambient energetic balance comprising the interactive instance or continuum.

The current state of interaction between humanity and these higher and lower forms of sentience reflects the times.  Increased ambient energetics have resulted in a corresponding increase in interactions which has led to a heightened awareness of these entities within the human mass consciousness. As planetary, solar systemic and galactic movements culminate in an alignment of energetic potentialities commonly understood as the 2012 Transition Period more and more individuals are becoming aware of the nature of these interactions as well as the entrapment modalities these entities have implanted into lower 3D reality from higher and lower dimensional levels of resonance.

As the compromised state of humanity rises closer and closer to mainstream consciousness human awareness collectively vibrates at a higher rate. Individuals register this higher vibration through bodily sensations such as pain, fatigue, strange aches and heightened or lowered senses of perception. How we each experience these energetic shifts is dependent upon the clarity of our individual awareness. The extent to which we have cleared the mental and egocentric detritus that we gather during the course of our lifetimes and that obscures the innate clarity of the Self, that intermediary lens through which our higher Self interacts with the 3D material environment, determines how clearly we see the one reality extant beneath our individuated and egocentric perceptions.

We are also subject to attachments, inserts and implants that serve to limit our inherent spiritual potentiality. Some of these foreign installations occur by chance encounter while others are purposeful. Directed efforts within the context of a religion, spiritual tradition or energy-working modality can remove many of these impediments once their presence is detected.

Attachments are generally spiritual in nature and happen when, in the course of daily living, higher or lower resonant entities are attracted to our energetic bodies for whatever reason. They attach themselves to us and accompany us through our lives, insinuating themselves into our waking and dreaming consciousness at the level of sub-vocalization and emotionality, sometimes – depending upon their nature – siphoning our energetic resources and subtly influencing our paths for their own sustenance and fulfillment.

Inserts are more diabolical in nature as they are reflective of the oppressive energetic and vampiric matrix of control that currently suffuses the planetary mantle, crust, lower and higher atmosphere at different vibratory levels. Inserts also exist within our astral energetic bodies. They are conscious programs that affect our physical, mental and emotional states. These foreign installations are situated often for the dual purpose of controlling spiritual development and siphoning chi, prana or kundalini-type energy. They can be placed at different loci within astral or multi-dimensional template layers depending upon the character of potential or outcome that entities wish to compromise, block or harvest.

Implants are actual, physical devices that are placed at different locations in the body. When removed and examined by specialists they are often determined to be of a very high technological character. These devices are often inserted by what are generally considered to be extra-terrestrial beings, but are actually inter-dimensional and often non-physical entities who take on physical characteristics in order to interact in 3D space. Implants, like inserts, also serve to control an individual’s spiritual development and capabilities as well as regulate their personal energetic environs for purposes that serve the needs of the non-physical entities controlling the implant. These needs are often concerned – as with inserts – with the compromising, blocking or harvesting of certain potential outcomes or vitality.

It is important to understand and internalize the reality that humanity is in essence an expression of Divinity manifest within materiality in order to experience. Through experience, evolution. The Falls of Eternity express the mechanics of that expression while our individuated lives reveal the purpose. As manifest shards of the infinite and eternal unity we understand as the Divine, intention and will are paramount.

What this means energetically is that we are the ultimate decisions-makers in any perception of reality that we participate in. In other words, nothing can be done to us without our express permission. Understanding that there are levels of knowing within this statement is realizing what the Self is, recognizing the impact of karma, of reincarnation, of pre-life agreements, of the Higher Self and the Avataric self, of taking control of your life and determining a plan that reflects your desire for a free-will existence beyond the layers of the control matrix.

Choosing true freedom and spiritual sovereignty is no small or easy task. Choosing to take control of your destiny by seeking enlightenment and life beyond boundaries is choosing the pathless path, written in the sky and stars.

But that is a conversation for another day.